Wash Out

Wash Out

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Return all permanents of the color of your choice to their owners' hands.

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Wash Out Discussion

lemmingllama on Tortured Loyalties

2 days ago

Keranos, God of Storms would be perfect for this deck, helps get in damage and is also a target for Nin that she can't kill.

Also why run Remand? I would rather see a hard counter, like Counterspell or Arcane Denial.

I also find AEtherspouts to be underwhelming. Maybe consider Devastation Tide, Evacuation, or Wash Out instead?

MindAblaze! on Thassa's 99 (Vorthos)

3 days ago

Wash Out tends to have a big impact when I've seen it played and it seems like it could be on theme.

lemmingllama on Through the Revolving Door

1 week ago

Deadeye Navigator would be great in this deck.

Evacuation and Wash Out might also interest you.

I would also cut Staff of the Mind Magus, I normally find the staffs to be really weak.

Also consider swapping Temur Banner for Commander's Sphere, its a direct upgrade.

Finally, consider Sol Ring. It's fast and easy mana, very nice to have on turn 1 or 2.

mkaryadi on Counterburn, the Izzet Paragon

2 weeks ago

PayOneLife, I added Magefire Wings for some evasion and blocking ability, should it be necessarily. I would use Archetype of Imagination if I could for this, but I can't. I have noticed in playtesting that I do get a bit land flooded at times. I think I can spurge on Champion's Helm and Wash Out and Vandalblast should be good in this deck.

PayOneLife on Counterburn, the Izzet Paragon

2 weeks ago

Nice work!

You've got 43 lands and 9 rocks, which I think might be a little much. You could consider dropping a few lands and adding in some good stuff. Naturally you need lots of mana, but having too many lands can hurt when you need to draw into a spell to keep your storming happening.

I'm not sure about Magefire Wings. It doesn't offer much except the possibility of some combat damage from Melek. I get that you probably don't want to miss out on that commander damage action but I think most times your opponent's are going to have you beat. 6 mana for melek + 2 for the aura is two cards and 8 mana for a 4/4 flier - terrible value. Unlike equipment you're going to lose the aura to proteus staff as well. Champion's Helm is a good non-budget ($5) swap, or you could look at Mask of Avacyn @ 25c.

Wash Out ruins lives (55c), and I also noticed that you don't have any artifact removal so Vandalblast would be helpful (50c). Vandal blast can be cast for 1 so it helps keep the spell flowing.


NotSoLuckyLydia on

2 weeks ago

I'm a huge fan of V-Clique, even though I'm a filthy pleb who can't afford to play it. One of the reasons is that you get a flying, evasive creature, but more importantly, you can cast Tunnel Vision for an instant win.

I playtested this deck a few times. While you have a good matchup against combo and control decks, you kind of get steamrolled by creatures. Playing GW, I was able to resolve two creatures, and this deck wasn't really capable of beating them. There was no point at which Teferi was able to be cast as anything more than a 6 mana Sleight of Hand, and I think that's going to be the biggest drawback to playing him over Clique.

In order to shore up aggro and aggro-combo matchups, you'll have to run a lot of board wipe effects. AEtherspouts, Evacuation, Wash Out, and Cyclonic Rift are great cards to have, whether or not you want to play a different general.

Some other stealyface cards you might like include Control Magic, Vedalken Shackles, and Order of Succession. (Note that Order of Succession doesn't target, so you can steal a Geist.)

PayOneLife on 2014-12-11 update of Lazav Necro-delver?

2 weeks ago

Hey dude.

Duress out, Thoughtseize in.

I think Trepanation Blade doesn't hold a candle to Sword of Feast and Famine, especially given the discard theme.

What do you think about AEtherize for Wash Out?

Could Dismember be Snuff Out?

How have you gone with Pact of Negation? Every time I have it in hand I don't want to use it. It's generally no use until turn four and even then it asks you to basically lose a turn of spell casting. I love the idea of it but in practice I find it wanting. Maybe that's just me.

Echoing Truth is probably better than Disperse, taking care of any token nonsense (Splinter Twin, anyone?) you might have to face. Might occasionally backfire though.

Talisman of Dominance is less clunky than Dimir Signet, unless the life loss is a concern.

I'm not really feeling Force Spike either. Maybe Mana Leak would be more flexible?

By the time you have them Hellbent, Guul Draz Specter is going to be behind the curve for mine. How about Duskmantle Guildmage in the creature slot instead?

In other words, have you considered the Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank combo? On top of the tutors you already have, Vampiric Tutor is obvious, but transmute works perfectly with this combo through Dimir Infiltrator, Shred Memory and Muddle the Mixture as both combo pieces cost 2 CMC. They can also fetch Blighted Agent which is one of your goals. On occasion I have transmuted for a demonic tutor in order to pick up that bomb I need. Even Lim-Dul's Vault will get the combo for you if you're keen enough to spend the life. So including what you have that's 10 spells total you can use to tutor for the win. The guildmage can win with Traumatize too, and isn't too shabby with Windfall and friends, although it's a bit mana costly. Don't forget that the Guildmage's life loss ability can stack.

Bloodchief Ascension does the job too, but ain't nobody got time for that.

I might have gone off track a little here, but if your Oona deck is any indication fast combo wins are your business. Love to hear what you think!

dagan94 on Clash of Wills; Braids, Conjurer Adept

3 weeks ago

There's a lot here and I want to go through everything you said. First, since its easier I'll go over suggested drops. Infinite Reflection has netted me more than a few wins, since it isn't uncommon to suddenly swarm with Wurmcoil Engine s and It That Betrays. Thanks to the fact that the majority of the time I play it I win, and the most the time I draw it I play it, well you get the point. I can even use it to steal my opponents drops, which when that could be something like Verdant Force it rarely fails me. Best part is it clears Braids while turning her into something else I need. Stifle is another that never fails me largely thanks to its cost. I play it whenever I have it and I almost always stop a game breaking combo or play when I do, which thanks to the speed of the deck gets me a win. Drain Power allows me to frequently ramp into something unexpectedly, and it baits out counters. Its admittedly weak so I'll set that aside for drops. Stormtide Leviathan is a large beater who delays games. Since my deck without fail gets more dangerous the longer the game lasts I can't say its a priority drop, but once again replacing this with a winning card is better than delaying it so I'll set aside. Roil Elemental is one of my favorite steals since with Braids I can use it to steal multiple things a turn. The problem is when its removed I'm screwed if I was relying on it, so that one is droppable as well. Guile is a large, hard to block beater that has the bonus of stealing my opponents spells for free. While I don't have many counters in instants, this creature has enough synergy with my other creatures and enough power to beat others to death with that it is able to keep its spot. Elite Arcanist was added when I had more instants and is much weaker not. While tutoring a Cryptic Command has won me many games with him, most times without the tutor I'm stuck with a crappy creature who I may or may not have an instant for. Cryptoplasm is an adaptable clone that while yes may take a moment to set up is both playable before Braids, meaning that in addition to wanting to remove braids they want to remove this, and will always be able to take the form of the biggest threat. I like it for that flexibility, and if I were to replace it I would probably do so in favor of another clone.

So drops I can get with include Drain Power, Stormtide Leviathan, Roil Elemental, and Elite Arcanist. I'd like to point out that part of my feelings for this is that there have been more instances than not where I could not really use these cards, and for a couple may have even had them used against me.

Now lets look at suggestions. Ixidron is absolutely monstrous in morph decks as well as allowing swarm decks to always have the biggest threat. It is one of my favorite blue clears because it delays the game decently and if you build in any evasion into your deck he can swing for lethal. There's one problem though with this deck. Most cases playing him will probably screw me more than my allies thanks to the size of my other threats in comparison as well as me not focusing on large numbers of creatures. As a result as a starting hand card its good, but once I have any sort of set up most times it'll be just a bad draw since annihilator or one of my field clears would have left me with my other creatures while providing the same removal strength. Phyrexian Ingester is another fan favorite of mine. There isn't really much reason why he isn't in, other than my initial deck list had more focus on counters and bounces that allowed better synergy between certain cards. With that replaced with steal and control those synergies are gone and he is a good option once again. I'll add him in. Sphinx of Uthuun is not one of my favorite cards in the world. He works great with flicker decks, but otherwise meh. I have more efficient beaters, and with so many flyers in EDH being cheated out by Braids he'll likely be smaller than the others based on past experience. His draw is an awesome fact or fiction which is his real advantage. Since I already have one and his draw is extremely exploitable if I can steal some flicker spells I'll throw him in as well. Treasure Mage runs into the same problem I had with Fabricate when I play tested it. I have the biggest threats, and making them aware of that has always bit me in the ***. The worst part is it tells people what to save their removal and bounces for, which part of what helps me survive until Braids is that initially they all become distracted with the Skittles and Ruric Thars of the world and waste those on others. With this type of deck information is key, so I need to protect it and not use revealing tutors. Savor the Moment and Temporal Mastery are both pretty much as you said with little disadvantage. Mystical Tutor has the same base problem as all reveal tutors, and trust me I don't have mana problems. I will be playing Temporal Mastery without a hitch. Mind you tutors are still useful, but I just need to be realistic of disadvantages when choosing drops. Trinket Mage won't be bringing out enough for me to honestly care that much, I've tried him too. His price is just high enough that the ramp won't be helping me play any faster and since my only low cost artifacts are rocks that just emphasizes my point. Wash Out was an old clear I used to run. Problem was too many people run multi colored edh decks for it to properly clear and if there was a blue opponent things got awkward. I dropped this in favor of just plain better clears, though a tad more expensive. I don't dislike it, just hard to justify other drops. Scourge of Fleets was explained in another post what the problem was. I like it, I really do. Problem is literally that it doesn't properly clear for me thanks to the pace of this deck and its group hug. I don't get islands out fast enough, and they will ALWAYS have bigger things that are what I am trying to clear. Vanishing is nice, but this is a very aggressive deck. They remove Braids for me almost without fail. On occasion I do need to remove her, but I have some other methods for doing that as well. One of my tricks is to make a point of swinging Braids at someone who needs her gone, such as a Jeleva deck. Politics can be the best removal sometimes. My biggest issue with phasing her out is that how do I phase her back in when I do need her?

Color(s) Blue
Cost 3U
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 3.78
Avg. cube pick 9.89


Format Legality
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Invasion Uncommon

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