Tuvasa the Sunlit


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Mythic Rare

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Tuvasa the Sunlit

Legendary Creature — Merfolk Shaman

Tuvasa, the Sunlit gets +1/+1 for each enchantment you control.

Whenever you cast your first enchantment spell each turn, draw a card.

Tuvasa the Sunlit Discussion

BMHKain on Asking for Help: A Quick ...

4 days ago

I'm going to have to make an update to enpc, & Caerwyn on my previous post directly above.

I'm trying to do all I can to be a better user; but while I was asleep last night EST., the very guilt was eating me alive in my sleep.

So, yes. I apologize 1000 times for such a HUGE post above. I just wanted to state everything I DID wrong; and even more than that.

But what I truly have a right to know is: How the heck can I improve on all these, maybe even more than that? I just wish I had a solution to all these; I actually plan to do another Deck Help Thread for my Tuvasa the Sunlit deck later; while also trying to make a Creatureless Superfriends Deck YET AGAN. All shameless-Self Promoting aside, I just want even a list for what I did improperly even to the Present Day, please. That said, the Huge Post I apologize for? Just read it. It basically shows my limits, my weaknesses, basically why I'd rather be a Renegade Willfully siding with the Consuls; now was there ever one who fought FOR the future Renegades' rights? Hmph. Interesting Question. Mark Rosewater with NO Answer... XL

king-saproling on One creature Damage

3 weeks ago

I think you could take out these cards for better things: Lumbering Satyr, Marsh Boa, Rhox Charger, Verdant Sun's Avatar, Sygg River Guide, Stormtide Leviathan, Inkwell Leviathan

You might like these: Snake Umbra , Tuvasa the Sunlit , Sram, Senior Edificer , Ethereal Armor , Blessing of the Nephilim , Dueling Grounds , Lightmine Field , Inquisitor's Flail , Cephalid Constable , Sigil of Sleep , Aqueous Form , Bruna, Light of Alabaster , Vanishing , Lu Xun, Scholar General , Curious Obsession , Heliod's Pilgrim

BMHKain on Time to Sever the Chain; ...

2 months ago

(I apologize if I'm not being as concise as people want me to recently, but I'm not making multiple threads at one time; just one for each deck in development.)

Outside of some other decks in the works, I figured the best I can do is show what's still in the works; & explain to the best of my abilities what they need...

Bruce & Tana, Weaponized Re-Quips

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


(NOTE: The Previous Deck is complete. It no longer needs the obligation to stay until much needed.)

Naya. The home Shard of Ajani Goldmane & his dead (But frankly badass.) Brother Jazal Goldmane . It's also the Shard w/ the worst use of Artifacts & Enchantments; Destroying all of them; at least Kresh the Bloodbraided of the nearby Shard of Jund has a Weapon that at least is an Equipment . Speaking of Equips, This is meant to be a Equipment Matters Voltron/GoLion deck running Partners: An Elf who grows plants by feeding them off the Blood of Mass Murder & A Dwarf (Not even a Human) resembling those Fatties in some European country I don't remember the name. For this, I'll worry about the Cuts this time. What I want is too find adds in & that work great in Equip-based GoLion. already has a lot of stuff & is Commander-in-Chief Obvious Material, so make sure you can find cards exclusive to & that actually helps Artifacts & Enchantments rather than murdering them. Or, at least, help a Voltron Deck very well. That all you have to do. I'LL HANDLE THE CUTS; I mean, Naya is the worst color identity to deal w/ Equip-matters Voltron that requires ZERO Auras (Do I have to BOLD that?!). Finally, as a confession; I'm an Anti-Meta; someone who would break all MTG Card Making Rulings just to show you can make a card that breaks the rules of the colors used & NOT go Mana Bleed in the Slightest.

But I digress like a Madman. As WotC won't take a chance for even an Elf that promotes Impurity & Freedom of Expression; not a Nature Restricted Ajin (Demi-Human). But I'll just reiterate back to what I was trying to say: I'll do the cuts after you guys find suggestions for Equip-centric Voltron Decks in and/or . I got under control. It's now all you. Good Luck.

(I'm truly sorry for going all over the place on this; I tried to be consistent & to the point, & it went haywire...)

UPDATE: Decided for myself that my other crap is worthy of this thread in spite of them having their own...

Impure Fire of Hou-ou that levels Gods

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Pick on Mono- Burn as much as you wish. I want this deck to go on one speed; SoL (We got Heat Ray , which is a literal Laser, & Storm Fleet Swashbuckler is evidence that WotC IS just fine w/ guns in MTG despite their objection; this one's using a Flintlock; what? Bolt to the eye meant lightning? Screw that!) This deck has only one option: Genocidal Burn. Using powerful Burn spells as well as powerful Copy Spells; & Mana Doublers among other things, to burn any to a crisp. Each Point of Damage even makes more mana for it's Commander: Neheb, the Eternal . A legitimate beast of a soldier, the more Burn you deal, the more mana you get to use even more. The only restriction I have for this deck is that I want it to break out of a crowd of otherwise, superior deck archetypes pushed to a limit beyond theirs. Using cards that help w/ Red Sources, & even try & find some Draw-Go that was forced out of the deck. Any ideas for this is great. But I'd also like some other ideas for other Burn ideas. After that; I'll commence the announcement of what should be cut. But just imagine a Minotaur burning you for blood sport. I wish you luck for what this deck needs; if Rummaging won't help, how about Artifact Draw? :)

Xantcha: America Incarnate; of another Timeline...

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


ONE WORD: Triskaidekaphobia . This deck needs one thing; 13 cards alleviated from to the legitimate 100 card standard. Despite that, no interest has been elicited from those who can make this kind of deck. If Caerwyn is correct about the Competitive Meter; stated that even at 100% Competitive is actually very weak, & that this is 79% Casual being a monster to deal with; something seems off with this notion; & it's not that isn't in CMDR 2019 (We got the Have Lands, & Cycle Duals in these precons, but because Orzhov has no influence here; printing of enemy colored Have Lands & Cycle Duals is impossible.)… But even the senior staff doesn't seem to want to address this issue; but what does More Casual, More Competitive, & Feedback each suppose to do? Nobody answered this question ever since the first time I asked. But I digress. All this deck needs is 13 cards to cut. & someone of senior staff to address the Meter issues because I doubt Beakman has an answer.

Beakman: Answer: We don't know!

He really did answer some questions w/ this response. Why did I watch something as bad as Captain Planet instead? This is easily the better show.

But 13. Only thirteen cuts are needed here in a Politically Friendly & Unconventional Politics Matter Deck. After that, Triskaidekaphobia will die. Good Luck. ^_^

Kadena, Naga Successor of Ixidor's Death

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Even the Unknown needs help as well. Focusing on the Morph cards, as well as Morph abilities like Megamorph & Manifest (I think the latter is one true...), this deck is made to make discounts as Morph Sides for free, & easily draw-go's like mad. W/ a lot of awesome Morphs in there, & support for the CMDR & the Morphs as well, even stuff like Krosan Grip can be countered for reason I forgot. (Really. I actually forgot. :/) Such H4X are literally at your potential; turning over Morphs for free, discounts to make Morph Cards cast , & is a beast of a deck when your opponents can't look underneath either. Such mercy though, is based upon one thing; the cards I cut myself & added to the Maybeboard as a "Hotseat"; a category I nicknamed for cards that can return to the deck in exchange for another of the 99's Stead. If the card is deemed unworthy to stay, it leaves the Hotseat no longer allowed to enter the deck. Basically that's how it works. But what would you keep to cut? What would you cut in general? What would you replace? How would you make this concept of a TRUE Morph CMDR Deck any better? It's up to you; because the Hotseat demanded so.

Yep, Pirate Tribal, but I'd like some improvements where Ol' Salty Brass was inept at achieving since the Ixalan Block; Even now. It seems when this is used, Pirates seem to benefit from Sheer Aggro; & can benefit from Explore effects, & Treasures. Revel in Riches is one wincon here, but this deck has several in mind, & has several H4X'd cards that can do stuff like Time Control Timestream Navigator , Pox Effects Dire Fleet Ravager , even the idea of Aggro meets Ramp makes me think; (WHAT THE HELL HAS EVERYONE HAVE AGAINST PIRATES!?) Raid & Explore Effects are great here, but the individual abilities of Pirates are where they shine. Suggestions for replacements for the Hotseat, & any better ideas for the deck in general are welcome here.

Q&A: Why did you include all these decks in one topic at one time? Do you worry nobody wants to even do one of them?

I included all 5 decks needing help so far so that someone can just do one at a time, then work on the next when needed. Goal? To get all these decks reformed so I can get to my next two projects before I work on an "ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING" themed Vorthos/Melvin Deck based on actual problems w/ MTG as a whole. So why not call that deck "ADAM RUINS MTG". The question now is, What colors would fit Ol' Adam Conover? I-I dunno. I use 5 color as a base, & work my way there.

Also, a cEDH Boros Deck is still in the works, & I'd rather I have an actual Boros Player in the subformat help me out on that; Such people I was w/ before I doubt they were actual cEDH Players, but I'll work on the deck later on; eventually of course. Oh, & I didn't finish THE RED PILL for information purposes yet. I'm on a point regarding the Honey Badgers. I hope this is good enough for progress...

That said, I'll update this is oppose to making individual threads that overfill the forum topics w/ my name etched on it. If this isn't a good idea, I wish not to be right.

Thanks for the help.

BMHKain on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

2 months ago

@SP3CTR3_chelts: Was Tuvasa the Sunlit that obsessed with Land, Sea, & the Sun? & Was that Sun The Immortal Sun ; which isn't even a true sun? I chose her effortlessly. This is obviously Enchantment Matters; & to be frank; Rafiq wasn't as good as he was long ago... Just an opinion, but now I personally wonder if Estrid, the Masked is also worth putting in the (now) 99?

As for Equip Matters: I got both & , the cards are more aggressive as well as supportive; Problem? Even for Partners ( Tana, the Bloodsower & Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder ) neither have self protection from harm; & no card in exists to help Artifice; unless you're willing to make a list of Mono- cards that break this rule.

Sorry, but at least I made my choice for Bant Enchantress. I personally wonder if we need a new thread for that...

BMHKain on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

2 months ago

Seriously, BMH. Bumping does nothing anymore...

@SP3CTR3_chelts: Hmph. Well, I do apologize for the Professor notion; the MTG Community is ranting about, well, EVERYTHING now. They don't seem to give a care about what WotC is even releasing, much less everything else; all of which I don't understand. That said; & I'd really like to know what the hell is going on w/ the MTG Community as a whole now; as something has gone wrong, & I've no clue what.

For Rafiq of the Many , he was so close to representing War as a theme. I even wanted to use him at some point in case Jenara doesn't Pull her weight. Tuvasa the Sunlit is powerful indeed, considering she does represent Peace even though she herself is a friggen goddess, maybe I'll cut Estrid, the Masked for her, even though I'd have to shred Forge of Heroes as well. Two Birds with one Stone Destroyed. Wish I had the song in that link...

Anyways from here, we'll have to resume talking about Omnath #1...

BMHKain on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

2 months ago

BUMPING LIKE FARROKH BULSARA OF ZANZIBAR! Wait. Does anyone know that name? BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY did have moments that were falsely interpreted in the film. I wonder why they never showed his death in 1991... BMH has MORBID!

I dunno if you're still aware, but I'm trying to refine my Xantcha, Sleeper Agent deck w/ enough competitive nature all while having just the right dose of Political Alliance; mixed with mild Hatebear. Result so far? Failure. It just looks more like any ordinary Hatebear deck for the most part. Sure, manipulating two opponents is an awesome idea, but what else to do about this deck? I really might need some good ideas for the Politics part; but at this point; it's all me, I guess... That said, What are your thoughts on Post 28? Tuvasa the Sunlit is a LITERAL Ixalanian Merfolk Goddess Queen; & her love for her kin that not even Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca wants to use. & I already have Estrid, the Masked for Peace.

I'd still like your thoughts though... :/

BMHKain on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

2 months ago

Ironic; those aren't even my whole glossary of Personality Traits; so just expect more later on; as for Shy, it almost get's to the point of Timid/Meek; one of which will be a part of this.

Crap. My hype is Sodium Chlorinating; & it now includes CMDR 2019.

Are you sure about this? Even TolarianCommunityCollege's Professor (Real Name: Brian Lewis.) stated so many times even though his fans like zombies that it just is a risk to use; based on Twitter alone:

Liking Arcane Signet = Irredeamable Hate from the Commandeer Community; maybe even Brawl. That's just my opinion; thwart it though if you can prove different.

Already Added them.

The Thematic Element behind such a Bant Enchantress Deck is that Estrid, the Masked is the one who promotes Peace(craft); this is expressed more than all means through her ever creating masks; which all have Totem Armor. Jenara, Asura of War was chosen over Rafiq of the Many as just having one creature attack via Exalted seems underwhelming to me; & he too would've been a decent second. Even Tuvasa the Sunlit w/ HUGE Aggro Potential probably isn't cut up for the job of War. In case you wish to know, Tuvasa is the most powerful Merfolk in Ixalan; stronger than even Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca ; & is more pure than the tyrant Merfolk; so, that enough could prove the only choice for War is Jenara, Asura of War . Such an Angelic menace; she can just get stronger through stuff like Serra's Sanctum , & all those +1/+1 Counters stay w/ her turn after turn until she dies; simple, but very powerful. She is essentially the self-empowering; CMDR Damage abomination of a commander option. I hope this helps at least...

Can't even find any good cards w/ either Madness; nor stuff requiring discard. Oh well, At least Madness is one of the themes of a Keyword Theme deck for CMDR 2019. Might simply get that & Morph. Any suggestions?

Good point. I'll have to Gamble on my choices... I guess I could utilize a combination of Hatebear & Politics; Basically having control of board presence while having at least one ally without being a damned Archenemy. Thanks for the help. I'll see what else I can do about all this; I think Iknow what to use for Xantcha, Sleeper Agent , Estrid, the Masked / Jenara, Asura of War , but not Neheb, the Eternal , or Omnath, Locus of Mana . I'll then proceed after all that to Yarok, the Desecrated ... Tee Hee...

Thanks again. :)

SP3CTR3_chelts on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

2 months ago

Sorry for the delay I've been on holiday for a few days.

Sorry my previous post was difficult to understand all the - and + got turned into bullet points, all the things above and including primal grown are -s and the rest are +.

Don't worry I do not find the bumps annoying at all, but I don't check tapped out daily.

That does sound quite cool i am a fan of Dr. who and fate/zero :)

Eldraine does look quite good, I try not to get too hyped until more official spoilers are out as a lot is speculation. On a similar note they announced that they are doing pre con brawl decks do you think that they will be a replacement to this years commander pre cons or in addition to? ( arcane signet will be going in most of my commander decks!)

Im most happy to continue helping :) and dont remove yeva i think flash enablers for omnath are brilliant you should put more in!

Bant enchantment is amazing i would build it either Rafiq of the Many and build it more about attack alone (less enchantments but quite potent) or the other i would build is Tuvasa the Sunlit with all the other enchantress cards for ultimate draw and power ups (My wife has this deck and the card advantage this generates is ridiculous) .

Who are you using for the mono red commander? i think this could be quite difficult to build but interesting, like i mentioned before the closest i have is Purphoros, God of the Forge .

Xantcha, Sleeper Agent ive had a look at EDHREC and there are alot of interesting cards that can go in this deck, I would recomend having a look!

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Tuvasa the Sunlit occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

GWU (Bant): 1.02%