Unquestioned Authority


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy Uncommon
Judgment Uncommon

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Unquestioned Authority

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

When Unquestioned Authority enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Enchanted creature has protection from creatures.

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Unquestioned Authority Discussion

eeriekiller on Tier 1 Stax General?

6 days ago

I made a $60 version of Brago, King Eternal that did really well for a casual deck. Sadly, I don't have a list because it's been upgraded but here are the main pieces.

Strionic Resonator, Altar of the Brood, Sol Ring (any amount of mana rocks that produce a total of two mana), and brago = infinite mill

Strionic Resonator + Oblivion Ring/Detention Sphere + brago exiles the board permanently

Muddle the Mixture toots for Strionic Resonator

other cool cards are Peregrine Drake, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, Thorn of Amethyst, Vryn Wingmare, Tangle Wire, Parallax Tide, Parallax Wave, Reality Acid, Stunt Double/Clever Impersonator, Traveler's Cloak, Act of Authority, Storm Crow for power, Treachery, Phyrexian Ingester, Resolute Archangel, Duplicant, Sun Titan, Genesis Chamber, Stasis (personal favorite), Mystic Remora, Lavinia of the Tenth, Lyev Skyknight, Cloudblazer, and Unquestioned Authority.

Brago plays best in a pod. 1v1, he doesn't really have a lot of time to set up his stax/combo. I hope you like the deck as much as I do!

Here is my current build.

ZoakoTHEgreat on Brago, King Eternal

2 weeks ago

Unquestioned Authority over Holy Mantle? While the +2/+2 is nice if you want to actually shoot for General Kill but its expensive for an enchantment that only effectively provides unblockable. Authroity replaces itself and also Brago survives if you get Sun's Champion at the same time.

meh4 on The Hero we All Deserve

3 weeks ago

Angelic Destiny might be useful. Holy Mantle, Spirit Mantle, and Unquestioned Authority can give her pro-creatures. You also might want to consider more umbras (for totem armor): Boar Umbra and Mammoth Umbra both have effects that would be pretty good, Eland Umbra, Felidar Umbra, Indrik Umbra, Snake Umbra, and Spider Umbra have less good effects, but do include the board wipe protection. Replenish and Retether help bring enchants back from grave right on Sigarda. Also, what voltron deck would be good without Fireshrieker? Other suggestions: Herald of the Pantheon, Silverblade Paladin, Divine Reckoning, and Sphere of Safety.

Everyouthful on Bruna EDH Aura/Control Deck

1 month ago

Hey soevilprofchaos, thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback! I hadn't played this deck in several years and I'm trying to really work on this one, which was my main deck last time I played, and get it solid before I look at my other decks or build new ones. Spirit Loop used to be in the deck, as did Unquestioned Authority. I will put them back into the deck in place of Drogskol Reaver and True Conviction, you were right, neither of those were very synergistic with the way my deck is set up currently. This is the 2nd major revision where I've cut and replaced 30-35 cards per edit, and some of the older cards that I thought were still good really aren't anymore. Spectra Ward was actually in the mail when you posted and I hadn't updated my list to reflect it. Definitely a great addition! I added Graceblade Artisan in my most recent update because I am really short on low CMC creatures decent to enchant when I can't cast my general, which is often with how much hate she gets. I see infect so little in EDH, I hadn't really considered Corrupted Conscience, but that does make lethal dmg easier. I'll see about working it in. Thanks again for your feedback!

MagicMarc on Painfully Extorting An Infinite Combo

4 weeks ago

I like the deck.

I just wanted to say that Karmic Justice does not seem to have a mainboard place in this deck. It does not offer any protection at all and the only things it triggers off of in your deck are your lands and your one other enchantment Exquisite Blood. I would definitely suggest sending it to the sideboard or out of the deck and replace it with something that either offers you some control, protects your cards or helps advance your game plan.

Replace it with something like Blind Obedience. It has extort so it is another source of slowly bleeding your foes. It forces all of their artifacts and creatures to enter the field tapped which screws their tempo along with your copies of Duress. It is also a removal magnet which offers a kind of "protection" for your other cards. If that does not suit you, try out Succumb to Temptation to help with card advantage or stalls. You have so much lifegain that the secondary cost is incidental and you can cast it at instant speed.

Finally, if you need more protection for your stuff, just swap the justices for copies of Rebuff the Wicked. Serves much better as protection for your cards in play. It also will be awesome to counterspell someone trying to stop your combo from going off. If the price is too high, go with something like Pentarch Ward or Unquestioned Authority. They offer protection of a sort for your creatures and even cantrip so you get a free card draw.

soevilprofchaos on Bruna EDH Aura/Control Deck

1 month ago

Some cards for you to consider adding:

Corrupted Conscience, while a decent card in a card deck by itself, it can one shot an opponent in conjunction with something like Battle Mastery and your commander.

Spectra Ward, protection is an extremely powerful and Spectra Ward not only gives the creature it enchants a power/toughness bonus, but also gives the creature protection from almost every spell and creature.

Spirit Loop is nice in that it gains you a lot of life throughout the game, as well as is resilient to the creature it enchants dying.

Unquestioned Authority gives protection from creatures which not only makes the enchanted creature unblockable and immune to damage when it is blocking, but also stops abilities from creatures that target such as Shriekmaw. Plus it replaces itself with a draw.

Some cards that you should consider taking out:

Drogskol Reaver because you do not have a ton of life gain in the deck and you might want to reserve the higher cmc cards in your deck for powerful enchantments and cards that go get enchantments.

Graceblade Artisan isn't as powerful in this deck as in may be in other versions of Bruna, Light of Alabaster because this deck doesn't have too high of an enchantment count and once you have your commander out it is kind of a dead drop.

True Conviction because you are really not a creature focused deck. The one thing it is doing for your deck however, is it is the best target to get with Academy Rector when you don't have a creature left on the battlefield to enchant. I would suggest you play something like Mind's Dilation to fill this role instead.

I really like the way this deck utilizes the graveyard component of Bruna with things like Mirror-Mad Phantasm and overall I think it is quite good.

JaysomeDecks on Blink and Sink

1 month ago

Reality Acid. It is literally the best possible removal spell for this deck. It can enchant any permanent, from lands to creatures to planeswalkers, and whenever you flicker it, the enchanted permanent's controller has to sacrifice it, only to have Reality Acid come down on something else. Because it's sacrifice, it gets past cards like Avacyn, Angel of Hope, and other such cards. And the best part, even if they manage to destroy it, they still have to sacrifice whatever it was on.

Other cards:

Aqueous Form is good evasion, as is Spirit Mantle and Unquestioned Authority. But definitely run Reality Acid

JaysomeDecks on Fae of Saint Traft

1 month ago

I have a few more suggestions you may be interested in. I'll try to point out cards to swap for them where I can.

Duelist's Heritage is a fantastic card. Not only does it give double strike to an attacking creature on your turn, you can also give it to opponents attacking creatures on their turn, to incentivize them attacking other opponents, or simply maximize their damage when they do. Because it is a global enchantment, as opposed to an aura, it isn't destroyed when your creature is, and you can change who it benefits each turn. Possibly use it to replace Battle Mastery

Unquestioned Authority could be a better Angelic Gift. It costs more, but gives protection from creatures instead of flying, which is a much better ability.

Steel of the Godhead is just a fantastic enchantment to throw onto your commander. +2/+2, lifelink, and unblockable.

Austere Command could be fantastic removal for your deck, especially considering that your commander falls below the 3cmc division line.

Some cards I'd suggest removing:

Door of Destinies. You are heavily divided among your creature types, so it won't give you that much benefit. Furthermore, it doesn't benefit your commander whatsoever. Also, bear in mind that it only activates on cast triggers, so his angel tokens do it no good.

Coat of Arms. Like above, it's a big card for a small buff. It would likely never confir more than a +3 bonus, and if it did, then your field would already be so populated as to not need it. And worse still, your opponents could greatly benefit from it. If you happen to encounter a human, elf, or goblin deck, (all 3 having very prominent commanders atm), then this card will surely do you in.

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