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Thought Scour

Thought Scour


Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

Acquire Thought Scour

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Thought Scour Discussion

SchwartzPhD on You can't play if you don't have a deck! (Mill)

1 day ago

This looks pretty solid.
Some considerations:
- Use Thought Scour over Tome Scour , as it replaces itself.
- Consider Snapcaster Mage , Mnemonic Wall , or Archaeomancer so you can reuse your mill spells.
- Remove Waste Not , as milling does not count as discard. If you really like it, some discard spells like Thoughtseize , Inquisition of Kozilek , and Duress will work wonders.
- Consider adding graveyard hate like Relic of Progenitus , Nihil Spellbomb , or Bojuka Bog , because graveyard decks will be able to use the cards you milled against you.
- Replace Dissolve with Dissipate for the above reason.
- Ghost Quarter combos really well with Archive Trap .
- Add more dual lands like Watery Grave , Darkslick Shores , and River of Tears .
- Maybe increase the land count to 24. (21 with Dark Confidant .)
- I'm not sure about Countermand . It's not great by the standards of mill cards or counterspells. It pulls double duty though, which is good.
- Dimir Charm wrecks their draws, is a narrow counterspell, and can remove smaller creatures.
- Dark Confidant speeds up your game plan, and keeps your land count low since you'll be drawing twice the cards.
- Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver mills them in a way they can't take advantage of, uses their own creatures against them, and can hamper them severely with his ultimate.
- Consider adding some creature removal like Hero's Downfall , Doom Blade , or Slaughter Pact .
- Crosstown Courier doubles as repeatable mill and a blocker.
- Grindclock mills them every turn without additional mana investment.
- You could splash green for access to powerful cards like Beast Within and Tarmogoyf . (Tarmogoyf is especially good because they'll have so many cards in their graveyard.)

zego on first delve(r) into modern

3 days ago

WOW IzzetGod really nice comment and stuff to think about !

the reason i played Thought Scour was that you can mill cards you don't need after you used Serum Visions to scry for example and fill up the grave for Runechanter's Pike ... well the strategy seemed great to me but it is slower than expected, so you are right that i need some cuts to get more speed - i will replace it soon :)

what do you think about Magma Jet and Electrolyze compared to each other? i really like Magma Jet to be played t2 after a firstturn Delver of Secrets  Flip to get a potentially flip t3 - but Electrolyze splitted dmg and carddraw are awesome too... so i don't know which one to play

i think i stay with Vandalblast instead of Shatterstorm because it helps against affinity but also against pod , Pillar of Flame got to stay in my sideboard against Kitchen Finks for example , Vapor Snag got its place too (not sure main- or sideboard) for example against fatties in tron or reanimator or to safe my own creatures

Spellstutter Sprite +Talrand, Sky Summoner Gut Shot will be removed

i think two Invisible Stalker are enough because they aren't such a big threat without Runechanter's Pike and Young Pyromancer does a better job often (even if he forces our openent to use a removal spell it is still ok)

Counterflux to sideboard seems ok for its manacost

--- ok the update will take a while :) would be cool to hear your opinion! especially towards Magma Jet compared to Electrolyze

IzzetGod on first delve(r) into modern

4 days ago

Just like teamawesome1 has stated; you'll need a lot less 1x of copies.

I don't think Thought Scour is what you want. It does help Runechanter's Pike but you're potentially throwing away cards you need by milling yourself. You also need more than 1x copies of Spell Pierce and Spell Snare (maybe 2 of each). Counterflux should be in the Sideboard since it doesn't really help except against Control decks. Dream Fracture you should be able to do without. If you have enough card draw (Serum Visions , Gitaxian Probe , Remand , Electrolyze ), you shouldn't have too let your opponent draw any cards.

Some changes you can make to help for a quicker win that I can think are:

-1 Thought Scour , -1 Counterflux , -1 Dream Fracture , -1 Vapor Snag , -1 Spell Snare , -1 Young Pyromancer

+1 Spell Pierce , +1 Electrolyze , +1 Remand , +1 Invisible Stalker , +1 Magma Jet , +1 Mana Leak


-1 Spellstutter Sprite , -1 Talrand, Sky Summoner . -1 Vandalblast , -1 Gutshot, -2 Pillar of Flame , -1 Tormod's Crypt

+2 Spell Snare , +1 Counterflux , +2 Shatterstorm , +2 Vapor Snag

VayneDarius on a BUG of Ice and Fire

5 days ago

I think I"ll pass on the Thought Scour idea. Not because I think it's a bad card, but because I don't think it goes that well with the deck. Snapcaster Mage , however, I do agree would work...but he's soooo pricey x.x. The deck's already an expensive deck and I don't know if I can stomach adding 4 Snapcasters, as freaking amazing as they are lol

hubatish on a BUG of Ice and Fire

5 days ago

Invisible Stalker and Nether Traitor fill a pretty similar role. Invisible Stalker is probably better in general because they can't kill in response to you equipping. Nether Traitor could be good with Thought Scour which also goes well with Snapcaster Mage ! Snapcaster is probably better than Eternal Witness here, but he does cost moneys.

Gorgosaurusrex on Izzet Storm

5 days ago

I really like Thought Scour as it fills up my graveyard, allowing me to get Pyromancer Ascension online easier or giving me more cards to flashback with Past in Flames . I will try out both configurations, though!

Necrotesque on Izzet Storm

5 days ago

Regarding your maybeboard, you could try to cut the 4 Thought Scour and bring in 3 Desperate Ravings and add 1 Grapeshot for consistency. It also reduces the need for blue mana.

Arorsthrar on Well, I want to play ...

6 days ago

Storm is my first and only Modern deck so far. I've found it able to compete with the established Tier 1 archetypes fairly easily, with U/R Twin decks simply being the worst matchup. I'd suggest Goldfishing a lot with storm to get used to "storming off". When you do take it to FNMs, you should completely understand how your storm process is going. There's nothing more annoying than watching a Storm player use their fingers to count how much mana they produce off a Pyretic Ritual with an active Pyromancer Ascension with a Goblin Electromancer on board.

When I started off, I didn't run fetches, and I eventually got them. Fetches obviously perfect the mana base, and thin the deck out (while this is negligible in most decks, Storm decks have the capability of seeing so many cards in a turn the thinning effect can actually become noticeable). When I didn't have fetches, I ran 18 lands and used Faithless Looting instead of 16 lands, Thought Scour and Desperate Ravings . I believe I ran 6 Islands, 3 Mountains, 4 Shivan Reef , 4 Steam Vents , 1 Mana Confluence . I ran a lot of Islands because I still ran Blood Moon in the SB, and 6 islands ensured I'd see 1-2 before I cast Blood Moon .

Hate cards that I've played against: Leyline of the Void , Relic of Progenitus , Rest in Peace ], Ethersworn Canonist , Eidolon of Rhetoric , Counterflux , Grafdigger's Cage ...

There isn't much Storm specific hate, just stuff that happens to be good against Storm and other decks (for example Counterflux - stops Scapeshift and overload beats Grapeshot . Games 2 and 3 often become cast 2-4 Rituals into an Empty the Warrens . Very few decks bring in a preemptive Pyroclasm , so that is usually good enough. Leaving in one Grapeshot ensures that if you ever find yourself storming off, you can end the game that turn.

Storm, IMO, is fairly well-positioned, having pretty good match ups against a lot of the field. In the 2 months I've been playing Storm, I've never lost to Kiki-Control, Mono U or R/G Tron, 8-Rack, Melira Pod, or Affinity. There are a lot of decision making moments to get to combo off, and that can often be the hardest thing to do when you first start playing. There are two main versions of Storm that see the most play, Jon Finkel's version (the more popular one) and the _'s Version (with the Faithless Looting . I'd take a look at both and see which one you like more. As a new player, I'd try the Faithless Looting version as it is better at assembling "nut draws", and works better with the "fetch less storm". Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.1 $0.34 $0.98 $2.59
Color(s) U
Cost U
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 6.45
Avg. cube pick 11.41


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Common