Wash Out

Wash Out


Return all permanents of the color of your choice to their owners' hands.

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Wash Out Discussion

Klayhamn on Need help beating Meren in ...

5 days ago

Ok, after playtesting a dozen more times -

I added Demonic Tutor and replaced Wash Out with Toxic Deluge

i've now come to the realization that without tutors the deck has no chance of being consistent.

i think the only way to pilot this is to strive to remove all early threats, build mana base, then get one of the combo pieces (i.e the "draw steal" or the wheels) or both (or tutor for the other piece) -then empty his hand and fill mine

now that i've stolen all his draws and he has an empty hand,i can more easily continue to wheel while weaving in draw or discard punishes for repeating damage..

without the tutors it just becomes a race against time - especially if i have a slow hand - and it's basically top-decking until i hopefully get something useful.

giving him cards without stealing the draw is simply not a viable course of action because he has so many cheap creatures to lay down and so much ramp to utilize

Klayhamn on Need help beating Meren in ...

6 days ago

Out of all of these, only Crux of Fate really seems playable (the others have too high cmc or they return cards to hand which is not so great given how many ETB creatures he has)

Damnation is an obvious include, but I prefer not to spend that much on a single card for now (i'll probably get it at some point in the future, but I only recently made a pretty big purchase of MTG cards :) )

Decree of Pain used to be in the deck but i took it out to improve consistency and lower the avg. card cmc..

The Deathbringer seems a bit too risky and situational (he usually kills not with quantity but with "quality" )For the same reason Blasphemous act won't work well i believe

I believe Wash Out might be better than Evacuation since most of his creatures are green except for a few...

Anger of the gods is problematic, again, because his strategy usually revolves around building up some big creatures by sacrificing other creatures and only using them for utility

I don't see how i can consistently get both Massacre Wurm AND Sudden Spoiling in play at the same time...

acht_deck_manager on It's Only Mostly Dead (help)

1 week ago

Cultivate and Kodama's Reach should be automatic for a deck like this to help ramp. Others like Farseek aren't bad either. Consider playing these in place of your creatures that tap for mana as an easy swapping point.

I'd consider ditching some of the cards like Blue Sun's Zenith since your commander already can do a lot of drawing for you. Also, his abilities will make cards like Brainstorm less effective late game because you're betting off playing as much of your hand as you can and restocking on your next turn.

With all the draw you get from Damia, cards like Exploration or Oracle of Mul Daya can help you dump even more lands per turn.

If you need to beef up control, think about cards like Curse of the Swine, Cyclonic Rift, Wash Out

I agree with the other comment that you probably need to increase land count - also, from my experiences, cards like Dimir Aqueduct seem great, but really put you behind in your land drops / curve without some of the other effects and are all the more punishing if someone in you group can take them out. Consider cards like Drowned Catacomb, Temple of Deceit, and Temple of Mystery as low-cost improvements to your lands that enter tapped. Also think about Temple of the False God since you will likely be able to keep land drops up once you get commander on-line. Sunken Hollow, Overgrown Tomb, Watery Grave, and Breeding Pool are high end improvements if you add mana ramp via fetch spells mentioned above.

I would say that you may also want to pick some mechanic or effect and better align your deck behind it. It looks like you've got some graveyard recursion, some control (steal, destroy, etc.), some token generation, some counter, some sacrifice, etc. I guess by that I mean it'd be unclear to me what your end game is, and I think you'll find the deck may play very inconsistently unless you're lucky at finding the one or two right things you need at the right time.

I will say with Damia as a commander, cards like Loaming Shaman or Time Reversal can be great to have for reloading your library if you can structure the deck such that you're firing off a fair chunk of your hand each turn and maximizing your commander's utility.

There are certainly cards in here that might be way too costly / out of place without ways to reliably cheat them in to play or have stronger mana ramp. Examples would be Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, Rise of the Dark Realms (not enough mill opponent effect to ensure this one pays out), In Garruk's Wake (comes in to play way too late, doesn't gain you much if anyone else can return the wipe), Void Winnower (this will just eat someone's hate, likely someone will have a response by the time you get it out), and Time Stretch. Alternatively, if you want to keep these in, consider cards like Tooth and Nail to reliably punch out those winning combinations of creatures. For the other ones, when I am looking at that kind of costing I usually have an Omniscience to offset the punishing costs of those high-end spells

Other cards that maybe seem out of place to me: Lazav, Dimir Mastermind (not enough mill) and Silumgar, the Drifting Death (not enough dragons to make him shine, a 3/7 body otherwise isn't the most impressive for that CMC). Something like Wrexial, the Risen Deep might provide more utility and has some evasion.

All that said, this is just one person's opinion and overall I think you have a deck that would be fun to play. Hope you can find something in all of this that makes it better, but feel free to totally disregard it as well. Good luck and happy hunting!

Lanzo493 on What is the best defenses ...

3 weeks ago

There's Darksteel Plate for one. Great card.

In multicolor you've got Gisela, Blade of Goldnight who sort of stops double strike.

Blue has bounce. There's Wash Out effects which are symmetrical. If you want a more conditional, usually better option there's AEtherize and AEtherspouts. Then there's the king of all bouncers the Cyclonic Rift.

In white you've got Avacyn, Angel of Hope and I suppose Faith's Reward. You can also fight fire with fire and use True Conviction. If he attacks with a lot of creatures, and you don't, then Lightmine Field can be a pretty strong card. You've got Holy Day too, just don't run it. Comeuppance, on the other hand, is great for punishing attackers.

In black you have kill effects. Plague Wind, and In Garruk's Wake are pretty good, if you have the mana. There's also No Mercy. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed can keep your creatures from dying, and kill humans.

I can't think of anything for green or red right now.

I hope I suggested cards you like that are in the colors you're looking for, because I don't know what colors you're looking for.

Raging_Squiggle on Need help building a wizard ...

3 weeks ago

Oops, tagged a person by accident. Wash Out is the correct link.

ecollapse on izzet mizzix insanity

4 weeks ago

The main issue I've run into playing Mizzix of the Izmagnus is running enough mana acceleration to cast non-instant/sorcery spells and to get by without your commander in play. I like that you're using both Medallions, Goblin Electromancer, and Seal of the Guildpact so you're a little less reliant on her. Command Beacon has gotten pricy but is still almost mandatory for commander reliant decks.

You should probably cut Rogue's Passage unless it has a lot of political value for you. The only thing in your deck that wants it around is Charmbreaker Devils, and that means you're tapping at least 5 mana on your turn, probably much more.

I'd still recommend 2-3 additional mana rocks for your deck, particularly if they produce colored mana. Mizzix pretty frequently doesn't need colorless sources at all except for recasting your commander: Chromatic Lantern lets you get value out of your non-colored nonbasics, and Gilded Lotus is also good. Coldsteel Heart and Fellwar Stone are cheaper alternatives that also fit into a curve better.

If you can, I'd also recommend replacing some of the instants/sorceries with a lot of colored mana symbols in them for the same reason. Distorting Wake or Call the Skybreaker, for example, may not be worth the trouble. Right now Counterflux looks like another easy cut unless the can't be countered clause is really important to you. Some alternatives: classic Counterspell isn't in your list and is easy to recommend, while Spell Burst is a great card for Mizzix since you can use her 2nd ability to pay for buyback. Delay and Ertai's Meddling are really good. Ertai's Meddling works against uncounterable spells as well. Finally, Time Stop, Commandeer, and Overwhelming Intellect are higher cmc but provide unique and powerful effects.

On buyback cards... Reiterate is fantastic if within your budget, Capsize is amazing as well, and Whispers of the Muse either cantrips early for your first experience counter or becomes a draw engine later.

It looks from your list like you're in a meta with a lot of "fair" creature decks so maybe more wraths are in order? Molten Disaster is a good uncounterable one that can also stop people from activating their creatures' abilities or sacrificing them in response. Wash Out is also quite useful.

Holtzman on 2016-04-01 update of It's Morphin ...

1 month ago


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Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Invasion Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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