Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Common
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra Common
Odyssey Common
Promo Set Rare

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Firebolt deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Firebolt Discussion

BFG on Thermo-Storm

4 months ago

Love this concept. I have been looking for another storm style deck and here it pops up. I am not super huge into pauper anymore but this is an awesome start. Just listing a few fun burns since you have so much red producing spells: Bolt of Keranos, Chain Lightning for side in against non-red, Disintegrate for that red mana dump, and Firebolt because it is just fun! Sorry, I know you probably want to stick with instants as much as possible for better thermo sequencing but these are just thoughts.

Wirox on Kuldotha Rites

5 months ago

I've been searching for a good home for Rites of Initiation but all I've been coming up with were Keep Watch combo decks. Your take on Boros Kuldotha is really interesting!

I think 4x Rally the Peasants and 4x Rites of Initiation might be a little too much since these cards are not needed in multiplies. I'd cut some for Galvanic Blasts.

You might need some mainboard/sideboard lifegain against Burn and sometimes MBC. Lone Missionary has been doing the lifegainer job in such decks quite well, so adding him should be a good idea.

You're also lacking some interaction with bigger creatures like Gurmag Angler or Ulamog's Crusher. I'd consider adding 1 or 2 Oblivion Rings since it also adds a mainboard way to deal with enchantments and it suits your deck's curve nicely.

And since your cards are cheaper than in regular Kuldotha Jeskai (no Mulldrifter and Firebolt), I'd lower the land count to 20.

unos on Chandra

5 months ago

Izzet Guildmage (in red alone) can help make the most out of cheap sorceries like Firebolt. When Pyromancer's Swath is out and you have 4 open mana you can replicate Firebolt for 8 total damage. And you can do it again (paying more ofc) when you flashback.

If you could have some blue you could unleash the Izzet Guildmage + Training Grounds combo: with the Pyromancer's Swath out pay RRRR and cast Lava Spike 4 times --> 20 damage game over. (((or spending fewer dollars, pay 1RRRR and cast Volcanic Hammer 4 times))). All can be fueled by a single Seething Song.

unos on Chandra

5 months ago

Pyromancer's Swath in my opinion has some synergy with madness (you already have some) and hellbent mechanics. Quick example: Cackling Flames.

In particular, you're interested in some permanent that lets you draw. There are a ton but I'll list those that have "hellbent": the oldest card is Fool's Tome recreated in blue by Idle Thoughts; old rakdos has something similar Nihilistic Glee. Recently Sea Gate Wreckage came out, that seems strictly better than the others to me.

Flashback spells aren't completely lost even if you discard them with Pyromancer's Swath: Firebolt. ((The same happens with Retrace Flame Jab buut you'll hardly be able to afford to throw away lands, unless you work with green land recoverers like Groundskeeper Life from the Loam))

Abilities that have the drawback of requiring you to discard your hand also work well with Pyromancer's Swath. You already have Chandra Ablaze but recently I found a neat example in Kaladesh, Bomat Courier (it has its own disadvantages of course, but can replenish a hand destroyed by Pyromancer's Swath - sometimes). Others could be Dangerous Wager or Jace's Archivist (the classic Wheel of Fate is a sorcery and will excusively work in your turn. Alternatively Reforge the Soul could also work by miracle in an opponent's turn. Both of these aren't reusable and might just get discarded if you for some reason can't cast them immediately - not worth the trouble imo)

You already have recurring creatures like phoenices. Those work well with the Swath.

DarksteelBadger on Thermo-Burn

7 months ago

Thermo-Alchemist has been doing amazing. He makes every burn spell do 1 more damage and even turns on Needle Drop. I highly recommend running a playset. Not only does he survive Firebolt and Echoing Decay, but also blocks well when need be.

tumamaenmondongo on Grinning Impact Combo (screw fancy names)

8 months ago

True that! I always play Pyroblast BTW, didn't realize Red Elemental Blast wasn't MOL legal. Furious Assault is part of the combo, it adds consistency essentially being copies 8-12 of Impact Tremors, Cinder Pyromancer being 4-8. Oh, and I suck at making manabases, but I just took 1 forest and 1 mountain away and it still works the same, been thinking about adding a couple Vessel of Nascency/Gift of the Gargantuan/Scout the Borders there for digging even deeper, but eventually I'm trying extra copies of furious assault and cinder pyromancer. Heck, I could even try going down to 16 just to see what happens. Firebolt was on my sb already, and I took a Flame Slash there for bigger threats. Still got no clue of how to deal with Gurmag Angler for instance. I really need more testing in order to define the sb, my meta is really unpredictable BTW as I only play on cockatrice/xmage so it's always shifting. Stone Rain would be great against tron, or karoo lands for instance, but yet again, I need more testing to see which are the worst matchups for this deck and how to beat them..

Thanks a lot BTW!

Vasseer on Grinning Impact Combo (screw fancy names)

8 months ago

Red Elemental Blast isn't pauper legal since it isn't common on mtgo, Pyroblast is though. Furious Assault seems like it would only be useful against MBC because ow witches, so you might want to move them to the sb and replace them with some removal, either Firebolts or Flame Slashes. Finally 20 lands seems like a lot given your curve ends at 3 and you have a bit of ramp. You could probably safely go down to 18.

Also Stone Rain is a fantastic sideboard card.

malfeischylde on Threshold beatdown

9 months ago

Hi. I play pauper fairly competitively. I know there's a lot of Gurmag Angler in pauper. You need your own. May I suggest Springing Tiger. Also, Hooting Mandrills has synergy. Also some pump spells. I also lie sb removal dodging. Ranger's Guile and Sheltering Word are good for this. You also need your own removal, which can be settled by Pit Fight. With all the Delver of Secrets  Flip and Sultai Scavenger you'll need them. I also like Firebolt, Sylvan Might and Wild Hunger for it synergy in discard decks, like this. You may also think about Temur Battle Rage and Feed the Clan, bc you'll usually have ferocious. I hope that was helpful.

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