Wash Out

Wash Out


Return all permanents of the color of your choice to their owners' hands.

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Wash Out Discussion

PayOneLife on Mill yoself

6 days ago

Hey there!

I recently built a sub $50 Azami deck so I'll give you a few notes. You can check it out here.

The first thing I'd say is that because Azami has so much card draw clout things like Anticipate, Visions of Beyond, Brainstorm, Preordain are not really necessary. I'd also drop Howling Mine and Font of Mythos - your deck's main advantage is its significant card draw and so giving other people cards is cutting into that.

You want to be able to draw massive amounts of cards to either deck yourself or Psychosis Crawler someone to death. A big problem for Azami decks is the lack of cards that can actually win the game. In this deck I can see two - Psychosis Crawler and Lab Maniac. If they both bite the dust then you're essentially toast. Diviner's Wand gives you another way to win the game, via commander damage. It's also a wizard, so you can tap it to draw etc. Jushi Apprentice is also a pseudo win con once flipped, if you have enough cards you can either deck yourself with Lab Maniac in play or you can deck your opponent by targeting them.

If you want to deck yourself cards like Tolarian Winds, Windfall, Laquatus's Creativity, Jace's Archivist and Flux will allow you to destroy your own deck, harnessing Azami's ability to put cards in your hand. Because you gain access to so many cards using this method, there's a good chance that if you run several of them that you can draw into another one and keep it going. This also goes totally gang busters with Psychosis Crawler, you don't need to deck yourself for the win. Nasty stuff!

Sigil Tracer is absolutely great. You can use it to copy the above cards for serious self-mill action. It also goes sensationally with Turnabout. With Sigil Tracer, six lands and three other wizards Turnabout goes infinite and can win the game. Check out my deck description for an explanation as to how this works if you aren't familiar with it already. Turnabout is a fantastic card and should go in regardless; it can generate mana if you have five or more lands (or High Tide!), can tap out opponents' hordes, can untap wizards for more cards, and you can even cast it in an opponent's upkeep to tap out their lands for a turn. Just sublime awesomeness.

On top of these for comboing out I'd look at Cryptic Gateway, which can draw your deck with Intruder Alarm (and is good on its own), and Dream Halls which can win the game, especially if you run the windfall effects I mentioned earlier.

I'd also recommend increasing the counter spell presence to protect Azami and the winning pieces that you absolutely must protect. Other than the ridiculously expensive Force of Will, Counterspell, Foil (a must!), Dissipate, Faerie Trickery, Cryptic Command, Voidmage Prodigy, Martyr of Frost, Daring Apprentice, Forbid, Rewind, Dream Fracture, Arcane Denial and Void Shatter are all fine choices.

Long-Term Plans is an Azami Staple. Notice that you don't have to reveal the card you choose ;) Vedalken AEthermage is another cute tutor.

Control Magic is strictly better than Domesticate, and Treachery is better still. I use Thalakos Deceiver, which is nice and on-theme.

All is Dust hits no less than 29 of your own permanents, which in my opinion is way too many. Inundate or Wash Out might be a little less painful.

Amarin1492 on Holy Land Warriors

3 weeks ago

I misspelled the card -- it's Wash Out not "washout"

TheDevicer on Izzet a great deck?

2 months ago

I'm back again. Let's go over how to survive in a creature-based meta. First and foremost, it's important to have creatures of your own. I highly recommend ones that fit your overall game plan. Things like Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, Guttersnipe, Hypersonic Dragon, Gilded Drake, Spellskite, Chasm Skulker, Snapcaster Mage, Psychosis Crawler, etc. Having some bodies makes it so people can't just attack into you freely. Other great options:

klone13 on White Answers to Cyclonic Rift

2 months ago

Not asking for specific deck help but cards that I think should go in will be in this deck

Anyway, it seems games we lose are to mass bounce spells like Wash Out and Cyclonic Rift namely.

Lapse of Certainty and Mana Tithe don't work because its too late in the game for tithe to be worthwhile and Lapse of Certainty is just delaying the inevitable and blue always has card draw.

I am seriously desperate. Anything is fine.

Thanks in advance.

AngryKitten on What are the best bounce ...

2 months ago

Cryptic Command for obvious reasons and Wash Out can be pretty powerful also.

dagan94 on Noyan Control

2 months ago

Wash Out is good as well.


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Invasion Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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