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Posted on May 30, 2024, 10:17 a.m. by halanvaina

Burning Scantuary Another budget build, this time in Premodern. In the first part of the game, the goal is to splash damage around to add pressure. Cards like Browbeat and Molten Influence forces my opponent to make difficult decisions the more damage they take. Winds of Change hopefully draws the card that puts the mill plan online, Crumbling Scantuary. This is where the second plan comes in. Crumbling Scantuary will add immense pressure for my opponent when I cast those cards that are "take a lot of damage or I do this." Then, after I thin my deck out from the first half of the game, I splash around a lot more damage to hopefully mill the opponent, while making sure that it will be more difficult to take me down. Ball Lightning has a double use here, to promote pressure in the early game and to mill stuff in the second plan. In the sideboard the deck becomes a full on control deck with a good amount of creature hate, as this deck doesn't do the best against a army of creatures. Looking for feedback before I fully build the deck.

wallisface says... #2

I’m not familiar in the premodern format, but this list seems to be doing a lot of things that feel weak/wrong.

Crumbling Sanctuary feels very weak, in that its basically saying to the opponent “hey you know how you had 20 life… now you effectively have around 45-50”. I get this impacts your own life total as well, but with no cards in your deck to profit from being in the graveyard, and no other cards that naturally mill (outside of Book Burning) before you drop this 5-mana arifact, i don’t see how this card helps you… it’s much more likely to benefit your opponent.

Cards that let your opponent choose an option are considered pretty-universally terrible. This is because the opponent will always choose the option that benefits you the least, meaning the card will always be doing the weakest of its effects.

Your mana curve feels excessively high. I don’t know the format well but it feels adjacent to modern/pioneer, and in that regard your mana curve is far too high. Your quantity of 4-5 mana spells is excessive, but also I see no way you’re ever realistically casting either Butcher Orgg or Avatar of Fury.

May 30, 2024 3:48 p.m.

halanvaina says... #3

Lemme go through one thing at a time. First thing is knowing premodern in the first place. It's a nostalgia format, which the card pool is from fourth edition to scourge. 1995 to 2003 to make things a bit more clear. Most big creatures have a downside, at least enough to not play em most of the time. I just like the format since I like the card design and illustrations. Second thing: I don't think you really looked at the deck very much and skimmed through it. A good chunk of my deck has 6 1 drops, 13 2 drops, and 6 3 drops. 12 cards are above 3 drops. Mana curve is not an issue. Another thing is that I run full playsets of Dwarven Ruins and Sandstone Needle. Both are tapped lands that can tap for two, but can only be done once or twice. Another thing is the alternative casting cost for Avatar of Fury. If an opponent has seven or more lands, I can just pay two red for it. To be fair, Butcher Orgg is on the chopping block. Guy is a bit too expensive to make it worthwhile. Third is one thing I forgot to talk about. I originally wanted to make a unique deck. I looked at the card pool and decided on mono red mill after looking at Book Burning and Crumbling Scantuary. But who cares. Fourth is that I don't think your looking at this as a control deck, and instead as a mono red aggro deck. Sure, in aggro, what's the point of all of these cards that make the opponent choose things? Just go straight to damage. But in terms of control, I don't find it half bad. Looking at it as a control perspective, then just make Mono Red Control, which is already a deck archetype. But I want to make a deck that tries something new.

May 30, 2024 7:37 p.m.

wallisface says... #4

Again, i’m not familiar with premodern, but to reply to your comment:

  • I did look through the deck and check the mana-costs. 6 one-mana cards is on the low side and means a decent chunk of time (46%) you’ll have nothing to do turn 1, meaning you’re effectively starting a full turn behind your opponent. Having 12 cards above 3 mana seems like a LOT - that’s 20% of your deck! In both the formats i’m familiar with (pioneer and modern) I wouldn’t dare run even half this number of high-costing cards.

  • yes Dwarven Ruins and Sandstone Needle add a little more mana, but at a pretty high cost of not sticking around. You need whatever they cast to be extremely high-impact, or you’ll end up losing the grind. Personally, having 8 of your 23 lands being extremely temporary makes me skeptical the deck could survive any game that goes long.

  • Avatar of Fury’s cost reduction might as well not exist. How often will an opponent have 7 lands? Assuming an average deck runs around 22, it’s not until sometime after turn 11… I don’t know any format that goes that long.

  • i’m not sure how letting your opponents choose modes on cards is anything other than them controlling you… you have no say in how your cards resolve and they have all the power. That feels like the opposite of control.

I get you’re trying to make something new. I am only offering an unbiased opinion - which is something you can take-and-build-on, or ignore (or something in-between). I will say, as someone who does a lot of brewing myself, that any brew typically has to go through a LOT of iterations, playtesting, and feedback, before it’ll be in a state where it can reliably compete with the meta. Good luck on your journey!

May 30, 2024 10:07 p.m.

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