Thought Scour

Thought Scour


Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Thought Scour Discussion

DarksteelBadger on Jeskai x 2

1 hour ago

Thought Scour would be a nice cantrip to activate your own Ascension.

Marouder on Grixis Delver [Not finished]

1 day ago

Hey... you may have a look at my Grixis Delver (Many Grixis... Much Delve) its not quite budget but youll probably find something to include in your deck :)Anyway you should play 4 Delver and full 8 Fetchlands to get something in your graveyard even without Thought Scour.

P47Healey on Zombiiieeeeessssss

1 day ago

Very interesting deck! I think that the focus on spellcasting is very interesting. My suggestion would be double down on Rise from the Tides as your main method of victory. If you wanted to do that you would want to get rid of as many non-instant or sorcery cards as possible.

To that effect, I suggest getting rid of Cemetery Reaper. Maybe you'll want to get rid of Diregraf Captain, I'm not sure. You'd want to add self-mill cards to help get as many instant or sorcery cards into your graveyard as possible. Suggestions for this route would be:

Another option you could do would be to double-down on Madness. Gisa's Bidding and From Under the Floorboards are both good cards that get a lot better when Madness is used. I suggest adding Careful Study as an enabler in this case. Horrifying Revelation could also be used. If you're considering taking one of the two out I suggest taking Bidding out first.

abby315 on Thing in the Ice Control

4 days ago

No problem. I agree about Hedron Crab, but if you target YOURSELF with it I actually like Thought Scour as a cantrip/card advantage. It's a good cast trigger for Thing, gets you a card, and can put Rune Snags in your graveyard for later value.

Instead, I would take out 4x Hedron Crab and 4x Index for something like 4x Gitaxian Probe if you can get it, I think having the mana for a t1 Spell Pierce when you're on the draw will be too important, and something like 2x Ratchet Bomb and 2x Think Twice. Luckily this deck won't run out of cards in hand until around t4 or 5, so Think Twice will have plenty of time to pull its weight. I don't like Index because it's a sorcery, meaning you can't hold up a counterspell early on, and doesn't get you a card.

You could also test out something like 1x Jace, Architect of Thought as a diversified threat and recurrable control.

kushsusername on Library Pains

4 days ago

Cards Only Good in the 1v1 matchup.

EpicFreddi on Advertise your LEGACY deck!

5 days ago

TheManWithaPlan First off, how about Stifle? It'S a great card. :P
Joke's asside, I'd maybe go down two Daze and one Ponder and add Thought Scour. Milling yourself and drawing a card seems good in your deck.
That's about the only thing I can suggest. Other than that it looks like a solid grixis delver list.

Anyway, here's my list: I'll nic fit this deck in my mouth.. 4c nicfit with a funoff Realmrazer.

TMBRLZ on Advertise your MODERN deck!

5 days ago

Left you some sideboard advice Ware-wolf, and now that I think about it, Thought Scour would be very helpful in your deck as well.

My deck is actually a reanimator deck as well, so feel free to use it for some inspiration at accelerating your deck. I've had a lot of hands in it but am always looking for more people to question it. I want to make it as competitive as possible for the glass cannon it is.

Izzet Painful?



Let me know what you think guys! Feel free to tell me I'm a bad magic player.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Rocket Science

5 days ago

I think the dude with that deck on untap is me, although it's a pretty old version. I've been playing Rocket Science Competitive on there for months, although in the past few weeks I've only been playing Sugar-free Oreos on untap.

As for his version, it makes some interesting trade offs. It's much more tempo-oriented than this deck. Delver makes the deck inherently more aggressive, and less oriented on value from Ghast like this deck. Faithless Looting, in this card, is in many ways a value card when topdecking. It makes it easier to set up Bloodghast if we draw both, but my deck won't be getting the opponent down to 10 life quickly; from the sound of it the deck you played against can get the opponent under 10 to hardcast hasty Bloodghast with ease. With Thought Scour, it has a lower drawback if you don't hit Bloodghast since it's card parity. It also has a higher value if you do hit Bloodghast since you get Ghast and a card. However, it's much more inconsistent since if you have to get lucky and mill it off the top. It's not built around Bloodghast as much as this deck.

I have to say I like this version better because it matches my play style much more. I don't know which is better, but would love to play against that user sometime.

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