Creeping Tar Pit


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake (WWK) Rare

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Creeping Tar Pit


Creeping Tar Pit enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap: Add {{U}} or {{B}} to your mana pool.

{{1,U,B}}: Until end of turn, Creeping Tar Pit becomes a 3/2 blue and black Elemental creature and is unblockable. It's still a land.

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Creeping Tar Pit Discussion

cplvela0811 on Salty Control

4 days ago


Thanks for the comment. That is a valid point, regarding Cemetery. To be fair towards the card - I had been rocking it, for the splash and being Control, was better than a fast-land. As you can see, there are few sources for it already, considering the low amount of cards here.

Field of Ruin is great, in theory, however, being a tri-color deck, makes a colorless land very situational (I know it plays well with JTMS). The mana base has been well, and even gets me some Snapcaster Mage into Cryptic Command - reliably. I did take your advice though. I removed a single forest, for 1x Creeping Tar Pit.

That Tron match-up. I completely forgot Damping Sphere! That's a 2x for one special (Tron & Stormy). Honestly, this deck performs pretty decent against tron in comparison to "faster" shells. It is still softer to it, no doubt. The helps out a lot and Ceremonious Rejection is no slouch. I thank you for indirectly reminding me of Damping Sphere.

Hunson_Abadeer on Sultai Delirium

1 week ago

Creeping Tar Pit seems better than Hissing Quagmire in my opinion

Cool deck list!

ArchonBlue on Release All Your Fears to Me

2 weeks ago

Death's Shadow is a bit of an odd choice in this deck, I'd cut both for two more copies of Creeping Tar Pit. You should also have boardwipes in the mainboard, I'd cut Terminate and Electrolyze for two copies of Damnation. Lastly, splashing red just to run Lightning Bolt doesn't seem worth it, especially since you stated you have trouble with your life total. I'd recommend going Esper Control (blue, black, and white) or just straight black and blue.

Stormforge_Mystic on Grixis Control Finisher

2 weeks ago

Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Snapcaster Mage and Creeping Tar Pit are probably enough finishers. You don't really need anything else. Jace, the Mind Sculptor works as win condition too and you should sure play him. Vendilion Clique Is also option as 1 or 2 of if you feel like you need some more creatures.

8vomit on H: 2x verdant catacomb + ...

3 weeks ago

I have 2x zen Verdant Catacombs, a foil isd Ghost Quarter, 3x Blooming Marsh, 1x gtc Stomping Ground, 1x rtr Overgrown Tomb, 1x Creeping Tar Pit. Am hoping to get 2x or 3x Scalding Tarn. Dont bother w my binder, terribly out of date. let me know if we can work out a decent trade.

Thanks for looking!

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Abnormal Harmony

1 month ago

Your reasoning seems sound on all accounts. The interaction (counterspells and removal) looks like it needs tuning, but I have no idea what's right to play. Just keep testing and it'll become apparent. One thing I can offer is that Spell Snare is the best 1-mana counter to play in the mainboard. So if you find you want to reduce the mana curve, then spell snare will be your friend.

The mana here is atrocious. Buddy lands are less than ideal, but I guess they're fine on a budget. But upgrade to Darkslick Shores and Creeping Tar Pit when you get a chance.

You need to hit 3-5 lands every game. On 2 lands you won't have mana to play a counter and a cantrip, or to play spell queller. Death and taxes, which has to hit 3 lands every game, plays 23 lands with no exceptions. You have cantrips, so you can get away with less, but I think 21 or 22 lands is the right number. Certainly 20 is too few and 23 is too many.

As for you colors, I'd say turns 1 and 2 you want play duals, then turn 3 you can start fetching basics. I think you need UU, BB, and W by turn 3. Additionally, basic plains is not the basic you want to fetch. Thus, there are 2 optimal land combinations for turn 3: UB land, a BW land, and an island; OR UB land, UW land, and a swamp.

In all cases, you want to have a UB land. I think your optimal mana looks like:

4x polluted Delta

4x flooded strand

2x hallowed fountain

1x watery grave

1x godless shrine

2x island

1x swamp

1x plains

2x field of ruin

2x Darkslick shores

1x creeping tar pit

That's 21 lands, add another Darkslick or tar pit to get to 22. Since you're trying to grind and likely won't be keeping 1 land hands, I think tar pit is okay. The non-fetchable lands are UB because you can always draw them. But then it's balanced by 2 hallowed fountain, which helps make sure you can always get W, even if you mill one away with thought scour.

This, of course, is an unreasonably expensive mana base. Darkslick, tar pit, and the 2nd fountain are the easy cuts. I guess buddy lands are okay substitutes, but I'd try to upgrade those first, if possible.

PlattBonnay on

1 month ago

SaifurCommander - The issue I have with Planar Bridge is twofold. First, it's extremely expensive. Paying 6 mana and then 8 mana for an 8 mana creature is pretty inefficient. I think most of the time it would be better to just tutor for Tidespout Tyrant and hard cast it, as putting it into play at instant speed isn't super relevant. And my second issue is what would you theoretically cut for it? It's definitely the least efficient path to cheating Tidespout Tyrant into play, so it would have to be one of the supporting cards. So would it be a tutor? A cantrip? a piece of acceleration? Or a piece of interaction?

jacedaniels - There's a lot to your comment so I'll do my best to respond to each part.

I don't particularly like the idea of man lands in this deck because they'll basically never be activated, and the tempo loss of coming into play tapped can be a problem. Lumbering Falls, Creeping Tar Pit, and Hissing Quagmire are all fine grindy cards, but this really isn't a grindy deck. While it does have some elements of a BUG midrange deck, it is definitely designed to be a combo deck first.

The point of Tidespout Tyrant being the only creature is that he is a combo piece and one that I would rather have over any other EDH bomb. Don't get me wrong, Consecrated Sphinx and friends are very powerful, but I don't think this is the place for them. The goal is to use Tidespout Tyrant to generate infinite mana and "kill" my opponents with my commander's activated ability, not put a fatty into play and grind out the game. If there was another creature that had a functionally similar ability to Tidespout Tyrant I would definitely add that, but he is very unique and I doubt WotC will print another card like him any time soon.

Scroll Rack is a great suggestion, I'm certainly not opposed to an additional way to put the tyrant back into my deck in case I draw it, and Sylvan Library/Rhystic Study are powerful card advantage engines, the question is just where to fit them all in. The main reason those cards aren't in the 99 right now is because they draw cards over time, rather than right away, which can be problematic on combo turns when you're digging for one last piece of protection/mana/etc.

Bribery is a great card, but unless I know for sure one of my opponents is also playing a single creature that can facilitate infinite mana, I don't think this is the deck for it. Tooth and Nail is bad with just one creature, and I don't think that adding another creature for a single 9 mana sorcery is worth making the polymorphs and oath worse.

Rampant Growth effects are usually fine in Tasigur decks, as they both fill the graveyard for Delve and give you more mana to work with on subsequent turns, but this really isn't your typical Tasigur deck. The mana rocks are necessary both to make Tidespout Tyrant work as a combo creature and to make the backup combo of Dramatic Reversal and Isochron Scepter functional.

Duke.Fleed on Esper Midrange

1 month ago

Welcome back to magic and the best format, modern! Esper is a great color combination, some of the best removal and some of the grindiest capabilities out there. I'm not sure how budget you are looking to go or how much you are willing to spend so I will give some suggestions in both categorizes.

Budget suggestions:

  1. Timely Reinforcements one thing that I have notice, both playing against and playing with esper decks, is that even though the color combo has some great removal some times you need higher impact cards than point removal but you also need more efficient cards than board wipes. Lingering Souls, which you already have, is a great example of this kind of card. Timely Reinforcements is another great way to combat highly aggressive decks (which are popular right now).

  2. Azorius Signet is one of my favorite ways to accelerate mana in control decks. This is important in fast metagames though it sucks to draw late. This kind of card is really up to you if you want to include it.

  3. Tidehollow Sculler is an interesting choice for a midrange style of this deck, in that it can attack along with disrupting their game plan.

  4. Something you might consider, since you are in the right colors for it, is playing Thopter Foundry+Sword of the Meek combo as your way to grind. Many people have been trying to make it work with cards like Whir of Invention or Tezzeret the Seeker or Glint-Nest Cranes to find either the foundry or the sword. this might be a cool include.

  5. gaining in popularity, Logic Knot has shown itself to be very powerful, especially in decks that play many cantrips like Serum Visions, Opt, and Thought Scour.

Non budget suggestions:

  1. lands! I'm sure you are aware of shock lands, since you played during innastrad, but you missed onslaught fetchlands being printed into modern. So now you have access to Flooded Strand/Polluted Delta+Hallowed Fountain/Watery Grave.

  2. A very strong combo in esper is Gifts Ungiven+Unburial Rites+Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite/Iona, Shield of Emeria. Turn 4, end of their turn, you cast Gifts Ungiven and only get Unburial Rites and whatever you want to reanimate, they have to choose to send them both to your graveyard. When you untap you will have the mana to reanimate whatever you got.

  3. along with Path to Exile, Fatal Push is the new hotness in black.

  4. Cryptic Command is a must

  5. Remand is often more useful than Mana Leak especially because you are trying to get to the mid game and many decks are running mostly one drops. But ultimately, that one is up to your preference.

  6. Celestial Colonnade is a must include for control decks. You mentioned that you wanted to keep it mid range. Even so, this is a fantastic way to close out games after a board wipe. Creeping Tar Pit is a very good alternative to colonnade.

I hope these suggestions were helpful. If you get tired of the esper deck, you can check out my podcast where we brew a new modern deck every episode.

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