Return to Nature

Return to Nature


Choose one —

  • Destroy target artifact.
  • Destroy target enchantment.
  • Exile target card from a graveyard.
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Set Rarity
Theros Beyond Death (THB) Common
Throne of Eldraine (ELD) Common
War of the Spark (WAR) Common

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Return to Nature Discussion

Ruffigan on Pauper EDH Primer

1 day ago

Yeah and Whispersilk Cloak . Hexproof/shroud is very powerful in commander, as is unlockable, so it slots into basically every Voltron and Stompy deck. Most people are probably not running Artifact removal (aside from a couple equipments and Mana rocks there isn't much worth targeting) so your only real chance to stop it is killing their commander before they equip. Wizards is getting better at printing useful modal removal at common ( Caustic Caterpillar , Return to Nature , Wickerbough Elder ) but it is all Green and running straight Artifact hate has bad returns in PDH so we'll see what the future has in store.

Inkmoth on Nylea, Shoot for the Stars

2 weeks ago

GrizzlyAtom: Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved the list! Safe to say you hit the nail on the head on almost all of your choices. However, I do highly recommend you make a couple of changes for the general consistency of the deck.

These won't be direct swaps to the cuts and more of a series of cards that you should highly consider as I don't want to cramp your style.

I hope this helps, I love the deck, will be keeping up with it. Final recommendation would be to use a similar categorization that I used in Yeva for your list as it helps you visualize your deck based off function and see where it is lacking.

Rorolith on Hydras

2 weeks ago

Maybe some Gargos, Vicious Watcher in the main deck? Maybe 2? He does pay for X costs in hydras you cast.

Also, your sideboard has 16 cards in it. I would definitely Work on improving your sideboard with things like: Return to Nature , Relic of Progenitus , Pithing Needle and possibly some counterspells.

OptimalGreen on Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH [PRIMER]

2 weeks ago

I see you also got the promo version of Animate Dead lol

Also just my opinion but I think straight up that Nature's Claim is better than Return to Nature . Yeah you can remove a card from the grave but this deck is already running Deathrite Shaman and if you really wanted more graveyard hate taking out a swamp for a Bojuka Bog would be better since this deck has Crop Rotation and Sylvan Scrying . Nature's Claim is just genuinely one of the best pieces of artifact and enchantment removal in the game and in Commander we have access to much better graveyard hate.

cleandeceit on Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH [PRIMER]

2 weeks ago

Daedalus19876, I am glad you found my suggestions useful. I have been benefiting from your deck page for years now :D

Making cuts is always the hardest part. I dont think I can rightly say which is the best choice because it is probably heavily meta dependent at this point. Much of the deck is tuned to its most essential components. So to include a new card, you probably have to give up an additional control/removal card in favor of including another combo and/or protection for combos.

On a similar note, I prefer Return to Nature over Nature's Claim but this is because many of the combos in my meta are dependent on a target in the graveyard, and I am willing to pay the one extra mana to have that flexibility.

StopShot on CTRL-G (The Art of Mono Green Control)

3 weeks ago

What are your thoughts about Naturalize , Return to Nature and Nature's Claim .

Also, have you ever considered Utopia Vow ?

Rorolith on Nub’s Eldrazi

4 weeks ago

A better alternative to Root Snare is Fog . I also recommend Leyline of Abundance for your ramp. I would also recommend more eldrazi, or just a way to search them out, because right now you don't have a very good chance of getting them. I would bump it up to 4x Llanowar Elves and cut 2x Elfhame Druid . Replace the last Elfhame Druid with another eldrazi (You will still need more). A better alternative to Naturalize is Return to Nature . Plummet should not be in the main board. Druid of the Cowl should be replaced by Elvish Mystic . Even tough it has less toughness it can start producing mana on turn 2 rather than 3. As for the buff spells, most eldrazi decks wont have those because eldrazi are already so big. The reason i gave better alternatives for Root Snare and Naturalize is because i don't know what to replace them with other than a better version, but there is probably something better.

Courtney43 on Golgari Scales Aggro Copy

1 month ago

It seems like the 2x Feed the Clan and 2x Return to Nature in my sideboard aren't super useful in my local metal, so I'm going to try replacing them with 3x Fatal Push and a 3rd Epic Downfall so I can customize my removal for the matchup after game 1. I figure most artifacts I care about can be removed by either Abrupt Decay or Fatal Push if they're creatures, and having cheaper options to kill creatures seems more relevant in a hyper aggressive matchups than the lifegain (also gives me more cards to handle potential Blightbeetle s). I could always be wrong, but this is what I'm going to try for now and see how it goes.

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