Bruna, Light of Alabaster


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Mythic Rare

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Bruna, Light of Alabaster

Legendary Creature — Angel

Flying, vigilanceWhenever Bruna, Light of Alabaster attacks or blocks, you may attach to it any number of Auras on the battlefield and you may put onto the battlefield attached to it any number of Aura cards that could enchant it from your graveyard and/or hand.

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Bruna, Light of Alabaster Discussion

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Voltron Generals

2 weeks ago

Sigarda, Host of Herons and Bruna, Light of Alabaster seem like the only real options if your definition of "fun" also happens to imply viability. I'll throw my Sigarda list out there as well if you end up having the time or will to look through it - A Prison Fit for an Enchantress.

Panas on Voltron Generals

2 weeks ago

Although she is not the biggest and most badass out there, I would certainly suggest Bruna, Light of Alabaster. She has been great to play with! You need to plan and think a bit, has way outs and surprising turnabouts and the suspense you create around the table with her potential one-shots at any minute is beautiful!

You could check out my deck of it, if you'd like. Ala-buster Cannon. I know it's not the most optimised, but I've had the most fun with this version.

Austin0 on How to Play Aggro EDH ...

4 weeks ago

The best voltron deck is Bruna, Light of Alabaster with super enchantments

squirlfood on Auramancy

4 weeks ago

Recycle could be fun. Bruna, Light of Alabaster can pick up the enchantments inevtably have to discard since you will get your ETB draws while giving you a draw for everything you drop. speaking of Open the Vaults

soevilprofchaos on Bruna EDH Aura/Control Deck

1 month ago

Some cards for you to consider adding:

Corrupted Conscience, while a decent card in a card deck by itself, it can one shot an opponent in conjunction with something like Battle Mastery and your commander.

Spectra Ward, protection is an extremely powerful and Spectra Ward not only gives the creature it enchants a power/toughness bonus, but also gives the creature protection from almost every spell and creature.

Spirit Loop is nice in that it gains you a lot of life throughout the game, as well as is resilient to the creature it enchants dying.

Unquestioned Authority gives protection from creatures which not only makes the enchanted creature unblockable and immune to damage when it is blocking, but also stops abilities from creatures that target such as Shriekmaw. Plus it replaces itself with a draw.

Some cards that you should consider taking out:

Drogskol Reaver because you do not have a ton of life gain in the deck and you might want to reserve the higher cmc cards in your deck for powerful enchantments and cards that go get enchantments.

Graceblade Artisan isn't as powerful in this deck as in may be in other versions of Bruna, Light of Alabaster because this deck doesn't have too high of an enchantment count and once you have your commander out it is kind of a dead drop.

True Conviction because you are really not a creature focused deck. The one thing it is doing for your deck however, is it is the best target to get with Academy Rector when you don't have a creature left on the battlefield to enchant. I would suggest you play something like Mind's Dilation to fill this role instead.

I really like the way this deck utilizes the graveyard component of Bruna with things like Mirror-Mad Phantasm and overall I think it is quite good.

lil_cheez on Jenara's Bant Enchantress

2 months ago

Also Bruna, Light of Alabaster could be in the 99

Diakaine on My very first commander

2 months ago

the other Isperia, Supreme Judge ( or Bruna, Light of Alabaster if you really like a voltron enchantment build) is better. she'll give you card advantage, which pulls you ahead. then replace most of the lands with basics, running more basic lands will help you more then Phyrexia's Core with no artifacts or Grixis Panorama in blue white, basics are the way to go. Ruination and Back to Basics are somewhat common in EDH. It also seems like your deck is trying to different side is control, the other is creatures, and the other is voltron. try to get down to 2 ( like voltron and control) somewhat budget cards at about $2.50 each are Ghostly Prison Propaganda and Sphere of Safety ( these cards work well with an enchantment voltron type deck) higher quality creature is also important. Archon of the Triumvirate Blazing Archon Angelic Arbiter Sun Titan Resolute Archangel Lavinia of the Tenth Daxos of Meletis Angel of Serenity Medomai the Ageless Sunblast Angel Stonehorn Dignitary Angelic Skirmisher Frost Titan Auramancer Monk Idealist Sram, Senior Edificer. then with control Curse of the Swine, Reality Shift Render Silent Stubborn Denial Arcane Denial AEtherize Judge's Familiar Rewind Swords to Plowshares Detention Sphere Oblivion Ring Journey to Nowhere board wipes are kinda expensive so idealy its Wrath of God but on a budget Day of Judgment Planar Cleansing and if youre going for a heavier enchantment build then Winds of Rath will put you far ahead. card advantage Blue Sun's Zenith Brainstorm Preordain Ponder Mind Spring Stroke of Genius Think Twice and enchantments Righteous Authority Ethereal Armor Vow of Flight Vow of Duty Gift of Immortality Spectra Ward Favorable Winds Gravitational Shift Blind Obedience tokens and valueSigil of the Empty Throne Ajani's Chosen Decree of Justice tutors Plea for Guidance Three Dreams and lastly mana rocks are very good at ramping your mana, which is important for being ahead in the game and not falling behind. Azorius Signet Azorius Cluestone Fellwar Stone Coldsteel Heart Darksteel Ingot Mind Stone Worn Powerstone Commander's Sphere and very important is a Sol Ring! i hope this helps you a lot, i tried to stay with in a below $2 for every card and about 98% are within that budget. and i wish you the best of luck playing commander!

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