Wash Out

Wash Out

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Return all permanents of the color of your choice to their owners' hands.

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Wash Out Discussion

MagicalHacker on Wydwen, the Budget Gale

7 hours ago

Chainer's Edict's sorcery speed makes its repeatability irrelevant, especially in a deck with a high number of sac spells.

Wash Out is fine, but I think I have enough mass return with Evacuation, Cyclonic Rift, AEtherize, etc. especially since those cards are instant speed.

Snap may be worth considering, but it's pure card disadvantage even though it basically costs 0. Idk, I'll think about Snap.

Thank you for the comment though! :)

lemmingllama on Wydwen, the Budget Gale

21 hours ago

Have you considered using Snap at all? It's pretty great since it's basically free soft removal.

I also like Chainer's Edict since it is repeatable removal.

Finally, Wash Out can be a great way to slow down the game. It depends on your meta, but it's great against green and red players who flood the board.

Jaeyx on Who needs Creatures?

3 weeks ago

I like that it isn't all counterspells. I was worried about that. I like the shit tons of cantrips idea better. Or counterspells that cantrip. Could add Arcane Denial and the other one. Day of the Dragons looks awesome and hilarious, but I think if it goes away, you won't get your drake tokens back, correct? Just curious.Leyline of Anticipation is a possible cut, doesn't seem necessary. You could play Consecrated Sphinx, Rhystic Study, Archaeomancer effects, whether on bodies or spells. Favorable Winds effects. Panoptic Mirror could be fun, since it appears you can put multiple cards under it and just start cantriping 3 or 4 times for free every turn. Sphinx-Bone Wand is an option. Oh the mirror could randomly go infinite if you put an extra turn card under it. If you wanted just one "haha funny if i get it" combo. Runechanter's Pike could easily win you some games, if you're into that kind of thing. Wash Out maybe. Eyes of the Watcher.

Discoduck on Arcanis the omnipotent EDH (Help please!)

1 month ago

Ah Arcanis, a most excellent legendary wizard for any mono blue edh deck.

Caged Sun and/ or Gauntlet of Power are bot excellent choices in mono-color edh. Sapphire Medallion and Gilded Lotus are great as well, though the latter is a bit expensive.

I like the number if counterspells (maybe you could even have more!), but perhaps some of them could be better counterspells. Hinder and Spell Crumple are great for getting rid of generals, as is Declaration of Naught. As far as what you have in there, Dissipate and Dismiss are good baselines are far as power level for couterspells, but Bone to Ash is meh, and Countermand is only decent in decks that want cards in graveyards for whatever reason.

Card draw is always good, and luckily your commander allows you to free up a lot of card draw slots for other stuff like control and creature bombs! If you have card draw, look for enchantments and the like that give you cards every turn, rather than one-shot instants.

Mass bounce like Evacuation and Wash Out are great in edh. Sunken Hope can nerf many decks with low creature counts, and Scourge of Fleets rocks in mono-blue.

Speaking of big creatures, perhaps some more threats? Sphinx of Uthuun, Breaching Leviathan, Blightsteel Colossus, etc. Whatever your taste is.

Basically in edh, bigger is better. You want to either be affecting the board in a big way in your favor by affecting as many players' board positions as you can, or making yourself the most non-threatening/ most punishing target until you can pull out your bombs (Dissipation Field is great for that).

But most of all it's for fun!! Finding a good balance between power and fun (and even flavor) is what it's all about - imho of course.

Tata on Sapphire Seduction

1 month ago

I'd cut Divination for Rhystic Study. It's amazing in multiplayer and will almost always draw you more than 2 cards (at the same cost of divination).

I'd also cut Banishing Light and Oblivion Ring for other stuff. Why? Because while they're decent in 1v1, in multiplayer there's a very good chance that they will be broken by wipes/creatures/etc. Then you're down a card and whatever you exiled comes back. Bad news if you exile a creature with an ETB ability.

Think about cantrips, cards with in-built 2-for-1s, and flashback. Hindering Light is great, as is Ray of Distortion. You don't need to have a ton of cards entirely devoted to drawing (like Stroke of Genius) in order to always have spells to play or win the card-advantage contest.

I'd cut cards that don't trade with other cards. Things like Lyev Decree and Wash Out will almost always result in you losing a card and your opponents losing nothing (just tempo).

Your general will always be a target in a multiplayer game. You must protect him with hexproof-granting things and lots of counter-magic. To be perfectly honest I don't like your general in multiplayer for this reason... you'll notice how often he dies once you stop playing 1v1. You really have to get savvy about when to summon him.

themlsna on 2015-01-08 update of You Spin ...

2 months ago

Waste Not is a powerful option. You're likely to have a large zombie army in not too long, and a huge handful of cards. Cyclonic Rift should find a slot in your main board, and Wash Out is another good bounce option. Dragon Mage might be a stronger option than Myojin of Night's Reach since you can potentially wheel every turn. It's mana cost is high, but Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur is pretty boss, IMO.

shaistyone on Teferi's Deep-Sea Leviathans

2 months ago


Draw/deck tech

Rhystic Study - either massive card draw or you put the breaks on the game for your opponents
Recurring Insight - 10-12 cards in my experience
Mystical Tutor - nice as an instant
Descendant of Soramaro - hidden gem status given how little play he sees
Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar - gets more broken as you draw more cards


Leyline of Anticipation - I can't think of a single other card that has increased my win percentages more
Tolaria West - get the land you need
Academy Ruins - value
Phyrexian Metamorph - great clone

Inundate - Wash Out - add to your bounce suite
Spell Crumple - hard counter, brutal on commanders
Time Stop - when it all just has to stop
Dismiss into Dream - shuts off a ton of stuff (Auras, Equipment, Pump Spells, Arcum Dagsson, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, etc.. etc..)
Vodalian Illusionist - great rattlesnake card, can save one of your own guys if need be, and kills tokens
Proteus Staff - as close to an auto-include in blue as I get - serves as rattlesnake (especially for commanders), can get rid of the worst threats, can upgrade your creatures, etc...

Color(s) Blue
Cost 3U
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 3.78
Avg. cube pick 9.89


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Casual Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Invasion Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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