Sword of Feast and Famine

Sword of Feast and Famine

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has protection from black and from green.

Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card and you untap all lands you control.


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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Legacy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Limited Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Highlander Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
1v1 Commander Legal

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Sword of Feast and Famine Discussion

B0NGUS on Atraxa Queen of Voltron

12 hours ago

Hello SirChris39! Love your name, do you like Jeskai decks or like one of the many nation's with R/W/B flags??

Anyway, I recommend you swap Mana Vault for Sword of Feast and Famine . Mana Vault has obvious downsides despite being a powerful card. However, with the Sword of Feast and Famine , your lands will untap, providing more (colored) mana than Mana Vault can. And it would be more reliable too.

In general, you need more ramp spells and a big mana base adjustment to get your inner and outer color pies more in line with each other. As it stands now in your color pie, you're only reliably prepared to cast Blue or Black spells, and woefully underprepared to cast White or Green spells.

Monomanamaniac on Equipping Godhood

3 days ago

Just keep in mind That if you put Sword of War and Peace on your commander that all of your colored enchantments will fall off. I get it if it's your only sword of, but really it's the worst possible one for this deck. Honestly it's probably still worth running but if you can I'd go in for Sword of Feast and Famine . Also you might want to consider Darksteel Plate if you're running worldslayer, that or Avacyn, Angel of Hope so you don't lose tempo. I know i don't have much budget suggestions, but that's not a bad thing, it means that you've pretty much got all the elements you need for it to be decent and now you just need the high dollar cards to make the deck go next level. On that note Teferi's Protection for your sunforger package, as well as Unbreakable Formation . Embercleave could do some work for you and will soon see a huge price drop. Then just tutors Steelshaper's Gift and Enlightened Tutor .

Again, not trying to be negative on your build. I know essentially nothing i mentioned is affordable, but it's going to be the top end cards that you should consider to get you to the highest level. If you want i could do a deep dive for ya, just let me know

locustPLAGUE on Rograhk and Kediss

1 week ago

Some cards you probably want but just haven't encountered:

Brute Force , Crimson Wisps , Expedite , Fists of Flame , Soul's Fire , Swiftfoot Boots

Mutavault to help against edicts and give you an extra attacker. Lots of other cards do this but not as efficiently

Break Through the Line double duty

Shadowspear helps you beat other aggro decks and occasionally saves your ass with the activated ability

Mana Stuff:

Sol Ring , Braid of Fire , Runaway Steam-Kin , Sword of Feast and Famine , Chandra, Torch of Defiance

Kari Zev's Expertise , Goatnap , Claim the Firstborn , Wrangle , or any Threaten with an upside really

jakeyuki12 on Boros Bashing

2 weeks ago

Alrighty, so if you want more extra combats then two of the cards I suggest are Waves of Aggression and Aggravated Assault . The first has retrace, so you can use it multiple times. The second is an enchantment that can be used repeatedly (as a side note, it also combos well with the Sword of Feast and Famine you already run as well as Neheb, the Eternal ). Aside from that, you've got the most important extra combat stuff like Moraug, Fury of Akoum and World at War . And Aurelia, of course.

If you want to lean more into the "big boros" strategy, then you need to be able to answer this question: how am I going to ramp/cheat out these big creatures? Red has acces to some really good ritual effects ( Jeska's Will , Mana Geyser ). Red has also been getting a ton of ways to make treasure tokens. You could always run good ol' mana rocks. As far as cheating out, red has access to sneak attack effects ( Ilharg, the Raze-Boar , Sneak Attack , Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded ). White has access to a handful of reanimation spells (and red has Feldon of the Third Path ).

As far as what to cut, I would cut a lot of the equipment. Equipment has a lot of good support, so much that it would prefer its own deck. I would focus on wheel effects for your card draw since impulsive draw is bad if you have a ton of big cmc cards in the deck.

jakeyuki12 on Heavenly Assault

4 weeks ago

Hiya! First off, the amount of lands you run is going to lead to a lot of mulligans (because you don't have enough lands in hand) and a lot of missed land drops. I recommend upping your land count to 36.

Next, I think you need more ramp. Your deck has a big curve, so you'll need some ramp to not fall behind the other players that are ramping.

Next, I think your deck needs more proper card draw, otherwise you're gonna run out of steam or get blown out by a boardwipe or both.

I think your deck needs more removal to deal with opposing threats.

Finally, I think you should cut down on equipment. Equipment can give keywords, but you won't need the equipment to give your creatures keywords if your creatures already have a ton of keywords, which most of them look like they do. Equipment encourage a go-tall strategy, your commander encourages go-wide, so they don't synergize well. Leave in the really good ones like Sword of Feast and Famine and maybe Dowsing Dagger  Flip, otherwise cut the rest.

BronzeArrow on Ur-Dragon Redux

1 month ago

Hey! I have a pretty similar deck that I am building and looking at your deck has given me ideas for changing up my own. Cool list! Here are some suggestions of mine:

I would like to say that Glorybringer is an amazing card that doubles as removal as well as being a hasty dragon for Sword of Feast and Famine, Bear Umbra, or any other attack triggering cards you may have.

Also, Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner is an amazing addition to a deck like this because it ramps and draws cards at the same time! Untapping artifacts is fun.

Morophon, the Boundless is an interesting card to look at too if you want cheaper and stronger dragons (not to mention 4 mana Ur-Dragon). It also counts as a dragon itself!

If you want to see what I have. here is a link to mine: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ur-dragon-competitive-midrange/

Again, really cool deck. Ur-Dragon is fun to play!

Mortlocke on Atraxa’s Endless Scream

1 month ago

I always love seeing more Atraxa decks, so +1 from me. This take is rather different, but I honestly find your whole game plan very difficult to follow. What is your wincon? Is it Commander damage ala Endless Scream? You seem to prioritize a path less travelled by avoiding superfriends (which is super non-vorthos and not very interesting in my opinion) and +1/+1 counters. What would be the most helpful in this situation is if you sat down and wrote a proper deck description detailing your intent, budget, primary synergies, combos, and wincons. Right now your deck's description is very barebones and I can only guess at possibly useful card suggestions to you. A good resource for getting a deck description together is Epochalyptik's Do You Want to Write a Primer?. It provides a nice skeleton for writing a detailed deck description for all visitors to your deckpage to enjoy.

Onward to your listed combos - Atraxa, Praetors' Voice + Endless Scream doesn't place counters on Atraxa to proliferate, correct? It's just a static boost in power? Might I suggest using a sword instead? Specifically Sword of Feast and Famine. It does so much more than Endless Scream in that it provides protection, ramp, as well as pumping both power and toughness. Altar of Shadows + Black Market - I fail to see the synergy here, and would appreciate an explanation. The only possible synergy I could see is that they have similar effects that trigger on the precombat main phase...but that's it.

Since it is clear you want to avoid +1/+1 counters, might I suggest you try out Darksteel Reactor? It synergizes very well with Atraxa and can be a viable alternate wincon given enough proliferation triggers.

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