Braid of Fire

Braid of Fire


Cumulative upkeep-Add (Red) to your mana pool. (At the beginning of your upkeep, put an age counter on this permanent, then sacrifice it unless you pay its upkeep cost for each age counter on it.)

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Braid of Fire Discussion

The_Acid_Drip on Inferno Mono Red EDH v2

2 weeks ago

Aww dude you forgot the old school king of dragons Rorix Bladewing

He's not as flashy as he used to be, but always a fun dragon to run.

Also since you have the Braid of Fire + Leyline Tyrant you could consider Kumano, Master Yamabushi

He single handedly shuts down green ramp and other small utility creatures while also becoming a mana sink for your Braid of Fire + Leyline Tyrant combo. He's like $1 on TCG Player so he's super budget friendly.

Stardragon on Feisty Gruul Mother

2 months ago

Crucible of Fire, Obelisk of Urd,Vanquisher's Banner or Jugan, the Rising Star to buff your dragons and give you more card draw, Gruul War Chant or Goblin War Drums to give them even more evasion Purphoros, God of the Forge, Impact Tremors and Warstorm Surge for more ETB Burning, Balefire Dragon for massive field clearing potential (the bigger it get the damage it to the field) Moonveil Dragon for a field firebreathing effect, Dragon Broodmother for big tokens, while not dragons Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion and Neheb, the Eternal both ramp you very well, Ryusei, the Falling Star, Star of Extinction, Savage Twister, Starstorm and Blasphemous Act for board wipes. Red rituals like Pyretic Ritual, Seething Song, Mana Geyser or Battle Hymn quick mana and Braid of Fire for steady ever increasing mana. Can't go wrong with the Bird duo of Birds of Paradise and Gilded Goose for mana nor is Archetype of Endurance bad for protection Gratuitous Violence and Fiendish Duo are both one sided Furnace of Rath. Fervor or Fires of Yavimaya make dragons hasty, and Glorybringer and Combat Celebrant can be massive boon and if you Seedborn Muse you can alway have them untapped as exerted creatures only don't untapp during your phase but since seedborn untaps during opponents turns they also untap so you can get 4 free damage and an extra combat step ever turn. Savage Beating + Spellbinder can give free extra combat and if you use this combo the entwine also happens so you get both Savage Beating's effect's each time it goes off.

PeriodicalFits on get yulucked

4 months ago

I have the Wound Reflection already, but I was hesitant to put Archfiend of Despair in because of its price. I tried not to buy many cards in that price range for this deck, i save those pricey cards for my legend themed deck lol. But if i happen across a deal, Ill put it in! and the Braid of Fire is sick

seshiro_of_the_orochi on get yulucked

4 months ago

I like the balance you have between Grouphug and -slug, this feels very harmonic. May I suggest Archfiend of Despair and Wound Reflection to increase your damage output? Also, as you've included Horizon Stone and Helix Pinnacle, how about Braid of Fire ? It's an absolute nonbo with Yurlok, but playing it fits his lore quite nicely.

Steven89 on Sneaky Purphy B. [Primer I guess]

7 months ago

Hello Benemortal1 :)

Thanks for your questions! Regarding Warstorm Surge , Where Ancients Tread and Electropotence : Those are expensive "win-more" cards and you can play only so many of them and I chose to play with Fiery Emancipation (and to a certain degree Homura, Human Ascendant  Flip). Fiery Emancipation fits better with the gameplan of this deck (right before your turn, you cheat several creatures into play and in your beginning turn you just slam Fiery Emancipation and hope to win). This is not possible with Warstorm Surge and Where Ancients Tread. Those two enchanments need to be played first to have an effect thus telegraphing your opponents that you just entered the "From now on, my game actions are more explosive, so save all your interactions for me" gamestate. This is not good, this deck wins by choosing the right time to battle without your opponents knowing how much damage you can pull off. Electropotence seems even worse as you need extra 2R.

Homura, Human Ascendant  Flip has really suprised me and with the recent additions from Stryxhaven ( Triplicate Titan ) I plan to further play with this "win-more" card. This decklist has a subtle "go wide" theme regarding tokens so Homura fits very well, Homura's continous abilities seem on the first glance weak compared to the potential damage output of Warstorm Surge. However, while warstorm surge triggers only once for each creature, Homura's pumps your team by +2/+2, grants flying (do not underestimate flying; flying - in a sense - can accomplish the same damage output warstorm surge would do, for example in the not-so-rare cases in which your non-evasive threats like Etali, Phyrexian Triniform, Wurmcoil Engine etc cannot connect to your opponents because of ground blocker, with flying and that +2/+2 your creatures would even do more damage by connecting than they would do with warstorm surge and not being able to connect) AND shivan breath ability thus turning a every single creature (even 1/1's) of yours into very deadly threats. In the long run, Homura's damage output is at least the same but I feel the ceiling is way higher for the reasons I just stated :D Dont get me wrong, both enchantments you were suggesting obviously fit very well in what Purphy B. does and you should definetly play them, if you want to. But for me and the philosophy/gameplan of this deck, they just dont work that well :)

Braid of Fire . I tried that one, it looks good on paper, you generate more and more mana every turn and you could even use that mana. But to properly use that mana in your upkeep, you need to actually cheat your dudes into play during your turn. This very thing (cheating the fatties into play during my turn) is something that this deck only does, when I go for the alphastriking win (pass the turn with open mana, cheat stuff into play just before my turn and then drop even more fatties during my turn). In all other cases, where I do not want to alphastrike, it is usually better to be reactive and not proactive by passing with open mana and cheating the creatures into play just before my turn. My point is: Braids of Fire is only relevant for those alphastriking turns, at least for my playstyle, and the times I alphastrike should preferentially be only once during my games. Thats why I passed on that one.

Another point worth considering: It is usually better to use your card slots for cards that provide value in form of extra cards, not extra mana (to add on that: Our commander already provides a huge discount on mana by cheating fatties). Being monored means, we dont have that many tools of getting extra cards. There are a lot of games, where I just dont draw my wheels even though I play many of them. My hand in those games is usally quite empty and having braids of fire is then extra bad, because I dont have the cards to use that mana for. This is why I would strongly recommend playing cards that actually give you more cards, e.g. more wheel effects instead of Braid of Fire, or interactive cards ;)

It got a bit lengthy, woopsie

spellshaper.quixote on Exploding Waifu Simulator

9 months ago

The big players in the deck are definitely Bonus Round and Finale of Promise , either of which is usually enough to completely change the direction of the game. Pulling off the Brash Taunter and Blazing Sunsteel combo is also funny whenever it happens, but the playgroup's started to catch wise to the idea that they shouldn't let Taunter or Stuffy Doll hang around unmolested. Though one of my favorite plays actually led to a draw--a Xantcha player had thrown Phyresis onto her and there was no way I was going to I hit her with Arcbond and then dropped Blasphemous Act to take everyone else with me.

While I get the idea behind both Glacial Chasm and Fortune Thief , the reality has been that I'm rarely setting off a symmetrical explosion large enough to take me out of the game. In those cases when Ashling does get sizeable, lifelink from Basilisk Collar or Shadowspear has always been enough to solve the issue. Since lifelink isn't a triggered ability any more since M10, you gain that life at the exact same time damage is dealt, so your life total is never seen to hit zero.

I actually did have Leyline Tyrant in a prior version of the list, but didn't really feel like it was pulling its weight. It was never the card in hand that I most wanted to cast, and after it resolved I rarely had so little to do with my mana that there was much left to bank. Obviously, it pairs very nicely with Braid of Fire , but that was never a consistent enough occurrence to make up for the number of times that it was a dead card that died to Ashling herself half of the time. Because of that, I never really considered Horizon Stone , but the stone not being a creature may make it worth revisiting.

Toralf, God of Fury  Flip is a possible inclusion that I've gone back and forth on. On the one hand, he could add up to a decent chunk of additional damage over the course of a game (assuming he doesn't himself die to Ashling too early), and could possibly just wipe out the rest of the table if onboard for a Blasphemous Act . On the other hand, so much of what the deck focuses on is the spellslinging angle, with Ashling serving more as a deterrent and repeatable boardwipe than a win condition. He's definitely on my short list, but I'll need to get in a few more games to feel out whether the latest changes leave any obvious cuts for him.

Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip is in a similar boat to Toralf, albeit with more of the uncertainty tied up in her lower toughness. Both of her sides are useful, both for the effective cost reduction on her front face and the card cash-in from Harnfel, but I simply haven't been able to figure out what to cut.

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