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metalmagic's Binder

NEWLY 100% UPDATED (1/10/24). Disclaimer: I am human and it is possible I have made a few mistakes in quantity or forgot to remove a card at some point as updating this many was a long process. Binder should be 99.9% correct.

The conditions of most cards in my binder did not upload correctly and are missing, but most are lightly played or near mint. I will verify upon requests for trading. I will gladly sell ALL cards in my binder. Feel free to make offers. Hit me up if you want to buy anything!

A decent number of the rare foils I have listed are prerelease promos. To see which ones, please check the list below. Newly alphabetized! (With the new update I did not verify these were all still the same, but it should be mostly correct still.)

Prerelease Promos Show

Other Card-Specific Notes