Thought Scour


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska Common
Dark Ascension Common

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Thought Scour


Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Thought Scour Discussion

GeminiSpartanX on One in a MILLion

1 day ago

I think that there are 2 slots that you could change in the MD for additional mill spells if you're so inclined. Going to 21 lands wouldn't be a stretch (cutting a basic swamp), and shaving the 3rd Crypt Incursion also would be decent since in most games you only ever want to draw 1 after turn 3 or so to stabilize your life (also there are many modern decks that run few to no creatures, making them a dead draw in some cases). In place of those you could either add a milling cantrip (Thought Scour) to keep your card count high and see more of your deck, or throw in 2 Visions of Beyond that are just game over if you can cast them for full value, but can also cantrip if needed. Also MD Surgical Extraction could fill those spots as a way to disrupt combo opponents or tron if you hit an early GQ, while still milling 3 cards out of their deck if you target something that you know is a 4-of.

VoidCaster113 on KB2187

2 days ago

Woah Gloybringer spiked since my last messages :O

Would it be alright if I dropped the Ancient Stirrings? I'd still be sending the 4 Thought Scour for the Mechanized Production and Angel, but with Glorybringer nearly 13$, you'd be gaining about 1.50$ from the Champion+Vizier+Neheb

VoidCaster113 on KB2187

3 days ago

I can also add in 4x Thought Scour for your Mechanized Production and Exquisite Archangel - also checking to see if you got my last message.

cplvela0811 on The Indomitable Sul

3 days ago


As a 1x of Tasigur, the Golden Fang, you should be fine. I honestly considered adding a 1x of. However, I opted out. I would still run him in a moments notice. Thought Scour, for me, has always been fair to me. Whenever I play a based graveyard shell--I include it. I moved it down to a 2x of. I enjoy it because it can trips, all while adding to the plan. Grisly Salvage is a card that I had looked at when the deck was first in it's infancy. It is decent, but as you stated; being able to drop a 2 mana threat, just works better, for 2 cmc. It is not a bad card, by any means. If anything, perhaps a 1x of? I am just sold on Scour!

Moving onto Liliana of the Veil. She is alright. I am honestly starting to not care much, for her in general, but she stays because she is an enabler. A lot of people will say that she does not "work" with counter magic or "draw" style decks, unless you run Dark Confidant, but in theory-- has more card draw then Confidant ever had, so there really is not much of an issue. Sure, under normal circumstances there may be small problems, but in a deck that needs card types in the graveyard to make better threats, or use Snapcaster Mage, makes for better synergy. With the 2x of Stubborn Denial--they work great! I almost wanted to shoot up to 3x! They are 1 mana Negates--especially with our creature package. I definitely agree with your analysis of Traverse the Ulvenwald, and Rhonas the Indomitable. I am just waiting for that card to be printed. I pre ordered 4x Foil Cryptic Serpents in case they sky rocket. I think it is a cross between Bedlam Reveler & Gurmag Angler, but better > no discard, or removing the grave!

Garruk Wildspeaker is still a good card and I have considered moving to 5x planeswalkers in the mainboard. I thought about taking out 1x of Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, for a 1x of garruk. I think the new Nissa will be what we need. It plays additional lands, casts creatures, and can be a late game top deck--that swings for 10 damage--on top of your Tarmogoyfs.


Oh, I will! That is the goal. Until then I have to settle for mix & match.

TheDuggernaught on The Indomitable Sul

3 days ago

@ cplvela0811

I did read your advice. I just have not gotten around to changes. I have been going to my current shop for about 3 months, and have been bringing a different deck each time. As such, I have been focused on all the different decks I have brought. But with the new shiny toys Amonkhet is bringing us (looks like we both pegged the same cards for this style of deck being Nissa, Steward of Elements, and Rhonas the Indomitable), I will be doing some revisions once the cards come. I am still a bit hesitant on Thought Scour, and I am not sure that Tasigur, the Golden Fang hurts delerium that much as he can also fill your graveyard back up -- but you obviously have much more experience with the deck than I do.

That aside, I do have a few questions. I have never liked running Liliana of the Veil with counterspells or cards with flash. Granted, you are only running 2 Stubborn Denials, and 3 Snapcaster Mage with 2 Liliana of the Veil. Do you bump into situations often where you top deck a Stubborn Denial with a Liliana of the Veil in play? It would kind of feel bad not being able to hold up that denial on your opponent's turn.

Also, what would be your opinion on Grisly Salvage vs Thought Scour. It is not a turn 1 play, obviously. But being able to dig deeper and pick a threat is not bad for costing an extra mana. Then again, adding another 2 drop to the already crowded slot might also feel bad. But between salvage and Traverse the Ulvenwald, being able to dig/tutor for Rhonas the Indomitable, or a Tarmogoyf to turn on Rhonas the Indomitable might be a solid play.

And last but not least, why cut the Garruk Wildspeaker for Nissa, Steward of Elements. I think I agree with you on the switch as they both do fairly similar things in establishing some great tempo and eventually winning with the ultimate. Just want to hear your reasoning for it. Thanks!

frogkill45 on BluBur

6 days ago

Thought Scour more fuel for gy and a cantrip

Enigma Drake might be a better sub for spellheart since it can survive a bolt, doesnt have trample though, but trample on a flyer isnt as necessary

may also want to think about things like Kiln Fiend / Nivix Cyclops

TrueTribal on Budget Mill Kill

1 week ago

Definitely use Thought Scour. Instant speed mill that replaces itself, for only . It works well with Sphinx's Tutelage too.

Pygmyrhino990 on Super fast turn 5/6 Dimir Mill

1 week ago

I dislike the use of Glimpse the Unthinkable as it costs more money than my existence at my local store or any store for that matter (it was originally in the deck until I saw the price). Thought Scour is good, but I rather have Tome Scour in there for a low mana mill, and thought scour is a little slow and from my play testing, card draw is not an issue at all. Sphinx's Tutelage does most certainly not need to be upped to 4, even though it is low mana, and is a wonderful card, having more would choke my deck for other cards, and ultimately I only need them early game for the first 5-8 turns until they completely mill out, at which point it is only useful to me as card draw which I only need 1 of them for. Grimoire Thief seems like a cool card, but it removes their cards from the game. I will consider it, but the overall concept of the deck is that the cards end up in the graveyard for later use by other cards such as Liliana Vess or Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. Removing them from the game 3 at a time and then using them as 1 counter spell seems like such a waste of potential resources for my other cards.

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