Cinder Glade


Format Legality
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare

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Cinder Glade

Land — Mountain Forest

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

Cinder Glade enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or more basic lands.

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Cinder Glade Discussion

Moby_Copperfield on Gruul tribal wolf storm

3 days ago

Whilst it is still in Standard, Cinder Glade is a Mountain Forest that interacts with Game Trail, and sometimes does not enter the battlefield tapped.

Argy on Naya Revolt; Why No Black

6 days ago

I would do this with your mana base:

5x Forest
5x Mountain
4x Game Trail
2x Cinder Glade
1x Canopy Vista
3x Evolving Wilds
1x Plains
3x Fortified Village

That should give you the most chance of avoiding colour screw, while making things as fast as possible.

I don't mind helping with decks but I dislike being asked to set up parts of them from scratch.

In future you could try to set up a mana base yourself, and THEN ask others to take a look at it.

multimedia on Energy Elves

1 week ago

ACDAMAN, thanks for the upvote. I just updated Budget Energy Elves for you.

Since Aetherworks Marvel has been banned this deck is very viable. One of the top decks right now is Temur Energy Midrange; think of this deck as a variation of it with Elves. Glorybringer is very good right now.

The only real difference between this deck and the budget version is the budget has a worse manabase using Evolving Wilds and Cinder Glade with no Botanical Sanctum or Game Trail. I recommend spending some extra money to use the manabase here instead of the budget version manabase.

Tireless Tracker is replaced with Mouth / Feed in the budget version which is obviously not as good, but a fine budget replacement for the Midrange matchups such as Temur Energy and Golgari Energy you want draw in.

I've choosen to main deck Magma Spray because you need it vs Zombies and that deck is very popular right now and the worst matchup. If Zombies aren't a problem at your FNM then you can either cut entirely or move all Spray to the sideboard. Here's a small guide of how I would change the main deck to reflect different most popular matchups at FNM:

  1. If you're expecting a lot of Midrange decks like Temur Energy or Golgari Energy then replace Magma Spray with Mouth / Feed. In these matchups having a mass draw spell is much better than a spell that only does 2 damage to a creature.
  2. If you're expecting a lot Aggro like Zombies and Mardu Vehicles then keep Spray main deck with a fourth in the sideboard.
  3. If Control dominates FNM then replace Spray with more Bristling Hydra; likewise if you find that you're losing to Control then add more Hydra either main deck or sideboard.
  4. The 4x Negate in the sideboard is for Control, but if no Control then you can cut some Negate for other cards.

Think of it like this Spray is to combat Aggro, Mouth is to out card advantage Midrange and Hydra can be an unkillable nasty threat vs Control. If one of these archetypes dominates your FNM more than the rest then you can adjust to reflect this.

Argy on Hazoret Rhonas: Is this a thing?!?!

1 week ago

I think you need more land.

When playtesting I regularly get to Turn 6 and I'm still waiting for my 4th land to drop.

22 Lands is best for an aggro deck.

A mid-range deck like this should keep have around 24.

Some dual lands would useful, to help avoid colour screw.

4x Game Trail and 3x Cinder Glade. That shouldn't slow your deck down too much.

Sheltered Thicket, Timber Gorge, or even Evolving Wilds are budget options.

I know you probably have some AMAZING plan for Lupine Prototype, but he really only works well in niche decks.

Put Lambholt Pacifist instead of him. You block and attack when ever you need to, and you can Transform it to bring Rhonas the Indomitable online.

I'll need to test this a bit more, but those are my early notes.

PeeBee on Red Green Synergy (Help Appreciated!)

2 weeks ago

So in terms of the cards of the deck your already good to go, however I have played this deck and have some advice. clayperce above me has some good advice already and i'm not going to go over his points.

First: I would try and add in a single Arlinn Kord  Flip into the mainboard, she is a cheap planeswalker, so keeps the budget down but has very good abilities and is always useful when she comes early or late game.

You may also want to consider Fling it can be used at instant speed and if your opponent doesn't have a counterspell you can do it in response to something being killed. I would add this as a 1 of in the mainboard also.

I would drop x2 Larger Than Life to accomodate these changes.

Finally I would have 4x Cinder Glade and 4x Game Trail, drop a single forest and a single mountain for this.

Finally I would go down 1x Blossoming Defense and up 1x Harnessed Lightning, obviously my preference.

As for your sideboard here are some cards I would suggest, you will need to find what works for your meta and budget. (I would suggest a few hasty creatures, some artifact/enchantment removal, a few more removal spells and some grindy cards like planeswalkers)

Blossoming Defense, Heroic Intervention, Fling, Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, Aethersphere Harvester, Natural State, Manglehorn, Magma Spray, Shock, Lathnu Hellion, Glorybringer, Appetite for the Unnatural.

DevoidMage on any experts with lands out ...

3 weeks ago

I'd cut the misty for either a Cinder Glade or the GR cycle land. It makes a turn one with nothing to do less painful, ups your actual land count, and smooths out your fixing just a bit more. I like the cycle land more because it allows for a decent later game top deck, but that's worth experimenting whether or not it'll be useful.

Behgz on Return of Steel-Cannon Pummeler (AKH - Retired)

3 weeks ago

I'm aware of how harnessed works. Like I said, if your swinging with a 25 trample pummeler on turn 4, why do you need a harnessed lightning? Other cards make energy if that's all your using it for, considering your not using it as removal if the opponent is dead on turn 4. Sure, let's say you kill their random 2/1 creature on turn 2 and you saved 2 energy. you could have also just played a Servant of the Conduit on two and then when you swing for 25 trample their 2/1 being in play likely isn't going to save them, making the harnessed completely unnecessary. I hope that illustrates my point.

Yes, there will be games where you don't win on turn four, maybe because your land came in tapped that turn, or you drew a harnessed lightning instead of an extra pump spell like Larger Than Life but that's why this is a combo deck and your supposed to be maximizing your odds of combo'ing out by having as many combo pieces as possible in the deck.

But the nature of the game makes combo decks exceedingly difficult to pull off in a standard environment. It's not realistic to assume you can just play 12 pump spells and 4 pummelers. That's only 16 cards, minus the lands its about half the deck, the other half needs to be comprised of something, and that's where the fall-back beat down go wide plan comes in. It's a concession we make in deck building, we can't make the deck solely around pummeler, he needs a supporting cast, and that's why Glorybringer is so important, they gave us a great dragon card to play that slots right into the deck, not playing at least a pair is incorrect. If the Hydra beatdown plan is acceptable, so is the dragon.

Anything that doesn't help the combo is actually diluting the deck and makes it that much more likely you'll be forced to play out a game where you just win off normal creature attacks going wide, where something like Glorybringer would really make your job easier now that your in that type of fall back plan.

Every time you play Harnessed Lightning in the early turns your tempo'ing yourself back and extending the game into the later turns, and your less favored to win those games. Even drawing a copy of harnessed early when you don't need it is like drawing a brick, sure you could cast it and maybe even save some energy, but that only brings you marginally closer to an additional pummeler activation without providing an initial pump or extra copy of pummeler, its essentially not a combo piece and highly dilutes the deck from accomplishing the combo in the early turns of the game.

There's nothing wrong with harnessed in games 2 and 3, but if you really want to combo off in game one, you shouldn't be bothered with bolting one of your opponents early threats, as you should be killing them before their 2 and 3 drops could possibly pose an immediate threat. Half your cards make energy, responding with 'but harnessed makes energy' isn't good enough for me to main board it when I shouldn't need it during the first 4 turns of the game and then the game is over because I won.

Sheltered Thicket is a total liability, the whole point of the deck is that it boasts a turn-4 combo kill. How is even 1 tap-land acceptable in the 75? The cycle abilty stapled onto a tap dual land isn't worth the draw back of always coming in tapped, especially when you could just play Cinder Glade which you can show for Game Trail reveals. It's just a really bad idea to play tap lands in a deck that tries to curve out every turn up to turn 4 and then win. Games where you don't have attune on 1 are not ideal hands and you shouldn't use that as justification to make the deck less-optimal, using that turn 1 mana to make energy is playing as efficient as possible. By playing tap lands, you will have openers with 1 land and attune, but it's a tap land. Bad deck design for a dedicated combo deck, maybe a different archetype could handle the tap-lands, but not this archetype.

You don't seem very open to suggestion but that's fine, you asked for my suggestions and I'm providing them. Neither of us invented the pummeler combo, we're just trying to perfect it. Maybe your meta truly does favor the list you have here, but one lgs fnm doesn't equate to prepping for an open series event or a PTQ or GP or even the modo meta, if you were tuning for those types of fields what would you do to the deck?

I've had the GR energy combo deck built ever since Joe Lossett won the SCG Players Championship, paper and digital, and I've been tuning it ever since. I didn't actually come here to hear you justify how you have your deck as it sits now, you asked me to check out your deck and give feedback, but I don't need a response where you break down how you don't like the sound of these idea's. Just ignore the suggestions if you don't agree. Honestly, I wouldn't bother taking the time out of my day to leave this feedback had it not been requested, so take my interest with a grain of salt, I honestly don't care what you do, but for the sake of promoting the optimal tuning for this archetype, I'm sharing my idea's in case anyone else stumbles across it.

I'm actually more interested in another deck that I started working on;

Bant Approach

Standard Behgz


Iron_Cube on Crumbling necropolis in a non ...

4 weeks ago

BS-T No. But their is many dual lands available. You can also play Mana Confluence, Exotic Orchard, Rupture Spire, Unknown Shores. Many kind of color fixing lands.

The best core would be Stomping Ground, Sheltered Thicket, Cinder Glade, Taiga and multiple Fetchlands + Basics. I would not always recommend using all of this, especially because it's not cheap $. But Omnath, Locus of Rage want as much Landfall as possible. Go with your budget.

You can also check Omnath's list on manabasecrafter here

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