Thought Scour

Thought Scour


Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Thought Scour Discussion

DrFunk27 on Enchanting Day

4 hours ago


4 Path to Exile No questions asked.

2-4 Condemn because it works as a second Path to Exile, and makes them question your hand.

I really like the 4 Ghostly Prison

You should look into Worship

How do you plan to win? Heliod? Too slow, and not a great finisher. You need more creatures.

I would look at Geist of Saint Traft, Wall of Omens, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Sun Titan, Fiend Hunter, etc.

Sigil of the Empty throne doesn't do much for you, but you could play 2, I guess.

I like Sphinx's Revelation, but you need more card draw. Look into Serum Visions or Thought Scour

Your land looks ok, I would add 4 Flooded Strand

Sideboard or mainboard needs 2-3 Supreme Verdict.

That should be a good start for you.

mather212 on mill away

10 hours ago

Few suggestions: Memory Erosion, Propaganda, Drift of Phantasms, Thought Scour, Visions of Beyond. But what you have looks pretty solid! :)

zyphermage on The Sky is Falling and ...

23 hours ago

I just got done playing grixis past few months and quite enjoyed it. There is no point to even playing the deck in modern anymore, since there is an obvious better thing I ought to be doing. I should add the likelihood of a T2 Tasigur is much much lower than that eldrazi does on T2.

First off there are 2-3 Tasigurs in the list to start with, you need to see fetchlands to fuel delve, and even with 9-10 fetches you might not have it. You also need to not see your 1-2 Creeping Tar Pit if you run them just to have mana on time. You also have to specifically see Thought Scour over Serum Visions. Gurmag Angler is also a sizeable early threat but costs even more to pull off.

What is my point? Point is I am using it as a standard of measurement for what fatties could be dropped on T2. Much like Splinter Twin on T4 was something you had to consider. Now you have to contend with a hasty 5/5 that costs you 2 cards to get rid of. Although it is most likely to come down T3 or later but still I see it as same likelihood of an early Tasigur.

Now obviously you aren't losing the same turn like with spinter twin, but with these eldrazi coming down it does seal it up pretty much against you. Unless you're playing infect and use Become Immense on an Inkmoth Nexus. I just think these fast mana enablers need to go. thought-knot seer, reality smasher, whatever your flavor they should not come down until what should be early T3 (with bans) over T2 now early, and T4-T5 average. Outclassing all other midrange decks, while packing a T1 chalice against aggro is just bonkers.

That being said I will jump on this bandwagon like I did with late bought splinter twins. I will take a loss on buying these cards just to enjoy it.

zyphermage on The Sky is Falling and ...

23 hours ago

When a deck comes out of the wood works and makes expensive midrange decks like tron/grixis/jund/junk obsolete I think there is a problem. Those mentioned decks can do decent but at heart they are outclassed. If only for the fact that their threats are similar to eldrazi, but come down not as early. T2 Tasigur, the Golden Fang or Tarmogoyf is nothing compared to T2 or even T3 Reality Smasher even with no Eldrazi Mimics out, with it becomes really busted. A T2 Tasigur spent it's first turn fetching and Thought Scouring itself, T1 eldrazi drops Chalice of the Void on 1 or a mimic before a Thought-Knot Seer or reality smasher.

Jack-Frost on Modern Mill Budget Deck

1 day ago

Jace's Phantasm, Thought Scour

If you are willing to add black (I highly recommend in mill)

Go for the Throat, Breaking / Entering, Mind Funeral, Wight of Precinct Six

Take a look at XYMystral's deck Mill to Oblivion. It's not budget but he does an excellent job with his mill deck and you can definitely get some ideas for yours.

Hexcimal on MILL is the word

1 day ago

Nemesis of Reason is a great card for both milling and blocking, though the newer and more expensive Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger works in nearly the same way. Also consider replacing Thought Scour for Breaking / Entering instead; sure it looks strange using only one side of a fuse card (unless you want to challenge yourself with a bit of red splash), but it's more mill-per-mana. Brilliant decision with Archive Trap, with tutoring and fetch lands ruining rampant works every time.

Decks like these often run into problems against burn, infect (though you've partially remedied this with Fog Bank), well.. quite a few unfortunately. Sideboard should help with either more control when needed (Psychic Strike and Surgical Extraction come to mind), or if you did choose to fix a manabase with some red splash (though it looks like you went budget with your lands), then you can sideboard some burn for when you really need it (Pyroclasm or similar works well for token and weenie control while keeping most of your already-limited supply of creatures alive, Terminate also always works so nicely). Anyways, I hope this helps a bit. Of course they're all just suggestions, feel free to disregard any (or all) of it.

TheSurgeon on mill to make a god

2 days ago

But you have to wait 3 turns to be able to even bring out Astral Cornucopia. In those three turns you can play Tome Scour, then Breaking, and on turn 3, play Sphinx's Tutelage. Turn four, go crazy as you draw (mill 2), play a land, Thought Scour (mill 4), and then another Breaking (mill 8). And still have another mana open for another tome or thought.

Sands of Delirium is another card that could be replaced. Increasing Confusion is awesome as it's flashback is exactly the same cost but doubles up the mill. I'm not a fan of X cost mill cards in general, but this card is an improvement if you really want to use a Mill X cards.

I understand you're proud of this deck. I don't know your local meta, and maybe you'll do really well with this winning turn 8-9.I'm just trying to help as I have been playing mill for 10 years; but if you like what you have set up, instead, more power to you.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Anti-eldrazi Squad

2 days ago

Sounds good! I'm still messing with this deck a lot. I think I want to cut back on the cmc=1 cantrips since they just get stuck in my hand with Chalice of the Void. I did some games and chalice on 1 swings the matchup in Eldrazi's favor, but dropping the Serum Visions for 2 more Vampire Nighthawk and 2 Gurmag Angler (or something like that) can get this back in my favor. Thought Scour is a lot more important than Visions in this deck.

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