Vessel of Nascency


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Common

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Vessel of Nascency


, Sacrifice Vessel of Nascency: Reveal the top four cards of your library. You may put an artifact, creature, enchantment, land, or planeswalker card from among them into your hand. Put the rest into your graveyard.

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Vessel of Nascency Discussion

WitchD0kta on #Makinggraveyardsgreater (Amonkhet BUG Delirium)

10 hours ago

tedaboy159 Thanks for commenting! I actually do mainboard Vessel of Nascency in my original version of this deck, and man is it a beast. However in this deck I cannot afford to risk milling all of my Negates or draw spells especially since I am already playing Grapple with the Past. Fortunately Cartouche of Knowledge is an excellent replacement that gives the much needed enchantment card type while not inflicting too much self-mill. As far as removal is concerned there is definitely a need for it, and I have my sideboard full of it. I should probably move some to main but if I did it would more than likely be To the Slaughter since the limited removal will have to be flexible.

tedaboy159 on #Makinggraveyardsgreater (Amonkhet BUG Delirium)

11 hours ago

I really like this deck and I usually hate green so that's saying something. If you want to get delirium more easily, I would recommend Vessel of Nascency. They are great since they are enchantments themselves. Also, it seems like you don't have much mainboard removal, I would definitely maindeck some Fatal Push and Grasp of Darkness. If you're worried about planeswalkers you could try Never//Return

COUGARMEAT on At End Step Bring Back My Entire Graveyard

1 week ago

First off, +1 from me. Sulti reanimator decks are some of the funest to play. I would like to see Satyr Wayfinder in a build like this. Grapple with the Past and Vessel of Nascency do similar things though. Satyr gets a land, has a body to block with and is fuel for Scrounger from the yard. Grapple is instant, better selection than wayfinder but less cards to dump, and doesn't add to your board. Vessel has the best selection, fuels delirium but costs 3 and can't block creatures. Choices choices.

idiotbane on WELCOME to VALUE TOWN [AKH BUG Delirium]

1 week ago

There are two issues with this deck. 1: Cycling or not, you just don't have enough that gets cards into the yard to enable Delirium. Grapple with the Past, Renegade Map, Vessel of Nascency, and Evolving Wilds are good examples. I see no way this deck can reliably get Delirium outside of lucky draws.

2: Are you controlling or aggroing? 4x Grim Flayer says, "I'm gonna beat down.". Torrential Gearhulk and Painful Truths says, "I'm gonna grind." Figure out which strategy your deck utilizes and devote the deck to doing that strategy. Otherwise, you lose your competitive advantage to other decks that ARE focused.

My overall suggestion is to pick to either aggro or grind. Then, remove 6-8 slots of picks that do the opposite and replace those cards with Delirium enablers. Then, trim your mana base to fit 4x Evolving Wilds. This is the start I would take to make this deck competitive.

popostar6745 on "So yeah. You lose." (Abzan Panharmonicon)

1 week ago

@Aragornbromsson - Thanks! Seems like a potentially good idea. I have Elvish Visionary for card draw (for the same reason as I would have something like Vessel of Nascency), and it even infinitely blinks with the combo to pull out my game winners. And you are right, it does all fit really well together (I would hope so, I spent a good 5-ish months designing and tuning the deck to what it is now). But in the games I've played, I haven't necessarily needed the combo to win. I've won games via beating my opponents down (an option which has been made viable by the fact that Siege Rhino and Thought-Knot Seer are such good attackers and Anafenza, the Foremost provides such amazing attack support). I am going to look into Vessel of Nascency, and if I don't use it here, it's good to know it exists for any possible brews in the future.

Aragornbromsson on "So yeah. You lose." (Abzan Panharmonicon)

1 week ago

Beautiful deck:) The only thing I could think of is maybe add Vessel of Nascency, if you only have two parts of the combo, hopefully the missing piece won't be more than 4 cards down. I have no idea what I would cut though, as the cards all fit so well together.

emrakulinsmugglers on Want some lip-embalm?

3 weeks ago

you have so many cards that benefit from stuff in graveyard, yet you have no enablers...

you may want to go into abzan, so you have green for Grapple with the Past, Vessel of Nascency.

a way to get stuff in graveyard in black would be Liliana, the Last Hope, or using some discard effects on yourself

about endless ranks of the dead and army of the damned, those aren't that good in that they are only good if you were already winning- if you were losing, having 13 2/2's entering tapped is the same as having nothing, your opponent could just kill you. Endless ranks of the dead only works if you have a lot of zombies (because half round down), and if you don't have a lot of zombies, this doesn't help.

Basically, neither of these cards do much to help you stabilize the board, these wouldn't be cards you want when you're about to lose.

even Mindwrack Demon wouldn't be bad.

also, with graveyard stuff, you could really just add green to have Tarmogoyf and Abrupt Decay.

you may also want another Path to Exile, 4 of is fine. same with push.

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