Wash Out


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Invasion Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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Wash Out


Return all permanents of the color of your choice to their owners' hands.

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Wash Out Discussion

Optimator on Thassa's Aquapark

2 weeks ago

Also, I cannot recommend Wash Out enough in EDH.

Optimator on Tentacles? We all know where this is going

3 weeks ago

Quest for Ula's Temple is not going to be worth the slot with so few creatures triggering it. Even with some top-deck manipulation or proliferate/counter stuff it might not cut it. I've definitely won games with it but it's rare that it pops off. I like it in my current deck but it has a double-use as devotion for Thassa. I used to have it in a fairly creature-focused Braids, Conjurer Adept deck and it never really seemed to pull it's weight. Minus-points for not working on whales and squid, which a few of the better fatties happen to be.

Cyclonic Rift and Wash Out are two staples you shouldn't be without. Maybe drop Omniscience and a counterspell.

Scourge of Fleets and Tromokratis are amazing; run them. Drop Deep-Sea Terror and Hammerhead Shark.

Blobby_Bobby on Our God is a God vengeance

1 month ago

Homing Lightning made the cut because of the temptation to wipe out all token, however Wash Out would do the same thing and then some.

Optimator on Our God is a God vengeance

1 month ago

I cannot recommend Wash Out enough. Not sure what to replace and I gotta run. Ill think about it. Maybe Homing Lightning?

Regoober on By the Same Token

1 month ago

I love it! It's so different than the build that I created! I like how versatile this commander's abilities lend it to GW builds.

For me, Black board wipes (read Toxic Deluge or Languish) and Blue bounce (read Wash Out or Cyclonic Rift) get me every time.

I started running things like Selfless Spirit, Rootborn Defenses, and Make a Stand for surviving my own board wipes and white/black destroy wipes, but they are dead in the hand/board otherwise. Rootborn is at least a Populate trigger in your deck.

I was surprised not to see Imperious Perfect or Hour of Reckoning. Cheap elves and more opponent wipes!

Last, and probably the only card you really should consider, is Fresh Meat. It doesn't do much for bounce unless you've got a sac outlet, but what a great comeback move!

Just a tip (and perhaps you already know, but I learned the hard way) make tokens at the ends of opponent's turns as often as possible. It leaves mana open for tricks, avoids summoning flu, and lowers threat level from unobservant opponents.

spotmarkedx on Let Me Play Among the Stars

2 months ago

Well, given two people are strongly advocating for it, I'll give Crucible of Worlds a few tries, probably in place of Expropriate, which I'm testing right now. I can certainly see that it will be awesome if I have Trade Routes or Soratami Cloudskater. It will get some value if I have played Lotus Vale or Scorched Ruins or if an opponent has some land destruction... any other time, it will be a dead card, which is my worry. Only one way to find out if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages :D

As for Evacuation, I like it over Wash Out since my creatures are rarely out in large numbers, so I prefer the symmetrical effect since I am sure it will hit everything of my opponents, and it is at instant speed. If I had extra space in the deck for more of these kinds of effects, I'd be adding these in, but for now, they will be sidelined.

SufferFromEDHD on Let Me Play Among the Stars

2 months ago

Good point on Dissipation field. It always back fires on me too. It is no Collective Restraint or No Mercy alternative, thats for sure.

Honden of Seeing Winds could be Crucible of Worlds or Rhystic Study. Better value.

Nykthos and no Deserted Temple? I see it on the moonfolk but that is a good effect to double up on.

Evacuation could be upgraded to Inundate or Wash Out.

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