Prowling Felidar

Prowling Felidar

Creature — Cat Beast


Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Prowling Felidar.

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Prowling Felidar Discussion

Rorolith on mono white

6 months ago

So, take into account what kind of deck you want to play. Aggro? Cut the board wipes. Control? Add more removal, take most of your creatures out. I'm going to work ona n aggro gameplan since that looks like whre your deck is leaning towards.

Cut: Tragic Poet

Prowling Felidar

Lagonna-Band Trailblazer

Knight of New Benalia

Dwarven Priest

Archon of Emeria (You are an aggro deck and want to be able to cast more than one creature in the same turn)

Rustwing Falcon

Djeru, With Eyes Open (you run no planeswalkers, also a bad card)

Adamant Will

Aegis of the Heavens

Blessed Light

Divine Verdict

Squire's Devotion

Slash of Talons

Smite the Monstrous All your sorcerys

Lithoform Engine

Hieromancer's Cage


On Serra's Wings

Novice Knight you run no equipment

4 plains

Now this might seem like a lot, but I will give you some suggestions for cards that will help further your gameplan

Creatures: currently you are running some really good cards as one ofs and bad cards with more copies, such as; Dauntless Bodyguard , Leonin Vanguard , Hunted Witness , Luminarch Aspirant Venerated Loxodon which is a great finisher, and Speaker of the Heavens .

You could run 1 more Ajani's Pridemate and 4x Soul Warden

Legion's Landing  Flip is a very good card, so I would keep it.

Removal: If you want to go with some of the best white removal ever printed that is modern legal, but a little expensive, go with Path to Exile . If not Path to Exile would be much better than Hieromancer's Cage , Conclave Tribunal is pretty good, but I wouldn't run more than 5 removal spells since you want to be going wide with your creatures and a hand ful of removal will just stall the game and you will lose in the end. You want to end the game fast while maintaining a high life score.

metalrayn on Alert Heedbonder PDH

7 months ago

i think you would benefit from Auramancer and Trusty Retriever

i would drop commune with nature and relentless pursuit for Return to Nature

then prob drop fist of iron wood, recruit the worthy and Krosan Tusker to make space for more creatures with vigilance. i think you would be much happier with a higher creature count.

Diving Griffin , Gallant Cavalry , Ikiral Outrider , Parhelion Patrol , Prowling Felidar and Elvish Herder are all cards i would consider

also you might not have enough green creatures for Ivy Lane Denizen.

take this all with a grain of salt. no idea what is correct until you test it.

Murphy77 on M Garenbrig

1 year ago

My first version of this deck included Feline Sovereign in place of Iridescent Hornbeetle. The rest of the deck uses landfall to ramp up creature attack and defense. 1 Felidar Retreat and 1 Territorial Scythecat on the field for 2 landfalls will produce a 6/5 kitty with trample and vigilance. Prowling Felidar will also get very big, very quickly. Both these cards are in the deck because they will grow into monster cats. Iridescent Hornbeetle is the best token generator for this deck and with Prowling Felidar will produce a swarm of 2/2 tokens with vigilance and ": tap creature that your opponent controls"

Murphy77 on A Basic Guide to Selesnyan Counting

1 year ago

The 3 Felidars from Zendikar Rising combine in an interesting fashion. Felidar Retreat generates +1/+1 counters and gives your creatures vigilance. Prowling Felidar generates counters with landfall but quickly becomes a powerful attacking creature. Frondland Felidar allows you to tap any creature with vigilance to tap a creature that your opponent controls.

Iridescent Hornbeetle and Scute Swarm then generate loads of tokens that can take +1/+1 counters, gain vigilance and tap, to tap your opponent's creatures. Hopefully this will leave your bigger creatures with no blockers