Liliana of the Dark Realms

Liliana of the Dark Realms

Planeswalker — Liliana

+1: Search your library for a Swamp card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

-3: Target creature gets +X/+X or -X/-X until end of turn, where X is the number of Swamps you control.

-6: You get an emblem with "Swamps you control have ': Add to your mana pool.'"

Liliana of the Dark Realms Discussion

legendofa on Efficient way for black to …

3 hours ago

Cabal Coffers, Liliana of the Dark Realms, and Nirkana Revenant can all accelerate in mono-black, but they all require a high mana and time investment, and they're not budget. Undead Warchief, Bontu's Monument, and Gravebreaker Lamia give you a discount. Outside of these, the most efficient and budget-friendly ramp is in green, if you're willing to splash another color.

TypicalTimmy on Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth + …

2 weeks ago

I have not been seeing this so I'm not sure if it is currently in the public eye, but Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth combos with Nissa, Who Shakes the World as well as Nissa, Worldwaker.

Not unlike how Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth combos with Liliana of the Dark Realms if you get her emblem online - a much harder thing to pull off.

ThePman on Ok, can I still be Carth?

1 month ago

Scytec She's on the short list for sure. Always nice to be able to grab whatever you need, but at the moment I'm intentionally go tutorless (outside of lands), but one of the best things about this deck is being able to swap walkers in and out whenever you want without having to juggle too much else around so I'll definitely get her in there at some point.

Liliana of the Dark Realms is so good, I've been able to ult her more often than not and things get silly very quickly.

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

1 month ago


Minus: Grief

Added: Liliana of the Dark Realms


She has better synergy with Lake of the Dead counts towards removal(her minus ability) and ramp (fetching swamps and her ultimate which makes everything a lake), filling more positions and better rounding out the deck per say Grief which only comes in handy as a discard piece, at the loss of a card to do so for free isn't really even a bonus when I look at the two side by side.

kellpiece on Mono-Black Devotion

5 months ago

love the idea and got a lot of great cards you should consider: Erebos, God of the Dead i might run 3 of these boys. obv choice with black devotion.

Crypt Ghast is gonna pop off in this deck, no doubt. Royal Assassin as well. I'd ditch the Nightveil Specter since they could easily be replaced with Vampire Nighthawk for way more value. also consider Bloodsoaked Champion

Liliana of the Dark Realms is a bit pricey but god damn if she isnt UNREAL with black devo decks. also maybe crank it to 4 Phyrexian Obliterator and 4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel

mono black has a lot of strong control, as well. Inquisition of Kozilek , Hero's Downfall , Fatal Push are all cheap and CRAZY effective.

As far as sweet hybrid cards go, I'd consider Fiend Artisan and Ashenmoor Liege , otherwise not too many other cool ones come to mind but hopefully this advice helps!

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