Thunderbreak Regent


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Thunderbreak Regent

Creature — Dragon


Whenever a dragon creature you control becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, Thunderbreak Regent deals 3 damage to that player.

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Thunderbreak Regent Discussion

Arian_the_Fox on dragons

12 hours ago

Dragon Tempest is very strong support. I would run 2 of them. 4x Birds of Paradise, 4x Sylvan Caryatid goes a long ways to get going faster and keep up in the fast pace Modern Meta. I know they are expensive but Abrupt Decay is one of the best removal cards in the format. Fatal Push is important because it kills Tarmogoyf and Death's Shadow. I would cut down on the highest cost dragons and add in a full playset of Thunderbreak Regent as you can afford them. It is the best dragon in Modern. It can hit play with hast on turn 3 if you turn 1 bird of paradise, turn 2 dragon tempest. I love dragons! Good luck!

Bulldawg1310 on

2 days ago

Looks awesome! Completely forgot about, but still love Thunderbreak Regent! Lemme know how it plays!

chaoswalker on Fleeting Dragon and Fleeting Faerie

1 week ago

I actually think the dragon one is a bit on the weak side? Look at Thunderbreak Regent. 4/4 flying no downside. I believe there is also a 4/4 flying dragon for 4 with haste who goes back to your hand that I cant remember the name of.

cornpie987387 on How Would You Like Your Death Served?

2 weeks ago

Also, Savage Ventmaw works great with Hellkite Charger. ALSO it hurts meh to not see a Thunderbreak Regent, because you can punish im so hard for targeting you dragoons.

Will361405 on Is this fun to you ...

2 weeks ago

I would say you can't make this deck super competitive for only $40 but adding cards like Savage Knuckleblade and Delver of Secrets  Flip could help, throw in some upgraded burn spells, and a little better mana base and things are looking up already, I would even suggest Thunderbreak Regent as it is a very efficient threat, as well as Mana Leak and if you want Young Pyromancer then up the card draw with cards like Serum Visions or Anticipate and you're looking at a low budget fun deck

ImtheRealBear on Token Dragons

1 month ago

Thunderbreak Regent is a cheap dragon that'll help protect all the token dragons and still deal good damage.

GolgariLeprechaun on List of Burn Centers in the United States

1 month ago

I find that once you get to the point of casting anything for 4-mana you want it to do damage the turn it comes down. Also Archwing Dragon is just a huge mana sink if you flood out a bit.

But if you want to break down the difference between the two, Archwing Dragon is better if your opponent has no instant-speed removal in hand, and if you are at the point where you are playing it, there is a good chance you have already forced your opponent to burn his removal on your efficient creatures. Also Archwing dragon is better if you need exactly four more damage, just outside of bolt range.

On the other hand Thunderbreak Regent is much better if your opponent has some way of removing him, especially if it is just a bounce spell rather than hard removal. Also regent is better if you are within bolt range, and if you are in bolt range there is a good chance that you have a bolt to finish your opponent off with anyway.

The other possibility is that neither is correct and we should actually be running fewer 4-drops. Which I concede is entirely possible for my deck, and, I think certainly the case with Zurgo in Barbados. 7 4-drops is actually just way too many for Zurgo in my mind. Only 1-4 of your absolute best 4-drops should make the cut, Chandra, Torch of Defiance being an auto-include. It also depends how creature-heavy your build is, but unless you are going heavy on goblin tribal more burn is just better for decks like these.

Kalron on Rainbow dragon

1 month ago

So after playtesting it for a while, I think you need to make your ramp more efficient. I have trouble getting cards out onto the battlefield that do anything for you. I think it could be tied to how much colorless land you have. I like the colorless land that you have, but I think it should be mostly kept to one of each. If you had to have multiples of one, I'd probably stick with Cavern of Souls. The other two should just get replaced with basics or other dual colors. Drawing Mirrodin's Core, Ancient Ziggurat, and Haven of the Spirit Dragon is just a dead draw when you're still trying to ramp. You can get any of the shocklands that deal 2 damage to you if you want them to come in untapped (they're about $15-$20 depending on what colors you get). Stomping Ground, Overgrown Tomb, orHallowed Fountain is what I would get. This would really really help, but only two or three of any one will do you enough good for the harm. You can also search for those cards with your fetchlands like Bloodstained Mire or Wooded Foothills since they all have the basic land type in their sub type. I realize that it's expensive to run those kinds of solutions, but it really helps in multi colored decks.

As for everything else, I think most of it is ok at this point and would probably just need refining after you play. I would suggest increasing your Thunderbreak Regent Count to four just in case you have a hard time getting ramp out, which, honestly, shouldn't be an issue if you change your mana a little bit.

Mana fixing is the MOST important part of running multicolored decks and if you can't mana fix properly, your stuff will come out really slowly and that'll hurt you in end, regardless of how disgusting your creatures are.

Other than mana, something like Sylvan Caryatid, Dragonlord's Servant, Animist's Awakening, Rampant Growth, or Harrow might help. But I'm not REALLY suggesting any changes be made to your card pool at this point. We'll have to wait until we play it for real.

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