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orzhov_is_relatively_okay819's Binder

My Trade Binder (last updated Feb 18 2023).

Hey everyone!

Avid teenage MTG player who's been playing since Return to Ravnica. Looking for some cards to finish up some new decks.

I don't trade too much on here anymore, so my binder has doubled as an overall collection tracker. As such, some of the cards in here are cards I'm not crazy about trading.

All sets listed should be accurate.

All of my cards are in fairly good condition, NM or LP. I have a few MP cards, I will let you know if that is the case and I am willing to send pictures of any of my cards.

Not included are a lot of bulk commons and uncommons. If you're looking for something not on this list, feel free to ask.

Special printings:

1 Felidar Sovereign: Media Promo

3 Mutavault: GP Promo

1 Orator of Ojutai: FNM Promo

1 Plague Myr: WPN Promo

1 Silvergill Adept: Open House Promo

1 Wildfire Eternal: Buy-A-Box Promo

1 Simic Ascendancy: Draft Weekend Promo

1 Bolas's Citadel: Draft Weekend Promo

1 The Meathook Massacre: Promo Stamp

1 Satoru Umezawa: Buy-A-Box Promo

1 Water Gun Balloon Game: Release Promo

1 Vivien, Monsters' Advocate: Alt-Art Borderless

1 The Ozolith: Borderless

2 Cultivate: Alt-Art Borderless

1 Cyclone Summoner: Borderless

1 Haunting Voyage: Alt-Extended-Art Borderless

1 Barkchannel Pathway  Flip: Alt-Extended-Art Borderless

1 Darkbore Pathway  Flip: Alt-Extended-Art Borderless

1 Hengegate Pathway  Flip: Alt-Extended-Art Borderless

1 Jeska, Thrice Reborn: Alt-Art Borderless

1 Shaile, Dean of Radiance  Flip: Borderless

1 Uvilda, Dean of Perfection  Flip: Borderless

2 Stinging Study: Borderless

1 Pest Infestation: Borderless

1 Red Dragon: Alt-Art Borderless

1 Burn Down the House: Borderless

1 Rockfall Vale: Alt-Art Borderless

1 Wedding Announcement  Flip: Borderless Foil

1 Dig Up: Borderless

2 Olivia's Wrath: Borderless

1 Crossway Troublemakers: Borderless

2 Predators' Hour: Borderless

1 Haunted Library: Extended-Art Borderless

1 Urza's Workshop: Borderless

I can vouch for anyone I've traded with.

I live in California. US only.