Infernal Contract

Infernal Contract


Draw four cards. You lose half your life, rounded up.

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Infernal Contract Discussion

Swim_ish on I'm Greven You a Problem

5 months ago

Grind, while Infernal Contract does offer a good source of life loss, I prefer to have more control over that life loss instead of shooting my life down halfway to draw 4 cards. Chances are I'd be able to take someone out, but I'd have a massive target on my back with a lot less life and only 4 cards to show for it.

Grind on I'm Greven You a Problem

5 months ago

Sweet deck!!
Any thoughts on Infernal Contract ?

Mattio38 on K’rrakaka

5 months ago

Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Grind I thought of that card too, and I'm still a little bit in doubt. The thing is you usually get about 10 to 13 lands in play before the game is over, right? So I wonder how much Cabal Stronghold actually bring me... Only since turn 6 he's of some value... Now on the other hand, there is no real downside to the card. So perhaps you're right and it's worth the try.

Massacar, Cabal Coffers is right now too expensive. If I still really like the deck after playing it a couple of times I might invest into it more and I'mma get my hands on that sweet little uncommon again! Now I really like your question. I've seen some cEDH decks running Doomsday with Infernal Contract and comboing off in turn 3, 2 or even turn 1. That doesn't sounds like a lot of fun to me. I'm thinking a powerlevel somewhere around an 8, according to the Command Zone power level guide. I think K'rrik in turn 3 and a big impactful black creature in turn 4 can be fun to play, be very powerful but at the same time not broken or cEDH.

Tips and suggestions are most appreciated!


Balaam__ on Death's shadow Life drain

8 months ago

Sarcomancy seems the most sketchy thing here to me. I get that you want to siphon off some of your life total to make Death's Shadow activate, but once the enchantment hits play you’ll have little control over pinging yourself to death, should anything interfere with your ability to have a zombie on field. Just a little bit of spot removal could land you in a world of hurt, particularly if you aren’t drawing lands due to low land counts.

The rest of your self destructive cards are all under your control. If it isn’t profitable at the moment, simply don’t play them. And when you do, it’s a once-and-done affair.

I’d swap out all four Sarcomancy’s and two of the Infernal Contracts for 6 more lands, preferably fetchlands if it’s within your budget. That’ll keep your ping counts roughly the same with the added benefit of thinning your deck in the process for more consistent draws from that point on. Take all this with a grain of NaCl, as I have not played a Death’s Shadow build as of yet. That’s just an observation from a distance. It’s your deck, assemble it however you like.

Grind on Black Maelstrom

1 year ago

cheers to you for running Infernal Contract in an edh deck.
I think its a super cool card but never had the cojones to run it in commander.

Dnonymous on Volrath - No School, like Old School.

1 year ago

I really, REALLY love this deck. You've done something awesome here. Every card evokes that teenage metal head comic book prog rock cartridge video game kinda feel you know? You've got me really wanting to try something similar with white though I'm not sure it would scale to a modern game of commander quite as well. Great work!

Here are some cards I think could be cool:

Mana Vault Greed Memory Jar Infernal Contract Ancient Tomb Chainer, Dementia Master Grim Monolith Terrain Generator Scroll Rack And I'm always happy when I have Strip Mine

Mostly I think the deck needs some more ways to keep it's hand full but beyond that it looks really solid over all.

BreakthroughArtist on k'rrik lichdom

1 year ago

Diamond Mare Copper Gnomes?

I imagine we can cut a bunch of cards for stuff like Treacherous Blessing, maybe even Liliana's contract?

I'm not really comfortable with so few tutors for Lich's Mastery - is there any way where resolving Behold the Beyond just wins us the game?

Mausoleum Secrets into Mortal Combat ^_^

Sidisi, Undead Vizier

Demonic Consultation

is it worth it to us to run Liliana Vess?

dirty doomsday pile: Infernal Contract into Sacrifice or whatever ritual, then Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Viscera Seer + Walking Ballista

toastySmorc on K'rrik TurboStone - Shadowborn Apostle(Primer)

1 year ago

Allow me to introduce a Doomsday combo that I don't think people have mentioned.

Doomsday fetching Infernal Contract, Sacrifice, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, Walking Ballista and Carrion Feeder. Use Infernal contract to draw the other four. Sacrifice K'rrik for 7 and cast the other three cards for an infinite Mikaeus loop.

This is a pretty small package that still allows you to win out of nowhere when your main plan is disrupted.

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