Thought Scour

Thought Scour


Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

Acquire Thought Scour

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Thought Scour Discussion

BrandonJamesCAC on Blue/Black AEtherling Control Deck

2 days ago

I agree with the above poster on Cheaper creatures. I would go as far to say you are running a bit over on land and control spells. 24 is high for a deck that is going to contain 4-8x draw options.

But I just got through with U/B budget infect control deck. All still fresh in my mind.

So here goes: all just friendly opinion

Card draw: Think Twice is just bad. Two cards for 5 mana is inefficient. I used to swear by it but realize now it's not good.

Maybe run a combination of 6 Peek and Thought Scour

11 Islands is high. You can cut one for sure.


4x Mana Leak I would replace for 4x Rune Snag - you are running other counters and Mana Leak becomes worthless really quick. While Rune Snag gets better.

4x Dissolve is a lot of Double blue and missing even one spell is going to kill you.

I like to run 3 of the big spells.

1-2x Dissolve and 1-2x Psychic Strike as it's more forgiving mana wise.

Dispel is great - keep them.

Creature removal:

Just going to make one suggestion.

Sideboard Doom Blade run Go for the Throat as there is so much Black running around right now.

And if you run into Stupid Tron decks. It's not going to help you get rid of their broken creatures anyway.

Devour Flesh is a good budget option to get rid of Bogles, Scouts, Pro black and Stalker.

Creatures - my favorite is Vampire Nighthawk

Delver of Secrets  Flip good but boring

Tidehollow Strix is cool.

Or the infect route with Runechanter's Pike or even Bonesplitter as suggested above with Phyrexian Crusader Blighted Agent Plague Stinger Phyrexian Vatmother

Dimir Charm if used situational is actually really good to. Just with some trickery around your draw or whatever.

Good luck!

Didgeridooda on jonspearwillski

4 days ago


Primal Command , Darksteel Colossus , Mayael the Anima , and Chromatic Lantern -- $20.72


Wood Elves , Trinket Mage , Blasting Station , Bojuka Bog , Acidic Slime , Archaeomancer , 4x Grapeshot , Wild Nacatl , Hymn of Rebirth , Gitaxian Probe , Ponder , Portent ,Preordain , Into the Roil , Thought Scour , Echoing Truth , Hinder , Fabricate , Slight of Hand, Everflowing Chalice -- $21.52

I also found a drake that you wanted lol, and put some other stuff to the side that I will toss in because I think some might be useful. Please let me know what you think.

Shoot me an email. Didgeridoodatrade @ just remove the spaces around the @ sign.

Spekdon on Oh, it's just a 30/30 Chasm Skulker

5 days ago

Buckminsterfullerene , I pretty much like all of your suggestions, although I'm not sure what cards to swap out for them. The thing is that I could definitely take out the 4 Generator Servant in favor of cards like Psychosis Crawler and Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur , but the question is whether Void Snare , Dream Fracture and Dissolve can stall the game long enough for them to actually be played. Reliquary Tower is an amazing land for this deck though, and I'm thinking about swapping Dictate of Kruphix for Howling Mine (the question is if the card advantage is worth the higher cost). I'm currently thinking about switching Tamiyo for Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur (since I'd still have to buy both) , and the Thought Scour s (They were in the deck because of the synergy with Tamiyo) and 2 Dictate of Kruphix for 4 Howling Mine and 2 Psychosis Crawler .

Thanks for the suggestions.

celestite4 on modern mill

1 week ago

I think you have too many Extirpate /Surgical Extraction . I'm not sure if you think they enable Archive Trap (I used to think that), but they don't. I would take some of them out for Path to Exile , which does enable Archive Trap . Instead of Batwing Brume , you may want to run Darkness since their life total shouldn't matter to you anyway. I think 19 land isn't enough. I'd bring it up to at least 22. It's always nice to have reliable landfall for Hedron Crab . I'd also recommend Mesmeric Orb . Some people think it's detrimental to you too, but since your opponent isn't likely to be trying to mill you out too, I'd say it has pretty much no downside. It can reliably mill a TON of cards for only 2 mana. Mind Funeral , Thought Scour , and Tome Scour are good too. I know I'm putting a lot out there. Hope it helps!

JonRules12 on Monoblue Mill

1 week ago

Hahah this deck is actually really solid, I like it. +1. Jace's Mindseeker could be replaced with Jace's Phantasm because the phantasm will put early game pressure on really hard. Jace's Erasure isn't really great either without decent card draw if you wanted card draw consider Howling Mine but with the mine you would need Reliquary Tower s. And Elixir of Immortality isn't very good in this deck because you don't have Mind Sculpt , Tome Scour or Thought Scour (expendable mill, most of your mill is in creatures and enchantments) so instead of Elixir consider Tormod's Crypt for instant speed graveyard exile. Other than that I cannot express how much I love the Sage Owl just for the ability to control your draw and plan out plays. Mono Mill [REVAMP] is my mono blue mill so feel free to take any cards from that.

bioplay on {budget} blue artifact aggro(the engineer is life)

2 weeks ago

You probably have enough draw fixing, between Preordain , Fabricate , and Ponder . I would suggest removing one or two of these, and probably both Thought Scour , for Ensoul Artifact . The great thing about is it can even transform your equipments into 5/5 creatures, or easily turn any of your creatures except for Chief Engineer , into a 5/5 for 2 mana. I would also suggest running four-of Darksteel Citadel , seeing as you only need one blue for any of your spells.

megablake on My $20 Deck beats your $300 one =P

2 weeks ago

Hey Windraider! I really like this deck. I've built it, and as a new-ish player, playing it has taught me more about tempo than anything else.

I was wondering what changes you might make if you were to make this deck non-pauper and modern legal (but still budget!).

So far I've toyed around with several replacements:

Ponder is banned, and Serum Visions would work if it wasn't so expensive, so I've tried to substitute Telling Time .

Thought Scour is decent as far as cantrips go, but I think Peek or more Gitaxian Probe s might be a good switch.

Spined Thopter is switched for Sage Owl (or maybe Augury Owl ?), to make up for the lost Ponders when trying to flip Delver. Thopter might be the better card here. I also switched out two Islands for Halimar Depths .

Maybe switch Stormbound Geist for Errant Ephemeron ? Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.1 $0.34 $0.98 $2.59
Color(s) Blue
Cost U
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 6.45
Avg. cube pick 11.40


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Common


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