Please make sure you understand the Guidelines to Trading

metalmagic's Binder


Apparently the conditions have not always been saving as I've been adding cards, so please feel free to ask for the condition of the cards you want if they aren't listed. If they are anything less than LP, I will gladly provide pics.

I am US based, and I am not interested in trading internationally on trades under $100. I also don't care which edition of cards I receive. The listed version of the cards is irrelevant. However, the cards listed in my Haves should be the correct versions.

I do not have my standard cards listed, as the ones I have available for trade change too frequently. I'm not looking to trade away shocklands currently, but most other cards I have from standard I will consider, so be sure to ask if I have the standard cards you need available for trade. I will always trade FOR shocklands and usually fetchlands (not from Mirage) if you want to trade any to me.

I trade using TCGPlayer market prices, taking into account any recent buyouts or price spikes while determining value to make it as fair as possible. Minimum trade of $10, please. $20 and up (or a lot of cards) I will ship with tracking.

If a card in my wants is a 4-of, that means I am always trading for any version of it, no matter how many you have. Otherwise I only need the specified number. I am also currently interested in accepting non-foil Theros Beyond Death full-art lands and full-art Wastes to make up any differences in trade values, should that be an issue.

I currently have 8 Unglued Pegasus tokens for trade.

A decent number of the rare foils I have listed are prerelease promos. To see which ones, please check the list below. Newly alphabetized!

Prerelease Promos Show

I guess I also now have to start keeping track of the stamped FNM Promo Pack cards as well, so the following collapsible list will contain those.

Stamped FNM Promo Pack Cards - Foils will be notated Show

Other Card-Specific Notes