Irrigated Farmland


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Irrigated Farmland

Land — Plains Island

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

Irrigated Farmland enters the battlefield tapped.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Irrigated Farmland Discussion

LVL_666 on Brago, King of Eternal Value

6 days ago

Your deck reminds me of Astral Slide, the most OG of flicker spells. Since Cycling is now a thing again, you have a whole host of Cycling lands to choose from:

Additionally, you could use:

  • Eternal Dragon to help you get more Plains.
  • Akroma's Vengeance for mass destruction, and a chance for you to slide a creature to save them from the destruction.
  • Decree of Justice A bomb of a spell, especially great after you just do a board wipe.

I realize that these suggestions would basically change your entire deck, but that's what came to mind. Take it all worth a grain of salt. But if you're willing to go into that direction, let me know. I'm curious to see what you'd think up.

Cartby on Flying Servos

1 week ago

Hey! I like the idea of the creature tokens with flying, but I'd suggest more lords in the deck like Metallic Mimic, Master Trinketeer, or Angel of Invention especially angel given its ability to create more servos. Bumping Aven Wind Guide up to 4 copies might be better for consistency for flying servos. I definitely agree with the suggestions of Sram's Expertise and Reverse Engineer. Also, for more on color dual lands I'd suggest Irrigated Farmland. In terms of making room for these cards, I would try and limit the energy theme, especially with cards like Aethertide Whale not seeming like it has a whole ton to do apart from be a huge body, unless you have some huge energy payoff I'm just not seeing.

I hope this helps! Your deck looks great.

MagicalHacker on The Answer is Always No (Medomai Primer)

1 week ago

Jeffjames, since each one of them can find Hallowed Fountain, Irrigated Farmland, and Prairie Stream, they each work as dual lands. Even after all those are gone, they can still get basics, but you might be wondering why the lifeloss could be worth it. Each of them can be used to have or on turn one (with Hallowed Fountain). Mystic Gate, Skycloud Expanse, and Nimbus Maze, the three lands you suggested as replacements, all lack that important ability. That is the main reason, but there are other reasons, such as being able to shuffle cards that I don't want on top of my library after activating Sensei's Divining Top or making Weathered Wayfarer see one less land.

I hope this clarifies why I wholeheartedly believe that fetchlands are the second best type of colorfixing land, especially in a deck like this one.

urahara_roshi on Bant Fog/Approach [STD]

1 week ago

Have you considered swapping the island out for something like Botanical Sanctum or Irrigated Farmland another one that I thought of was the Sacred Cat

Soulus101 on Barrack Embalmer

1 week ago

Yeah, e.g. Irrigated Farmland is a Plains and an Island, so it works for both Choked Estuary and Port Town to bring them in untapped. They'll be good in Modern format for that reason too, because they can be fetched with e.g. Flooded Strand, so probably not a bad investment.

Soulus101 on Barrack Embalmer

1 week ago

Ah, must be private! In that case, a playset each of Concealed Courtyard, Fetid Pools, Irrigated Farmland, Choked Estuary and Port Town. Again, playsets may be overkill...

multimedia on Panharmonic Angels

2 weeks ago

I like the idea of this deck, +1

I recommend adding more control in the early game to survive. I think you need to increase the control theme here with counterspells, removal and draw; less creatures other than the combo and more control. Control the early game with these cards and then win the game by setting up Eldrazi Displacer, Angel of Sanctions and Panharmonicon. The control aspect theme should be used to buy you time to set-up the combo. Adding more control means adding more blue, but I think this will benefit the deck.

You want to slow down your opponent which gives you time to set-up the combo I think Censor and Essence Scatter will help with this. Even if your opponent knows you're playing Censor they still have to be careful in playing their spells, they have to play around Censor which in turns buys you time in a game. Buying you even a turn to Fumigate seems good.

Counting on drawing Lone Rider  Flip and Blessed Alliance together each game is not really a viable strategy to stay alive. Rider is not a playable 2 drop because of his 1 toughness. Even though he has first strike he's only good when he flips which you need to be playing a lot more life gain than Blessed Alliance and Gisela, the Broken Blade for that too happen consistently. There are too many perfect draw scenarios that have to line up to make Rider worth a spot. Wasting a card, Alliance, just to flip Rider seems very counter productive, not what Control wants to be doing.

Consider cutting Rider for removal that targets. Blessed Alliance is fine, but not as your only early removal. I recommend Immolating Glare because it can kill Vehicles, Heart of Kiran and you can target which creature you want to kill. Alliance is good to combat the new Gods, but since it doesn't target it's a liability vs everything else especially with all the Scrapheap Scroungers being used to fight Control. Cast Out is also very good removal in white although it's not early game.

You're playing too many 5 drops without having any ramp. Angel of Sanctions and Fumigate are the best 5 drops here I would cut all the others. Angel is part of the combo and Fumigate keeps you alive. You want to draw either of these cards much more than any other 5 drops.

Gisela, the Broken Blade I know she's an angel, but she's out of place because you intend to Fumigate turn five. Consider cutting her for Cast Out because it lets you kill something that Fumigate can't such as Gideon, Ally of Zendikar giving you more control over the game. Another 4 drop to playtest is Hedron Archive it gives you ramp and two colorless sources of mana for Eldrazi Displacer. A turn four Archive makes it much easier to cast Fumigate turn five if you have it in hand. It can also give you some draw if it's no longer needed. The combo is very mana intensive which Archive helps with.

Always Watching also looks out of place because you aren't using enough early game creatures, 1 and 2 drops to get the power benefits from the enchantment. Consider cutting it for more control cards, cards that can either help you set-up the combo or keep you alive to do so which Watching doesn't do.

Being in Azorious colors gives you access to some of the best cycling control cards, Censor, Cast Out and Irrigated Farmland these cards can help you better control a game and/or help you to draw into the combo.

Adding more control doesn't take away from the blink aspect of the deck; the combo is blink and that's all the blink you really need.

Good luck with your deck.

thijmnesoy on Torrential Control

2 weeks ago

well this deck seems okay but I should say; clean up your sideboard because that's now sort of your maybeboard. and choose one from these: 4x Disallow or 4x Void Shatter. choose two cards between you 2 mana counterspells (Censor, Essence Scatter and Negate and put one card of those two cards that you chose 4x in the deck and the other card that you chose 2x in the deck. (I should say; 4x Censor and 2x Negate). for lands, remove 2x Aether Hub, Choose between 4x Spirebluff Canal or Wandering Fumarole and choose between 4x Irrigated Farmland or 4x Port Town. 26 lands is a you have space for exactly 4x Dynavolt Tower.(or other cards)

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