Field of the Dead

Field of the Dead


Field of the Dead enters the battlefield tapped.

: Gain .

Whenever Field of the Dead or another land enters the battlefield under your control, if you control seven or more lands with different names, create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.

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Field of the Dead Discussion

PlupFan on Omnath, Elemental Flubber (2021)

1 hour ago

rwn1971 They are both interesting cards. Orcish Lumberjack is cool, he seems like he can ramp Omnath out quickly. I probably wouldn’t run him just because he seems like he can be a bit of a nonbo with a bunch of the cards I love, like Field of the Dead, Scapeshift and Scute Swarm. My playgroup runs a lot of removal, and if someone removes him, you will have put yourself in a bit of a hole. If you run him, you have to be reaaally careful.

Lotus Field Goes well with stuff like Titania, but is a bit on the slow side. Also, a single bit of land destruction would really mess you up.

I haven’t tried these cards out, but best of luck if you decide to! These are just my opinions

Profet93 on Lost and Afraid

2 weeks ago

I took Bane of progress and regal force out of my deck sadly because upon G-wave entering, Bane destroys Akromas so you can't swing for lethal. Regal Force is a mandatory draw, so you deck yourself out unless you somehow sacrifice a Shuffling Eldrazi with a High Market, Miren Moaning well, or another sac outlet. Thoughts?

Greater Good - Speaking of sac outlets, this one draws you a bunch of cards and prevents stealing/exiling effects

Song of the Dryads - Removal, particularly on opposing commanders. If they play black or red, they are unlikely to have enchantment removal. Even more fun is using strip mine on their "land" in response to their removal spell on song of dryads.

Nissa, Vital Force - +1 is to untap cradle for more mana (usually after drawing a large part of your deck with a big board state to increase tempo) or to untap strip mine and destroy anyone (or rather, the person) who will inevitably try to destroy her. Her ultimate costs 6 and she starts at 5. Her emblem is POWERFUL, but that's not why she's here. Her -3 is almost like a third recursion effect. Ultimate is just another potential benefit.

Your list should add more non basics, I think your mana base could add 2-4 more non-basics. If you do, you should consider the following...

Nylea's Intervention > Sylvan Scrying - Higher ceiling, more versatility. I get you can't cast this Turn 2 and then Turn 3 Azusa but I feel the benefits far outweigh the negative.

Field of the Dead + Snow-covered swamps = Tokens! Since they are black, regal force doesn't work, but shamanic revelation does. Moreover, they are just blockers and fuel for cradle. Never underestimate thespian's stage copying field so each land you play brings 2 zombies, with Azusa thats 6 zombies per turn. With cradle + field, you can bypass the tempo requirement of casting azusa to get more lands into play. I see you have exploration, so perhaps that aspect might not be beneficial all the time, nevertheless, it is powerful.

I would add every land in the maybeboard except Homeward path. Cuts would be maze of ith (unless meta dependent) and Dryad arbor. Arbor almost always dies and sets you back. Given he can't be tapped for mana the turn it comes down, it's usually not that impactful. Even with Green Sun Zenith.

I would cut Beacon of creation. I get it's cool with Regal force, cradle and yavimaya green land, but I never was a huge fan of it. How has it been in your experience?

Grasshoppeh1 on Lost and Afraid

3 weeks ago

Played a bunch today and here is results of changes.


  • -1 Apex Devastator to sideboard, moved to sideboard to swap out with blightsteel/eldrazi for newer players
  • -1 Temur Sabertooth, removed due to the amount of cardraw available. I feel I would rather draw than bounce.
  • +1 Blightsteel Colossus to maindeck, Blightsteel is a counter to my local playgroup. We've got a lifegain deck and one deck running Pariah and Pariah's Shield. Along with Akroma's Memorial and Finale of Devastation this is my nuclear option.
  • +1 Bala Ged Sanctuary  Flip, land and recurrence is very valuable.
  • +1 Mirrorpool, ehh fine seems ok to drop a copy of a big creature that does something,, what's the worst that can happen? :)
  • -1 Mana Crypt to maybeboard, don't have one is the only reason. If I can get one,, maybe?
  • +1 Jeweled Lotus, replacement for mana crypt... Now let me tell you,, jeweled -> azusa --> lotus cobra --> two fetches --> Tooth and nail.. That was a quick game!
  • +1 Maze of Ith, This is at tech, really aggressive in my area! There are some cases it's death to not have an air blocker!
  • +1 Petrified Field, Testing it at this time, not sure how to abuse it yet
  • +1 Momentous Fall, Does not feel as bad as I initially thought. Use this defensively often times.
  • +1 Cryptic Caves, niche card testing it out. Turns your crucibles into three draw for 3 mana + land drops.. 3 mana draw 3 cards... seems decent
  • +1 Thespian's Stage, what does it do? answer: yes
  • -1 Beast Whisperer, I have enough creatures, but the costs are too high
  • +1 Zendikar Resurgent, replacement for beast whisperer, has the potential to double mana while going off
  • -1 Guardian Project, same problem as beast whisperer
  • +1 Return of the Wildspeaker, another large draw effect to combo off of to replace guardian
  • +1 Inkmoth Nexus, bad habits die hard, keeping one in deck for "that guy" at the table.
  • -1 Field of the Dead -> maybeboard, only reason I'm taking it out is I don't own it. Dropping it into maybe board

Other Thoughts:

  • Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger is here to stay. When you go off with a large draw dropping him is amazing. He will give you enough mana to combo off and finish on the stop at times. He's also a good target for Natural Order.
  • After drawing 10 cards and drawing into Rude Awakening,, it has a new place in my heart, seems to be a keeper
  • Once I hit 25 basics, I think I can just win the game. The amount of basics should stick between 24-26 and 45 lands in total to facilitate the engines. If we're slightly under half I think we're good.
  • Kodama of the East Tree was potentially good enough to combo off a large draw with vorin, need to test this more!

Thinking of Cutting:

Why the sideboard was added:

  • Core creatures for swapping on the sideboard are Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, Kozilek, the Great Distortion, Blightsteel Colossus, and Craterhoof Behemoth.
  • Each of these creatures fills a different role. voice of hunger is a creature to combo off with on a large draw or to slow down my opponents. Butcher of truth fills your hand then wins by sacing against a single opponent or threating multiple attack if they don't sac a specific permanent (politics yeeehhh). Blightsteel teaches people that lifegain decks don't work against green edh.... craterhoof teaches people that lifegain deck's don't work against green in edh (AZUSA SMASH!!)... please stop playing lifegain decks in edh... Great Distortion draws and controls the game if your ahead.

If I'm playing against my friends then these are great. If we're trying to include someone I will swap them out for cards in the sideboard and leave in a couple.

Profet93 on Lost and Afraid

3 weeks ago

Boundless Realms > Scapeshift in this build given your lack of card draw and high basic count and low nonbasic count. Assuming you add nonbasics in the deck, unless one of them is Field of the Dead, I would still choose boundless realms over it. Scapeshift is nice though, having a cradle already on field and using scapeshift to get field and other lands to get a bunch of zombie tokens so cradle can tap for mana, keeping your tempo.

Sylvan Scrying > Crop Rotation as sylvan actually gives you a land instead of replacing one. Moreover, it isn't susceptible to blue counterspells.

Life from the Loam is pretty good with all the fetches

Greenwarden is a nice card. I always T&N for Greenwarden + Ulvenwald, getting T&N back to hand and cradle to field. Next turn I cast T&N for Avenger + Eternal Witness, then same turn cast T&N again.....the value!

Titania is nice, I like her.

Worldbreaker > Terrastodon as Breaker is cheaper to cast, doesn't provide tokens and exiles instead of destroy. Whether its so they don't recur it again and again, or if it's indestructible, breaker proves invaluable. Being able to recur itself makes it great. Lastly, in my build, Eye of Ugin makes it cost 5 and it is a Sanctum of Ugin target to tutor for other Eldrazi.

You have a lot of ideas, you need to think about how you want your deck to win. For me, I usually do the T&N loop as described above or a big G-wave and then try and draw into an Akroma's Memorial.

Regarding Eldrazi choices, I wouldn't add Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre as costing 11 mana just to destroy (not exile) 1 card before it inevitably gets exiled itself just seems weak. I like the other Ulamog better as it is cheaper and exiles 2 things. While no annihilator, exiling top 20 of their deck is still powerful.

Oof_Magic on Banlist Open Discussion

3 weeks ago


I agree with all but Once Upon a Time being unbanned. I for one would dread playing OuaT Tron but there’s also CoCo, Elves, Infect, Bogles. OuaT was used in Prime Time decks but OuaT was banned for ubiquity, like Green Sun's Zenith. It certainly has a better chance of unban with Primeval Titan out of the picture, but that doesn’t solve what made OuaT a problem.

Ban Primeval Titan

Unban Summer Bloom & Field of the Dead

wallisface on Banlist Open Discussion

3 weeks ago

Oof_Magic I'd be happy to see Field of the Dead come back in exchange for Primeval Titan taking its place - that card can already be held largely responsible for many of the currently banned modern cards (as well as FotD, you could blame it for the bans of Once Upon a Time, and Summer Bloom, both of which might conceivably have a better chance of unban if Titan was gone). Titan is also (in my opinion) the biggest abuser of Urza's Saga, which I think is a perfectly fine (kindof) card outside of Titan-related-abuses.

Oof_Magic on Banlist Open Discussion

3 weeks ago


I think the notion that cards should be banned primarily for being unfun is against the spirit of the format. That takes away agency from players. There are plenty of annoying cards and decks. Maybe I find Mox Opal annoying but Mycosynth Lattice to be rather fun. Banning a card for being unfun is going to frustrate those that find it fun and the best explanation that could be given is ‘Well your opinion is in the minority.’ Bans should have some sort of backing with data to support it. Maybe it’s the consistency of speed. Maybe it’s the ubiquity of play. The only ban I know of that Wizards did primarily for being unfun would be Aetherworks Marvel. Wizards chucked more data into that announcement than any other to my knowledge. CYA That article was so long because that’s what happens when you turn over every stone and find the only explanation left is ‘y’all don’t like it.’ Any other article would just spit out the data to support the ban and be done with it.

I think it’s dismissive of combo decks to say a card should be banned if it only exists to do broken things. There should be a speed/consistency threshold. To say you can’t make infinite mana? You can’t cheat a big creature into play? Who’s using Ad Nauseam to do anything fair? Is anyone running Vizier of Remedies without Devoted Druid? Puresteel Paladin? Amulet of Vigor? Goryo's Vengeance? Blazing Shoal is, in my opinion, the most unbannable card. Lattice would be but admittedly, Karn would have to take its spot on the bus. Bridge was a strong component of Hollow One when it had Faithless Looting. Then Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and Altar of Dementia came along and broke it wide open. They tried to weaken it with a Bridge ban but ultimately hit Hogaak anyway. I think they should have unbanned Bridge when they banned Hogaak. Or at least Golgari Grave-Troll?

I suppose a repeatable artifact tutor is okay even if a creature one is not? I stand by saying if something wasn’t a problem until X comes along, X made the problem. Lattice made Karn a one card combo. Karn falls into the same space as Stoneforge Mystic and Birthing Pod. To that end, if Pod means WotC has to check every creature they make, doesn’t Karn mean they have to check artifacts and Mystic mean equipment?

The more I think about Jitte, the more inclined I am to say it should stay banned. Giving every creature deck Jitte is not as conducive to format health as giving white creature decks Stoneforge.

You know what’s unfun to sit across? Urza's Saga. Unban Field of the Dead.

Grubbernaut on Banlist Open Discussion

3 weeks ago

I'm okay with bans that aren't just for raw power level, but being unfun to have to sit through. Field of the Dead is nearly-free inevitability that just isn't enjoyable, and easily-repeatable creature killers push the meta towards control-only, etc.

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