Thought Scour

Thought Scour


Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Thought Scour Discussion

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Rocket Science - My version

1 hour ago

Sorry for the late response. I can give you a much longer post this weekend sometime. I've been busy and doing some playtesting. With this deck, I don't think you need Bloodghast, but I do advise moving away from Stormchaser Mage. The problem with Stormchaser is that unless you're in a pure tempo shell (which this is not), it simply doesn't hit for enough damage. If you've had a different experience with it, I'm curious to hear about it since I have not tested extensively with it.

Here are the changes I would make:

4 Faithless Looting -> 4 Thought Scour

1 Skin Invasion  Flip -> 1 Serum Visions

4 Stormchaser Mage -> 2 Mana Leak, 1 Goblin Dark-Dwellers, 1 Rise/Fall

This will push your deck away from being Rocket Science and more towards traditional Grixis, but traditional Grixis is pretty good right now. You would eventually need Ancestral Vision, but I think you can wait until it (hopefully) gets reprinted in Eternal Masters.

If you want to play something more similar to Rocket Science (I won't be offended if you don't), then you should try and pick up 4 Bloodghast, but it's not necessary for the deck to function. The other option, if you don't want Bloodghast but want to play something similar to Rocket Science, then I have only started testing with the Relentless Dead version, but basically you just play Rocket Science with 2 Fleshbag Marauder in the place of Vampire Nighthawk, 4 Relentless Dead instead of 4 Bloodghast, and 4 Thought Scour instead of 4 Faithless Looting. I have not tested it thoroughly yet, so I don't know if it's good, but it is an option.

Less than 4 Snapcaster Mage was a budget thing for me; if you have the ability to borrow / trade for a 4th, I'd do it since it really belongs as a 4-of.

I really like Grim Lavamancer in here.

Nice deck! I'm honored my decklist was able to help you out.

Kjartan on Fish... i mean horror?

4 hours ago

Skaab Ruinator seems hard to cast consistantly here.

only 12 ceatures and no Thought Scour.

It can be AEther Vialed in pretty well, but are you sure that is a good approach for a Thing in the Ice  Flip deck, playing AEther Vial that is???

It's interresting nontheless, and I havn't playtested it, so I guess I have little to say in that matter anyways.

But one thing I do think I can tell you with certaincy, Thrummingbird does nothing here. Thing needs to lose counters and it has no playable interaction with vial either.

CaptSillva on Madness In The Deep

7 hours ago

There seems to be a mill theme going on here so here are a few suggestions. Dimir Charm, Glimpse the Unthinkable, Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, Pilfered Plans, Memory Plunder, Consuming Aberration, Extract from Darkness, Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker, Phenax, God of Deception, Oona, Queen of the Fae, Geralf's Mindcrusher, Thought Scour, Sphinx's Tutelage, Archive Trap, Grindclock. And Baleful Strix just for the value wouldn't be bad either.

Clearly that is a lot of cards and you would need some room. Here are cards I think could easily be cut. Infinite Obliteration, Extract, Mirari, Denying Wind, Shipbreaker Kraken, Oracle of Dust, Behold the Beyond.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Rocket Science

1 day ago

Hmmm. Do you have a decklist for what you're playing right now?

I haven't gotten around to making the Relentless Dead + Thought Scour shell yet, but that might be a cheaper option, and potentially even better if the suspicions of others hold true.

SimoJace on Competitive Grixis

1 day ago

RamblinMan I was playing a version of this deck with Thought Scour and Gurmag Angler, but I prefer a version with more control and I saw this version is more effective, thanks anyway for the advice!

RamblinMan on Competitive Grixis

1 day ago

Thought Scour targeting yourself feeds Tasigur quickly. Also, why no Gurmag Angler?

Derpingotter on Delver of secrets deck

2 days ago

KaiserChronic i was running 4 Monastery Swiftspear, but i pulled a Thing in the Ice  Flip and really wanted to use it. I really was just using Thought Scour as a place holder and i thought that i could use more draw soo. I think that ill run Mana Leak instead. Thank you for the suggestions.

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