Dark Depths

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Dark Depths

Legendary Snow Land

Dark Depths enters the battlefield with ten ice counters on it.

: Remove an ice counter from Dark Depths.

When Dark Depths has no ice counters on it, sacrifice it. If you do, create Marit Lage, a legendary 20/20 black Avatar creature token with flying and indestructible.

immakinganezehaldeck on 4c Pile / Bant Loam

1 week ago

IN - Crucible of Worlds - Why wasn't this included the first time??? - Orcale of Mul Daya - Exploration effect, and playing with the top revealed helps thrasios. - Wrenn and Seven - Helps w/ Lands - Nissa of Shadowed Boughs - Untaps slow fetches as a plus ability + graveyard reuse. - Pact of Negation - Needed another counter, plus no downside if winning

OUT - Cultivate - Whiffs 100% of the time as there are no basic lands in this deck. - Parcelbeast - Expensive effect that exists in the command zone with Thrasios.


In a later edit i'd like to get rid of Nine Lives + Solemnity combo. It is nice but I'd hate to die cuz of an enchantment getting sniped. Solemnity is a combo with Dark Depths, but a non-bo with Aetherflux Marvel. Probably better overall to remove that combo in favor of some other proactive plan.

SufferFromEDHD on The Lands Restored

1 month ago

Also, Vesuva combos with your Dark Depths win condition.

LandoLRodriguez on Talrand No-kens

1 month ago

lcarl3035 Thanks for your suggestions! While I do intend to make drakes every game, none of the token generators in this deck make creatures that share a type. While there is a little bit of wizard synergy, there's probably not enough to merit including much else in the way of tribal stuff.

I had considered adding Dark Depths as something of an alternate win-con, but I think I might already be running too few Islands in favor of utility lands that tap for colorless. So I don't think I want to add another land that doesn't even do that most of the time right now. Marit is enormous and terrifying, but is often just a Path to Exile away from being a waste of resources.

Telepathy is an interesting idea. That'll go in the maybeboard and might find a slot after I put the deck together and actually play it a little bit.

As will Decanter of Endless Water if I want to change my mana up or decide I want another "No Max Hand" effect. Probably worth the more than Thought Vessel to be able to make .

Squee_Spirit_Guide on Andramalech

1 month ago

Alright, here we go! An honest, straightforward, totally fair deck built around Magus of the Mirror :)

I'm not dead, you're dead!

I linked to your deck in my FAQ, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I did see Dark Depths though, so I'm excited to dive into it!

MilesHiles on Kruphix Lands Matter *Primer*

1 month ago

Weirdest Lands Matter Archetype I've seen yet but I respect it and it looks awesome both art wise and to play. Some general Lands Matter considerations may be Glacial Chasm, Thespian's Stage and Dark Depths as they're usually the "stars of the show". They're also heavily dependent on land recursion though

lcarl3035 on Talrand No-kens

1 month ago

If you are going for drake token creation, I'd suggest Kindred Discovery, Coat of Arms, and/or Vanquisher's Banner.

Also with the token strategy you might as well put in Dark Depths and Thespian's Stage or Mirage Mirror to make a 20/20 Avatar on turn 4-5.

Telepathy works wonders in mono-blue decks

Finally, I can't help but notice you said that you hate discarding to hand size, and the newer Decanter of Endless Water will produce mana and prevent just that!

Kashai on Replicators

2 months ago


For Determined Iteration, I feel Helm of the Host has this base covered pretty well although Determined Iteration does combo really easily with Combat Celebrant so perhaps. I'll also have to check out more cards with Populate, I almost forgot about them so thank you for reminding me!

And you should definitely build a deck with Brudiclad hes kinda wild!


Awww man you're right, I just new the Companion conditions were too easy. I was so looking forward to Lutri, the Spellchaser + Snap hijinx though.

Splinter Twin lost its spot to Endless Evil, for what we use it for we don't really need haste and if we do Brudiclad covers it plus now the tokens stick around.

For Desolation Twin I went with Myr Battlesphere instead because it drops more tokens. Going wide felt a little more right and we can still make Myr Battlesphere tall if we need to. Also we have Dark Depths to grab Marit Lage for a giant creature token if we need it.

Thanks for the suggestions and send more if you think of any! Also let me know what you guys think of these cards for what to potentially take out to get the deck size to 100: Reduce / Rubble, Rhystic Study, Treachery, Taigam's Scheming, Replication Technique

amarthaler on EDH Jorn, God of Winter

2 months ago


In: Crop Rotation

Out: Druid Class

Druid Class was as exciting as I thought it might be - but it was worth a try! Crop Rotation will let us filter a land if we need to or since it reads "find a land", we could tutor up Dark Depths or Thespian's Stage!

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