Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Limited Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Mythic Rare

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Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

Legendary Creature — Eldrazi

When you cast Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, exile two target permanents.


Whenever Ulamog, attacks, defending player exiles the top twenty cards of his or her library.

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger Discussion

WickedlyRested on tron

2 weeks ago

Just wondering if you've played with Emrakul, the Aeons Torn at all. I've played with the smaller version of emrakul, but found that with one Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger , and karn + Mycosynth that I really didn't need her. You might consider cutting her for the fourth oblivion stone, or something from your sideboard if you want to add O-Stone there to Karn wish for.

Hoobynobber7395 on Ulamog Colorless EDH

3 weeks ago

Silent Arbiter would work great as while, i wouldn't exile it when Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger enters the battlefield. It is always good to have basic lands in the deck, it helps avoid being mana screwed from cards like Ruination . this would also give you a reason to keep Walker of the Wastes . honestly, you only need one planeswalker which is Ugin, the Ineffable , the others are not as useful to you in an eldrazi deck, though all have great loyalty abilities, aren't as useful, and become targeted very quickly

csyounge01 on Ulamog Colorless EDH

3 weeks ago

Hoobynobber7395would Silent Arbiter be helpful? you could keep it in play until you cast Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger , then exile it as one of the two target permanents when he enters.

Enral on Xenaroid™: FDA Approved

1 month ago

Ai-Phu-Gyu: Right now the only clean answer I have for indestructible creature is Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger . Getting briberied is just part and parcel of the game that I would have to live with. If people take my stuff I would try to politic or prioritize my target to killing them.

Zerraphon on Kruphix and the Value Town Toolbox (Pantry Raid)

1 month ago

I don't! At least not yet cause im looking at removing my instants/sorceries and adding more creatures! I've found that angels as a creature, say Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Akroma, Angel of Wrath arnt as impactful as say a Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger So having A LOT of instants and sorceries don't do us any favors! But I'll whip up a decklist I have physically right now!

Jelatinator on Linessa EDH

1 month ago

Gencon 2019:

Won a 4 player matchup against Kozilek, the Great Distortion , Obzedat, Ghost Council , and Pheldegrif. The Kozilek player had a very commanding start which I was able to benefit from by copying an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger . Later we combined efforts to whittle down that board, while I build up tons of mana. With that, Capsize is a heck of a card and I slowly eeked out a win.

ScionsStillLive on Dimir Mill Budget

1 month ago

Sorry for doing several comments, but if you have the money to spend, try Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger .

ScionsStillLive on Cha cha real smooth [Casually Competitive]

1 month ago

Maybe try something like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger ? Here's a combo with him:

Amoeboid Changeling + Hibernation Sliver + Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger .

Ulamog enters the field, blows a couple permanents up, Amoeboid then gives him all creature types which include Sliver, Hibernation Sliver lets him return to your hand, repeat the steps above.

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Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.12%

Green: 2.7%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.04%

Green: 0.19%