Inspiring Call


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Uncommon
Dragons of Tarkir Uncommon

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Inspiring Call


Draw a card for each creature you control with a +1/+1 counter on it. Those creatures gain indestructible until end of turn.

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Inspiring Call Discussion

WiltLeafElves on Don't Let 'Em Breathe

3 hours ago

This deck looks very very interesting! I was scrolling through the advertise-your-modern-deck forum, and the name caught my attention.

What you currently have is good on it's own, but what I think you could do is adding more ramp. Gyre Sage doesn't look too bad, has evolve, and can tap for multiple depending on your evolve, but another guy you can use is something like Birds of Paradise, Llanowar Elves, etc. Your Dryad Militant doesn't look too efficient, unless the extra power matters for evolve, and Ulvenwald Tracker doesn't seem necessary, as you already have the pump to easily smash your opponent's creatures. Both seem like good sideboard cards, though. You could always lower the numbers.

The collected companies in your maybeboard? they can definitely go into your mainboard, as they can easily snag any creature you have, all at instant speed. I would also suggest card draw, but the only sources I can think of off the top of my head is Harmonize, Regal Force, and Elvish Visionary, and Inspiring Call, which all probably will not work out too well.

Do you really need 3 melira? You probably would only need that many if your meta had a ton of infect, and if so, running a set of coco would let you have only 1 or 2 melira.

recodef on my +1 (dromoka green white +1/+1)

3 days ago

There are a lot of creatures that allow you to exploit the +1/+1 counters on your other creatures. For example Abzan Falconer, Crowned Ceratok, Tuskguard Captain, Bramblewood Paragon, Battlefront Krushok, Ainok Bond-Kin or Abzan Battle Priest.

There are also some instant and sorcery cards that you could check out. Lifecrafter's Gift, Nissa's Judgment,Scale Blessing, Sunbringer's Touch, Inspiring Call,...

At last maybe these enchantments are worth checking out: Cathars' Crusade and Hardened Scales.

These are just some suggestions, maybe you've allready considered these cards. Or maybe you see something you like :)

Triton on cEDH: Mazirek Combo-Control

2 weeks ago

Airdraken Inspiring Call is meh in this list because you have Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, and other non-destruction removal. It's very good in a more casual table, however!

Airdraken on cEDH: Mazirek Combo-Control

2 weeks ago

Inspiring Call Can be useful, wont get around something like toxic deluge. but card draw works too.

I dont know how many +1/1 counters this type of mazirek deck gets. It's definitely more powerful in other playlists

darleen on Count Dromoka

1 month ago

Here are some suggestions to make the deck more consistent and build more on it's synergy.

LAND Terramorphic Expanse, Blossoming Sands, Canopy Vista, Temple of Plenty, Selesnya Sanctuary or any other dual land

RAMP Cultivate, Nissa's Pilgrimage, Farseek, and Rampant Growth: put land directly onto the battlefield

OFFENSEHardened Scales, Citadel Siege, Earthen Arms: add +1/+1 counters

REMOVALBanishing Light, Oblivion Ring, Faith's Fetters: removal any non-land permanent Disenchant: more removal for artifacts or enchantments End Hostilities: board wipe effect for emergencies

DRAW Inspiring Call: draws cards and protects your valuable creatures Congregation at Dawn: puts any creatures you need at the top of your library Harmonize: puts more cards into your hand Lifecrafter's Bestiary: scry and draw are great card advantage

CREATURES Ivy Lane Denizen, Sunscorch Regent, Managorger Hydra, Salt Road Quartermasters: +1/+1 counters synergy Abzan Falconer, Tuskguard Captain, Longshot Squad: give creatures with +1/+1 counters value abilities

Tio_Infernape on We're Gonna Pump... YOU Up!

1 month ago

Inspiring Call can help giving you extra protection + Draw. Especially useful against someone that has a lot of Board Wipes.

Proliferate can easily turn into a broken mechanic into the right environment, since Ezuri cares about counters on you and in your creatures, more reason to try to fit one or more cards with this ability. Viral Drake is certainly my first choice. Tezzeret's Gambit, Inexorable Tide, Fuel for the Cause, Contagion Engine, Core Prowler all of them can find a place in your deck (if you want to of course). Just be carefull, because if your opponents are playing with infect you probably wouldn't want to proliferate yourself.

golgariizzet on First Commander Deck

1 month ago

Champion of Lambholt would be really good in this deck. Phytohydra, Managorger, Mikaeus, the Lunarchwould all be really good creatures in this Inspiring Call for some solid life gain, Fog protection, Opal Palace make your commander bigger, Archangel of Tithes, Norn's Annex, Ghostly Prison, Sphere of Safety, Windborn Muse, Elephant Grass will stop your opponents from attacking you and allow you to do what you want , Abzan Falconer and Tuskguard Captain will give your creatures with counters flying and trample. hope some of this helps.

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