Svella, Ice Shaper

Svella, Ice Shaper

Legendary Snow Creature — Troll Warrior

, : Create a colorless snow artifact token named Icy Manalith with ": Gain one mana of any color."

, : Look at the top four cards of your library. You may cast a spell from among them without paying its mana cost. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Standard Legal

Svella, Ice Shaper Discussion

Brutal_B on Who to lead my Eldrazi …

1 week ago

I use Kruphix, God of Horizons to head up my eldrazi invasion. His ability to store colorless mana is the "ramp" you want plus he gives you access to blue for lots of scry, draw, clone, counter, etc. Although I gotta admit that Kruphix is fairly popular when it comes to eldrazi tribal EDH and maybe to played for your liking...

And then there's Svella, Ice Shaper who essentially makes Manalith s for you and will tutor up the big eldrazi. He offers up green for your ramp and red for dudes like Rapacious One and Vile Aggregate .

smilodex on Best Commanders in EDH [Tier List]

1 month ago

@Blacandrin: It looks like you've played against weak Kenrith decks so far (or your opponents were just unlucky). Because there are about 10 000+ different good Kenrith decks out there. A 5 color deck can be more inconsistent than a monocolored deck, but in cEDH it is partly the other way around, since the budget is often irrelevant. If a 5 colored deck has a perfect manabase and pretty much every playable tutor, then you just have to choose one of the different wincons and win with it. The most common ones at the moment are of course consultation / oracle and underworld breach lines. In kenrith there are no limits, and kenrith itself is a wincon (which means infinite mana = win), too. If you are interested, just have a look at the cEDH database and look at all the different 5 color top tier decks ;)

@ Commander_JAR: We've thought alot about Svella, Ice Shaper , but we've come to the conclusion that it's a solid card, but a bit overrated and that there are a lot of better gruul commanders out there. However, he would be one of the better casual commanders, the troll is probably even at the lower end of high power as you say. Let's see, maybe it will be pushed to high power in the upcoming updates because he has the necessary properties/stats.

Commander_JAR on Best Commanders in EDH [Tier List]

2 months ago

Svella, Ice Shaper - casual.....I respectfully disagree and hope to see her bumped to high power before the year is out.

TCK_Green on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

2 months ago

I've noticed some of the Kaldheim token-creating cards don't have the tokens linked - I don't know how much of the set this is an issue for, but ones that are definitely on the list include:

worldmaker1 on Svella, ice shaper

3 months ago

my dude, you have to change your basic lands, snow cards like Svella, Ice Shaper can only be cast if you have snow lands. also Kenrith's Transformation is good removal, and you most likely want Rings of Brighthearth and Darksteel Forge