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metalmagic's Binder


The conditions of my cards were not saving correctly, so if a card you're interested in doesn't have a condition tag, ask and I will let you know/supply pictures. Most should be NM/LP, but there are definitely some well-loved cards in my collection.

I am US based, and I am not interested in trading internationally on trades under $100. I also don't care which edition of cards I receive. The listed version of the cards is irrelevant. However, the cards listed in my Haves should be the correct versions.

I do not have my standard cards listed, as the ones I have available for trade change too frequently.

I will vouch for psionictemplar, as they are currently not an upgraded user. We recently initiated and completed a $200+ trade with great communication and no hassles.

I trade using TCGPlayer market prices, taking into account any recent buyouts or price spikes while determining value to make it as fair as possible. Minimum trade of $10, please. $20 and up (or a lot of cards) I will ship with tracking.

If a card in my wants is a 4-of, that means I am always trading for any version of it, no matter how many you have. Otherwise I only need the specified number. I am also currently interested in accepting foil and non-foil Theros Beyond Death full-art lands, foil and non-foil full-art Wastes, and foil showcase M21 basic lands to make up any differences in trade values, should that be an issue.

A decent number of the rare foils I have listed are prerelease promos. To see which ones, please check the list below. Newly alphabetized!

Prerelease Promos Show

Other Card-Specific Notes