Favor of the Overbeing


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eventide (EVE) Common

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Favor of the Overbeing

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

As long as enchanted creature is green, it gets +1/+1 and has vigilance.

As long as enchanted creature is blue, it gets +1/+1 and has flying.

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Favor of the Overbeing Discussion

MormonFreeman on Steel of the Godhead U/W Pauper (HELP APPRECIATED)

2 days ago

Hey! saw this deck and it kinda of reminded me of bogles! if you haven't seen people use Slippery Bogle I really recommend you check out decks that use it as it will give you idea of cards you might want for your deck. instead of curse of chains, you can try Crystallization and you could take out mulldrifters and zealous guardians for 4 bogles

Also 3 amazing enchantments is Hyena Umbra and Armadillo Cloak and Rancor

umbra has totem armor, great for protecting your creature, armadillo cloak gives trample and a buff help get in damage, a little trick with armadillo cloak is that since its ability isn't lifelink. You can put it on your opponents creatures and when it hits you, you still gain the life basically making it useless to attack you. Finally Rancor is just solid, you get to re-use it and if gives a nice buff all for a single green

Finally Favor of the Overbeing is also an amazing enchantment for this deck along with Wings of Hope which you already have in your maybeboard

I hope this helps, I really like this deck and my it inspired my friend to make a deck using Bant Sureblade. Best of luck at your tourney!

Low-key_loki on Rafiq of the many swords

3 weeks ago

needs more stuff to equip to you're general, And no "voltron" deck should have 30+ creatures. Also try running some Aura's like Steel of the Godhead and Favor of the OverbeingDunno how helpful you'll find this though

mrfab13 on Pauper Simic Beatdown

1 month ago

just giving counters isnt enough with nothing to put them on. if i was you id shift to be more aggro, you deck seems to fit Shorecrasher Mimic in well also Favor of the Overbeing and stuff that abuse multi colour, there is Wings of Velis Vel for +4/+4 and flying as your guys are 0/0. anything with the persist mechanic gets alot of recursion, graft is a ok ability and you can make a ok deck with it but you gotta exploit and abuse mechanics if you want you deck to be good. hydropon with Snakeform can trips and its a 6/6 and its also a kill spell, theres also Lignify for a 5/9 attacker on turn 4. this deck has alot of potential

michael921 on Krazy, Krazy, Kruphix

3 months ago

So this is both a decent start and has a long way to go. While I don't have many specific card cuts to recommend to you, I can point you in a general direction for you to go, as well as a bunch of cards that might help you...

Lands and Mana Sources Show

Some issues I see with the deck Show

Evasion Recommendations Show

Removal Recommendations Show

Protection Recommendations Show

Potential Cuts Show

Hopefully some amount of this will help! You're allready at the deck being only $90 so you're pretty close! Good luck!

GeminiSpartanX on

9 months ago

I think you have a fine UG aggressive deck here. A few copies of Breeding Pool would help you be able to cast your double blue costed cards a little easier after casting a Birds of paradise on turn 1 given that you have Misty Rainforests. I always try to imagine what the ideal starting hand would be for any given deck, and make sure the mana can support it. With your deck here, it looks like a turn 1 birds followed by a turn 2 shorecrasher or nulltread is the optimal play, with a turn 3 UG spell (if you went shorecrasher) or replay birds + hold up Familiar's Ruse (for the nulltread line).

One thing, I really doubt you can consistently get up to 5 mana sources for Momir Vig with only 20 lands and 4 birds. The old adage is still normally true that it's normally correct to 'bolt the bird' as soon as you see it, so your opponent's might not give you a chance to untap with the birds in play. I think the Wistful Selkies or some Rogue Refiner might be better in that spot for some incidental card draw. I wouldn't consider anything in your maybeboard that costs 5 or more unless you focus your deck towards getting up to that much mana consistently. Also, Winged Coatl is a nice combat trick that can pump your shorecrashers at instant speed or act as a 3-mana removal spell in combat. Although not as generally good as Rancor, Favor of the Overbeing works really nicely with shorecrasher or any other UG creature.

I think you'll find out what the deck needs through testing against other modern decks as you play them. You'll likely have more counterspells in the SB for additional interaction as needed as you find out what your local meta looks like. Good Luck!

Icbrgr on I seek help making a ...

10 months ago

i also love this planswalker...i have made a few different builds around her just for getting that emblem... i find Bant turbofog to be the most effective but its not exactly the most satisfying...Doubling Season...Thrummingbird...Steady Progress and Clockspinning may help ya cheat extra counters on her.... A fun creature to consider is Shorecrasher Mimic ... he is a BEAST that can take a game on his own if you run lots of spells like Shielding Plax/Coiling Oracle/Winged Coatl/Slippery Bogle/Favor of the Overbeing and basically anything from eventide :p .... Good luck i hope you are able to succeed where i came up short!

Von.Banamaor on G/W Hexproof

1 year ago

Okay, I've played around with this some more and am working out some ideas.

These comments are in reference to my own hexproof deck: Godzilla and trying to learn from Wahrghoul84's experiences and hopefully provide what little insight I can.

So, finally, in some way, I agree. You don't need Utopia Sprawl unless you're playing 3+ casting cost spells. Since you aren't it's probably more a hindrance than an advantage. So I bow to your wisdom here.

As far as types of enchantments, I've recently replaced Abzan Runemark and Leafcrown Dryad with Rancor, Hyena Umbra and Spider Umbra and noticed a marked improvement. My hand is now coming down into play where I used to sit on cards. So, again, I also bow to your wisdom here.

But here is where I'm diverging. So far, I prefer Aura Gnarlid, Kruphix's Insight and Ancestral Mask to Angelic Gift and Kor Skyfisher. I realize you get some speed and card drawing from Angelic Gift and Kor Skyfisher, but the hammer you can put down mid-game with Aura Gnarlid, Kruphix's Insight and Ancestral Mask is immense. And if you can couple an Aura Gnarlid with an umbra, it gets really ugly for your opponent fast.

It was pretty common in my playtesting to be attacking with a 1/1 hexproof, a 10/10 hexproof and an 8/8 unblockable umbra'd Aura Gnarlid on turn five. But that was only all possible with some combination of Aura Gnarlid, Kruphix's Insight and Ancestral Mask. But I admit, this is probably the key difference between a full aggro hexproof deck and a mid-game hexproof deck. And for now, I am willing to settle for the latter.

So that said, I get the idea behind Kor Skyfisher to attack quickly, but I struggle with why you're playing Angelic Gift. You can use it to draw a card. Fine. But flying doesn't really get you anything on it's own and since your're not playing Ancestral Mask, Aura Gnarlid or Yavimaya Enchantress your enchantment count isn't critical. It would seem like for just drawing a card, Frog Tongue is better because it's cheaper.

Overall, I feel like you'd be better off just playing a good enchantment. I feel like Briar Shield, Lunarch Mantle, Favor of the Overbeing, Glaring Aegis or Sun Clasp are better options. So far you've had far better ideas than mine, so what am I missing here?

JaysomeDecks on Rafiq Exalted One

1 year ago

Ok, a few more suggestions. The biggest thing I'd say is you should focus more on your commander. In essence, he is a 4cmc 4/4 double strike, at his bare minimum. So if possible, you should always be going for the commander damage win. After all, 21 is way easier than 40, and ignores life gain.

Where I'm going with this is creatures like Fiendslayer Paladin,Geist of Saint Traft, Managorger Hydra,Yavimaya Enchantress, and any others that do not serve the deck save as an alternate hitter to your commander. While these cards are good, you're playing a deck that benefits from loading enchantments onto 1 creature and then swinging with 1 creature. Oftentimes, then, those other good cards are at best blockers.

Since you always have your commander, I creased mana-ramp is definitely an option. Get him out sooner, ensure you can get him out again when he falls. I don't know how much more you may want to add, but Birds of Paradise definitely deserves to be in this list. Turn 1 mana fixing and ramp, it'll be an invaluable addition.

Some enchantments you may consider are Favor of the Overbeing and more importantly Steel of the Godhead, to both buff and give evasion to your commander.

Hyena Umbra may be swapped out for Spider Umbra or Bear Umbra, and first strike is redundant with double strike. Though that is only on the attack, so I wouldn't say it absolutely has to go.

Vorrac Battlehorns could do you wonders. Cheap to play and equip, it both gives trample and prevents more than one creature from blocking your commander, meaning often times even if they block, damage will get through.

There are far more effective counterspells than Spell Queller, as it is limited in what it can counter, and ultimately returns the spell to its owner. I'd suggest Render Silent instead. Not only does it shut down a spell, it can shut down a whole turn. (And as an added bonus, you get to go "shhhh" as annoyingly as possible when you cast it, and again at every protest it raises)

Lastly, Song of the Dryads is fantastic removal for your deck. It deals with anything a standard boardwipe could not, and is one of the few ways to completely shut down an opponent's commander. I'd especially suggest it for your deck as you have a propensity for enchantments.

I know I've thrown a lot at you, hopefully some of it is helpful. To summarize, I'd just suggest focusing a little more on your commander. It'll let you tune your deck a bit more, make it a bit faster. All things said, I like the deck, it seems pretty good. Never stop building:)

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