Monologue Tax

Monologue Tax


Whenever an opponent casts their second spell each turn, you create a Treasure token.

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Monologue Tax Discussion

DawnsRayofLight on Breya treasures

3 weeks ago


Ashnod's Altar: combo piece

Time Sieve: combo and utility

Thopter Foundry: Combo and utility

Thopter Assembly: combo

Pili-Pala: Combo

Grand Architect: Combo and utility

Thopter Spy Network: tokens and fuel

Monologue Tax: Tax and tokens

Vindicate: Control

Despark: control

Utter End: Control

Render Silent: control

Counterflux: control

Mana Drain: control and utility

Wash Away: control

Damn: spot removal and wipe

Possible adds

Bronze Guardian: beater and protection

Ethersworn Adjudicator: Control

Marionette Master: token and some burn, a bit better impact tremors-combo

Angel of Invention: tokens and combo

Rhystic Study: Draw

Tezzeret, Artifice Master: draw, tokens, utility

Mirrodin Besieged: can make tokens or be a win con

Mechanized Production: Win con and utility

Orpheus124 on Negan Treasure Combo

1 month ago

Although it's kind of an odd fit here, Possibility Storm has synergies with Prosper, Tome-Bound and Monologue Tax. Might be worth experimenting with, as both a stax piece as well as an enabler for more treasures with those cards.

It is very niche though, and can throw off what you're trying to do. But it is fun!

king-saproling on Akiri - Ardenn BOOM!

2 months ago

Looks fun! Thoughts on these?

Wolffang988 on Velomachus, Air Raid Bomber *Primer*

2 months ago

NV_1980 Good suggestions! Definitely have some flexibility in the budget for try these changes, I actually also run Esper Sentinel and Monologue Tax in my Shadrix deck! I hadn’t considered more creature options like Sentinel and Treasure Nabber just due to how often the deck ends up wiping the board lol. I’ll give them a shot in the deck and see how it performs, and I agree that another mana rock would probably be more beneficial than Dragonlord's Servant. Thanks again for the suggestions!

NV_1980 on Trick or Treat

2 months ago


By adding a bit more rocks, ramp and card advantage opportunities you can make this deck a lot faster and more scary than it already is. Not sure what your budget is, but I would consider stuff like Land Tax, Weathered Wayfarer, Esper Sentinel, Mentor of the Meek, Monologue Tax, etc.

I would also try to include some more protection for Athreos, as you are pretty dependent on him being present. I would consider Lightning Greaves/Swiftfoot Boots, Favorable Destiny, etc.

Hope the deck works out for you.



NV_1980 on Velomachus, Air Raid Bomber *Primer*

2 months ago

Hi m8,

Nice deck. I think there are some nice ways to make it faster. Not sure what your budget is, but here's my two cents:

  • Fellwar Stone/Boros Signet (in exchange for Dragonlord's Servant; I think another rock is more useful to you since it will help you to cast other spells besides making the casting of Velomachus cheaper.
  • Esper Sentinel (in exchange for: not sure): not exactly a cheap card, but this guy either slows down opponents (through tax) or accelerates you (by allowing you to draw); their choice.
  • Monologue Tax (in exchange for: Citadel Siege, which only really becomes useful when your commander hits the field): also pretty expensive, but daaaamnn, this thing really generates mana.
  • Treasure Nabber (in exchange for: not sure): steal someone else's mana rocks to cast Velomachus faster.

Hope this helped.



Epicurus on My Shield is my sword

2 months ago

I like the deck, but you're missing a lot of my favorite token deck cards. Here's a list worth perusing. It's a long list, and I wouldn't expect that you could find room for all of them. Just something to give you some ideas to think about.

Also, if you already have any of these on your list and I didn't notice, I apologize.

The only other thing I might mention would be Monologue Tax, which would be useful the way that you have your list set up.


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