Three Visits

Three Visits


Search your library for a Forest card and put that card onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Three Visits Discussion

Last_Laugh on Praetors Father & Mother of Atraxa

2 weeks ago

Shalai, Voice of Plenty deserves a spot here.

I'd also suggest a bit more ramp like Three Visits and Nature's Lore .

Spirits on OMG Kitties Tribal!

3 weeks ago

Hey hirurux,

Fellow Arahbo, Roar of the World since the pre-con Arahbo, Xenagos... for Cats

I found having too many cats wasn't very useful, I went a bit extreme, down to 14 cats, but 28 is a lot. Arahbo, Roar of the World only Eminence triggers one cat, and unless you're in a state with a ton of mana to activate the ability for multiple cats, not really needed.

How I solved this problem, was more creature tutor cards (instead of more cats), so Sylvan Tutor , Time of Need , I got a Survival of the Fittest for xmas one year which was cool. Chord of Calling , Eldritch Evolution even Congregation at Dawn are all viable to. The right cat at the right time vs. drawing more cats. Initiate's Companion , Leonin Skyhunter , Steppe Lynx feel like some easy cuts.

Three Visits was reprinted in a current set, gives you another Nature's Lore .

Are you primarily trying to kill everyone with combat damage? Beastmaster Ascension maybe?

I would get some trample in there Shadowspear and Rancor perhaps, that way 1/1 tokens don't become a nuisance to you.

Fumigate seems wrong.

Might reduce in lands, do you find yourself flooded, eliminate anything that comes into play tapped with no strong ability. Your not running toward a Tooth and Nail or anything so likely can miss a T4-6 land drop and still be in good shape, can also Land Tax or Archaeomancer's Map or Kodama's Reach to get more lands in hand. Evolving Wilds , Krosan Verge , Path of Ancestry could be some easy. If you're worried about mana fixing, fetch lands are great Windswept Heath but also the off-color ones like Wooded Foothills , Flooded Strand , etc.

Teferi's Protection to dodge board wipes?

I might add an alt win-con, Triumph of the Hordes might be one, but having a backup plan, maybe Grafted Exoskeleton or perhaps Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants to bring back Lost Leonin . Bala Ged Recovery  Flip for Triumph of the Hordes , I dunno something?

The Great Henge !

Hope you find something useful here. +1

multimedia on Slivers, It's What's for Dinner!

1 month ago

Hey, nice version and Sliver pulls :)

I don't think you need Coat because you have Legion. Morophon, the Boundless could replace Coat since it's a Changeling who combos with First Sliver + Hibernation for repeatable cascade of First Sliver. Add Lavabelly to this combo for a win condition. Profane Tutor is the new suspend tutor from Modern Horizons 2 that's very good for the price with cascade.

Pulmonic Sliver has nice interaction with cascade and Realmwalker who's a Changeling since any Sliver that dies can go to the top of your library to then be cast again or cascade. Combine this with Necrotic for a sac outlet for a removal engine of your opponent's permanents.

Because you have the Forest Triomes (Indatha and Ketria) then Skyshroud Claim is an upgrade for Vegetation and Three Visits is a upgrade for Rampant.

Some cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Ur-Dragon, Tribal Combos, Free Casting

1 month ago

Hey, nice selection of Dragons and combos. The manabase however doesn't look like it belongs with the rest of the deck and more ramp would help gameplay.

The manabase here is for a low budget deck, not a $600+ deck. On a low budget, if that's needed, there's land upgrades you can make. There's 21 lands that always ETB tapped which is too much. Amulet of Vigor helps, but you can't count on consistently having it every game. On a budget there's a package of land ramp spells that you could add to improve ramp and color fixing.

Four of these spells can search for a dual land. If adding them then you also want to add budget dual lands they can search for.

The Tango lands need basic lands to ETB untapped thus if you play them adding a few more lands, Forest basic lands helps. 36 lands with a budget manabase is better than 34 lands. The budget Pain lands that can make green mana: Yavimaya Coast , Llanowar Wastes are helpful to have early game to cast green spells.

Of course all these suggestions are low budget. If you can afford more for lands then improvements can be even better such as replacing Tango lands and Snow duals with Shock lands, etc.

If interested in any of these suggestions then I offer more help including cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

triickii on The Ur Dragon Updated 2021

1 month ago

Boki92 thanks for the comment! The other "budget" deck that I have listed is mainly the cards that used to be in this one.

1) I'd probably start with this deck and downgrade individual cards that you aren't looking to purchase yet. There are budget versions of most cards on this list. There are loads of cheap dragons, that are still good but a little higher CMC, so I'd replace those first. Then look at what other replacement effects you can have. If you sort my list by "Custom" you should see the categories I've placed them in. To give you an idea of my reasoning, in the removal category I upgraded Sarkhan's Unsealing to Terror of the Peaks just because it's a dragon too so there is more synergy, but it still sits in "Removal"

2) IMHO colour fixing/ramp should be kept but there are budget options. I saw a huge improvement after swapping the usual basic land ramp package for Nature's Lore , Three Visits and Skyshroud Claim because they fetch the Triomes (get Ketria Triome if you are only getting 1) but there are some really good budget options for dual lands with the Forest type, like the Battle Lands and Cycling Duals here: Also The World Tree is excellent so try and keep that.

The core of the deck is really built around Cheap Dragons so, although expensive, cards like Morophon, the Boundless , Urza's Incubator and Herald's Horn are key. The cards in the "Support" category are also pretty budget friendly and you could swap out Kindred Discovery for Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner .

The win condition is usually just beating face in combat, but Dragon Tempest , Scourge of Valkas and Sarkhan the Mad help us win without combat and are all budget friendly.

Let me know if you have any questions and if you would like me to checkout your decklist once you add one then just let me know!

Have fun :)


2 months ago

Columbia_Knight, Into the North was in my maybeboard for a bit as I was thinking about running snows over standard basics and as you noted with Rimewood being released made it a bit more of an option. My main reason for not running it is that I already have the deck foiled out. Having to purchase foil snows just to run Into the North didn't seem like it was worth it. There is plenty of ramp already. Most of the ramp spells I end up recycling and reusing anyway to net some extra benefit from. I didn't want to over extend on the ramp aspect of the deck. I just needed enough to get the wheels in motion. If I were playing more cards that relied on snow lands being in play or in my deck I would for sure have chosen ITN over say Rampant Growth or Three Visits . Three Visits can go for a basic forest or the Rimewood. Farseek can go for the Rimewood or a basic island and Spoils of Victory kinda does the same as Farseek except it puts the land in untapped and goes for a forest as well. So for me the better choice is just to stick with the deck the way it is. Maybe they will print some better/different snow lands with abilities or something down the road, then I'd have to see if at that point ITN would be a better choice than what is already in the deck. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you! Also my reply yesterday has some typos. I apologize if it was hard to read. It was the end of the day for me and I was getting ready to head home from work so I typed it up in a hurry.

enpc on Manabase for Ur-Dragon

2 months ago

generally with 5 colour mana bases, you want to lean more heavily towards green so that you can cast your ramp spells. I would be using cards like Spire Garden and Karplusan Forest to help assist with this. Here, you care more about having access to green than running Godless Shrine for example.

I would also be looking to make space for Nature's Lore nad Three Visits as they are cheap ramp that will help mana fix.

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