Wash Out


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Invasion Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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Wash Out


Return all permanents of the color of your choice to their owners' hands.

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Wash Out Discussion

hosshughes on I Am A Rock - Noyan Dar $40 Budget Man Lands

1 week ago

@KongMing: Thanks for the comment! So my playgroup doesn't have much flying but does have a lot of combos, hence all the counterspells. Currently, for flyers I have Docent of Perfection  Flip and both Abzan Falconer / Talrand, Sky Summoner which can produce flyers. There are some others that might interest you (things like Niblis of Frost), but if you are playing against creature heavy decks (flying or otherwise), I might suggest going with additional bounces to what I have (Echoing Truth, Reality Shift and Wash Out are some good options). With your commander out, you can get some good with them being an instant/sorcery as opposed to a creature.

Izu_Korasu on they see me patrollin' they hatin

1 month ago

tappedout is rather good at helping you decide on legality of cards.

modern legal cards are (almost) all cards with a printing in a set printed 8th edition or later (aside from supplemental products like eternal masters/conspiracy)

Windstorm and Hurricane are decent replacements to counter flying threats (usually costing 3-4 mana as most fliers tend to be small in modern)

counterspells like Remand, Swan Song, Disdainful Stroke, Mana Leak and Assert Authority are decent replacements to counterspell.

Wash Out is also not modern legal, but cards like Cyclonic Rift, Whelming Wave and Quicksilver Geyser may be decent alternatives (also All Is Dust)

FIREphaenix on Cascading like a Waterfall

1 month ago


Thank you for the feedback! I'll definitely take out Roast in favor of Wash Out!

Triton on Cascading like a Waterfall

1 month ago

Cards that bounce Wanderer to hand are always very nice, such as Temur Sabertooth. Roast Seems a tad too narrow, perhaps something like AEtherize or Wash Out as a means of a board wipe?

dreamistt on Vorel

1 month ago

I'd remove:
- Experiment Kraj - in my opinion it's too expensive for what it does
- Experiment One - not as useful as you might think

Budget options (if you want to reduce the deck price):
Chasm Skulker <-> Hooded Hydra / Lorescale Coatl
Kalonian Hydra <-> Heroes' Bane / Solidarity of Heroes
- Hangarback Walker
- Sylvan Caryatid
- Scavenging Ooze
- Primordial Hydra
- Progenitor Mimic

Things you might want:

+ Triumph of the Hordes
+ Overwhelming Stampede

+ Crowned Ceratok, Battlefront Krushok, Sapphire Drake and Champion of Lambholt (great creatures for a +1/+1 counter deck)
+ Bloodspore Thrinax (extra counters = extra fun)
+ Archetype of Endurance (I put one in every green deck I own)
+ Outland Colossus and Arbor Colossus
+ Deepglow Skate (a brand new card spoiled for Commander 2016)
+ Mycoloth (easily builds up an army)
+ Bane of Progress (gets rid of artifact/enchantment heavy decks)

+ Traverse the Ulvenwald (great card)
+ Fierce Empath (tutor a big/utility creature card)
+ Transmute cards (since tutoring in blue/green is kinda hard): Ethereal Usher and/or Drift of Phantasms

+ Ordeal of Nylea
+ Cultivate and/or Kodama's Reach
+ Shrine of Boundless Growth

+ Pongify and/or Rapid Hybridization (never underestimate a good spot removal)
+ Reality Shift
+ Reclamation Sage (staple-ish)
+ Wickerbough Elder (very useful for Vorel/proliferate decks)
+ Rabid Bite
+ AEtherize
+ Cyclonic Rift (amazing card)
+ Wash Out

+ Mage-Ring Network (Vorel can double its counters, so you can generate lots of mana)

+ Scute Mob (Cute and deadly)
+ Phantom Nantuko (hard to kill, trampling guy)
+ Death's Presence (a must have)
+ Bow of Nylea (great passive and great activated abilites)
+ Golden Urn (break in case of emergency)
+ Praetor's Counsel (recursion)

Crash_Plate on ROFLThopter

1 month ago

This reminds me of a casual Slobad deck I made long ago that was nothing but combo pieces and tokens.

If you're going for the artifact wackiness angle, you really want Dross Scorpion, Krark-Clan Ironworks (or Ashnod's Altar), and Clock of Omens, plus a heap of mana rocks. You also probably want that Forgemaster you maybe'd and Darksteel Forge to cheat out with it.

For more thopter stuff, Whirler Rogue and Thopter Engineer are on-point, plus Tomb of the Spirit Dragon is really an 'eh, why not' pick. If this is truly casual tokens then you are honor bound to play Warp World.

Since you have some flicker going on, I'd add in Crystal Shard for sure and probably swap out that mediocre-looking Torrential Gearhulk for a Chancellor of the Spires.

Just for general quality of life, I'd look at adding Hoarding Dragon and Long-Term Plans as extra tutors, and a few favourable board wipes like Oblivion Stone, Wash Out and All Is Dust.

KailDaemon on K

1 month ago

Jin is good. But i feel he should be more of the 99 rather than the commander. Have you looked into Azami, Lady of Scrolls or Arcanis the Omnipotent? Both cost less in terms of real money and converted mana cost, making it easier to cast your commander.

With azami you could combo it off with a card like Docent of Perfection  Flip to keep drawing you cards, plus you will have bodies to block with (on the next turn as they will be tapped) and with the cards you draw you can potentially cast them provided you have the mana to do so and make more wizard tokens.

You can also make bodies with Talrand, Sky Summoner for bodies in the air. Although the wont combo with azami.

Both arcanis and azami work well with Mind Over Matter to draw as much as you please or Illusionist's Bracers to double the draw power from them.

To make it easier to cast spells with higher mana cost (like alot of blue spells have) you could add in an infinite mana generator like Grand Architect + Pili-Pala or Grim Monolith / Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth...these also combo well with Blue Sun's Zenith and Braingeyser to kill an opponent or with Mind Spring for yourself to win with the lab man.

Another funny thing to do if you have your whole deck in hand or if lab man is countered or gone for whatever reason is Psychosis Crawler + Beacon of Tomorrows. Cast beacon, play crawler...take infinite turns with infinite lose of life to each opponent provided you arent stopped...but with a "deck" full of your own counterspells in hand and bounce effects to keep yourself safe i doubt you will run into that problem.

Metallurgic Summonings is also a wonderful enchantment in mono blue. Give it some thought.

As far as safety and protection: upgrading your instants and sorceries.-Counterspell

-Mana Drain

-Overwhelming Denial

-Last Word

-Summary Dismissal



-Capsize (with infinite blue mana this card is fun)


-Wash Out

-Cryptic Command

-Mystic Confluence


-Spell Crumple

The above 2 cards work wonderfully with Tunnel Vision

-Void Shatter

-Rapid Hybridization



-Overwhelming Intellect

Another good way to slow down the game so you can catch up to speed is to use stax effects. Cards like:

-Arcane Laboratory


-Torpor Orb

-Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir

-Sphinx of the Final Word



-Rhystic Study

All will help to give you an edge.

Also check out Stratus Dancer, Clever Impersonator, Phyrexian Metamorph, Sakashima the Impostor, Reliquary Tower, Thasa God of the Sea

Hope this helps dude

Optimator on Deep Sea Diving

2 months ago

Technically there should be a hyphen in "Deep-Sea Diving" :P

I love the deck! I love seamonsters and such and I love budget decks. Have you seen my Braids, Conjurer Adept deck The Braided Siren's Song? I keep having to take seamonsters out of it to streamline it, to much anguish and dismay, but I'm trying to keep a solid core of them. It's also quickly escaping "budget zone", as it started at $55.

It looks like you don't quite have the line-up to make Quest for Ula's Temple worth a spot. Not a big deal. I've had that card win me a game and I've seen it sit there useless for 5 games. I had to take it out because my deck wasn't creature-heavy enough.

Have you considered Quicksilver Amulet? It's pretty damn pricey but almost vital to a battlecruiser-style strategy like colossal seamonsters. Especially with as little mana ramp as you have. A Caged Sun would be a worthy upgrade once you get the funds. I'm still waiting on one for my Braids deck!

It's a shame Whelming Wave and Quest for Ula's Temple don't work with Squid and Whales. Kind of an oversight in my opinion. Colossal Whale is great and, if you feel like splurging, Chasm Skulker is sensational--especially when cloned and stuff. Aethersquall Ancient is decent. Tempt with Reflections is great for fatties such as seamonsters.

A few cheap mana rocks might do you well. Coldsteel Heart is cheap, Sky Diamond is cheap, Silver Myr, Palladium Myr. Sol Rings are practically a tax on playing a commander deck and only $2-3. Worn Powerstone is cheap.

You could use a bit of card-draw, in my opinion. You don't have to go nuts, and I suppose with a bunch of fatties in your hand you might not be wanting for cards in hand, but card-draw is a type of mana ramp if you need more lands out. Honden of Seeing Winds, Windreader Sphinx, Fact or Fiction, Windfall, Well of Ideas, and/or Blue Sun's Zenith perhaps?

Wash Out is a stellar card.

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