Seal Away

Seal Away



When Seal Away enters the battlefield, exile target tapped creature an opponent controls until Seal Away leaves the battlefield.

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Seal Away occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.3%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Seal Away Discussion

Silverdrake on White Healing Devotion

6 days ago

Welcome to the game!
To build off of what Cypher said, consistency is key in building a powerful deck. Having a ton of cool different cards is fun, but if you want to win you want to maximize your chances of drawing the cards you need at any given time. The easiest way to do that is to determine what the "best" cards for you to play on any given turn are and maximize the number of copies you run of them.
To start with your 1 drops: You definitely want to play a creature on turn 1 to start the beatdown and the lifegain. Beloved Princess is a great choice, and Healer's Hawk could work too. Lone Pegasus is fine but not great if you want to lean into the lifegain strategy. Chaplain's Blessing and Outflank should probably come out.
Daxos and Birth of Meletis are great in your 2 drops slot, everything else I think could be reconsidered. Ajani's Pridemate is a MUST for this deck - it's arguably the strongest lifegain-matters card in the game. I'd pick up a playset right away! Declaration in Stone is decent removal you could run in this slot, or Seal Away if you're on a budget. 2-3 copies of Dawn of Hope could do wonders for you as well. You could consider Bishop of Wings if you wanted to go the angels route.
Banishing Light is pretty good at 3 mana, as is Linden. Other cards I'd consider in that slot are Angel of Vitality as Cypher mentioned, Heliod, Sun-Crowned, and Resplendent Angel.
Angelic Accord is great at 4 cmc, I'd definitely up the number of copies you're running to 2 or 3. Ajani, Strength of the Pride is also an incredible fit for this deck. Cast Out or Conclave Tribunal could be a nice replacement for Banishing Light if your 3 drop slot gets too full. Gisela, the Broken Blade could be a fun include.
Lyra Dawnbreaker feels like a no-brainer include in this deck.
Maybe Sephara, Sky's Blade as a top-end, seeing how many fliers you are and could be running. Or if you wind up running Gisela, then you could run Bruna, the Fading Light as your top end. You'd probably want to up your land count by 1 or 2 if you plan on that though.

Those are all just suggestions - feel free to play the deck however you find it most fun! If you want more detailed suggestions about what I'd cut or what numbers I'd add, feel free to let me know!

Whatever you decide to do, good luck and have fun!

TheLordStormCrow on {PRIMER} Prison Break

1 month ago

Acer103, thanks for the feedback, I prefer Baffling End because it hits the majority of creatures we want to in the early game, and the big draw to it is that they don't get their creature back if they remove the Baffling End .

In testing, myself and some people from the enchantress discord server found that we rarely missed the flash from Seal Away , and permanently removing the creature was just better value overall, and worth the slight drawback

Acer103 on {PRIMER} Prison Break

1 month ago

I really like this build. I think the inclusion of the GW planeswalker really does strengthen the deck. It doesn't have a place in modern or standard, but I think Pioneer is just right. I also agree that deck selection is very important. The planeswalker also forces the opponent to look at a second target instead of touching the enchantments you're putting on the board.

I'm not a fan of Baffling End though. Would Seal Away be a better alternative?

Trizzo2 on pioneer enchantress

1 month ago

TheLordStormCrow Once again thatks for all the advice! First off, if you have 1 cost reducer on the battlefield, you can cast a Mana Bloom for 1 green and have it enter with a counter on it, giving you the green or a white mana back. If you have 2 cost reducers on the field, then it enters with 2 counters on it when you pay 1 green. This essentially gives you an extra mana. I know it doesn't always ramp, but as long as an enchantress is on the field, it's a repeatable-every-turn cantrip that is very often free (if you have a cost reducer) that can fix mana and possible gain you 1 or 2 mana per turn. I can definitly see a few reasons not to run it, but I personally like it.

Second, I do see your point with Cryptolith Rite / Song of Freyalise . I think I still like 2 Songs for a little extra mana/ it's third ability which can help close out games with a gummed-up board through trample damage. However, removing the cryptolith rites seem like a solid move.

As for Baffling End and Seal Away , I agree, but do you have problems with baffling end not hitting big enough threats? I haven't tested it, but the cmc 3 or less clause just seems restrictive to me. Do you find that it consistently is able to hit your desired targets? If so, I will problably switch it in.

On to Setessan Champion . I have just updeted the deck with some Theros cards, and I replaced the Cryptolith Rites and 2 Satyr Enchanter s with 4 Champions. Do you reccomend cutting the Satyrs out entirely for something else? I do like the cast clause against control decks.

I like running all 8 cost reducers because I feel like having multiple on the battlefield help my mana blooms, sigils, and spheres come down faster. They also can help the deck snowball when the enchantresses are out.

Would you recommend dropping a sigil for a 4th sphere of safety?

I would love to get on that discord, my username is Trizzo2. Thanks!

TheLordStormCrow on pioneer enchantress

1 month ago

How does Mana Bloom ramp? Am I missing something?

I'm not a fan of Cryptolith Rite and Song of Freyalise here, this deck is more of a pillowfort style deck, we just want to remove early threats and lock creatures out of attacking us with Sphere of Safety so we can win with a bunch of 4/4s.

I prefer Baffling End to Seal Away because I've found it's better to be able to remove the creature outright, rather than having it return if and when the enchantment leaves the battlefield. Most of the time, the creature we are removing is a lot scarier than a vanilla 3/3, and we can almost always just block it with a Courser of Kruphix , Setessan Champion or an angel anyway.

I'd also recommend replacing Satyr Enchanter with Setessan Champion , as it's better in almost every way :)

I personally don't run the full 8 cost reducers, and I haven't had too many issues with not having enough mana for stuff too often, so you could consider dropping to 6/7 of them.

Trimming a Sigil of the Empty Throne is always an option too if you want more cuts, especially when this deck draws so many cards when it gets going, I've never had an issue where I didn't draw one in time.

Are you in the enchantress discord server/would you like to be? There's a group of us trying to make this as competitive as it can be! Let me know :)

RZKS on Bant Spirits

1 month ago

I think I really need to add Brazen Borrower to the deck. Initially I'm think about replacing Spectral Sailor with them. It's over my budget for now, so I may probably use Seal Away instead of Spell Pierce and two Nebelgast Herald replacing the Sailors.

Against aggro decks that do have decent removals like monoblack aggro and RW, I had a huge problem, to the point where I was playing defensively because it was the only option. And I may have to remove Spell Pierce from the deck (not even on the sideboard) for 2 Dovin's Veto or Negate but I'm still unsure about that.

My deck lacks good board interaction (with Deputy of Detention being the only weapon to deal with creatures) and a few matches I've played made me realize this.

BrandonJamesCAC on UW Control

1 month ago

I think upping Narset to 3 is almost always going to feel better than Architect Jace. Narset gives you 2 free Impulses allowing you to run less of several cards.

Also isn't Seal Away better than that cycling one?

Nimble Obstructionist is good.

Search for Azcanta  Flip

Too bad all the Pioneer Counterspells are terrible

Grubbernaut on Esper Exile-Tempo

2 months ago

Seal Away , Banishing Light and Cast Out may be considerations.

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