Lair of the Hydra

Lair of the Hydra


If you control two or more other lands, this enters the battlefield tapped.

: Gain .

: Until end of turn, this becomes an X/X green Hydra creature, This is still a land. X can't be 0.

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Lair of the Hydra Discussion

dannecticut on Big Stompy

4 days ago

AttackDude, Werewolf Pack Leader is definitely in. In fact, my preorder just shipped today, so I'm excited to try her out soon!

Your Treefolk deck reminded me of Dungrove Elder . Could be a good card to add too. Maybe split 2:2 with Groundbreaker .

I'm not sure about Lair of the Hydra . It's cool that it can come in untapped sometimes, but it takes 4 mana to become a worse creature than Treetop Village becomes for only 2 mana, so I don't think it's as good.

AttackDude on Big Stompy

4 days ago

What about Lair of the Hydra ?