Tectonic Instability

Tectonic Instability


Whenever a land enters the battlefield, tap all lands its controller controls.

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Tectonic Instability Discussion

plakjekaas on Your Favorite Plays

2 weeks ago

My Klothys, God of Destiny enchantress deck that collects punishing effects, with on the board:


Ancient Runes

Burning Earth

Primal Order

War's Toll

Tectonic Instability

Roiling Vortex


Sandwurm Convergence

And everyone so low that trying to play a land or cast a spell would kill them, so everyone could just look sad at their greedy mana bases with their duals and their mana rocks until they died in their upkeep.

SaberTech on Land Destruction EDH

1 month ago

I think that you should replace Burning Sands with Zealous Conscripts since the Sands conflicts with Kiki-Jiki and adding the Conscripts gives you a potential combo win condition.

You could also run Karn, the Great Creator to combo with Mycosynth Lattice, locking down your opponents' lands and mana rocks. You could possibly replace Tectonic Instability for Karn.

You probably need some more card draw too, although it's kind of hard to find efficient fits. Endless Atlas is pretty good but doesn't work as well alongside the spells that also destroy your own lands. Mazemind Tome helps but can only be activated a few times. Chandra's Regulator is card filtering.

RestingBeardFace on They mostly come out at night...

6 months ago

@GrimlockVIII duly noted. I'll see what I could do. The only I fear about Lurking Predators is the CMC of the card. I had War's Toll at one point in time the reason I removed it is the potential of opponents abusing the mechanic and my own creatures being forced to fight especially when they're un-transformed and the opponents blocking them and destroying them in the process. I do think Tectonic Instability is one that definitely could find a place. Thank you for the feedback.

GrimlockVIII on They mostly come out at night...

6 months ago

I always wanted to make Werewolves work myself, but any time I thought of including generic Gruul support, I always found myself questioning if the deck was worth it in the first place given how I could just use that generic Gruul stuff in something less janky lol.

I salute your noble attempt at giving the tribe some love, though.

As for suggestions to further dissuade your opponents from casting spells, perhaps you can include Lurking Predators or Heartwood Storyteller . They don't directly hurt your opponents after they cast spells, but they threaten them with giving you and everyone else advantage should they decide to commit to a play.

Tectonic Instability and War's Toll also disuades spell casting through land-related shenanigans.

Spyderred on THRASH

10 months ago

Very nice deck! Really like how it "flows" as I playtest it.

If I may give a few suggestions, I'd say

  1. If you are ok with combos (which I guess you are, as you have Umbral Mantle and Leyline of Abundance ) I'd recommend Havoc Festival to go along with the Wound Reflection you have there;

  2. I feel like you could take more advantage of Yurlok's ability and run some of those cards in your sideboard, such as Manabarbs and/or Tectonic Instability . Maybe out Banefire (it is a single target spell, could go with Comet Storm instead).

  3. Personally, I don't like Shizuko, Caller of Autumn I think that considering that the mana provided doesn't cause mana burn until the end of turn, opponents will have more time/opportunity to find some use to it.

I'm still brainstorming some ideas on a Yurlok deck myself (will certainly make some adjustments considering your deck), but maybe it could give you some further ideas as well https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/yurlok-2021-03-14/

Massacar on Yurlok, Gifts of Jund

1 year ago

Mana Web, Tectonic Instability, and War's Toll for similar mass tap effects causing opponents to dump their mana.

Helix Pinnacle as an alternate wincon and mana sink to avoid your own burn.

I have more cards I can suggest from my own take on Yurlok, but I also recognize you have a bit of a different theme going on. So just let me know if you'd like any other suggestions.

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