Thought Scour

Thought Scour

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Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Thought Scour Discussion

Zenobius on Mill Deck

23 minutes ago

I'll assume you're running a budget deck so I'll try to stay reasonable in my propositions.

From looking at your list it seems like the only way you can effectively mill out an opponent is through the infitine combo of Duskmantle Guildmage and Mindcrank which, in essence, is a great combo, however, if this is your win-con, I would switch the focus of the deck towards a more control version to then finish off with your combo.

If what you really want is mill, mill, mill then Archive Trap is a must.

Tome Scour or Mind Sculpt although not being great cards are a cheaper, kind of bad Glimpse the Unthinkable, as mentioned Breaking is also a very good one which isn't crazy expensive.

I know someone mentioned Serum Visions over Thought Scour however I prefer Thought Scour since it's an instant which can be done at the end step of your opponent while also milling 2.

Mesmeric Orb is surprisingly good as well.

Things like Induce Paranoia and Psychic Strike are too expensive mana cost wise and don't mill enough to truly be worth it.

Extirpate is a very strong card versus combo decks and cheaper than Surgical Extraction and it also can't be countered due to the split second effect.

Crypt Incursion would be better in my opinion than your 3 Elixir of Immortality and if you're adamant on the Elixir of Immortality, play Psychic Spiral instead, it's a big slap in the face of your opponent.

Mind Funeral is a bit of a hit and miss but generally speaking is worth the cost, generally. However, cards like Traumatize being at 5 mana is too expensive and won't even win you the game...It's a card that sounds good, looks good, but in practice isn't worth crap.

Jace's Phantasm is not a bad sideboard card, but I wouldn't run it main deck, it's better against aggro match-up when you need blockers, altough I would personally take a different angle vs aggro decks.

Hedron Crab is also THE BIGGEST milling spell you can have. Ever. I know you're not playing fetches, but a free 3 mill per land drop is not something to pass on, 6 if you fetch into a land, and it's exponential as you add crabs! Those are the kind of crabs you wanna get!!!

If you go mill, your goal is to so quickly remove cards from your opponent's library that he is running out of options, and while removing them from his library, managing his board, because you'll find yourself with next to no board presence for most of many games you'll play.

This is my personal mill deck Who needs cards anyways?, I played it at a 1k PTQ modern today and finished 3-3 with it, if you wanna get some inspiration, look at it and feel free to ask me more questions if you want.

rapha_seraph on Budget Gifts ungiven

19 hours ago

Nice list! I came here googling for someone testing Ojutai's Command on Gifts deck, I'm also running one and trying also to enable its first mode with Sakura-Tribe Elder or Coiling Oracle, not sure which yet. Ramp is useful here but I didn't like either Birds of Paradise nor Sylvan Caryatid as they aren't good blockers and can't compare to an early game Tasigur, the Golden Fang (that I was running 4 but went down to 3). A good point of not running Lilys or Goyfs is that the deck dodges Abrupt Decay and I see that you have only a few targets and that is nice, but I'd prefer to run some other spells in those slots. I'd suggest running Thought Scour in the place of the slow Think Twice, it hits Lingering Souls well and is bonkers with delve. Also, at least plus one Gurmag Angler unless you prefer to go nuts with a whole playset of Tasigur, the 1 mana Rampant Growth worst case scenario... which is awesome! (Path)

Abubroki on "And Just Like That... They Were Gone"

1 day ago

Ponder is banned???

My bad, sorry for that; too much time playing Pauper instead of Modern, I guess...

And of course, just when I was going to suggest a singleton Treasure Cruise, I recall it was also banned recently... sheesh...

Anyway, I was describing this deck to a friend, much more experienced than me (he welcomed the idea of taking it to FNM btw), and he came to the intuition that this deck acts like a monored deck. So I thought about Psionic Blast as 2x-3x, until we get a true colorless direct damage spell (eg Ghostfire 2.0, without the red pip)... I think it has been already suggested, but I keep thinking it makes sense and might give more victories than the neutral-mill of Thought Scour despite stressing the mana curve and not replacing itself...

KoriAne on "And Just Like That... They Were Gone"

1 day ago

Well, Ponder is banned, but Thought Scour can actually help Jace's Phantasm too. It can be a good idea.

Abubroki on "And Just Like That... They Were Gone"

1 day ago

some decks would appreciate your filling their graveyard... if you are considering Thought Scour, why not Ponder or some similar draw-filtering cantrip?

Or how about Distortion Strike or Artful Dodge? Shadow Rift would be great as it is instant speed unblockability and a cantrip,but not modern legal and not a chance to see shadow or phasing reprinted ever...

Hoschie on "And Just Like That... They Were Gone"

1 day ago

I knowe it is not a very good Option, but may be add Thought Scour for the Probe.

It fills up the enemy grave and it is instand, so you keeps the Snag-option avalibel.

dan8080 on Grixis Delve

1 day ago

Hashtag-Netdeck: Thought Scour is so invaluable to the deck I can't afford to cut it. It almost guarantees I drop my threats on turn 2. Also while I've thought of the baubles I can't really afford them right now and I don't know if they'd help me in this build

Serendipitous_Hummingbird: funny you mentioned kolaghans command. I was thinking about using it earlier this evening after some playtests against my friends amulet bloom deck (it actually dominated amulet bloom while dealing 12 damage to itself funny side note) it's definitely a card I'm going to consider once I get a few more plays with this in.

Hashtag-Netdeck on Grixis Delve

1 day ago

I think you should replace your Thought Scours with Mishra's Baubles.

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