Thought Scour

Thought Scour


Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Thought Scour Discussion

Darcis on Budget Grixis Control

1 day ago

I would recommend playing Thought Scour and Gurmag Angler/Tasigur, the Golden Fang. Even though Thought Scour technically doesn't do much, it will fuel delve and help bluff that you have Snapcasters. Also, put in a playset of Evolving Wilds. They come in tapped but should help make the mana more consistent and your buddy-lands be untapped more often.

TheAlexGnan on Rocket Science

1 day ago

I hate myself for saying this, because i hate the card, but do you think Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip could be, like, pretty epic in our builds? Fetch/loot turn 1, fetch t2, and you got a turn 3 flip, discard your Bloodghast for jace activation, flip, drop land and get ghast back. I can even see Thought Scour replacing some Faithless Looting, like a 3/2 split or something, since looting is there to generate card advantage by discarding Bloodghast, if you have jace to do that, its not as necessary. And Thought Scour is just wicked fast with looting cards.

The downside, as always: He is friggin vulnerable.

Will test for sure though I'm not gonna buy any jaces for a looooong time, wether he works or not ;)


rothgar13 on So here it comes:

1 day ago

They don't run him instead of Delve creatures, they run him as a complement. There are only so many Delve creatures you can reliably cast in a Modern deck, even with 4 Thought Scours feeding the graveyard. Secondly, handwaving away the mana coast for Snapcaster Mage is unwise - Baby Jace and Snappy come into play at approximately the same time turn-wise because you can invest your for Jace up front and cash in later, whereas Snappy has to be paid in full when cast. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and thus should be used in concert.

To be blunt, a lot of the comments on this thread show a lack of understanding on how Grixis Control wants to operate, and how Jace fits into those plans. If you don't get it, listen to the people who do.

SwaggyMcSwagglepants on Mill Thrill

2 days ago

I think it would be better if you cut a coupla legacy cards and put this as a modern deck. Then Sphinx's Revelation and Thought Scour are playable and the deck becomes much better!

rothgar13 on So here it comes:

2 days ago

As I alluded to above, it can change combat math, and sometimes to the point where it's not productive for your opponent to attack in the first place. It's sneaky-good.

As for the delve and cantrips, more is better in this regard. You're going to be dumping tons of cards into your 'yard between fetches, Thought Scour, and casting spells, so you should wring every ounce of value out of them.

Figag on Temur Arms Race V1.0

2 days ago

I'd say 2 more Thought Scour is a good idea. It cantrips, giving you more young pyromancer gas, it fills your yard so you can delve more efficiently, and it's a great end of turn play when you leave mana up for countermagic and then don't use it.

I question Become Immense. How has it worked for you? It feels like with 4 mandrils it will be hard to cast for an acceptable, but it does play well with pyromancer tokens.

Other than that, I really like the deck! It looks pretty strong and a ton of fun. I'm assuming no snaps is because of budget?

rothgar13 on So here it comes:

2 days ago

Let's get this out there up front, since I feel like I'll be stepping into a somewhat hostile environment here - I don't think Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip is worth Snapcaster Mage prices (as he is nowhere near that widely applicable). He needs a deck that likes to put stuff in its graveyard, is tight on the mana curve (and hence benefits from being able to flash stuff back for "free"), and could use a diversion to entertain attackers as it stabilizes. In case you haven't noticed, Grixis Control meets all of the requirements I just mentioned, and there it's a very nice complement to Snappy and the big Delve guys.

You scoff at his abilities, but there's a pretty clear niche for them. His +1 helps a deck that plays a bit fast and loose with its life total stabilize, changes combat math (I just saw a video of someone combining Jace with a Tasigur, the Golden Fang to fend off a Sun Titan, for example), and that combined with his starting loyalty of 5 makes him tough game to bring down, but his -3 combined with Grixis Control's copious removal/discard package means you can't afford to ignore him, because you'll lose ground in the 1-for-1 war that deck intends to drag you into. And his -9 isn't necessary in a deck that's already got a plenty fast clock by control standards; all he has to do is get in there and provide you with a bit of card advantage so that you can get there, and that's pretty easy to do. If cast on T2, he flips pretty trivially on T3 in a deck that runs 8 fetches, 4 Thought Scour, 4 Serum Visions, 4 Lightning Bolt, and the occasional targeted discard spell.

tl;dr: Run him alongside Gurmag Angler, Snapcaster Mage, and Tasigur, the Golden Fang and you'll see why people like him. He doesn't quite fit in anywhere else in Modern (IMO), but he does work in Grixis Control.

Triforce-Finder on Millions of Milling Myrs

3 days ago

"Millions of Milling Myrs", short "M.o.M.My." I see what you did there. +1 for that.

Hm. Looking at the deck, the only red card left is Faithless Looting. I think you could increase color stability (and reduce shockland pain) by taking it out for a blue or black alternative.

Shouldn't be too hard to find card draw in blue. How about Anticipate or Telling Time? Maybe even Ideas Unbound.

Mystic Speculation, Augury Owl, Index and/or Halimar Depths could give you some cheap digging. The latter two also allow you to target yourself with your Thought Scours safely and dig even faster.

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