Thought Scour

Thought Scour


Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Thought Scour Discussion

Korlus on Over the Counter

6 hours ago

Don't run Sign in Blood if your manabase isn't amazing and you aren't in mono-black (and can afford the upgrade), as Night's Whisper is significantly easier to cast in the early turns.

As far as non-budget lands go, you could do with upgrading slightly, when you have the chance. Possible upgrades include:

Obviously, including all of them would be expensive, but you can expand the manabase slowly as you get time - a pair of Ghost Quarters would be relatively cheap to acquire and will shore up many poor/unwinnable matches.

Other lands to consider include:

  • Halimar Depths (if you add some way to recurse the ability - e.g. Deprive)
  • Bojuka Bog (probably not maindeck unless you expect it to be incredibly relevant, but still worth considering in the sideboard).

You also need a sideboard. Cards I would consider including are:

Overall, the deck construction looks pretty decent, but I worry that you might flood with 3cmc creatures with a sword in hand and won't be able to keep up counter mana often. Consider swapping out Dissolve for Spell Pierce or more preferably, Spell Snare to make it so you only need four mana to play a Spectre with mana open, rather than five.

I'd seriously consider testing with Rune Snag, and Think Twice. Think Twice is about getting the best use of your mana over multiple turns and eeking out slow and incremental card advantage, but if your main plan works, I would think that it's not necessary - you ought to have hit them for so much discard in the first 4-6 turns that the slow and incremental advantage shouldn't be necessary.

Instead, I would advocate considering a simple cantrip. Premier cantrips include:

  • Gitaxian Probe - good in the control mirror and can be played for free. Runs at sorcery speed, making it slightly worse with counterspells.
  • Serum Visions - The best cantrip, but runs the problem of again being at sorcery speed.
  • Peek - The instant speed Gitaxian Probe. Useful, but not amazing.
  • Thought Scour - Only run with Rune Snag, as there is no other point to it over something like Peek.

If you want to keep your incremental card advantage, may I suggest splashing white for a relatively cheap card that could replace Think Twice, and also double into your control/discard strategy with one of the few instant speed discard effects ever printed - Esper Charm.

Esper Charm lets you keep your mana open for counterspells on their turn, can force them to discard 2 in their draw step, emptying their hand before they get the chance to play anything at non-instant speed, or at a push, can be used against a particularly difficult enchantment.

Splashing white also gives you access to cards like Path to Exile, which would let you run a more aggressive control game, but make the Mana Leak and Rune Snag plays marginally worse, so doing that would be purely a judgement call, however Esper Charm is so good that it's difficult to not suggest it over Think Twice.

hazphokksy on Twin Delver, No Delver

10 hours ago

Hi! Thanks for your post! A few quick notes: I love the idea of including Rakdos Charm in the board for the Twin match-up. I've included a Murderous Cut and thus have (3) copies of Thought Scour. Day's Undoing is incredible here, digging for a new hand feels great and it's very common to win the turn after playing it. Vapor Snag pairs very well with Days, as it essentially becomes removal when coupled and the 1 damage is not negligible at all - Prowess changes the text to read 2 damage and it is a good friend to have along with Lightning Bolt. Consider a T1 Monastery Swiftspear into a T2 Bolt and Snag: not counting the 1 damage you've already dealt, and the 2-3 your opponent has most likely already pinged themselves for, that is 7 damage; worst case scenario, they're at 12 and best, they're at 9-10. This kind of play style allows the deck to be completely sufficient without the use of Splinter Twin. However, consider a game that you are losing by turn 4 and you have no combo pieces in hand - the fifth turn, you could play Days, draw into your combo, flash in Deciever Exarch on your opponents turn, and win a losing game out of no where on the start of your 6th turn, while your opponent has just nearly tapped out for their Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip with only a Bolt in hand. I hope this helps you understand some of the card choices I've made here. I've been playing different versions of this list for many months now and have found 17-19 lands perfect and anything above or below absolutely absurd. With that being said, I think I would like to add (2) lands and also add (2) Kolaghan's Command, as you eloquently suggested. Concerning the sideboard, I'm aware that it needs changed, as stated in the description - unfortunately the list you provided is unsatisfactory, though, because it needs to consist mostly of answers to Etched Champion and Cranial Plating, like stated in the description. I like your mentioning Engineered Explosives - it led me to think of Ratchet Bomb, which I think I like in that it costs 2, starts at 1cmc, can be built for the situation and sac's for free, rather than costing 1-3, whichever CMC is appropriate at the time, and costing (2) to sacrifice - reactive vs proactive, I suppose. Lastly, Jace vs Snap is a toss up for me right now. You are most likely correct in saying Snap is the better card, but I like the artwork on the new Jace too much not to try him out here at at least an FNM. If you'd like, I could post the miserable experience I had with him:) Again, thanks so much for the post, and if you'd like, let me know what (4) cards you would remove to add (2) land and 2x Kolaghan's Command. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Figag on Twin Delver, No Delver

21 hours ago

That sideboard needs a LOT of changes. I like the idea of a twin / delver hybrid, and the main look okay, but the sideboard desperately needs changes.

For the mainbord, start by playing 21-22 lands. Also mainboard 2 of those Kolaghan's Command.

I'd remove the Day's Undoing and Vapor Snag - snag is only good in UR delver.

I'd also drop the 2 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip for 1 more Snapcaster Mage. Jace is only a mini mage, the real deal is much better.

On just 2 Tasigur and no Angler I'd drop to 2 Thought Scour to make room for better cards.

For the sideboard: We're going to pretty much do a rebuild. It should consist of 2 Dispel, 1 Rakdos Charm, 2 Spellskite, 2 Terminate, 1 Vandalblast, 2 Thoughtseize, 2 Kolaghan's Command, 1 Mana Leak, 1 Rending Volley, and 1 Engineered Explosives.

Good luck!

SwaggyMcSwagglepants on BUG Delver

1 day ago

Personally, I'd cut 2 Remand, 2 Spell Pierce, 1 Mana Leak, and 2 Jace for 4 Thought Scour, a Gurmag Angler, and a Go for the Throat. Angler is really good against Abzan, since they have 12 4/5s (if you include Tarmogoyfs), and removal can be much better than permission in some cases. Thought Scour gives you 3 Tasigur/Angler mana and a card at instant speed.

In the sideboard, I'd swap the 1 Erebos & 1 Recall for 2 Creeping Corrosion. It really blows affinity out. I'd also cut a Clique and A GftT to get 2 Feed the Clan, for burn. I'd cut a GftT and a Charm for 2 Dispel, because in this meta, it gets unbelievable. Against decks like Control, Burn, and spell-heavy decks, it does work with efficiency. Finally, I'd take out another clique for Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. It gets very big over time, and since the card quality of Modern is so high, you can take extremely powerful cards and use them against your opponent.

If you want to talk to me, please mention me, otherwise I probably will forget about this and not reply :( . I really like Sultai delver in Modern, and I'd like to see this deck be a thing.

Tormentero on Mill Deck

4 days ago

Punderful, really.

On the note of actual helpfulness, I notice that you have Archive Trap. It's amazing if you can activate the free drop on it. I would reccommend pairing it up with something like Ghost Quarter to kinda force your oponent into the trap. It's kinda silly, especially if you have multiple in your hand and can play them all for free.

Dream Twist seems like a good card, but I feel like you could get more utility out of Thought Scour. The neat-o thing with that, is you could pair it with the Sphinx's Tutelage you have sitting in your maybeboard to make some potentially silly milling. With that being said, you could potentially drop Ponder for Visions of Beyond, which would also go along with the enchantment. Just some more nonsens for you to "mill" over. ( Yeah! I did it! :D )

tclaw12 on BUG Delver

4 days ago

I'd cut the shocks down to 2x Breeding Pool, 2x Watery Grave, 1x Overgrown Tomb. Some Darkslick Shores and Hinterland Harbor are great mana fixers, but much less painful.

Dissolve is too slow for Delver, try Remand/Mana Leak/Deprive instead. 1 or 2 Negate can be good, but the full 4 is probably too much.Countersquall might be good if you find you need a little reach, and you definitely want some number of Abrupt Decay.

Noble Hierarch isn't really necessary in Delver, as you aren't really ramping, and you aren't combo. A couple Snapcaster Mage would be great.

Serum Visions is the best cantrip in modern, and can help set up Delver flips. Inquisition of Kozilek would go great alongside Thoughtseize, especially in a Thought Scour deck.

For the SB, Golgari Charm, Feed the Clan, Duress, Hurkyl's Recall, and Dispel might be cards to consider.

ClassyShinobi on Mill-y Vanill-y

4 days ago

It can be modern viable, but you would have to rework your mana curve. The deck as it is has a pretty high one. It needs way more 1 drops and way less 4-5 drops. I would only run a 1 of Traumatize, 1 Phenax, God of Deception, and 1 Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker. The legendary creatures make dead draws after the first one is out already and are pretty slow even if powerful. Also, Traumatize is expensive and gets a lot less exciting after the first. I would replace those slots with 4 Thought Scour. It doesn't mill as heavily as your other 1 drops, but DOES mill, and it draws you a card, which triggers tutelage, and abberation, and the mill you get from those cards helps will wight and abberation and it helps- Nevermind, you get the point. It seems solid.

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