Rimescale Dragon

Rimescale Dragon

Snow Creature — Dragon


(2)(Snow): Tap target creature and put an ice counter on it. ((Snow) can be paid with one mana from a snow permanent.)

Creatures with ice counters on them don't untap during their controllers' untap steps.

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Set Rarity
Coldsnap (CSP) Rare

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Format Legality
Limited Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Unformat Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Rimescale Dragon Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Winota of Drannith

3 months ago

There are various "types" of lands, for example:

In addition to these, there are also Snow lands, such as Arctic Flats, and Snow lands have their own rules. Any color produced by a Snow land or permanent may pay for a cost. They aren't very common, but they exist. For example Rimescale Dragon uses .

Now that we have established this, notice on the card Forest the typeline reads the following:

  • Basic Land - Forest

What you are looking at is:

  • Supertype Type - Subtype

In the case of Snow-Covered Forest, it reads:

  • Basic Snow Land - Forest

This translates into:

  • Supertype Supertype Type - Subtype

Cards such as Walking Atlas don't care what the land is you put into play, it only cares that it has the Land type. So yes, Walking Atlas can indeed put Dryad Arbor into play, despite being a Creature, as she is ALSO a land.

Compare this to Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle who is a land while on the battlefield, but not a land while in any other Zone. Therefore, no Walking Atlas may NOT put Arixmethes into play.

Cards such as District Guide will allow you to tutor any Basic Land (must have the Basic Supertype) or a Gate (must have the Gate Subtype).

With these examples given, notice how Evolving Wilds says to search your library for a BASIC land.

It is because the land MUST have the supertype BASIC within the typeline

Any land which does NOT contain the word BASIC is, by default, "non-Basic".

DaWubber on A Tale of Dragons and Humans

3 months ago

Not sure if you have enough untap targets for Kiora. Garruk's Uprising might be a good replacement if you want to keep the card draw. Devastation Tide can be really costly for you considering how expensive Mana wise dragons are to recast. I've always been a fan of x-spells that can be tuned to hit everything smaller than dragons like Heaven / Earth or miss them completely like Magmaquake. I'm also not sure what the payoff is for the Snow-Covered Lands other than possible flavor reasons, but if your looking for one on theme try Rimescale Dragon. It's a little expensive Mana-wise, but it has an effect no one expects from red that can act as pseudo-removal. All in all thought, your deck is looking pretty solid and and balanced.

Snake_Oil on Ashling Burns Everyone

4 months ago

If you want to run Rimescale Dragon you'll need to run Snow-Covered Mountain rather than your basic Mountains. I'd say something like Embermaw Hellion instead, as it helps with your "damage addition effects".

Magebane Armor is an absolute must, as are Loxodon Warhammer and Lightning Greaves to go along with Basilisk Collar and Swiftfoot Boots -- Magebane keeps Ashling alive, while the warhammer is another source of lifelink.

The Shunt and Reverberate style effects are the best way of protecting your resources, so good job on putting them in. Same with all the draw spells, I'd think about Perpetual Timepiece and Elixir of Immortality as a means of getting things back, but it's not like this is a graveyard deck and you need to protect that space as a resource, as I say, just in case.

Right now is, I think, the cheapest Blood Moon has ever been, so strike while the iron is hot there if you can! Same (again, I think) with Braid of Fire.

I'd think about something to slot in over Retreat to Valakut and Claws of Valakut -- Might just be me, but they're two of the less synergistic choices. You could use those spots for Magebane and Warhammer, for example.

Otherwise I'd say just keep tweaking it and playing around. Use the Prof's vid to work out what synergies you want to pursue aside from damage amplification which is a good start.

Dark_Paladin on Iroas, Making Combat Great Again - A Boros Primer

7 months ago

jamesmac42 something like running Darksteel because your playgroup has a lot of mana rock hate is exactly the kind of thing i'm looking to add to the primer as meta dependent considerations. I have run top before, and it really is amazing for controlling your card draw, and i find it pairs REALLY well with Experimental Frenzy. I may look to re-add it to the list at some point, but the problem i'm having right now is, everything that goes in requires something coming out lol. As for your question on basics, my mana base actually started performing better when i cut out all the slow lands. While basics wont give you both your colors, in practice ive found that land drops 2-4 are incredibly important and the amount of speed and tempo lost by having a land enter tapped here can really be detrimental to presenting an aggressive board state early on. Ive kept Temple of Triumph because it scries, but could EASILY remove it if adding top back in. Boros Garrison (and lands like it) is commonly held as a staple in multicolord decks, due to it allowing you to effectively extend your playable land drops by a turn. The issue with it is, you CAN'T play it on turn 1, and if its in your opening hand, your likely playing it between drops 2-4 when you REALLY need your lands untapped. I used to run the Zendikar full art lands (their so pretty), the snow lands are gonna let me run Rimescale Dragon when i get a copy of it.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

9 months ago

Cocytix, Archdemon of Cold

Legendary Snow Creature - Demon Giant

Snow Landwalk

Whenever you cast a snow spell, put an ice counter on target permanent. That permanent loses all abilities and becomes a snow permanent. If it is a creature, tap it. It gains defender.

Sacrifice each other Snow permanent you control: Each opponent exiles that many cards from the top of their library.

, Pay 10 life: Return all snow lands from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped. Cocytix doesn't untap during your next untap step.


Target their lands to bypass defenders, tap down threats and remove combo pieces. Then, blow up your entire boardstate leaving Cocytix in the void tundra and let the crippling isolation decimate everyone else. Finally, succumb to the crippling chill and let the darkness overwhelm you, filling your heart with agony as you stand amid the hell you call home.

... well that got real.

Also LOL @ Hedron Crab & Iceberg Cancrix , along with Tideforce Elemental & Retreat to Hagra

How about an ice Dragon? Doesn't have to be mono-blue, but something like Rimescale Dragon that isn't mono-red would be nice. And yes, I know there is Icefall Regent and a few others. But hey, why not right?

TypicalTimmy on Lathliss' Brood

9 months ago

Gleeock, I've been looking into that, actually. I have identified 10 cards I can slip in.

I am considering removing the following, for their respective reasons:

  • Gauntlet of Power : It costs to much mana and assists my opponents in ramp. I am not looking to build a group hug deck.
  • Extraplanar Lens : While there is strong power here, I also feel I have enough solid ramp and cost reduction that I do not need it. I play games and win just fine in tests without having it on the field. There are even times where I find it slows me down because I get greedy and play it too early, removing lands from play. For example, if I have three lands out but exile my only red source, I kind of screw myself over.
  • Rimescale Dragon : With Lens out of the deck, I have reason to run Snow-Covered Mountain s. That is to say, I was running SCMs because it puts a soft-lock on my opponent's ability to ramp off my card. If they have normal Mountains, they gain no benefit. They would need specifically a Snow-Covered Mountain. Well, if I am not using snow lands, I don't benefit from Rimescale.
  • Glacial Crevasses : Again, no snow lands = no need to run this.

Now only two of these are actually mainboarded; Gauntlet and Lens. I play many games without using these and things work out just fine. So it becomes a matter of what to replace them with.

I'd like to stick to the Dragons if able, only because I'd get the most value out of Lathliss. However, other control-like Enchantments work as well.

The list of Dragons I am looking at currently are the following:

  • Hoard-Smelter Dragon : Gives me another control outlet on a Dragon. Similar to Steel Hellkite in that I can remove threats or problematic cards. I can break combo pieces apart or destroy stones to slow opponents down. It also works great to remove Voltron equipment. Without being a tap ability, I can sink an entire turn's worth of mana into it and blow up 2 or 3 artifacts late game.
  • Knollspine Dragon : Giant hand replenishment card. There are plenty of times where I swing for 14+ damage. That's 14 cards. The value there is just immense. Possibly even better than Dragon Mage because I don't give my opponent's new cards, too.
  • Moonveil Dragon : Functions as another anthem. Lathliss, Dragon Queen and Purphoros, God of the Forge both serve in this capacity. Having a 3rd Dragon might be useful, too.
  • Mordant Dragon : A weaker version of Balefire Dragon . I may honestly replace Demanding Dragon . I don't want to give my opponent a choice in the matter. That's what makes Glorybringer and Flameblast Dragon so good - I choose where I want the damage to go.
  • Thunder Dragon : Seems like a decent sweeper, but only if the boardstate is light enough. I'm not sure how this would fare in the changing meta. 3 damage probably isn't worth it late game, and early game it'd be too hard to reliably get out. Just posting it here so you know I thought of it.
  • Zodiac Dragon : I was considering this only because I find it interesting that it gives me essentially an unkillable Dragon. No matter what the boardstate becomes, I would always have Zodiac and Lathliss I can fall back on. I just find that a bit interesting, but I don't think I should try and force Golgari into mono-red. Though, to be fair, I also have Haven of the Spirit Dragon which returns a Dragon as well as Daretti, Scrap Savant who can return Steel Hellkite and Moltensteel Dragon . So there is precedent for it in this deck.

Additionally, I have identified:

  • Price of Glory : Completely shuts down reaction-based decks.
  • Citadel of Pain : Forces mana-drain.
  • Ashling's Prerogative : Another source of haste. If I choose even, all of my 6-cmc Dragons (Which are most of them) gain haste. Likewise, my tokens (0 cmc) also gain haste. It also gives my Commander haste.

I think I'd rather go with the enchantments I feel that slowing opponents down while I burn them out with passive triggers is a great foundation to rely on as I churn out an army of Dragons. Sort of keeps the pressure off of me to keep going as fast as possible. This way, if I get a hand with 2 or 3 6-cmc Dragons but also a 3-cmc control enchantment, I can keep it knowing I have a soft lock on the game for a few turns.

After I finalize this deck, I plan on building a Prossh, Skyraider of Kher deck, running Korvold, Fae-Cursed King as a "secret Commander". That will be far more of a "regular" EDH deck with interactions, wraths, tutors, land spell cards, etc. :)

chriscross25 on Omnath Angry Jelly Elemental

9 months ago

TypicalTimmy I see your Problem. But Rimescale Dragon seems like a very unique control ability for red. I would ask myself which other options you would use and if the ramp with your Lens is needed or not?

TypicalTimmy on Omnath Angry Jelly Elemental

9 months ago

Glad you enjoy my build, friend! It's still a work in progress. I'm not 100% sold on the idea of using snow-covered mountains. I'm using them so that the chances of me accidentally helping my opponents out with Extraplanar Lens is significantly lower, but then I want to add in both Rimescale Dragon and Glacial Crevasses . I'm not sure though, as Rimescale requires dedicated mana and is liable to removal. However, GC is an awesome card that is extremely unique and, I believe, the only red card which does that. However, I am not sure if I should sacrifice synergy for potential fog effects.

I may, honestly, drop Extraplanar Lens entirely and just go back to the normal design. Seems like trying to tie in snow-mana is a bit too much at this point.

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