Seize the Day

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Seize the Day


Untap target creature. After this main phase, there is an additional combat phase followed by an additional main phase.

Flashback (You may cast this from your graveyard for this card's flashback cost, then exile this.)

veritablecvn on Florian, Voldaren Scion and extra …

1 month ago

So it depends on the wording of the ability or trigger that gives you the extra combat steps. If the wording says you get an additional main phase after the additional combat phase, such as with Seize the Day, this ruling from Gatherer applies:

9/24/2021 If you somehow have more than two main phases in a turn, each main phase after your first one is a postcombat main phase, and Florian's last ability triggers at the beginning of each of them.

king-saproling on Lord Xander Taxing your Deck

1 month ago

Looks good so far. Personally I would make these swaps:

Cormela, Glamour Thief -> Coalition Relic
Maestros Ascendancy -> Worn Powerstone
Tragic Slip -> Syr Konrad, the Grim
Aether Tunnel -> Rogue's Passage
Protective Bubble -> Shizo, Death's Storehouse
Thought Collapse -> Seize the Day
Mirror Box -> Sakashima of a Thousand Faces
Umbral Mantle -> Firemind Vessel
Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant -> The Haunt of Hightower
Megrim -> Spark Double
Liliana's Caress -> Waste Not
Aqeous Form -> Sleeper's Robe
Lier, Disciple of the Drowned -> Cabal Conditioning
Aetherspouts -> Hedron Archive
Go for the Throat -> Component Pouch
Turnabout -> Sakashima the Impostor
Terminate -> Generator Servant

SteelSentry on Weakest Mono Color

3 months ago

TypicalTimmy the win was, as far as I remember, I wheeled into Seize the Day, Flame Rift, Ashling's Prerogative, and I had previously looted away Recoup. Casted commander, Prerogative on 'odd', and then rifted. After combat, casted the extra combat, used the flashback on the wheel, and managed to get enough mana with big beaters and extra combats to dig for an X burn spell for lethal.

Niko9 on Every Gob Has Its Day

6 months ago

Now, this looks fun! It's always fun when a deck goes combo but not infinite. Like, will these gobbos win the game when they get to attack over and over? Probably, almost for sure, but there's always a chance to interact, and that makes it feel really fair. It seems like one of those decks that I'd lose to and just smile and say, yeah, you beat me. Which is great because there are a lot of combos out there that definitely make you sigh and say, beat me...

Love the deck, and I guess my only suggestion would be Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion though it's hard to say if it would be better than something like Mirrorwing Dragon I was just thinking of Neheb because it would let you dig for a second Seize the Day while also giving you mana to use for the flashback of the first one. You probably don't have a lot of cards in hand though, so again, not sure how it works.

Either way, have fun with this deck and with forcing your gobbos to work overtime : )

imperium0214 on The Boros Way

7 months ago

I like it. If you like extra combat, consider Seize the Day or World at War since both get two uses from flashback and rebound.

Could also consider ways to inflict more pain per swing. Berserkers' Onslaught or Gratuitous Violence can make two combats devastating.

plakjekaas on Olivia, Crimson Bride Commander

7 months ago

I think this deck might benefit greatly from extra combat steps like Aggravated Assault, Hellkite Charger, Relentless Assault, Seize the Day, World at War, Savage Beating, cards like that.

Attacking more means more reanimating with your commander.

Octrate on It's Tough to be Xenagod

8 months ago

Heya Profet93! Thanks for your comment.

Really solid questions all around, I'll try to answer them in a satisfactory way.

  1. Ragavan is an aggressive mana-dork for me mostly. If he can come down turn 1, he can get me a turn 3 Xenagos, assuming he can connect. For me, that is most of the reason I play him. In the late game, he provides some occasional versatility. End of the day, I find him just a fun card to play.
  2. Beanstalk Giant is primarily a ramp card that has the potential to be a late game beater. While he's not as effective as say Nature's Lore or the like, I still find his late game beating potential to be solid. I've made some surprising plays by throwing him on the field with anEmbercleave. I've even skipped ramping to just Sneak Attack him into actionUsually, he is a solid Greater Good/Life's Legacy fodder. 0.Tireless Provisioner is fine here. It's versatility is only as flexible as my ramp/fetch-lands. It's on a short list for maybe being cut in the future.
  3. Cavern of Souls is here mostly for Xenagos or whatever big creature I need to get through vs control. I've said dragons, elves, and once, Monkey. Definitely not necessary if one is on a budget.
  4. Utopia Sprawl/Wild Growth are criminally underplayed. However, if land destruction is prevalent in your meta, I'd definitely be careful using them.
  5. The trick with gamble is casting it when you have at least five or so cards in your hand. Assuming you can keep your hand plentiful, Gamble is one of the best tutors in the game. Typically, I'll go for Greater Good if I have no other draw sources. If I do, then I'll prioritize an answer if I need one. Otherwise, Seize the Day can never miss. I don't usually wiff, but it has happened once or twice.
  6. Chandra's Ignition is a hail-mary play that will certainly wipe the board if it doesn't just win the game on the spot. One player in my group loves playing fogs, so this is partially an answer to that (as is Malignus). I don't usually cast it unless it's on a creature I'm sure to protect or unless opponents are tapped out. Spot removal has definitely punished me before though.

Really appreciate your questions! I hope my replies are helpful. If you have any further questions, I'll be more than happy to discuss things further.

Mana_Mythic_Legendary on Pursuing Perfection, Part 8: Rakdos …

8 months ago

Brothers, sisters, and assorted non-binary siblings, welcome to the riot! You like throwing waves of frothing, hasty lunatics at your opponent AND profiting when said lunatics die? We got you! You like watching the world burn and don’t mind getting caught in the flames? We got you! You like anarchy? The purge movies? Gender reveal parties? We got you! Rakdos is the proud home of those who take pleasure at the expense of others, the sort of people who like to mix Skittles and M&Ms in the same party bowl. If that sounds fun, then just you wait: in the house of red and black, that sort of misbehavior is only the appetizer.

Haste and sacrifice. Vampirism and burn. Discard in both barrels. This is a beautifully synergistic color pairing that belongs in the same league as peanut butter and chocolate. Heath Ledger’s joker undoutably played a rakdos deck: things like Havoc Festival, Last One Standing, and Sire Of Insanity are all up the clown’s alley. There are a number of themes we can cover here, but as usual we’re settling for three: Discard, WAAAAGH, and Pain. As always, please bear in mind that the point isn’t a discussion of the competitive but rather as a celebration of the thematic.


This is both red’s primary draw resource and a uniquely black removal technique. Combining those aspects makes for a deck that both ruins opponent’s hands and digs through your own cards at shocking speed. Granted, you won’t have a big hand, but who cares? Suddenly you've got an overpacked graveyard at your black-hearted beck and call. Red self-mill and black reanimation, people, with just a naughty touch of haste. Discard a pile of hate and then pitch said pile straight into combat. You won’t be sorry.

Chainer, Nightmare Adept

A regular teddy bear, Chainer’s second coming is a real treat for anyone who left their graveyard hate at home. Haste on a stick is only a perk: suddenly your graveyard is only as full as you want it to be, and probably full of friendly, group-huggy things like Ravenous Chupacabra or Combustible Gearhulk. Yes, the table will certainly love you and your unending, undying deck of unbearable hellbeasts. Undoubtably.


Ok, this guy is horrifying, as you would expect of the king of Grixis. Anyone not running tokens is going to be mighty twitchy about seeing this guy hit the field, and who needs a hand anyway? Rakdos evidently loves empty hands, and rewards you for ensuring that particular misery has company. Consider, if you will, the fulsome, vicious suite of cards tied to poking those who discard. Consider Experimental Frenzy. Consider all the madness cards you could play (or, you know, just play Anje Falkenrath instead). And, if you get tired of the simple gains synergy can win you, you can always Demonfire someone.

Blim, Comedic Genius

THIS. This is neat. Leave aside the look on the face of that certain someone who steals everything on the board. Pay no mind that Seize the Day and all it’s red cousins can make Blim an unholy terror. Forget that you can pass off Demonic Pact, Grid Monitor, and whatever other obnoxiousness you can think of. None of that matters, no. This, for all you glorious nutters out there, is an excuse to finally play Nuisance Engine. That’s the takeaway here.


Anyone can run tokens or big creatures, but only in Rakdos do you find the conjunction of boardwide haste and sacrifice. Harnessing right, proper WAAGH energy means not just drowning opponents in a tide of zippy little shits but also capitalizing on all that death to cause even more mayhem. Did you ever want to hold a bundle of fireworks, light them all at once, and watch whatever you point them at turn into a smoking, shredded pile of giblets? Here’s the lighter, fellas.

Juri, Master of the Revue

Treasure tokens. Nuff said.

Garna, the Bloodflame

There are a number of nasty combos here that I’d rather not spread. I’ll just say that long ago, I played many, many depressing games against a Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund deck. There was self-milling involved, and Living Death. Evidently, someone decided what the deck needed, rather than burning, was fewer moving parts. That someone deserves a long, interesting life in all the worst ways.

Kardur, the Doomscourge

This guy makes me laugh. The idea of ruining the table’s carefully laid plans to off you and instead throwing them into combat with each other is absolutely hilarious. It’s like a Fog designed by someone with pyromania-by-proxy syndrome, and that second block of text the equivalent of throwing gasoline on an already burning house. Get a Conjurer's Closet in there and watch the fun.


Forget destroy effects. Those are too easy. Direct damage. -X/-X. -1/-1 counters. Life loss. All of the nastiness you can fling at opponents and creatures is under the umbrella of this color pairing. If you like blasting the unholy hell out of your opponents and their minions, this is the arsenal you’re looking to plunder. Stuff like Blasphemous Act, Toxic Deluge, or Orcus, Prince of Undeath will leave a smoldering crater of a battlefield, across which you’ll doubtless be stepping with appropriate gribbliness. Or launching that demonfire we talked about. Whatever works.

Kaervek the Merciless

Ah, the original Mr. Stop-Hitting-Yourself. I’ve had my eye on this guy for over a decade. Do I own the deck? No. Do I intend to? Again, no. But the prospect here is so, soooo satisfying to think about. To hell with infinite combo fruitwaffles. Damned be those green jackasses ramming X cost spells down the table’s collective throat. Kaervek’s mean, but keeps it clean. Like, nuclear fire sterile clean, and the best part? It’s all self-inflicted!

Rakdos, Lord of Riots

We really can’t talk red-black without discussing demon himself (hehehe). This guy’s been piloting one of my decks for years, and for good reason. The lord of riots likes to pass out rewards for smacking people. Do you like to be rewarded for smacking people? I do. Rewarded with free things... Eldrazi things. Eldrazi things that tutor more things (Conduit of Ruin), reanimate more things (Artisan of Kozilek), or… well, you can always go for broke and just ruin someone else's things (Void Winnower). Run artifacts, like Hangarback Walker. Run X drops, like Maga, Traitor to Mortals. Run anything you like. Run everything you like. Just have fun running them for next to nothing.

The Scorpion God
-1/-1 counters, magic’s analogue for injury and agony. We really shouldn’t talk red-black without talking about Wither, the Everlasting Torment of a keyword that was a precursor to the dark days of Infect. It’s safe to say we all have opinions, for good or ill, about Infect’s place in commander. That said, if you want to play with -1/-1 counters and aren’t fond of green or dealing with those opinions, Scorpy’s first line of text makes this guy an overwhelmingly safe bet. Rocking crap like Black Sun's Zenith is the easy answer: let’s make this fun, discard a crapload of cards, and watch your opponent’s boards melt into obscene card advantage while your Archfiend of Ifnir giggles in the corner.

And for my personal favorite...

Xantcha, sleeper agent

There is an unfortunate element of “screw you in particular” to Xantcha: declaring open season on somebody’s life total sends a particularly unpleasant message. This is another commander that, laying aside the card advantage, doesn’t bolster your deck, which makes for an interesting challenge. I’ve said it before, one hallmark of a good deck is the capability of functioning without its commander… though if you build this hateful beast, I suggest you pack lots and lots of ramp. Just ‘cause.

That's it for this round. Thoughts and questions are welcome. I hope you enjoyed it, and will come back next week for Gruul!

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