Legion Warboss


Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Legion Warboss

Creature — Goblin Soldier

Mentor (Whenever this creature attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on target attacking creature with lesser power.)

At the beginning of combat on your turn, create a 1/1 red Goblin creature token. That token gains haste until end of turn and attacks this combat if able.

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Legion Warboss Discussion

Boza on Mentor Ability

9 hours ago

In the future, there is a section of the site in the header - the Rules Q&A - that is for rules questions specifically.

Legion Warboss for an example of a mentor creature.

If Swiftblade Vindicator and 2 warbosses are attacking together (ignoring the tokens they create), you get two instances of mentor targeting the Vindicator. Only one of them will actually resolve.

Mentor is an ability that triggers whenever the creature with mentor attacks. You choose another attacking creature with lesser power as the target. As the ability resolves, compare the powers of the two creatures again. If the target creature's power is still less than the power of the creature with mentor, put a +1/+1 counter on the target creature. If something happened in response to the mentor ability such that the target creature no longer has lesser power, the mentor ability won't do anything.

JeppeFugl on Angels of Fire ~ Boros Midrange [GNR]

1 day ago

Patdypat Thanks for the suggestion. I have considered Dismissive Pyromancer. Not quite sure yet if it's good enough. It's a bit slow, but good in grindier matches. Might be worth it when we know the meta. Legion Warboss is absolutely insane, and I would never cut it from any deck that plays the beatdown strategy. It's basically Goblin Rabblemaster.

I will keep Pyromancer in my maybe category!

Optimator on Goblins... Why do they always come out Goblins?

2 days ago

I think Goblin Trashmaster is he biggest standout from the latest few sets. Legion Warboss is decent but probably better in a Krenko shell. Goblin Cratermaker seems great in EDH too. Treasure Nabber could be good and lots of fun. It'll have a big target on its back for sure but that's what Feldon is for. Goblin Instigator might be better than Dragon Fodder. Dark-Dweller Oracle has a bit of synergy with Feldon's ability and goblin tokens. Enough to make it worth it? Not sure.

Goblin Chainwhirler is likely better iin standard but would definitely still be good in EDH. Cheering Fanatic seems decent but is likely outclassed.

JeppeFugl on Angels of Fire ~ Boros Midrange [GNR]

2 days ago

Hi DeadStrife. Thanks a lot for the comment and the up vote! It is great to get some feedback, even when we still are in spoiler season, so a lot can change.

I would like to answer each of your points:

I would not go below 25 unless I would cut two 5 drops. This deck and standard in general, you need to hit your land drops. This deck really wants to be able to play on curve, and at least be able to potentially activate Resplendent Angel at some point consistently. The deck does lack card draw. Losing Chandra, Torch of Defiance really hurts this deck, and I have considered many different options, and Mentor of the Meek could come into the mainboard, but I think it would hurt the overall gameplay game 1. Huatli, Warrior Poet is just a bit of testing and for fun. Ideally she would be the new Tajic ! Or Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants, but you would need to play 8-12 two drops for him to shine. Weatherlight is sweet! Always wanted that card to work, but is a little slow. Abrade not being in standard anymore might make it work. Sarkhan's Unsealing is a no-no. Lyra Dawnbringer is the only way to trigger the card, and to make it work you need to play much more higher end creatures.

The problem I have with Boros Challenger is that the mentor ability lends itself to be better in an aggressive deck. The power level is a little low, and Mentor does not strike me as a great constructed ability you want to be build around. If you want to synergize your creatures and play with the mentor ability, I would play Goblin Banneret and Boros Challenger. Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice and Legion Warboss does have mentor, but I would argue that this a just extra topping, since we are playing them for the static abilities. As I told Southland,Knight of Grace is better. Also gets the trigger with History of Benalia.

I am going to change a lot of the numbers and the deck in general the next weeks to come. Still needs some testing, but it could be a fun deck to play at FNM. I tend to tune things and see how far you can take it, so please comeback in a bit of time and check it out again if you are interested. Again, thanks a bunch for the comment and suggestions!

Another thing I'm considering is adding blue to really spice things up, and make it as close to Jeskai Aggro we saw in INN-RAV standard, but Mantis Rider might be a bit too good for standard again ;)

Orion93 on Gobbling great gobs of goblins

1 week ago

Zomboss75 thanks for the vote. I'm pretty excited to add Legion Warboss to this list.

My real issue is deciding how I want to adapt to make the deck perform better. I want to add green for simple ramp and late game beats using big dumb stompy creatures like Ghalta, Primal Hunger.


I really think I need to add black for better deck manipulation, removal, draw power, and maybe recursion. I could also throw in some crazy 1 offs like Torgaar, Famine Incarnate or even a Dire Fleet Ravager, just to put my opponent into range of Banefire.

Any thoughts?