Thought Scour


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska Common
Dark Ascension Common

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Thought Scour


Target player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

Draw a card.

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Thought Scour Discussion

fastzero on Eternal Command

1 day ago

i think Traverse the Ulvenwald is awesome in lists that use Thought Scour but i dont want put this card lol but i will test and think about take off the AEther Vial

Gorenucopia on Not so Pillowy Fortress Slow Mill

2 days ago

If steady mill is your game then I would consider more Curse of the Bloody Tomes. Also think about Sands of Delirium, Grindstone, Millstone, or even Otherworld Atlas since its draw power would go well with Sphinx's Tutelage. The same is true for Thought Scour. On the note of Sphinx's Tutelage, there's Jace's Erasure too. Stern Mentor would also give your defenders (and her) other than Doorkeeper some safe milling during your opponent's end phase. And you might consider a couple Faith's Reward to counteract some board wipe cards, or even throw in some actual counters.

And though I'm a huge fan of Fog Bank, I'd suggest dropping one for another Wall of Frost. Their health is higher making them less prone to damage or -X/-X killing spells and their ability gives a great form of crowd control, and having 3 means you're more likely to get one without hurting Fog Bank's chances too much.

I like the deck though, and I can imagine opponents driven mad by their inability to do anything while their cards trickle away. +1 from me!

Crivaro on Killing Pokémon

2 days ago

I decided to cut the 1of Dark Ritual in favor of Darkblast. Being able to kill the tokens repeatedly even with enchantment hate (Illness in the Ranks) is worth a lot. Also it is an instant with dredge, doubling as a card engine somewhat similar to Thought Scour. What do you think?

griz024 on Build a deck based around ...

2 days ago


With Faithless Looting and Thought Scour. Black would be for hand disruption and a bit of removal.

Or Sultai for Mulch, Satyr Wayfinder, etc

MindAblaze on Build a deck based around ...

2 days ago

Faithless Looting and Thought Scour seem like shoe-ins, possibly Izzet Charm. If you're in green for Mulch etc, a deck like this wants Tarmogoyf. Maybe Mystic Retrieval and Grapple with the Past?

TheAlexGnan on [Community Discussion]: What piques your ...

2 days ago

I play modern, so obviously the first point is modern playablility. And while I like powerful, flavourful rares like Thing in the Ice  Flip (mythics are a waste most of the time, for some reason), I LOVE playable commons and uncommons. I love cards that enable cool synergies (like the printing of Thought Scour), I love cards that outperform another card that was a staple already (like Terminate and Path to Exile becoming the removal of choice. It gives you the opportunity to tune your already finished deck even further. Noble Hierarch becoming the best manadork for many decks.

Also love cards that create a new archetype or evolve one without invalidating the old version (e.g. Bring to Light for Scapeshift, or now possibly Eldritch Evolution for abzan/naya/sultai? midrange.

I HATE mechanics that dont do enough in the end, like monstrosity, they elevate the cmc simply because they are there sometimes and therefore can squander the potential of an entire set.

I hate that standard blocks reprints to a huge extent.

TheAlexGnan on this is the most clever name for a grixis deck

1 week ago

I already upvoted and commented in the past, but to adress some issues: Thought Scour is awesome if you run more delve creatures. I'll link yo a list from a GP this year that made top8. If you have specific questions about a card, feel free to ask. I may not even know more about the archetype, but its still a secon, informed opinion ;)

just writing suggestions into the blue is hard with a deck thats already pretty tuned out.

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