Bolt Bend

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Bolt Bend


This spell casts less to cast if you control a creature with power 4 or greater.

Change the target of target spell or ability with a single target.

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Card creation challenge

1 week ago

Idrix, Who Hastens the End

Legendary Creature - Demon

Spells can't be countered.

At the beginning of each end step, each player loses life equal to the number of spells they cast that turn. Then, each player whose turn it is loses 10 life, unless they cast 2 or more spells that turn. Then, each player whose turn it is not loses 5 life unless they cast a spell that turn.


"The elevator is going down."

Cards in his precon:

Bolt Bend
Crimson Wisps
Jeska's Will
Storm-Kiln Artist
Krark, the Thumbless

Make me a card named Brennan Lee Mulligan. (If you don't know who that is, I'm sorry).

Profet93 on Gruul Smash!

4 months ago

How often do you have too much trample? If it overlaps too much, would you ever consider swapping out some trample enablers, mainly Ulvenwald Oddity  Flip for something with a bit more utility such as Deflecting Swat or it's budget counterpart Bolt Bend? They both "Counter" counterspells while redirecting targeted removal, extra turns and draw. Very much utility. Ulvenwald isn't impressive on it's own and it takes a large amount of mana just to make it bigger which can be removed in response.

As a fellow Xenagos player, our decks fold to spot removal given we invest our 5+ mana into a creature just to die to a 1-3 mana spot removal. I understand you have dense foliage to circumvent this but it's just one card.

Perhaps a Swiftfoot Boots might be worth including so you don't fail to search for an equipment. Swiftfoot boots also requires opponents to use spot removal in response to equipping, pre-combat so that your xenagos trigger isn't wasted on something that was gonna die anyways. Not to mention it makes people less likely to target your creature if they are unsure of who you are swinging at. After all, why waste spot removal on something that's harming one of their enemies. As the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Looking forward to your response.

ThassaUpYo@ssa on Be'Elz A'Boot

4 months ago

Point well taken. I thought that running the lower CMC demons with higher P/T was a solid play with Be'Lakor, the Dark Master, but now that I think about it Ammit Eternal never really paid the sort of dividends I had envisioned. Yawgmoth's Will has certainly earned this guy's spot.

I don't aim to win each game with Liliana's Contract, but when I do get it into play I do my best to keep it around long enough to reap its end-game benefits. Bolt Bend & Imp's Mischief will definitely be used, in addition to the counter spells already in the deck, to keep this wincon around OR, depending on the situation, protect my general. I will add that Rite of Replication is one heck of a way to win the game with Be'Lakor, the Dark Master and is something else that Bolt Bend & Imp's Mischief can be used to protect.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, thanks again for your insightful feedback and tip-of-the-hat to my demon tribal decklist. Demons are my favorite tribe in magic because they fit how I like to play going all the way back to when I first started - use your life total as a resource to gain advantage and put yourself in a great position to win or, at the very least, put up one hell of a fight.

ThassaUpYo@ssa on Be'Elz A'Boot

4 months ago

Love the suggestions, Profet93! Bolt Bend is in over Demon Bolt, Imp's Mischief is in over Feed the Swarm, Mystic Remora is in over An Offer You Can't Refuse, and Phyrexian Metamorph is in over Spark Double.

To the question you raised - games typically go well given the ramp and tutors that allow me to set up, cast other demons/useful enchantments, and ultimately expedite the summoning of Be'Lakor, the Dark Master triggering additional card draw. There have been a few instances where I've gone through a "creature drought", but that's pretty rare and is just how it shakes out every once in a while just like getting land flooded (or starved).

With respect to Yawgmoth's Will, I would like to slot it in but am unsure of what to take out. I'm hesitant to remove a creature but it might not be a bad idea given the power YW offers. Any final thoughts on this addition given the updated list?

Thank you again for all of the valuable suggestions, Profet93!

Profet93 on Be'Elz A'Boot

4 months ago


I like your garden hose analogy, fair enough. Regarding changelings, here are 3 to consider in order of best to worst IMO... Cairn Wanderer, Taurean Mauler and Graveshifter. The first one is meta dependent as your creatures provide flying, deathtouch, trample and haste. The second can get big, fast. The third is just recursion. Personally, I would choose yawgmoths will over any of them, but yawg's will is expensive.

Mystic Remora is good in the early - mid game, as they would rather let you draw a card than pay 4 mana to stall their own plans (especially in multiplayer). The way it typically goes is cast it, they try to play around it for one turn cycle. You then hold one upkeep cost. Almost always, someone will cast a non-creature spell. Unless your meta is filled with timmy battlecruiser decks, this card usually pulls it's weight. There's a reason it's in every blue cEDH deck. Your mileage may vary of course but it is definitely worth considering to try out.

TBH, my biggest concern is the fact that your commander costs 6 and once removed costs 8. You have over 10% ramp in the deck which is good, but given you're not running green and the high cost of your commander, I fear that without it, you're just casting demons and hoping for the best. Am I wrong? How have your games typically been with it? To mitigate this potential issue and provide redundancy to deflecting swat, Imp's Mischief could be a potential consideration (it's my pet card). It "Counters" counterspells while redirecting targeted removal, draw and extra turns. Should the mana cost and lifeloss turn you away, there is the more conditional Bolt Bend to consider (which is better than demon bolt)

Profet93 on Tactical Nuke Incoming!

5 months ago

Wittyinator +1

Nice deck. I'm unsure what benefit Contagion Clasp provides despite seeing it's custom category, how does it work exactly to your benefit?

I noticed you have the mana gyser + reiterate combo, nice!

Deflecting Swat - Your deck is based on your commander, you need a way to protect it. Alternatively, Bolt Bend is a budget option.

Ancient Tomb - Ramp

Chaos Warp - Removal

MightyPox on Demon Till Your Dreams Come True

6 months ago

Hi Rocketman! How is it going?

Nice to see your Rakdos primer is still active and updated!
I appreciate the new section about Rakdos Game Theory!
Haven't played Magic for some time now but my buddy and I will be getting back at it soon. In preparation for that I went through the Rakdos-coloured demons on Gatherer and saw that there are new demons to consider for the deck.

Bloodletter of Aclazotz
We can always use effects like Archfiend of Despair/Fiery Emancipation, so this one's really good.
My deck does most of it's damage during my turn anyhow. Definitely adding it to the deck.

Infernal Sovereign
An effect in the vein of Recycle/Null Profusion on a 6/6 flying, trampling demon may help us in a pseudo combo turn.
I'm usually always playing a land and/or spell each turn or drawing/filtering cards in other ways so skipping the draw step is not a great set back. Not sure about this one but will be testing it.

Bringer of the Last Gift
Living Death is one of my favourite cards in this deck and here it is stacked on a 6/6 flying demon.
The only draw back is that it has to be cast for which is a steep price as most of the expensive demons are reanimated. Only Hellcarver Demon may cheat it into play.
Nevertheless I will try this one out, maybe in place of Patriarch's Bidding.

Scourge of the Skyclaves
This one has been around for a while now and most of the time it will be : everybody loses half of his or her life.
In an earlier iteration of the deck I ran Havoc Festival which was nice because it speeds up things and my opponents would lose the life before me and not simultaneously.
Still for this deck I'm always looking for demons that do "crazy things" and maybe one day I will test this guy.

Concerning The Balrog of Moria: I read that you had this one on and off your deck and I think I like it.
All of it's abilities are relevant to us. If I find space for him I will test him for sure!

I read through your change log/Rakdos Game Theory/user comments and I understand that you emphasize playing the commander and therefore divert slightly away from the demon-theme.
While I think that your success proves you right, I just can't bring myself to cut a lot of demons from this deck - I'm a flavour freak on this one. :D
I'm really light on Rakdos protection (Tibalt's Trickery, Lightning Greaves and Not of this World are the only ones right now). Maybe if I could find room for Bolt Bend and Deflecting Swat I could see myself casting Rakdos more often.
On the other hand: since I've been playing this deck 1vs1 most of the time, connecting with Rakdos is devastating for my opponent and almost always leads to victory.
I also had situations when I had the mana to cast Rakdos very early in the game but had also options to do crazy stuff that could potentially win me the game.
Albeit risky I mostly tried the crazy things because this is my only deck that can do this kind of thing - the Rakdos thing. :D

I'm looking forward on reading what you think about the demon suggestions I made in this post!

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