Bolt Bend

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal

Bolt Bend


This spell casts less to cast if you control a creature with power 4 or greater.

Change the target of target spell or ability with a single target.

Slymiest on Noble Baeloth Barrityl, the Goading Entertainer

2 months ago

I really love the idea of this deck. I think you really have something here.

Personally I think additional ways to search out Sunforger would do you very well. Also I think you might find Wyll's Reversal to be more consistent than Bolt Bend

pswet75 on Miirym Current Deck

2 months ago

Thanks for the feedback. For lands, there's quite a bit of token creation and dragon cost reduction, so I feel it might be fine missing land drops here and there. I see what you're saying about free interaction, I've removed deflecting swat and force of vigor. I like the redirecting effect, but 4 mana wild ricochet is too much to hold up imo, and I couldn't afford 2 blue mana in with my color distribution. Would Bolt Bend still be too strong? There's also Swerve if so. I'll keep an eye out for egg and sprite dragon replacements, they're mostly early game bodies. I quite like Gadrak, its like slumbering dragon in a sense: cheap early game deterrent that may be a threat later on.

Profet93 on INFERNO

6 months ago

I see you already have the reiterate + mana geyser combo

Endless Atlas - Draw

Bolt Bend - Budget deflecting swat

Hedron Archive/Mind Stone - Ramp you need it, draw when you don't.

Gold - Ramp + politics

Myriad Landscape - Ramp without taking a spot

DreadKhan on Cheap dragon

7 months ago

Alright, I'll try to keep that in mind and minimize the jargon. One thing I'd say about running lands, it's easy to end up with less than you actually need. The difference between 36 and 38 is extremely minor in terms of how many lands you can draw, so the exact number isn't that important, but if you have a higher cost Commander (Tiamat has a Mana Value of 7, or MV 7), you'll want ramp. A higher cost is usually any Commander requiring more than 4 mana, and/or one that requires more than 2 colours, either makes a Commander harder to cast. I end up on 38 in a deck like Reaper King, but I also use a lot of ramp in that deck to generate the huge mana values that deck can require. This deck probably wants anywhere from 36-42 lands, with 42 being where you want to be if you run relatively few ramp effects, 36 would mean running more of them, at least 10. You should probably run Command Tower. Temple of the False God is a risky land in a deck that isn't running a lot of lands, I hate to run it with less than 40 in a deck unless I have a payoff for a land tapping for 2.

It's worth considering basing your mana base around Green, not because most of the cards will be Green but to use Green ramp spells/mana dorks. I'm guessing you aren't aiming to spend a lot on this, so the cheapest $$$ way to increase your mana available is to use Green spells which can find Basic lands for you. Circuitous Route, Harrow, Roiling Regrowth, Search for Tomorrow, and Dire-Strain Rampage are all very good ramp effects, with most of them being cheap and able to find you colours of mana you might need. Sacrificing a land can be a good thing if you've got several of the same Basic land, which can happen easily. There are a ton of other ramp spells, many quite cheap, especially if you don't mind 3 mana effects. Spells that find land can be much better than artifacts, because artifacts can be blown up very easily compared to lands. I would also look for ones that can find any Basic land compared to ones that can only find a Forest unless you want to raise the budget a bit, as these lands are generally more expensive, but Kaldheim has 10 Snow type dual lands, one for each pair, and they are fairly cheap, and ramping with one of these off of Three Visits or Nature's Lore feels really good, but it'll be more investment. There are a lot of effects that find Forests and can find non-Basic Forests like Breeding Pool or Rimewood Falls, and finding one of those can really help make sure you can cast Tiamat. I would still play cards like Arcane Signet and Sol Ring, and most 2 MV mana artifacts are good cards usually.

A card that should be very useful in Tiamat would be Maskwood Nexus, which makes all creatures, wherever they are (in your hand, library, graveyard, or in play) are all every creature type, including Dragons, so Tiamat can find any 5 creatures. If you end up playing many cards that care about Dragons, this is worth looking at. Silverglade Pathfinder and Dreamscape Artist are pretty helpful some games as creatures that can also ramp you, potentially repeatedly if you are playing Casual games where you have a few more turns.

Interaction to protect your creatures can be very useful, Bolt Bend and Stubborn Denial are interesting options for you in a deck that will often have a power 4 creature out. Disdainful Stroke can stop board wipes, and Saw it Coming can stop anything in it's track, involving only U to cast, I would watch out for counterspells that cost UU (Blue Blue mana) to cast, this can be hard to arrange. You might think of Vindicate and/or Utter End to have removal vs any type of permanent, AFAIK neither is very expensive atm. There are 5 'Signet lands', Darkwater Catacombs, Skycloud Expanse, Shadowblood Ridge, Mossfire Valley and Sungrass Prairie are all very cheap and pretty good dual lands. Ash Barrens is a very good way to find a needed colour, especially Green. The World Tree is getting up there a bit, but it's a card worth looking at in 5 colours, especially if you run plenty of cards that find lands for you. If you have especially good non-Basic lands, IE lands that tap for 2 or more, Crop Rotation, Hour of Promise and Reap and Sow are all worth considering, finding a World Tree or other especially good land can be much stronger than finding a Basic. Faeburrow Elder and Jegantha, the Wellspring are very good ways to generate mana, probably don't run Jegantha as a Companion, just put him in the deck and you have no restrictions from him.

Well, that's what I'm thinking of right now, I'll probably have more later for you. I'll try to think of cards that are cheap and work for your deck, it might be a few posts before I've run out of relevant thoughts.

plakjekaas on Inverter of Truth Targeting

7 months ago

You cannot. A target that can be changed with Bolt Bend, will always be specified as "target Creature/Player/Opponent/etc.". If the word "target" is not on the card, Bolt Bend can not change it. In the case of Inverter of Truth, it specifically mentions "your library" and not "target player's library". "Your library" on a card always means the person who controlled the spell / controlled the creature when it entered the battlefield and created the trigger.

Stoic_Gaming on Inverter of Truth Targeting

7 months ago

Inverter of Truth Bolt Bend

*messed up my card links

Gleeock on What is Your Opinion of …

11 months ago

Feel the same about them in any color :) -- A waste of time. I like spells that repurpose other spells & keep the game going... Just not in the direction the original caster intended. Same reason I'm still cool with Narset's Reversal

Grubbernaut to me Deflecting Swat feels very . It doesn't cancel action.. it reallocates it. Also, there is a whole bunch of precedent for that effect. Off the top of my head Bolt Bend, Shunt & several others that I would have to look up.

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