Heroic Intervention


Permanents you control gain hexproof and indestructible until end of turn.

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Heroic Intervention Discussion

eleventhend on Angry Dinos

1 day ago

Agree with swimtothemoon's suggestions about Traverse the Outlands and Aura Shards for later upgrades.

My other thoughts are that you might want more haste effects to let Gishath and others drop and swing the same turn, and that you might want to add more card draw or card advantage in case Gishath gets imprisoned somehow.

Also a possibility are damage-dealing board wipes, which would trigger enrage and possibly not even clear all your own creatures.


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joecool1299 on Arcades Needs Your Help

3 days ago

You may be an aggro wall deck (That's a sentence I never thought I'd say) but sometimes you have to get rid of the Peacekeeper or Hushwing Gryff. Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares and Beast Within are all generic good cards.

You could also afford to draw more cards. Your commander does draw you some and you have some cards to assist that but you wanna play your two and three drop walls before that. Abzan Beastmaster is wonderfully in flavor and a personal howling mine. Sultai Flayer is an option but IDK if it's worth it. But also just generic good card draw like Soul of the Harvest, Mind's Eye, (If you have one), Shamanic Revelation, even stuff like Concentrate and Harmonize. Your deck may be running on a funky axis but that doesn't mean you should forget the essentials. In fact, they can help tie your gameplay together.

Angelic Chorus Lol. Don't know if it's good but come on. Verdant Sun's Avatar, Proper Burial too. They probably aren't worth it but it sounds funny. Dragon Throne of Tarkir is also pretty funny and works well with Arcades. Marble Titan is a meekstone with legs. Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive makes your team unblockable. And Heroic Intervention is pretty good.

You could probably cut some of the less impressive walls like Order of the Stars or Thraben Gargoyle  Flip.

RedmundR2 on The amount of cats...

5 days ago

The first thing I would add would be Fleecemane Lion, probably over Skyhunter Skirmisher. I would definitely add more dual lands like Canopy Vista and Temple Garden, fetches like Windswept Heath. If budget is a concern you can get stuff like Selesnya Guildgate for really cheap.

Next I would add some sort of removal or answers to what your opponent is doing. For instance, if someone plays Ensnaring Bridge against you, you effectively cannot do anything about it, but if you have Disenchant in the sideboard, you can answer artifacts. Path of Exile is a staple for creature removal in white in modern is something else I would add.

You also can consider anti-board wipe cards like Heroic Intervention, or maybe some graveyard recursion in Return to the Ranks.

This deck could use some love on the curve too, right now you have no 2 or 4 drops in a deck that probably wants to play a creature every single turn seems like bad tempo for a mid-range tribal deck.

Murphy77 on Elves at the Oasis

5 days ago

A dream sequence of play:

Turn 1: Forest and Llanowar Elves

Turn 2: Forest + tap Llanowar Elves for Marwyn, the Nurturer(1/1)

Turn 3: Hashep Oasis - tap 2 Forest for Elvish Clancaller then tap Hashep Oasis and Llanowar Elves for Song of Freyalise- tap Marwyn, the Nurturer for 3 and cast Steel Leaf Champion (keeping 1 mana in reserve for a Blossoming Defense)

Turn 4: Hashep Oasis - tap 2 Forest and Llanowar Elves to cast another Steel Leaf Champion

Turn 5: Tap 2 Forest for Elvish Clancaller, tap Marwyn, the Nurturer for 7 mana, sac 2 Hashep Oasis to boost the 2 Steel Leaf Champion and swing with 2 Steel Leaf Champion (10/9 vigilance, trample and indestructible), play Blossoming Defense on Llanowar Elves (5/5 hexproof, vigilance, trample and indestructible) and Elvish Clancaller (2/2 vigilance, trample and indestructible)

As we get deeper into the game other dream sequences could be more dramatic, specially if you can protect a swarm attack with Heroic Intervention

2tank6 on Goblin Copycat! Wort, the Raidmother Spellslinger

5 days ago

Galacticus This deck has had a few interesting bouts with some of the competitive commanders. Its suite of removal has performed well against decks such as a Lockdown Derevi, Empyrial Tactician deck, and both Mana Web and Heroic Intervention have been extremely useful. I will list off some of the more cEDH commander decks I have gone up against, and am testing it against different decks whenever possible.

Atraxa, Praetors' Voice Infect: The amount of tokens this deck can spit out even at an early stage is wonderful. Dragon Fodder has been the MVP against this deck, though the times I have gone against it I did not have Doubling Season in, but Worldly Tutor, which I typically used to fish for either Krenko, Mob Boss for nigh-infinite blockers, Magus of the Moon to cripple their start, or Vexing Shusher if I am preparing to go off on someone with spells and have the mana to spare to block it, be it taking out their board or burning them. I have had to play really fast against that person's particular brew of it, so I have sometimes had to mulligan once or twice to get cards early enough to keep from getting a single counter if I can help it.

Talrand, Sky Summoner Control/Mill : This deck has been pretty straightforward, going for shusher or waiting until I copy spells before trying to cast anything. His deck is not too heavy on the offense, so I am typically able to build up a board state, and ramping spells are typically ones that he doesn't counter, as he waits for Wort, the Raidmother or a burn spell to counter it. Obviously Vexing Shusher is really great against control, and I had both that and Price of Glory in before making further changes to the deck. Mana Web has proven more useful since I had to cut back on using my own instants one too many times.

Mizzix of the Izmagnus Burn/ Laboratory Maniac deck: This one was pretty back and forth, but I found that being able to copy on certain spells he cast, especially since we take the X value they pay for, it makes casting on their turn particularly powerful. Fork and Reverberate have managed to either get me a hand full of cards or get my card advantage particularly potent. I know that the most effective strategy I found was being able to copy certain powerful combo pieces like Expropriate to work against his style. I typically mulligan for those types of copy spells, but not just for interrupting the combo, also moreso to safely let creatures like Wort enter with a copy spell ready in case of counterspell, as a lot of his counterspells grant him additional value such as drawing a card or untapping mana.

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher Combo Voltron: This one has been difficult due to the flying Voltron and how quickly it can get off the ground. However, Chaos Warp has saved me multiple times during this combo to get rid of a certain permanent, which stops that infinite. With this one I mostly try to mulligan for a Blood Moon or a Magus of the Moon with the number of multilands they run, and it has worked out well so far. Past that, ramping into Wort to double-cast something like Hull Breach or even a few games I got Boundless Realms and managed to get my mana on board to start drawing like crazy. I had to play a lot more aggressively against this one, moreso ramping aggressively to try and get to where I can conspire either removal or card draw into removal.

Those are the most competitive decks I have faced with the deck so far, and if there are any super notable matchups, I will be sure to edit it in. Sorry for the mountain of text, but hopefully I answered your question!

clayperce on A Thousand Reflections, A Thousand Damage

6 days ago

LOVE this!

I spent a ton of time trying to break Silverfur Partisan + Zada, Hedron Grinder when they were in Standard, and it just was never quite there. So it's awesome to see Zada and Mirrorwing tearing it up in Modern!

I personally like Blossoming Defense over Vines of Vastwood in this deck. Vines is better in Infect, because the extra two points of damage can make all the difference in the world. Maybe in the side though, for matchups when the team needs a little more protection? It also has the really fun edge cases where you can cast it on an opponent's creature so they can't pump/Equip/etc their team :-)

I found myself wanting something for boardwipes, and also something besides Mirrorwing for Flyers ... maybe some Heroic Intervention and Vines of the Recluse (or maybe Arbor Armament) in the sideboard?

Draw well!

magicsheep on magicsheep

1 week ago

Lerijie - I agree, I think Blossoming Defense or Heroic Intervention might be effective replacements for Shalai, Voice of Plenty. I'll playtest your deck, but I need a 15 card sideboard so I'll tinker with that. Be warned, though: I will probably be playing against more midrange/control decks than aggro (red deck wins), so if your meta is more aggressive please make sure to let me know.

AGuyFromOhio on Blue-Green FishPeople

1 week ago


Thanks for the input! The reason I'm using the Kumena's Speakers over Mist-Cloaked Herald is that I found myself needing a beefier blocker in the early game. Also, Heroic Intervention is a good recommendation but a bit pricey for me. I decided to throw in a few Blinding Fog as a more affordable alternative.

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