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Wash Out


Return all permanents of the color of your choice to their owners' hands.

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Wash Out Discussion

weirdghishies on Play With Yourself

3 days ago

Wash Out is killer against decks that require a strong board presence.

Zacoly on Phenax EDH Mill

6 days ago

I wanted to point out a couple more things.

First, when you use Pemmin's Aura you could use your black mana to pump up your creature's toughness "for the rest of the turn" before you make them mill once for each available blue mana.

Wash Out is basically Cyclonic Rift 's little sister. It's much cheaper and it could cause you a bit of harm if played at an inopportune moment, but it can shut down players with big boardstates. It's worth having as a big control spell that hits multiple targets.

Someone suggested Archive Trap , I wouldn't use it. It's the best "one shot wonder" spell since it's free, but unless you are drawing a significant number of cards EACH TURN this one is going to be a bad choice because you spent a card in hand to help yourself a little tiny bit, and NOT hurt your opponents in any way. Now that I'm thinking of it you NEED to have a way to stop others from making use of their graveyards as many EDH decks do! Some possibilities include Havengul Lich (revive the dead thing in response to them trying to) - Withered Wretch (A very cheap re-usable effect to deny attempts) - Tormod's Crypt (basically sit there saying NO) .... I like the first option best because I can gain from it, it can be offensive and not only defensive, but it's up to you! I would suggest some kind of defense to graveyard effects since you will be making them more powerful.

UpsetYoMama on Soil Erosion (Land Destro EDH)

2 weeks ago

Capsize is probably better than Snap and Cyclonic Rift is definitely more versatile than Wash Out . I do feel like you need a couple of finishers in here. Maybe consider AEtherling , Helldozer , and Woodfall Primus . Detritivore and Mine Layer are kind of wacky, but fun to play. Flashfires is more conditional, but in a multiplayer game someone is bound to be running plains.

EarlGreystoke on 2014-04-06 update of Strictly No ...

2 weeks ago

For token decks: AEtherize , Wash Out , Hibernation + Perish , Dissipation Field , and Hurkyl's Recall for artifact decks.

Cool deck idea. +1

Zacoly on What Once Was

2 weeks ago

I built a mill based EDH deck recently and I have to say that Phenax, God of Deception is an amazing commander!!! Hard to remove, and his ability work beautifully with many of the very powerful creatures that you can get based on mill.

My most powerful card for the cost in that deck? Mesmeric Orb !!! This card is AMAZING. Literally, my friends nuke this ASAP. It creates boardwide mill amazingly quickly! Think about it.

Wash Out is a great card! Even if your opponents are playing a bit of blue or black as well. in a group EDH game this card is amazing! It buys you the time you need!

You have several creatures that do something when they hit, you might want to consider Thassa, God of the Sea along with being a great blocker and helpful on offense she lets you scry before you draw which is pretty helpful in the long run.

Sadly Dire Undercurrents never worked out for me as a draw engine or a discard engine, it was WAY too slow every time.

Even in EDH Grindclock is WAY too slow to mill for anything significant without proliferate.

shenghaiknight on Draw Death

3 weeks ago

Okay, I've finally taken a look at this deck and here are some of my thoughts (these are cards to remove, since you've mentioned wanting to cut down):

Hex : You already have lots of removal/wraths, and the destroy 6 creatures is more annoying than you might think. There will be times when there are 5 creatures out, and one of them is really annoying, but you won't be able to kill it since all you have is this card. I'd take it out.

Promise of Power : You already have so much card draw that affects all players, so I don't think you need this, since it's quite color intensive, and you may not have the life to spare. I have it in my Olivia deck since it's mostly black and I have life gain in there.

Wash Out : This is not as good as, say, Whelming Wave , since it's best when all your opponents are playing the same color, and therefore it's really situational. I'd rather have unconditional bounce, and you have lots of bounch already.

Counterlash : 6 mana is a lot to hold up turn after turn, and it's really bad if you don't have something in hand you want to cast at that exact moment AND that matches the card type you're countering. I'd much rather go for a Dissipate or something, or even a Rewind if you want a free counter.

Jace, Memory Adept : Sure, his ultimate is game ending with Nekusar, but you have to make sure you have Nekusar out AND get Jace to ultimate. Otherwise, he's pretty lackluster, although he's a planeswalker that can serve as an alternate wincon, so do consider keeping him.

Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded : I was half-joking when I suggested him. The fact that he needs to live 3 turns to use his -4 ability (the only reason he's in the deck) is pretty bad, especially since he dies afterwards. I'd recommend cutting him.

Dragon Mage : Expensive and doesn't have haste, but synergistic effect. Consider taking him out, especially if you're going with a creature light build.

Fog Bank and Guard Gomazoa : don't do much and dies to your wraths.

Nightscape Familiar : Ramps and blocks I guess? But otherwise doesn't really fit in here.

Thought Gorger : Doesn't fit with creatureless build, and you don't really want to be attacking anyway.

Stuff to maybe put in:

Black Sun's Zenith : I would put this in since it gets indestructible creatures, and it permanently weakens a creature even if it's not destroyed.

Toxic Deluge : This is a really good card, since you can basically hit anything with it as long as you pay enough life, although unlike with Oloro, I'm not sure you'll have that much life to spare.

Hero's Downfall : Sometimes, you just really need to kill a creature or planeswalker at instant speed.

Curiosity : Infinite combo with Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind , or just good value if you don't want to combo off.

JawaScrub on Hugger of Pain (Suggestions plz :) )

3 weeks ago

If it were me i would consider: Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.33 $0.76 $1.99 $5.03
Color(s) U
Cost 3U
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 3.73
Avg. cube pick 9.17


Format Legality
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Invasion Uncommon