Dark Depths

Dark Depths

Legendary Snow Land

Dark Depths enters the battlefield with ten ice counters on it.

: Remove an ice counter from Dark Depths.

When Dark Depths has no ice counters on it, sacrifice it. If you do, create Marit Lage, a legendary 20/20 black Avatar creature token with flying and indestructible.

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Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Custom Legal
Highlander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Unformat Legal

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Dark Depths Discussion

Pheardemons on Rainbow in the Dark: Haakon Reanimator Combo

3 days ago

My Haakon list was fairly slow, but when it worked it was hard to interrupt. My playgroup learned very quickly how to stop it and he became a target. I had him for a little bit before selling 12 EDH decks (including Haakon) because I was in college at the time and keeping up with 15+ decks was too time consuming and too much money. I always meant to come back to him and now is the time.

Because I have been out of the Magic scene, I have been trying to research new cards and potential combos. When I found Netherborn Altar I knew I wanted to get back to Haakon since there is more than one way to get him out now. I remembered your deck so I came back to check it out. Still love it. Thanks for answering all of my questions. I've been debating on starting from scratch which is why I asked so many. A couple more for you before I start rebuilding or tweaking.

Is Blood Artist (or similar Zulaport Cutthroat and Bastion of Remembrance) too easy?

Because you play Thespian's Stage and Crucible of Worlds, why no Dark Depths? I think you played it in one of the first iterations if I remember correctly.

Why did you choose not to play cards like Exsanguinate or Torment of Hailfire? You play a lot of mana ramp in the deck and these could be an alternate win condition against gravehate.

Viscera Seer? Do you have enough sac outlets?

Playstyle questions. Since you took out Conspiracy, is it difficult to get the loop with Haakon and Ashes of the Fallen? Does the deck stall out if you don't get it?

What do you do in the event of early gravehate?

Thanks for answering these again, man. Great to talk to someone who plays one of my favorite commanders/cards in all of Magic.

I definitely understand trying to find non-english version of cards. One of my pioneer decks I have been trying to get Japanese foils but Covid makes that so damn difficult.

RambIe on Kaldheim Spoilers: FINALLY, infect has …

2 weeks ago

you know i'm board and reading Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider
and i cant help but wonder how they will rule this to work when your opponents cast suspend creatures or triggers like Darigaaz Reincarnated for example
definitely a big down side on cards like Thing in the Ice  Flip & Dark Depths

Chrizz on Zirda, the Dawnwaker

1 month ago

Hey RelinquishedAttempts, thanks for your comment!

I can understand how this deck may seem a bit all over the place. I definitely took it in a different directions than most people do. Most people either use infinite combo's using Basalt Monolith and/or Grim Monolith, or they focus more on equipments. I think both of these strategies are not very interesting. My deck focusses on non-tap abilities that are made cheaper by Zirda to get a lot of value. Because of this, the deck includes many cards you normally don't see because the activation cost is too expensive. Some cards I just find cool to play, for example Chained to the Rocks is usually worse than Swords to Plowshares, but I just like the flavor of the former more. Likewise, Hundred-Handed One is not a very strong card, but it does have some synergy with Zirda, and I just think it's a very funny card. With that said, there may well be some cards I will swap later on, once I've played some more games with this deck (I have only played this deck in four games, due to covid).

As for your suggestions, Brion Stoutarm indeed seems out of place in this deck, since its cost is not reduced by Zirda. For this reason, I have definitely considered removing it, however, there are quite a lot of ways to get big creatures in this deck, for example: Evra, Halcyon Witness, Dark Depths, Phyrexian Processor, Custodi Soulbinders, Ignition Team, Clockwork Dragon, Wine of Blood and Iron, Mirage Mirror, Captivating Crew etc. But like I said, I should really play some more games and decide whether it fits well enough or not.

Dawn of Hope and Sacred Mesa could indeed work quite well. I'm personally not a huge fan of making many small tokens, so I don't want to center my deck around that, but some of them are fine. If after some more playing I discover that a card really doesn't work well, I will consider adding these instead.

As for Gerrard's Battle Cry, it seems almost strictly better than Leonin Sun Standard, however, I don't like having old-bordered cards in my decks. That's just a style thing, if it was reprinted I would definitely add it.

The meta in my playgroup is quite slow, so that's why the average CMC of this deck is a bit higher than what most would consider ideal, but in our meta, you really need to have a strong late game.

You also mentioned the price of the deck. The prices listed on tappedout are way higher than what I paid in Europe. For example, I paid €8 for Smothering Tithe, not $24. I paid €3 for Sword of the Animist instead of $12, and only €3 for Braid of Fire instead of $17.

I also took a look at your deck. I don't quite understand why you have so many direct damage spells, they don't really synergize as far as I can tell. Consequently, I also don't think the spell copying fits that well. Maybe your meta is more reactive than mine, but in my meta this would not make much sense.

I also see some cards that I have considered, but ultimately rejected. (Planar Bridge, Umbral Mantle, Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient), the reasonings are explained in the description of my deck. I have also considered Rings of Brighthearth, but decided against it because the value is usually not that high in my deck, because most abilities are non-tap abilities and activating the ability again is often cheaper or the same cost as paying the 2 mana. Staff of Domination was rejected for a similar reason, I think the value is just not that great in my deck (the life-gain is meh, most abilities are non-tap, so untapping is not necessary, and drawing a card for 3 is not great).

Furthermore I noticed that your deck has some equipment synergy (Stonehewer Giant, Godo, Bandit Warlord and Open the Armory) even though your deck only contains 4 equipments.

I think a big difference between our decks is that my deck has mostly non-tap abilities, and yours has more tap abilities. This explain why you put in cards like Manifold Key, Staff of Domination, Umbral Mantle and Voltaic Key

Neither strategy is wrong of course, but if there is one thing I would recommend, it is to reconsider whether the direct damage spells in your deck make sense. Thanks again for your comment and your suggestions. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

elk88 on [[Primer v3.5]] - OM_RATH!!! (M21 Update!!!)

1 month ago

@ BenWin I'm poking my nose in here regarding the card suggestions/discussion and I have to say I agree with _Arra_ here when it comes to Strip Mine. Unless you're playing to a specific meta/play group/ LGS, having minor interaction that still synergizes with the deck is worth it. This is an eternal format and you're going to run into things you have to compensate for let alone the value in messing up an opponent/slowing them down/hurting their game plan (even at the cost of your own tempo). You're going to run into Maze of Ith / Glacial Chasm type lands or Dark Depths or Thespian's Stage or Field of the Dead or Gaea's Cradle or Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth or Cabal Coffers or a slew of other lands that lead to insane advantage or wins or combos or disruption of your game plan etc etc. We can't always be ahead and hope people are having to deal with us. Folks pack interaction and sometimes it's tough to keep Omnath in play or sac outlets or Warstorm Surge burn effects on the battlefield (there are 3 opponents after all). Having some sort of your own interaction; as long as it fits the deck, seems worth the 'cost/benefit' concern. Besides, Strip Mine is not really punishing a lands/ landfall based deck that can get the advantage out of the card before using it, has the ability to tutor the card when needed, has synergy based cards when lands are in our grave and has the ability to recur the card for multiple uses (especially when you're able to tutor for creatures that allow you to recur it). So go on and cut a color for the Kenrith/ Golos player, strip lock the person out in front to bring them back in line, get that Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx/ Gaea's Cradle/ Cabal Coffers so you don't fall behind. All of it seems good to me with almost no downside (and in many cases in this deck, it's an upside). Anyway, just my two cents.

bjgivesbj on The Machine (The Pit of Despair)

1 month ago

Great stuff! Have you already considered the cards called Pooling Venom and Contaminated Ground? They are very cheap ways to harshly punish a player for tapping lands, be they legendary, basic, or otherwise. I feel like this type of deck may have some synergy with their effects. You could even save Contaminated Ground until a player plays some BS wincon land like Dark Depths, since it loses all land types and becomes a swamp. Fairly good negative tempo, in my opinion.

P.S. this is a ballsy commander to play since you also lose life when you cast spells. Very cool deck, although expensive. T.T

KayneMarco on Zero x Zero + Zero - Zero = Rograkh

1 month ago

Or the Dark Depths + Thespian's Stage combo to get an an instant BMF

Senko-San-1 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 month ago

this deck was unique to make and is based on throwing and killing your opponents with rocks. me and my playgroup had so much fun when playing with this deck so I hope you guys enjoy it too :D

thrasios rock tribal

Commander / EDH* Senko-San-1


P.S. Entari0 there isn't much would say to add into or make your deck better but, I think you should add in Dark Depths for the Thespian's Stage for your "ALL IS SACRIFICE EDH"

Matrixxx999 on Jormungandr the Powersnake

2 months ago

Hi abby315!

Elvish Reclaimer is just a great spell, and it synergizes perfectly with a lot of mechanics and cards in the deck. Thanks for reminding me about it!

Dark Depths - love this card, but I think this spell would be perfect if we had access to black or white, so far, after a few tests, I am quite satisfied with Field of the Dead. Dozens of zombies can be created with this land in no time.

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