Splendid Reclamation


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Rare

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Splendid Reclamation


Return all land cards from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.

Splendid Reclamation Discussion

xaarvaxus on Yarok EDH ETB Triggers

2 days ago

Nim Deathmantle to save and trigger creature ETB's

Dread Presence could do some work here, especially if you add Scapeshift and/or Splendid Reclamation with Urborg out.

Burglar Rat if you want to really be mean.

Sylvanrush on Maze's End **Golos, Tireless Pilgrim Primer**

3 days ago

Here's my version of the deck, thanks for the inspiration, Enral!:

Golos, Maze Pilgrim

Combos/notes on my take:

  • One thing I didn't realize initially was that that Golos' ability still observes timing rules, so you don't want to activate him on an off turn, as you can't play the lands.

There are some notable differences between our decks, the biggest of which is I don't run Ghostly Flicker - I'm looking for more repeatable flickering via Conjurer's Closet , Tawnos's Coffin and Soulherder - I had considered putting a Gilded Drake to take people stuff and then get back with flickering, but that takes away from the primary purpose of the deck as a Maze's End build.

Again, thanks for making the primer, and hopefully I can offer some ideas back to you or others on their builds.

Retsok909 on Windgrace, and the Dominarian Property Market

2 weeks ago

Man Lord Windgrace seems sweet. I've been messing around with building a The Gitrog Monster Land Matters Deck. Having Red gives you access to so many sweet cards you should think about putting in Omnath, Locus of Rage and Decimate .

My Gitrog deck uses The Gitrog Monster to put a bunch of lands in the graveyard and get them back with Splendid Reclamation for a crazy amount of landfall triggers. I'm also considering Scapeshift and World Shaper to do the same thing. Having a bunch of lands in the graveyard makes Worm Harvest amazing too.

Life from the Loam , Ramunap Excavator and Crucible of Worlds would be great to bring back lands from the graveyard or Courser of Kruphix play lands from the top of your deck and gain some life.

Wayward Swordtooth and Mina and Denn, Wildborn let you play two lands a turn. Ob Nixilis, the Fallen seems like a good landfall card and World Breaker seems like such a Chris card.

Kingtalk on Yarok Lobster

2 weeks ago

Lunarbripsaw I had Cloudstone Curio in here for a bit, it ended up being good for utility, but was either a dead card or too slow a lot of the time, good value for sure though. Also contemplated Splendid Reclamation but I'm not using my graveyard enough, same reasoning for not adding in Scapeshift . You can easily build this deck to work with the graveyard more, and if you do I think those cards could have a home in here, but I'm not using my yard enough to justify the include.

McToters on Gitrog EDH

3 weeks ago

Great list! Looks like a very hard deck to beat 1v1. Unless I read it wrong, are you not running any enchantments? I would highly recommend Squandered Resources and Retreat to Hagra . The katter has won me many games with pulling lamds from my graveyard with World Shaper or Splendid Reclamation .

Cheers! +1

draaien on elemental/land commander [Help Needed]

3 weeks ago

Hey, am considering building this deck as well so a +1 from me and i look forward to seeing this deck evolve. For starters one auto include in this deck is Fertilid allowing you to get a lot of lands with the commander. Everything from here on out depend on which way you want to build the deck. Me personnaly would run it very land focus as the elemental pay-off is quite meh without big land drop anyway. I see you are running the big land pay-offs ( Avenger of Zendikar , Rampaging Baloths )but no real big land drops. Besides that i see some very cool lands but maybe not enough lands for a landsdeck. I aim for 40 lands in a lands deck. To get 'big' land drops there is a pretty easy package starting with Scapeshift this is a all in one card getting you your good lands while allowing for some exlposiveness with the lands next to that wee have Splendid Reclamation with Zuran Orb or The Mending of Dominaria . An other good general card in this deck is Budoka Gardener as it makes elementals. With cards like Trade Routes and Retreat to Coralhelm you can also get infinite landfall triggers with the gardeners. Getting a Crucible of Worlds is higly worth it, it makes decks like these so much better.

I am not really versed in the elemental part of it all but there are some lords already printed Incandescent Soulstoke . Besides that i think that the nissa you already have in your deck is perfect for this deck.

Some more general remarks come in the ramp base. As a land deck you might want to consider getting some if not all of the signets and stone out of there and replacing it with some land ramp. I have a tatyova deck on here which is quite budget so you might get some inspiration from there.

Ehsteve on Lord Windgrace Sits Behind A Chasm

3 weeks ago

Recent spoilers have given lands-matter this little gem:

Field of the Dead

Now given that these Windgrace decks are running multiple lands of different names, along with spells like Scapeshift and Splendid Reclamation , this could potentially function as a win condition based solely upon landfall, along with being difficult to interact with. Better yet these zombie tokens enter untapped, so you could for example flash a blocker off a Crop Rotation or recur fetchlands for great effect.

Only issue is that it enters tapped and it is a colourless source, for which this archetype is not lacking. Could be a replacement for Homeward Path (as much as I hate leaving the board open to YOINK decks) or maybe one of the worse wasteland effects like Tectonic Edge .

VietMoneys on Centre for Disease Control

3 weeks ago

No problem, amigo. I like your style! Splendid Reclamation seems like a pretty big swing here, but I am sort of in love with that card.

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Splendid Reclamation occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.04%

Golgari: 0.15%

BRG (Jund): 1.07%