Return to Nature


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
War of the Spark (WAR) Common

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Return to Nature


Choose one —

  • Destroy target artifact.
  • Destroy target enchantment.
  • Exile target card from a graveyard.
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Return to Nature Discussion

THLombax on Werewolf Tribal

4 days ago

Were you not able to ever transform the two werewolf eldrazi?

For draw power, I'd add a Overwhelming Instinct and an Ulvenwald Mysteries and a Skullclamp. This way when someone wipes your field, you get a bunch of treasure tokens, sac them, draw and get 1/1's and then sac those to skullclamp to draw more.

Overwhelming Instinct helps with swinging wide. I personally haven't gotten a ton of use out of it, but it's a consideration for draw.

I'd try to put the two eldrazi wolves back in because they can get you mana and they're decent sized werewolves. I'd sub them out for Shefet Monitor and Hammer Mage . I'd also throw in a Return to Nature and a Vandalblast for enchantment and artifact removal

babushkasara on LANDS ABLAZE

6 days ago

I don't love Gyrus in here. He just doesn't work with the rest of the theme. Same with Disentomb and Stitch Together. Actually, have you considered cutting black all together? Using Wrenn and Six would let you focus more on land shenanigans at a much lower costed Oathbreaker. I would cut Fling, replace Lightning Strike with Lightning Bolt , and toss in a Return to Nature . Zendikar's Roil is good landfall as is Evolution Sage like suggested above. I also would consider Ayula's Influence as it's a free way to get lands to the graveyard which you can immediately bring back. Finally, I recommend removing Forge of Heroes for a basic land. Getting your colors is really important and the second ability of the land isn't all that helpful here.

SpiralWolfos on Your Standard Modern UG infect deck that wins T2

1 week ago

Botanical Sanctum could be ran over City of Brass or whatever other land you feel is least useful to try and lower your budget by a bit while still having untapped / lands. I'd also recommend putting in some form of artifact or enchantment removal into your deck so that you can get rid of cards like Chalice of the Void that would keep you from playing your cards. Maybe something like Return to Nature or Viridian Corrupter over Necropede since it doesn't seem like it's doing a whole lot.

skalinas on Frankenstein's Monster- Modern Infect (Primer)

1 week ago

you have explained the deck very well here. i have been playing this deck since 2011 and it is great to see how it has evolved. you have 2 Nature's Claim in the sideboard, but i would rather take in Return to Nature so that you can destroy the turn 1 Chalice of the Void . also, i like to run all 4 Scale Up s, 3 Become Immense , and only 1 Groundswell . I am most curious about how baby Teferi, Time Raveler works... basically tells the opponent "i dont want to play with you"

Dragaan on Modern Green Stompy (100% competitive under $100)

3 weeks ago

Scooze can be taken out when not up vs a 'graveyard matters' type of deck or a deck where the incidental lifegain is relevant (ie. burn). Tusker is usually the other creature I'd trim before the others unless for some reason I am confident they want to land an early Chalice of the Void for 1 (in which I'd trim on 1 drops). You can also trim a Rancor and a Vines or 2 a lot of the time. Champion can be trimmed/cut down on if you are facing a deck that's killing you or locking you out of attacking super early, but honestly in a case like that you're probably not winning anyway since this deck goldfishes (solitaire kills) on turn 4 in about 9/10 games and very rarely will pull off a turn 3 kill.

As for what comes in...

+Back to Nature for decks like Bogles and some Enchantment/Prison decks.

+Choke for decks with lots of islands (U/W Control, Merfolk, etc.).

+Collector Ouphe for Tron, Affinity, and other decks that rely heavily on artifacts (many times even if it's just one or two KEY cards that you want to shut off).

+Damping Sphere for decks like Tron or Storm.

+Dismember for decks with a lot of decent-sized creatures (maybe big zoo or even elves) and for decks with creatures that MUST be answered (ie. Thing in the Ice  Flip from Storm/Phoenix).

+Gut Shot is a versatile card, similar to Dismember but for smaller threats like mana dorks or other scary elves and utility creatures, and it's nice that it can always give you that (tiny) bit of extra reach in certain situations as well (but you don't bring it in just for that reason, lol).

+Kitchen Finks is good creature to bring in against decks with sweepers (U/W Control) and even decks like B/G Midrange and Jund who try to use non-exiling one-for-one removal spells vs all your creatures, but its best use is probably vs Burn or other decks that race and may be quicker than you (even if it's only when you're on the draw).

+Natural State is just a great, cheap removal spell for any must-answer, sub-4cmc enchantments or artifacts your opponent may be playing (ie. Ensnaring Bridge vs Prison or Lantern Control), but it also works fine as a more broad answer vs decks like Affinity (although Oxidize is a much better "kill spell" for affinity's threats due to their use of Welding Jar , I like Natural State for its flexibility vs other decks. Some people may like Return to Nature even more, but I highly value 1cmc answers in this deck).

+Wheel of Sun and Moon is for graveyard decks - primarily Dredge and Storm but it is also more versatile than other graveyard killers (like Rest in Peace in that it can also be used on YOU to protect yourself from the rare mill decks.

This is just my current sideboard and can change at any moment. I am not good at making "sideboard guides", so this is about as in-depth as I can go. Sideboaring is an art and, in my opinion, especially in the modern format, one of the hardest if not THE hardest thing to learn to do correctly in mtg. Use your own intuition when it comes to exactly what comes out and how many of each sideboard card to bring in for specific matchups and individual matches. It will get much easier over time. Overall, I think this is a fairly simple deck to play and sideboard with and is a great start for modern players and/or players who may be new to the game altogether.

kamarupa on Trouble with the Trees

4 weeks ago

Since Collective Voyage isn't Modern legal, I'm suggesting Harvest Season . Sylvan Awakening also comes to mind.

Return to Nature is better than Naturalize . Beast Within is so versatile, it's almost a must in the sideboard.

A little confused why so many sideboard spells deal with flyers but Plummet is nowhere to be seen.

tha_real_cheez on GW proliferate

1 month ago

I personally put Forced Landing into my sideboard to take care of Rekindling Phoenix , Crackling Drake , and Enigma Drake . Having some Return to Nature can save you game 2 or 3 if you're facing artifacts, enchantments, or graveyard shennanigans.

MontaukMonster on Monogreen Vintage

1 month ago

Wow there's so much better stuff out there these days. You're running Force of Nature but Aggressive Mammoth is strictly better. So much new stuff, look at Return to Nature or any of the planeswalkers

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