Lava Dart

Lava Dart


Lava Dart deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

Flashback — Sacrifice a Mountain. (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Lava Dart Discussion

lagotripha on Blisterspit Burner

1 month ago

I've played around with a few of these lists using Fossil Find/Cryptolith Rite/Nettle Sentinel setups.The big thing for reliablity I've encountered has been getting redundant pieces without gumming up the combo.

Being mostly burn spells does a decent job of that, but I'd look at running both weird and stick.

Curiosity setup is neat because it opens up Keen Sense for give redundant pieces if you go into temur colors if that is your thing.

On the burn side, Lava Dart offers multiple triggers for damage.

Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip feels like it should fit into a list like this, but it just isn't low cmc enough.

Grubbernaut on Weird Storm (Temur-ish)

1 month ago

Manamorphose , Strike it Rich , Mutagenic Growth , probably Lightning Bolt . Crash Through could be good, too. Gut Shot , Lava Dart are always good.

Paradise Mantle seems really out of place, especially with only four creatures. I'd go to a minimum of 10 threats of the flavor of your choice -- maybe Runaway Steam-Kin could be good, especially if you go red-heavy.


Hardhitta7 on Izzet Tempo

2 months ago

I agree Titan's Strength is better than Infuriate but Mutagenic Growth is better than both. I would also replace the shocks with Lava Dart . Both of those cards will allow you to get out an early Stormwing Entity . If you don’t wanna play the darts I would at least replace shock with Burst Lightning .

I think Embercleave is a bit out of place. You are usually only attacking with 1 or 2 creatures in these decks. If you absolutely want something like that I would suggest Temur Battle Rage .

zapyourtumor on Izzet Tempo

2 months ago

Spirebluff Canal mandatory 3-4 of

Fiery Islet adds card draw

Frostboil Snarl is bad

You could also probably go down to 18 lands and cut some basics, since the deck is pretty low to the ground.

Dreadhorde Arcanist and Bonecrusher Giant are more for a tempo/midrange plan than an aggro plan. If you want to kill quickly like the deck title says, putting in those Sprite Dragon s from the sideboard should be much better. Also Soul-Scar Mage is another good one drop. Arcanist is still decent even though I think soul scar and sprite are better, but bonecrusher is just bad here.

Similarly to my last point, if you want this to be aggro I don't know why you have Counterspell since it's 2 cmc and reactive, plus it requires you to hold up mana which slows you down a lot.

Prismari Command is also pretty expensive, and I'm not sure if it does enough for its cost.

Expressive Iteration is good card advantage option (probably better than Light Up the Stage now).

Lava Dart is a prowess staple and should probably replace the Shock s which are really suboptimal.

Manamorphose and Mutagenic Growth are great free spells to abuse prowess.

Desmous on Thrasta turbo

2 months ago

Fun build!

Something to think about is maybe replace Burning-Tree Emissary with Hidden Herbalists the double green makes turn 2 Thrasta, Tempest's Roar so much easier, and with Mishra's Bauble , Fetches, and Lava Dart really backing the Revolt up, it might just be a better card?

Also, the Harmonic Prodigy might just be a little slow, I would replace it with Soul-Scar Mage for a turn 1 drop to get prowess triggers to do 10-15 damage turn 2 instead

Grubbernaut on Runaway Scales

2 months ago

I like the idea; I'd cut Banefire , Simic Ascendancy , Fists of Flame , Warlord's Fury , and maybe some of the cantrips - you definitely need more creatures to ensure having 1, or preferably 2 in the early game (probably 12ish), and probably want an absolute minimum of 16 lands (or more likely, 18, especially if you use some Canopy lands). I also think Strike it Rich is pretty medium, though probably worth it if you stick with 3 colors.

Some options to consider: Lava Dart , maybe Mutagenic Growth (though it isn't red), and the usual suspects of prowess creatures; cutting blue could let you play white for Clever Lumimancer , though keeping blue for Sprite Dragon would let you stay on-theme with Hardened Scales and counters. Honestly, Dragon is absolutely perfect for this deck.

I think 2 or 3 of any given mana sink will be sufficient, since your main plan will probably be to win via combat damage (and not the mana from Steam Kin), which could be something like Hexdrinker or Fury . Maybe even Pact of the Titan if you want to go all-in; exile it if you're in on Nivmagus, or let it resolve if you have mana from Steam-kin.


xtechnetia on Infect gets to run Cavern …

2 months ago

Infect doesn't really fear counterspells as much as it fears cheap, easy removal. Lava Dart 's entry into Modern probably did way more to hurt the deck than Counterspell 's entry did.

Spell_Slam on Nuclear Alchemy

3 months ago

Lava Dart is excellent for a deck like this. You don't mind the flashback cost usually and it triggers your creatures multiple times for extra damage and picks off annoying faeries like a champ.

Tandem Lookout is a creature I usually see in decks like this and for good reason. If left unchecked, it will allow you to churn through your deck and combo off really quickly.

Keep in mind, Thermo-Alchemist does not in fact hit creatures.

I think a combination of Brainstorm and Ash Barrens would be a lot more effective than Opt.

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