Huatli, Warrior Poet

Huatli, Warrior Poet

Legendary Planeswalker — Huatli

+2: You gain life equal to the greatest power among creatures you control.

0: Create a 3/3 green Dinosaur creature token with trample.

-X: Huatli, Warrior Poet deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures. Creatures dealt damage this way can't block this turn.

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Huatli, Warrior Poet Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Dino Deck

11 months ago

Huatli, Warrior Poet is actually not the best Dino planeswalker available. If you have the choice, Samut, the Tested is way better.

Mortlocke on The Predator of Predators

1 year ago

KevinLandonChanning, thanks for the words of praise! Zacama is definitely one of my favorite commanders - she offers a depth and complexity that in my opinion is not characteristic of Naya in general - she's just so much more than "turn right, win fight". I'm uh, not exactly sure what you mean by "converting" the deck you mentioned. Are you saying I inspired someone to change commanders? If so, could you link that deck?

I'm grateful that you used my deck as a reference for your own, I hope my deck page/explanation of combos are of use to you. As for Atla Palani, Nest Tender, her inclusion is solely to take advantage of Marauding Raptor's deal 2 damage... ability. The two cards essentially guarantee that for each Atla activation I get a new creature into play for only once per turn. (I call the combo "The Marauding Nursery"). Plus there are other cards that can be swapped in for Marauding Raptor, namely Huatli, Warrior Poet and Pyrohemia. So I guess what i'm trying to say is that Atla is well within a subtheme of her own - cheating big creatures into play.

You're right that my deck is really light on recursion. The only option that's within theme is Atzocan Seer. But, i'm having a hard time figuring out where to put it. It's a decent mana dork, but it's primary function late game is to help me retrieve a big dino. I think i'll likely swap it in for one of the Talismans.

I'm glad you bought a Playmat! Rachel Weeks is an amazing artist and member of the Magic: The Gathering Community. I'm just happy to support her.

thom-le on

1 year ago

Hey, nice deck! I'm also brewing on Gishath, Sun's Avatar, my actual thoughts are on board whipes before playing the commander. Nevinyrral's Disk, Magus of the Disk, Oblivion Stone can make a clean battlefield, which makes an attack with Gishath, Sun's Avatar (maybe) more effective. Also by playing mana ramp sorceries your lands wouldn't be affected..

If you are playing mana artifacts consider Arcane Signet and/ or Talisman of Impulse. And is there a specific reason playing Huatli, Warrior Poet?

Mortlocke on The Predator of Predators

1 year ago

ScionsStillLive, Enrage is a sub-theme within the deck, having multiple creatures and enablers that make the subtheme a thing alongside Dino tribal. The main reason why I've stuck with Enrage is because of Polyraptor - it is a valid alternate wincon that can easily swarm and stomp the board with one of the many different Enrage enablers in the deck e.g. Huatli, Warrior Poet, Forerunner of the Empire...really you could just read my primer and get more than enough in terms of an explanation. The point is, it's a legit subtheme of this deck - and it would only benefit the deck more to have more spells that can help enable triggers in a reliable fashion. What would really be best is if Wizards printed mo' betta Dinosaurs with Enrage. But I won't hold my breath.

SpeedOfLightning on Jurassic World: The Indominus Strikes Back

1 year ago

CardTyrant Thanks for commenting!! Yeah, I agree. The Huatli's really haven't been pulling much weight, although Huatli, Warrior Poet's ultimate did get me win one game. But I could definitely cut Dinosaur Knight, and the corresponding dinosaur that goes with it. And sure, I'll give those other two cards a shot!!

Yeah, I've been eyeing some of the cards coming from Ikoria. Thrilled to see more dinosaurs, and I've already preordered a couple of cheap Godzilla cards...because Godzilla.

Anyways, thanks again for commenting!! I'd love to hear more of your thoughts when you get a chance!

ArfiGames on Dinosaur Hub/Primer

1 year ago

No problem, I’m glad it helped you some. It was good for me too since I think I’ll add some some of the thoughts to my lacking Sideboard section (I’ve been meaning to put one in for a while!)

I think Shadowspear would be a fantastic idea! I haven’t pick any up myself yet but it would still be pretty good having it out and an Embercleave at the same time. Being able to give two different creatures Trample would be nice.

Were you thinking of replacing Embercleave with it? I think that could still work but a split of something like 2-2 or even 3-3 would be pretty good. I’d lean more to 3-3 unless the creature count is a little low.

The Lifelink on Shadowspear would be a great addition since it’s something Dinos kinda lack. There are other ways I’ve gained life in the past (Huatli, Warrior Poet and Verdant Sun's Avatar) but the fact Trample come along with it is incredibly valuable I feel.

Nemesis on The Story, the Saga, of …

1 year ago

I know you're all about Elspeth, but you're channeling a bit of Huatli, Warrior Poet more than anything here.

Nice job, it was a fun read!

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