Monologue Tax

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Monologue Tax


Whenever an opponent casts their second spell each turn, you create a Treasure token.


5 months ago

Interesting list! It seems like you are trying to go somewhat voltron which I find odd.

Here's some cards I found kinda weird: Grafted Wargear, Cement Shoes, Vorpal Sword, Whispersilk Cloak, Goldmire Bridge, Phyresis

I don't think Magnetic Theft is needed.

Run Agent of Erebos over Curse of Oblivion

I'd suggest Brilliant Restoration over Tiana, Ship's Caretaker. My problem with Tiana is that she has to be out when your stuff is destroyed. Brilliant Restoration get everything and is a great top deck.

Cards I'd consider adding: Blind Obedience, Court of Ambition, Court of Grace, Crawlspace, Curse of Conformity, Curse of Disturbance, Curse of Fool's Wisdom, Curse of Opulence, Curse of Silence, Curse of the Nightly Hunt, Ghostly Prison, Mesa Enchantress, Monologue Tax, Torment of Scarabs, Trespasser's Curse

Max_Hammer on Mardu Treasures

5 months ago

Hello friend! I have some suggestions! I had way too much time today, so here you go.

Relatively cheap, potent, and just perfect upgrades.

This bit is, of course, focused on making as many treasures as your board can bear.

Great, now you have all of these treasures, now what are you going to do with them?

  • Frogmite, Lens Flare, Scale of Chiss-Goria, Tooth of Chiss-Goria, Mycosynth Golem, Slag Strider, Furnace Dragon, and Myr Enforcer are all notable cards you could add, since they pretty much become free after a while, though mostly pretty useless.

  • Forsworn Paladin is pretty good token generation early game, but really shines with the second ability where it can instantly punish anyone blocking or attacking you recklessly.

  • Marionette Master is going to pack a punch.

  • Dargo, the Shipwrecker is super cheap for a 7/5 with trample.

  • Enraged Giant, Freejam Regent, Battle at the Bridge, Saheeli's Directive, Herald of Anguish, and Organic Extinction are all pretty solid additions, since they don’t make you sacrifice anything in exchange for it.

  • Ruthless Technomancer has a million combos with (like Dockside Extortionist+sac outlet) and is just pretty good on its own.

  • Leonin Elder is just one life, but when you’re playing a treasure deck, that one life will definitely add up.

  • Underhanded Designs is a murder or a poke engine, which is very snazzy.

  • Glaze Fiend is pretty scary, considering that it has trample.

  • Dragonspark Reactor could be a bit of removal in your back pocket or your wincon.

  • Arcbound Crusher’s design team didn’t anticipate just how many artifacts I was planning on throwing onto the field.

  • Professional Face-Breaker is just like Grim Hireling, in that it makes treasure tokens, but more importantly, it gives you something else. You get a load of impulse draw, which is really nice when you have loads of mana.

  • Magda, Brazen Outlaw is just an artifact tutor, really. Though, there are plenty of treasure loving dragons you could also fish for. (:

  • Kalain, Reclusive Painter loves treasures, giving everyone big buffs.

  • Swashbuckler Extraordinaire can give anything that might be sensitive to dying double strike for a big final push. That, or just give one big boy double strike.

  • Their Number is Legion gets you lots of life and lots of tokens.

  • Necron Overlord is just a worse Ghirapur, but it’s still gonna hurt.

  • Street Urchin is the same idea as the above.

  • Armix, Filigree Thrasher could be some annoying removal, especially early game.

  • Hellkite Igniter is a big boy that, if left unblocked, could be a one hit kill.

  • Feedback Bolt is a big, powerful spell. To put it simply: ouch.

  • Fain, the Broker can make treasures, can make +1/+1’s, and can make little spooky boys. The best type of boys. Great utility and variety overall.

  • Rain of Riches is big. One cascading spell a turn, whichever one you want? Imagine dropping Feedback Bolt and cascading into Hellkite Igniter.

  • Captain Lannery Storm is innocent… Until you leave her unblocked like a dummy.

  • Concussive Bolt can be an easy kill, letting you get as much damage as you want through.

  • Dispense Justice is just like saying “Fuck your voltron.”

  • It seems you also like having and sacrificing constructs, so here’s a bit to let you do more of that, if you’d prefer to have a construct deck over a treasure token deck.

    • Shared Animosity will give constructs a boost, but there really isn’t a specific theme across creature types aside from that, and your constructs are better used for chump blocking or just turning them into scrap. Ignore this if you’re going for more of a construct tribal sort of thing.

    • Fable of the Mirror-Breaker  Flip is a good card, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think it’s really necessary.

    • Rakdos Charm could be replaced with something better as far as artifact removal or graveyard hate. Nihil Spellbomb would be good graveyard hate and Generous Gift is just a good white staple.

    • Comet Storm is fun, but Crackle with Power is more fun.

    Kashai on LifeGain

    6 months ago

    Some changes im thinking about

    switching out Blighted Steppe, Shambling Vent and Vault of the Archangel for Maze of Ith, Mystifying Maze and Reliquary Tower

    Monologue Tax for Dark Tutelage

    Words of Worship for Venser's Journal

    and Brainstorm for Counterspell

    overall these would lean the deck further into control and with the amount of card draw adds some needed increased hand size options


    plakjekaas on EDH Color Stereotypes _(Reddit meme)_

    8 months ago

    Reducing the whole color to just Smothering Tithe and maybe Monologue Tax goes a little too far, if you ask me.

    Stardragon on Are Treasure Tokens Now too …

    10 months ago

    to put simply yes.

    While i appreciate what treasure tokens are mostly for (temporary mana fixing) and it can go flavorwise on any plane since every plane will have a treasure of some sort that is highly valued or regarded

    I feel like they making to many for each plane (1 or 2 a plane isn't bad but more than that is too much unless the treasure itself is a focus (like on Ixalan).) but once again green is getting way to much and unneeded treasure support while colors that need it (namely White and blue) are getting shafted yes ik white has Smothering Tithe and Monologue Tax but that's it (at this point I almost feel like Wizards should just cut white from the pie they shaft it enough as is and don't really give it the love it so desperately needs (and white is my least played color and even I can see the lack of love they give overall).)

    So to reiterate while I like treasure as a concept they to 1. dial it back a bit on the amount printed and 2. focus on giving them to the colors that need it (again not green!!!!)

    Krom3 on Giada, Font of Hope EDH

    10 months ago

    Cathars is an amazing card but works well when you're able to get multiple creatures on the field a turn (especially with tokens), with Angels you're usually doing 1 or 2 due to higher CMC and white isn't the best at ramp as it is however, its definitely not a bad card and will still put in work in the deck so if it's a pet card feel free to keep it in

    Also if you're gonna go anthems and add more enchantment anthems you could look into Mesa Enchantress and of course Sigil of the Empty Throne if you decide to lean heavier into enchantments as well. Smothering Tithe and Monologue Tax will also be easy adds for the ramp unless you don't own tithe that cards expensive these days lol.

    MattN7498 on Ur-Dragon's Multiverse Onslaught | *PRIMER*

    10 months ago

    Pascal1993 I would take out some of the bigger and expensive cards for more interaction, tutors and removal. With this deck, in wanting to get all the cool dragon stuff in, there's a tradeoff of slots you're allowing yourself to be able to do that. With everything I have included, I want to be playing these dragons which can only leave so much room for the cheaper cards mentioned.

    Delrimus Thanks! I haven't really because there's a lot of situations where you're wanting to drop this card and attack to get the trigger and expecting the table to go around a whole turn is just asking too much. And there may be even some instances where you don't have a 6 power dragon as there are some lower power dragons in the deck. These types of effects are more efficient on other cards like Sneak Attack which I think are better for the deck.

    Drboom151 Other fetches, expensive tutors, original dual lands, etc. They don't really add to the dragon themed deck idea. You can certainly do it if you have the cards/want to. I just don't think they're necessary for what I'm wanting :)

    Willen So Bootleggers' Stash does nothing in this deck that can't make use of the artifacts or is a dedicated lands deck. Even if it combos with one dragon, which is one asking for a lot and two isn't good enough. It's a 6 mana do nothing artifact when you cast it. Then during your next turn, to make use of the effect, you have to cast nothing to get treasures. Sure you might be able to make 1-2 mana at the end of each turn if you don't use all your mana but there are cheaper cards that can do that better and expecting this card to live when artifacts can be easily destroyed in this format just isn't enough. It's better in a Korvold deck where you can instantly convert it into actual resources. Atsushi, the Blazing Sky isn't exciting enough or impactful enough for me to include him. The first effect might end up in spots where you're not able to actually cast the cards and lose out on access to them in your deck. And even if there are a small amount of treasure synergy cards, having 3 cards to justify when the list is already tight isn't enough for me. Plus there's going to be better dragons coming in the future. With Smuggler's Share, I was on this card when it spoiled but after looking it, I compare it to Rhystic Study. I don't have it in the deck anymore as I felt like I didn't need it on top of the other dragon related enchantments I already have. Even if I'm able to get the value on other peoples turns, it feels very Monologue Tax like to me as I'm always wanting it to trigger rather than having to rely on my opponents. So if I'm not running Rhystic, why bother running this? And no, Silumgar's Scorn doesn't justify running one counter spell. If I wanted this effect, I would just run Counterspell. But having these few slots dedicated to a small things dilutes the deck. If you're does a lot of small things of things then it doesn't do anything. I'm wanting to ramp and cast dragons early and start beating face. If my dragons die, that's okay I'll just bring them back later. Having one ace in the hole counterspell for when your stuff is about to get destroyed is a very specific scenario for wanting one of this of card. Not to mention they could a counterspell of their own and theres two other opponents. You'd want to run more of these types of cards which I'm not interested in doing.

    DM_Aramis on Minions & Magic token deck

    1 year ago

    Thanks multimedia it took me a bit to get around to ironing out this deck and try. I love all the suggestions, I did have a land drop issue for sure, but funny enough I ended up winning the game mostly because I managed to get Mirari's Wake on the field that helped me keep up. Funny enough Rhox Faithmender ended up being my VIP as my token generators kept being targeted and the Sword of Light and Shadow kept the cleric safe as my playgroup leans REAL heavy into black cards. Drizzt Do'Urden with some boots / Sword of Hearth and Home and Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper were close seconds.

    I also could never make use of Vorpal Sword effectively so now I've finally bent and took it out of the deck. That said, I've put in some choice mana rocks, added more lands, and took out a few things that weren't serving the deck. It's funny because I didn't intend it, but when my token strategy was taken down, this served as a decent Voltron with the equipment/enchantments it has going on.

    Obviously, I'm still a bit light on lands, but I hope with the new lands/rocks and some of the treasure generators like Monologue Tax and Pitiless Plunderer these will set this in the right direction, but I'll know more after this Sunday when I get to try it again.

    I think I'd still like this to be more of a token centered deck, so I might keep looking up some combo/token generators to expand upon this. If you have any suggestions for that specifically I'd love it as I have the rest of your help, even if they're not entirely budget cards. Thanks again for everything!

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