Thought Scour


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Common
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska (DDM) Common
Dark Ascension (DKA) Common

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Thought Scour


Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

Thought Scour Discussion

GeminiSpartanX on Scheming Symmetry

1 week ago

Any deck that runs Thought Scour seems like it can run Scheming Symmetry which draws your card while milling your opponent at instant speed. I've seen it as a 2-of in Latern Control so far (Whir is instant speed, so it looks like most people are preferring it still), and many people in UBx Mill are excited to play with it in conjunction with Hedron Crab & Thought Scour (easy mill) and Archive Trap due to the forced search. For mill go turn 1 fetch Watery Grave play Crab, turn 2 play symmetry, play land to mill opponent then draw your archive trap you searched to the top with a thought scour or Visions of Beyond . There are quite a few applications for the card, and I think it will be interesting to see where it goes in both modern and legacy.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on My Symmetry is very Scheming

2 weeks ago

Thought Scour is a good way to break the symmetry with Scheming Symmetry .

Majikthise on 8 Crab

1 month ago

Now there's an interesting tutor, FullmetalWes.

I use Field of Ruin to force my opponent to search, but having a cheap spell to do that that is unconditional as well in interesting.

One problem that this deck would have with Scheming Symmetry is this deck lacks as many card draw resources to get quick access to what I would tutor up. Also this deck relies heavily thinning and shuffling to get to spells which makes the timing of a sorcery like it more sketchy.

This could point more towards using a more draw heavy base with Sphinx's Tutelage as a mill engine instead. Also gives a push more towards cantrip mill like Thought Scour .

It's a lot to think about.

stensiagamekeeper on Izzet Allowed?

1 month ago

The mill from Thought Scour doesn't enable anything atm so Peek could be a decent replacement. You probably aren't going to overload Cyclonic Rift so Echoing Truth , Blink of an Eye , Perilous Voyage etc could be good here. Some amount of Ionize and Spell Pierce could be useful and Shivan Reef and Wandering Fumarole are probably the cheapest dual lands you could play.

ZendikariWol on Jace, Self Milling Master (Oathbreaker)

1 month ago

That is, Mana Severance , GooseLordinator.

And if you want to keep running Preordain and being all “fair” and stuff, you’d still be best off, I think, with either Thought Scour or Mission Briefing .

Nemesis on Jace Mill Deck

1 month ago

Okay, without having a budget in mind, here are a few options that I'd recommend:

Tome Scour - one mana mill 5, pretty good value, I'd up to 4

Thought Scour - one mana mill 2 and draw, helps you draw into other mill - I'd consider upping to 4.

Hedron Crab - mill two every land drop, comes down early too

Visions of Beyond - one mana draw three after you've made a little progress, easy auto include if you can afford it.

Memory Sluice - If you plan on keeping a good number of creatures, this becomes a 1 mana mill 8 - you don't get much better than that.

I have other, more expensive suggestions if you're interested.

InfinityMinusOne on RUG As Foretold Delver feat. Crashing Footfalls

1 month ago

Thank you for the suggestions! I've been considering Thought Scour and/or Faithless Looting as alternatives to Opt and Serum Visions because the deck needs more ways to get Footfalls/Vision in the yard for Dreadhorde Arcanist . I still have yet to really test the deck but I imagine at least looting will probably make the cut. Electrodominance is a card that was in the initial build because T2 Footfalls at instant speed seemed like a really good play. It's just a really mediocre hit off of Bloodbraid Elf unless I've got Vision/Footfalls in hand, so they were cut for the Arcanists. If the deck develops in a direction more focused around the suspend spells then I could picture including it alongside both Foretold and Arcanist.

Hexdrinker and Arcanist admittedly die to a lot/most of the removal present in Modern, but they're also both creatures that can't be ignored. While As Foretold -> Crashing Footfalls is one of the main plans for the deck, I'm not sure that Bolt/Snap/Bloodbraid/Footfalls is enough to be considered a wincon. I could definitely be wrong though, it's the sort of thing that I'll figure out with testing. Thanks again for the input!

TypicalTimmy on Oathbreaker Discussion Thread

1 month ago

I'll kick things off with a few decks I made so far. Basically, I have an extremely physically demanding job as a lead machine operator, yet at the same time it is a rather non-mentally taxing one as well. That is to say, I can shut my brain off and work just fine. So I spend my 60 hours a week sort of planning out various things in my life. One of the things I think about is Magic. So, I will basically mentally piece together a deck while I am at work, come home and draft it out. If I like where it is going, I continue to revise and improve. Lol.

Sleep Paralysis with Ashiok

Oathbreaker TypicalTimmy


This deck aims to control your opponent's most valuable resource: Their library. Coupling Ashiok, Dream Render with Glimpse the Unthinkable is absolutely horrendous. Ashiok gets a total of 5 uses out of his ability for a total of -20 cards. Meanwhile, Glimpse hits for 10 each time. You can mill out an opponent by T5 with this deck. Probably sooner if I work at it a bit more. The reason we run Ashiok, Dream Render and not Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver is because ADR exiles their graveyard. This, to me, is of greater benefit because it circumvents things such as Flashback, Dredge, Delve, and other such mechanics.

Kiora's Eternity - Please ban me

Oathbreaker TypicalTimmy


In this deck, we use Kiora, Master of the Depths with Karn's Temporal Sundering for infinite turns. We can accomplish this by the vast amount of ramp in this deck. The reason we want KMD over any other Simic Planeswalker is because she lets us untap both a land and a creature. This means we can untap something such as Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and Priest of Titania , or Gaea's Cradle and Kiora's Follower , or Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun and Karametra's Acolyte . We sink all of this mana into Karn's Temporal Sundering , deconstructing our opponent's board state as we bring out gigantic creatures to win us the game. It can absolutely go infinite on Turn 4. See the spoiler for details! :D

Jace's Brain Freeze

Oathbreaker TypicalTimmy


Do you enjoy mill? Do you enjoy playing against others in a 4v4 pod? ... do you enjoy milling yourself?? THEN THIS DECK IS THE DECK FOR YOU!! Jace, Wielder of Mysteries is insane because he lets you basically win by losing! Now if only we had a method to mill a bunch... OH WAIT WE DO . These little buttholes make for great chump blockers if need be and allow us to really strike hard. If we are in 1v1 the deck functions as a typical mill deck. But if we are in a 3v3 or more we can actually mill ourselves to win the game because it's easier to take out our 58 cards than it is to take out everyone else's, lmao! We run Jace with good old Brain Freeze because we can Storm off a nasty combo for a ton of milling action! Seriously, Opt + Dream Twist + Thought Scour + Brain Freeze = insanity. Then you tap 4 Petitioners, followed by a +1 to win the game? Insane.

Oathbreaker Vraska

Oathbreaker TypicalTimmy


Vraska is a very popular Oathbreaker. I am running her with Assassin's Trophy because I don't want you to play the game lol. But, since you are getting a bunch of free lands, I can't have that either. So, the bulk spells of the deck are land destruction. Basically, we kill whatever we don't like, then we blow up their lands. Vraska, Swarm's Eminence was chosen for her low CMC, her ability to create deathtouch blockers, and her ability to grow them. We run a slate of deathtouch creatures, giving us an ever-growing boardstate. Either our opponent blocks and loses their creatures to deathtouch, or they let it through and progressively strengthen our side. Either way, we win.

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Thought Scour occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.37%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%