Rotting Regisaur

Rotting Regisaur

Creature — Zombie Dinosaur

At the beginning of your upkeep, discard a card.

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2020 (M20) Rare

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Historic Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Rotting Regisaur Discussion

Jimmy_Chinchila on Dinos of the Perfect Curve

1 week ago

PayOneLife thanks so much! The original version is actually what I had sleeved up and played during Ixalan Standard and it was super fun to play. Some people don’t care for the splash but it can really open up sideboard options to adjust to your local meta. Either way I’m also glad they’re continuing to put more dinosaurs in subsequent sets, like the infamous Rotting Regisaur.

oltmof on The Rock

2 weeks ago


Maybe you have not noticed but this is not really a tier deck of any kind...

If you have some usefull criticism for how to upgrade this deck with cards in these colours, please do that.. the deck was never ment to be able to reliably compete with tier one decks at all. If i ever go to a grand prix in standard, i will borrow somebody's tier one deck.

I only own a standard deck so that i can play standard without getting totally embarrased.

So in that regard, Woe Strider might not be the best card in standard.. but it comes back from the yard, gives a scry when something else dies, and provides an additional blocker..

Rotting Regisaur helpes get an early henge in play, witch is the best card in my deck by a landslide...

I do want to thank you for your response. It is beter than nothing.

Regards, Jan!

Sorin_Markov_1947 on The Rock

2 weeks ago

Two things.

  1. How are you reliably getting card advantage in this deck? Card advantage is probably the biggest question in this meta, and even decks like mono-red have to make concessions to that with things like Light Up the Stage and Experimental Frenzy. You only really seem to be getting card disadvantage with Rotting Regisaur, and the occasional game with The Great Henge.

  2. What is Woe Strider doing in this deck? I'm sure there's a good explanation, I just don't see it.

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

3 weeks ago

I very much agree about that Rhystic Study

Mana Leak effects are taxes, like white does. I think Chancellor of the Annex makes a lot of sense. In my opinion, white should be the color of mana-dependent counters and blue of hard counters. Mental Misstep, Negate, Essence Scatter, and of course, Counterspell seem right, which Mana Tithe seems more flavorful to white than any of the blue versions of the effect.

Black gets stuff that makes opponents choose between non-mana bad options, like Dash Hopes type counters, or Diabolic Edict effects.

Red is random, like with Gamble and Burning Inquiry (a personal favorite due to its disruptive effect on control and combo decks)

Abominable Recluse

Snow Creature - Yeti

When Abominable Recluse enters the battlefield, sacrifice all other creatures you control.


You can't cast creature spells and no creatures can enter the battlefield under your control.


I think this could be a solid Spike-Timmy card, like Rotting Regisaur.

I'd like another taxing white effect

BioProfDude on Mono-black zombies in Pioneer

4 weeks ago

Darkewarrior, thank you for the suggestions! I did not know about Blood Scrivener, and that seems like a good addition. I have thought about Rotting Regisaur, and I think I may add a "one of" as I think it could be interesting. Graf Harvest is fine if it shows up early game, not as much later. I'd rather keep the spot open for removal.

Liliana's Mastery-- a hat on a hat. Yes, that is exactly correct. That card is a house and having that much pumping makes the deck very, very dangerous. It is what I would call the "flex" spot in the deck-- where I could cut if I need, but I definitely like having a couple of copies in the deck. That card has won me a lot of games, to be honest. Two 3/3 zombies for 5 mana is definitely good. There's not much more I want to do on turn 5 or later, to be honest-- slam big zombies, make my existing zombies bigger. Sounds very aggro to me!

Thank you again for the suggestions!

Darkewarrior on Mono-black zombies in Pioneer

4 weeks ago

Rotting Regisaur & Blood Scrivener would be pretty great in this deck, and Graf Harvest would be an amazing early game enchantment, I feel like between Lord of the Accursed and Death Baron you’re giving more than enough buffs to your Zombies and Liliana's Mastery just feels like a hat on a hat and pretty unnecessary (especially sense you can do much better things turn 5+), but turn 2 menace seems like something this deck likes; you can argue that “Lord of the Accursed does the same thing” but the earliest you could use his ability is turn 4... that feels bad when you could have menace much sooner, when you actually could use it to get in for damage, for half the cost...

Devotion2GG on Rakdos Madness

1 month ago

A discussion of some of the Maybeboard cards:

  • Prized Amalgam - Simple, great creature in graveyard eccentric decks, reliable blocker and sac fodder.
  • Rix Maadi Reveler - Cycle a card, or pitch your hand and draw 3, strictly worse Ox of Agonas; which is still more than good enough.
  • Rotting Regisaur - Big beat stick, fuels the discard engine and another card that has synergy with Flamewake Phoenix.
  • Collective Brutality - Potentially snag lots of value out of this one: drain your opponent, kill a thing and look at their hand, you can even get value out of the perceived downside.

And then there's this thing...

Awaken the Erstwhile

A lot of people (probably rightfully) assume this card is just a troll, but, at least theoretically, it can be a great board-in against Control or slower Combo decks. Successfully resolving this spell could be back-breaking as long as you can live to make use of it; the zombies are nothing special, but it fuels Escape for Ox/Kroxa, and it removes your opponents hand from the equation, that means you could potentially pitch your opponents win-con or board wipe and ruin any hope they had of stabilizing while you're reaping the benefits.


Thoughts and comments are much appreciated.~

Rhadamanthus on Ironscale Hydra vs trample?

1 month ago

Assuming the Ironscale Hydra in your example has less than 8 toughness, yes you'll take some trample damage. If it's just a 5/5 you'll take a total of 5 damage.

In the combat damage step, damage is dealt only after the players are finished assigning it among the different attackers, blockers, and players involved. Effects that prevent damage are applied when damage would be dealt, and aren't taken into account while players are assigning damage.

In this example, let's assume Ironscale Hydra is still 5/5.

  • When the Hydra blocks the Rotting Regisaur holding Embercleave, your opponent can assign 5 damage to the Hydra in the first-strike damage step and 3 damage to you
  • When that damage is dealt the Hydra prevents the damage to itself, it gets a +1/+1 counter, and you take 3
  • During the regular combat damage step, your opponent can assign 6 damage to the Hydra (since it now has 6 toughness and no other damage marked on it) and 2 damage to you
  • Similar to before, when that damage is dealt the Hydra prevents the damage to itself, gets another +1/+1 counter, and you take 2
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