Selesnya Charm

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Selesnya Charm


Choose one —

  • Target creature gets +2/+2 and gains trample until end of turn.
  • Exile target creature with power 5 or greater.
  • Create a 2/2 white Knight creature token with vigilance.

lhetrick13 on For Honor and Glory!!!

5 months ago

Thanks for the love KBK7101 & Yogei!

@ Yogei - The deck plays pretty quick with Collected Company being the only 3+ CMC card in the deck. It is a shame Thalia's Lieutenant is not a knight as it actually does work in this deck with the strong human presence and Worthy Knight.

I have looked at the Populate mechanic but never really considered it for this deck. With only Worthy Knight and Selesnya Charm being the only token creation, I feel like the Populate would wiff the majority of the time. The deck I actually considered using the cards you suggest is my cat token deck Feline Feelings, which is a cat tribal built around cats and their ability to make kittens. That deck does not have a SB, which I need to fix, but this is where you would see at lot of these cards at. Rootborn Defenses could be swapped out for Heroic Intervention but losing Hexproof is a large tradeoff...Nothing worse than casting Leonin Warleader the turn prior, then casting Anointed Procession to gear up for an attack only to have Warleader get exiled or destroyed by an instant spell :(

Yogei on For Honor and Glory!!!

5 months ago

I really like the look of this deck, it seems thoughtfully put together with strong synergies and a clear strategy. Plenty of lords rarely go wrong and I can imagine the deck having a strong board presence. The Thalia's Lieutenant + Worthy Knight combo seems particularly strong. It’s also interesting to see Knight Exemplar and Dauntless Bodyguard used in a different way from how I play them myself.

I have one suggestion for you. Since you seem unsure about Selesnya Charm have you looked at the populate mechanic? Rootborn Defenses or Growing Ranks come to mind, but there are other cards too. You would loose some utility yes, but in the case of Rootborn Defences protection via indestructibility is powerful, and populate could work well together with your creature tokens. Best case scenario you’d populate a Human Token which triggers Thalia's Lieutenant.

Good luck with the deck, I’ll have a look at your other knight decks when I’m able ;)

lhetrick13 on For Honor and Glory!!!

8 months ago

TheReal_MtGHaystak - I have had some good luck with Selesnya Charm being a decent removal card for those pesky big creatures or just adding an extra knight when removal is not needed so it has shown me some value...I have not tested out Dromoka's Command yet but it is on the Maybe board with the though of exchanging it for Selesnya Charm as you suggested. It might take me a bit to do the play testing but I did want to investigate that as a possibility.

If only there was a low cost green and white instant that gave the the option to exile creature/plainswalker, make a knight, exile an artifact/enchantment, gain life, fight target creature, or draw cards...I would be in business!

wallisface on For Honor and Glory!!!

8 months ago


If it were me, i’d be going:

I’m not convinced Steward of Valeron will be particularly helpful. A 2-mana mana-dork is a bit clumsy, and if your opponent is trying to slow you down, bolting this turn-2 could put you irreversibly behind

lhetrick13 on For Honor and Glory!!!

8 months ago

wallisface - It has changed a lot over the last week or two! I can claim a tiny bit of the credit but mostly it is all due to others who have commented. As I mentioned, it has been really interesting to get other's perspectives on this so thanks for sharing!

I understand your feelings about Selesnya Charm. I needed something to take the place of Prismatic Ending so I added that mostly as a filler until I could find/think of something better. I liked how Prismatic Ending exiled any non-land permanent allowing artifact, enchantment, plainswalker, or creature removal but without the three colors, it lost all utility here. At least Selesnya Charm can rid the board of powerful creatures or provide me other options if not needed but I am not attached to it. Any suggestions (different removal cards, defensive spell cards, offensve spell cards, add more creatures instead, add more lands instead, etc)?

In regard to your second point, you are not wrong that I have games where I struggle with mana. Usually since I just need four or so to make the deck function, I do fine but sometimes I sit there and Knight of the White Orchid saves me! Assuming I keep 3xSelesnya Charm or something similar, how would you feel about adding in a few copies of Steward of Valeron. That would give me the ability to get that extra mana while still keeping at least the same number of creatures.

wallisface on For Honor and Glory!!!

8 months ago

Its been a long time since i’ve read this list, and it looks like its come a really long and positive way! Congrats on the improvements. My current thoughts are:

  • I’m personally really not sold on either Selesnya Charm or Silverblade Paladin. The first card just feels to janky and “meh”, while the second feels like a very steep mana cost for a relatively average ability - if you can run Mirran Crusader instead, you should be.

  • It feels like you want to be hitting 3 mana asap, and reach 4 mana in a timely fashion. You need at least 23 lands imo to reliably achieve this. Using anything lower than this feels like there’ll be too many games where the deck loses to itself.

HeyItsYoshe on Galea: Age of Voltron

10 months ago

(Yeah hey I'm Reece's friend and I had nothing else happening so I thought I'd take a peek at the deck. First of all, it's a pretty sweet deck, I love this commander and how you decided to build it. Everything I'm saying here are just suggestions to help you enjoy your deck more. Do with it what you will.)

  1. Due to the final activated ability on The World Tree, it actually has a color identity of all 5 colors, so it can't be run in this 3-color deck. If you want a great resource for finding better lands, I'd recommend looking on
  2. Enlightened Tutor is pretty expensive money-wise, but of you're proxying or playing online it is a fantastic tutor that also sets the card to the top of your library to let Galea cast it with her ability
  3. This deck is pretty heavy on board wipes in my opinion, but if you like them, keep them. It might be worth running more ways to give your commander indestructible or totem armor such as Hammer of Nazahn or Eel Umbra so that she's not caught in the crossfire. These can also replace instants doing a similar thing for just 1 turn, such as Heroic Intervention
  4. Have a backup plan for if your opponents decide to kill Galea, Kindler of Hope every time she comes out before she can get protected. You may want to run more creatures to have other targets for your buffs. Many good options in the Maybeboard
  5. You have plenty of defensive interaction to protect yourself (maybe even too much), but not nearly as much offensive interaction to stop others. Cards like Beast Within or Generous Gift are incredible tools to deal with any problem. Or, consider more cards that have multiple modes such as Selesnya Charm or Primal Command so that you can choose when to help yourself or slow down opponents as needed
  6. Generally speaking you'll probably want more card draw. Spidersilk Net feels great when you cast it off the top of your library for free, but if your hand gets filled with cards like that you'll feel like you can't do anything. Sram, Senior Edificer is the perfect kind of card draw engine this deck wants to see, more things like him will help immensely.
  7. Since your deck isn't racing as fast as possible to get Galea out, ramp like Avacyn's Pilgrim and Llanowar Elves become a bit more of a liability. If you want more reliable ramp, consider switching them for more effects that put lands from your library into play. These effects have the added benefit of shuffling your deck afterwards, so once Galea is out you can use them to get a new card on top.
  8. Be very careful with "protection from color" effects in this deck. Giving a creature "protection from white" will cause any white auras attached to it to fall of and be sent to the graveyard, as they can no longer target the creature.
  9. Assault Suit is very funny. Use at your own risk...
  10. If you like Trophy Mage, you'll love Tribute Mage and Trinket Mage. Similarly:


Hope this helps! ~Yoshe

seshiro_of_the_orochi on NAYA MEGAMULTICOLOR | GOLD CARDS OH MY

11 months ago

Sorry for the triple post, but I missed some cards:

Verdant Eidolon

Seal of the Guildpact

Selesnya Charm

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