Cathartic Reunion

Cathartic Reunion


As an additional cost to cast this spell, discard two cards.

Draw three cards.

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Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Brawl Legal
Custom Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Unformat Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Gladiator Legal
Arena Legal
Pauper Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Historic Legal
Modern Legal
Pre-release Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Cathartic Reunion Discussion

Tiny_Sir on One Imaginative Boi

2 months ago

Mainboard Cuts: Worn Powerstone kinda sucks. I'd rather pay one more for Hedron Archive or even Sisay's Ring.

Cathartic Reunion is just better Tormenting Voice in your deck. Run Chandra hugging mom instead of Tormenting.

Cuts from the Sideboard listed cards:

Prismatic Geoscope: Running 18 basics means you might not always get 3 mana from it, more like 2. Eitherway I feel it's bad as a rock and lackluster as a cage target.

25 cards I'll suggest for <15$ (EDHREC TCGPLAYER listed prices, may be higher or lower):

  1. Final Parting: Double tutor, one to the yard one to hand. Good investment for 5 mana. It's no Buried Alive but we can't expect many cards to be. (Price: .90)

  2. Cephalid Inkshrouder: Discard which doesn't matter to make shrouded Mairsil? Hell yeah. (Price: 0.29)

  3. Soliton: Another U: untap is solid. (Price: 0.10)

  4. Forbidden Alchemy: Basically a draw 4 most of the time for 3 mana and can be flashed back if you discard it or mill it another way. (Price: 0.11)

  5. Pestilent Souleater: Can be a backup win con with a card or two that can also pump. (Price: 0.10)

  6. Blighted Bat 1 for haste is worth it when not having Anger in GY or Hammer of Purphoros on board. (Price: 0.05)

  7. Twisted Abomination: Get a land with it then give Mairsil regenerate for a black when his commander tax is too high. Can never have too much protection when the commander is the whole gameplan. (Price: 0.03)

  8. Magus of the Bazaar: Draw 5 for tap on Mairsil. What's not to like? (Price: .46)

  9. Etherium-Horn Sorcerer: 3 To replay Mairsil isn't bad. Also can just be a cascade card if need be. (Price: 0.15)

  10. Cinderhaze Wretch: Untap affect + can be used to disrupt enemies. Also can be used on yourself if you really want for some weird reason? (Price 0.26)

  11. Dreamscape Artist: Discard isn't a downside, and it ramps. Can be put on Mairsil as well if need be. (Price: 0.26)

  12. Vector Asp: B: infect is very strong. Especially with following card. (Price: 0.20)

  13. Spikeshot Elder: This plus infect is a gross combo. Even without R to deal 4 to any target is strong, better than lightning bolt! (Price: 0.21)

  14. Grinning Ignus: A way to bounce Mairsil that's ALSO ramp. Pays for a commander tax! (Price: 0.16)

  15. Frantic Search: Free loot isn't ever bad. Instant speed too. (Price 0.47)

  16. Sinister Sabotage: You don't have much interaction. These next 3 are just interactive pieces to stop your opponents from racing you. Sinister is a good counter that also can basically draw a card with Surveil. (Price: 0.12)

  17. Terminate: No regen for them! Instant speed kill. Nice. (Price: 0.44)

  18. Arcane Denial: Great counterspell that's not mana intensive. (Price: 0.46)

  19. Perplex: Either a counter, makes an opponent lose their hand, or you can transmute to tutor for a 3 drop such as Rings or Commander's Sphere. Very versatile. (Price: 1.24)

  20. AEtherize: Bounce all attackers is a good way to protect yourself, since you already have many ways to protect Mairsil. (Price: 0.23)

21/22. Isochron Scepter/Dramatic Reversal: With enough mana rocks infinite mana and with that you can win for sure. (Price for both: 5.30). I think it's a worth it investment.

  1. Whispering Madness: Wheel that can be repeated. With GY synergies it's amazing. 10/10 (Price 0.57)

  2. Chain Reaction: Boardwhipe most of the time. You need some mass removal. (Price: 0.67)

  3. Pyroclasm: Clears tokens easily. (Price: 0.16)

Total Price: $12.94

Some pump activated abilities may be a good other add.

Gobo-Sharpie on Ball Lightning Never Dies

2 months ago

I really like your deck :)

Witch's Cauldron as a card drawing engine for all those creatures you will sacrifice at the end of your turn anyway I would drop Cathartic Reunion for it.

Phyrexian Tower let's you also get more mileage out of your creatures after having used them and is a land.

Assault Strobe could be nice too to.

sub780lime on Grandlandlord Radha *$50 Budget*

2 months ago

Could replace your domri with Domri, Anarch of Bolas to bring the price down a bit and net some ramp. Since you care about land, Abundance is fairly inexpensive for what it does. Gruul Locket is pennies and gives you some ramp with a draw outlet if needed. Could replace one of your more expensive draws. Same thing for a cantrip like Cathartic Reunion. On the passive damage side, Sulfuric Vortex and Obsidian Fireheart are under a buck.

Omniscience_is_life on Wait wait wrong egg WRONG EGG | **Primer**

2 months ago

Hey gatotempo, sorry for the late reply, I was doing a lot of number-crunching for the deck. I really like the Pyromancer, but I'm afraid of how diluted the deck will get if I allow for 3-and-below creature drops. I'm going to look into replacements for Cathartic Reunion still, however--but so far I like how deep it digs for the mana cost. Haven't found an equal, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Thanks for commenting!

hydrothermia on Kraken Faeries

2 months ago

@Murphy77: It would be fairly easy to alter it to Temur, however due to personal preference I try to avoid playing beyond two colors since my consistency always seen to drop when I add a third color. Teferi's Ageless Insight is an addition I didn't think about and it fits really well, though it is currently a one-of here, I could easily drop 1-2 Cathartic Reunion if necessary.

@Balaam__: Thanks for the upvote!

gatotempo on Wait wait wrong egg WRONG EGG | **Primer**

2 months ago

Maybe Seasoned Pyromancer over Cathartic Reunion. The effect is similar and pyro makes tokens, which is what this deck seems to be wanting to do.

amicdeep on 40 Bolt

3 months ago

i would consider trading 4 Cathartic Reunion for 4 Magmatic Channeler

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