Talisman of Hierarchy

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Talisman of Hierarchy


: Add .

: Add or . Talisman of Hierarchy deals 1 damage to you.

EquivocalVision on Barren Glory RWB - EDH

3 months ago

First of all, this deck looks super fun! I love a good Mardu strategy!

How has your mana curve been treating you? I run the original duals and every possible best dual land, but even after that I recently increased my mana rocks to include the talismans just to ensure I can mana fix earlier.

Have you considered including: Talisman of Conviction Talisman of Hierarchy Talisman of Indulgence

If there isn't room in the deck, that's totally legit. I get it. I've got a lot going on in mine as well. Just thought I'd leave the suggestion, but otherwise good job man! This deck again looks really fun to play!

PrismMTG on Sorin’s family

3 months ago

First of all, I just want to start off with saying that as your first build, this is insanely impressive. Regardless of what I might advise that you change, this is a super great first deck.

So, touching on what I think you can improve on the most. The small swings of life won't matter as much as you think they will. Cards like Angel's Feather, Ajani's Mantra, and Ephara's Radiance with the small incremental life gain is not particularly good in a format where you start at 40 life. Cards like Debt to the Deathless are better because later in the game you can pump as much mana as you want into them. I would suggest replacing the above mentioned cards with more creatures with lifelink. You're running a mostly Vampire typal deck with some angels, both of those are great at using lifelink. That will help with the life gain aspect you like while making your deck more effective, both by putting more creatures on the board, and by gaining life in a more proactive way. Overall, I think you definitely need more creatures, Vampires and Angels like to have lots of bodies on the board and 23 is a bit low for that.

Next, I'm looking at your removal and I've got some suggestions there as well. Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares are some of the best pieces of removal in the game and I would highly suggest them. Harsh Sustenance is particularly not great because of you don't have any creatures of board, it's pretty useless. While sacrifice effects can be good, letting out opponents choose what to lose is not as good as getting to destroy something yourself. Granted, I don't know your playgroup, maybe there is a lot of hexproof, or a Voltron deck or something. Regardless, I would drop the sacrifice effects for more targeted removal. Last thoughts on the removal part of the deck, hand destruction effects aren't as great on EDH because you still have 2 other opponents that will have all the cards in their hands. Tbf, there are definitely worse effects, so if you like it, then absolutely, plsu it.

Overall your ramp package is really good, the only thing I would add is Arcane Signet and Talisman of Hierarchy for 2 more 2 mana mana rocks. The 1 damage from Talisman of Hierarchy isn't really going to matter and any deck that is 2 or more colors should be running Arcane Signet imo.

Alright, final thoughts. This is a fantastic first deck and importantly, these are just suggestions that I think would work based on my experience playing and building decks. If you like something and think it's fun, play it, no matter what anyone says.

So, suggestions

Cards I think you should cut Angel's Feather Ajani's Mantra Blood Reckoning Claim of Erebos Ephara's Radiance Harsh Sustenance

Cards I think you should consider adding Path to Exile Swords to Plowshares Arcane Signet Talisman of Hierarchy

Last thing, EDHREC is a fanTASTIC resource when building your decks, I suggest looking at the Vampire or Angel page for suggestions because I think you need more creatures, just pick whatever you like, I would be looks at somehow closer to 30 creatures.

And here is the Drana and Linvala page with a life gain focus because that seems to be up your alley.

Crow_Umbra on Isshin in the Red Zone

4 months ago

Have you had a chance to play this deck irl yet? Your mana curve is pretty high for running 27 lands and a few mana rocks. At an initial glance, I think you generally have a lot of the meat and potatoes that most Isshin decks would want, but might have some difficulty getting to the stuff at the higher end of your curve.

From having played Isshin for close to 2 years now, I'd also generally recommend to maybe hone in on one of the build routes, & cutting some of the stuff that is a bit more off-theme or not as relevant to your meta. My Isshin deck initially started out as a "salad" of all the stuff that could work with him, but it didn't really feel cohesive. After a first round of edits, I focused the deck on the tokens go-wide and group slug stuff.

If you aren't too attached to any of them, I'd recommend trimming down on your cards in the 6-8 cmc range, & swapping in more lands. I'd also recommend replacing some of your 3cmc mana rocks with a few more 2cmc ones like Talisman of Hierarchy.

Impact Tremors and/or Warleader's Call could be a potential replacement for Goblin Bombardment, since you can get the damage from all of your creature tokens entering the battlefield.

Aside from that, I'd highly recommend checking out Dolmen Gate and Reconnaissance as board protection effects. This EDHRec article goes a bit more in depth on the timing for Reconnaissance, & how you can use it as a pseudo-Vigilance anthem to untap your creatures before combat ends, since creatures are considering attacking until the end of combat.

Best of luck with your build. I'd be down to chat through additional suggestions for swaps if you're interested.

Crow_Umbra on

4 months ago

Pretty solid deck! Have you had a chance to play this deck irl? I have a few suggestions for potential edits:

  • I think it might be worth swapping out some of your creature slots at the 5-8 cmc range for stuff that's lower in the 1-4 range. From having played Isshin for almost 2 years, I don't think the deck needs many top-end bombs.

  • If you do trim off the top-end, I'd recommend swapping out: Witch-King of Angmar (might not deter boards that go-wide), the Ancient Dragons can probably be swapped since they're combat-damage based, and either of your 8 drops could probably be cut.

  • Ogre Battledriver is a cool haste & power anthem. Could be helpful for giving you another haste option if you keep some of your higher end creatures.

  • Breena, the Demagogue and Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant are both excellent draw for Isshin, & can compliment the Firemane Commando & Aurelia, the Law Above that you already have in mainboard.

  • Taunt from the Rampart could replace one of your board wipes, maybe Cleansing Nova, & compliment the cards from the previous bullet.

-Legion Loyalist, Signal Pest, & Reconnaissance are all excellent 1 drops for Isshin. Reconnaissance can essentially be a pseud0-vigilance anthem that saves your creatures from combat; this EDHREC artcle explains how the timing works.

I hope these suggestions were helpful. Down to chat through additional suggestions if you're up for it, if not, no worries. Best of luck with the deck


6 months ago

Hi there, happy to see another Isshin player. I've been playing Isshin since he debuted, but more so as a tokens go-wide deck. Regardless, I do have a few suggestions, based off your primer description and to try to fit your theme:

  • Conjurer's Mantle could be a decent fit to both your equipment and Samurai subthemes, and also works with Isshin's attack trigger.

  • Goblin War Drums or Rising of the Day could be potential replacements for Crash Through. War Drums will help give you some evasion for your attacker(s), and Rising can add a bit more speed to which you can attack.

  • Since you already have them in your Maybe Board, you could maybe replace Sword of the Animist with another mana rock like Talisman of Hierarchy, Talisman of Conviction, Talisman of Indulgence, or Fellwar Stone. I played Sword of the Animist quite a bit, but it felt slow for what it can do with Isshin, since you have to pay 4 total mana to cast and equip it, then attack. It requires more set up than a straight up mana rock, if you're looking for more early game velocity.

  • Similarly, I think you could probably replace Commander's Sphere and/or Boros Locket with some of the mana rocks I mentioned in my bullet above. The activation cost on Boros Locket is kinda color-intensive for a 3 color deck, and at that point is essentially 7 total mana to draw 3 cards.

  • I'd recommend checking out Soul Partition as a potential replacement to Dispatch. Soul Partition can hit a variety of targets, and also double as protection for one of your creatures.

  • I think Carmen, Cruel Skymarcher or Sun Titan could be potential swaps for the Rakshasa, mostly because they open up your options for Recursion, and both work with Isshin.

  • It's a newer card and pricier card, but Roaming Throne could be an option to get even more triggers out of Isshin and your other Samurai.

  • Captain's Claws, Inquisitorial Rosette, Anduril, Flame of the West, and Anduril, Narsil Reforged are all excellent equipment options for Isshin.

  • Although they are a bit group-huggy in certain regards, Breena, the Demagogue and Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant are both pretty fun draw options for Isshin. Karazikar would also be helpful to turn some attention away from you, and Breena can help grow your board.

  • Lastly, Dolmen Gate and Reconnaissance are both awesome board protection effects, especially for a deck ore reliant on single attackers. Reconnaissance can protect your attacking board from unfavorable blocks, and act as a pseudo-vigilance anthem. This EDHREC article dives into a bit more detail into how the timing works for removing your creatures from combat. Reconnaissance is also discussed in a recent episode of EDHRECast.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. I'm down to discuss more suggestions if you're up to it. Best of luck with your deck and its future games.

NV_1980 on The Rapture Chronicles

7 months ago

Isshin, Two Heavens as One would be very useful in here. I'd also really, really recommend you add many more rocks in here, to speed up Kaalia's appearance. Examples would be Arcane Signet, Orzhov Signet, Rakdos Signet, Boros Signet, Talisman of Conviction, Talisman of Indulgence and Talisman of Hierarchy. Another great card to consider would be Reconnaissance. Allows you to have Kaalia retreat from an attack if someone decides to block her (and you still benefit from her trigger).

Azoth2099 on [KFC] Kaalia Friended Chickens

8 months ago


Hey man! Good to hear from you, nice job refining this list so far!

Yeah, Avacyn, Angel of Hope is stupid expensive lol, she probably always will be just because of how awesome she is. Proxy it in the meantime? Hell, I'd proxy an Ancient Copper Dragon too, they both win games.

Concerning Burning-Rune Demon: This card tends to get cut from a lot of decks that aren't running winning lines for it. Personally, my Kaalia of the Vast list also includes Dockside Extortionist, Corpse Dance & Disciple of the Vault, which enables Burning-Rune Demon to grab Razaketh, the Foulblooded & Reanimate to enable either a same-turn win or a next-turn win by generating infinite Treasures (and infinite Life via Children of Korlis) and nuking the board. It's also really good in Reanimator lists that are running the aforementioned pieces, as well as cards like Animate Dead, Necromancy, Buried Alive, Victimize & Karmic Guide to accelerate sheer board value if you don't want to run combos like that. If you apply it creatively, it essentially acts as an uncounterable Intuition in the deck, but for no mana cost & at Sorcery speed. Not the worst...

Concerning catching Ws: the #1 thing that's going to snag you wins here is making sure that you capitalize on the Commander's value as quickly as possible, as well as making sure that your deck doesn't necessarily need it's Commander on the field to dominate. You need more ramp and card draw, simply. I'd add the following ASAP:

Ramp: Culling the Weak, Dark Ritual, Burnt Offering, Cabal Ritual, Pyretic Ritual, Desperate Ritual, Seething Song, Talisman of Indulgence, Talisman of Hierarchy, Talisman of Conviction, Fellwar Stone Lotho, Corrupt Shirriff, & Deep Gnome Terramancer

Draw/Tutors: Archivist of Oghma, Moon-Blessed Cleric, Tectonic Reformation, Diabolic Intent, Gamble, Grim Tutor, Idyllic Tutor, Steelshaper's Gift & Sarkhan's Triumph.

Also, I know you've stated that you are trying to stay withing certain budget constraints, but Demonic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor & Enlightened Tutor have seen recent reprints, and are cheaper right now than they will be in the future. Just something to consider.

All of these will help you get on and stay on! Let me know what you think.

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