Sign in Blood


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Commander 2014 Common
Magic 2015 Common
Magic 2013 Common
MTG: Commander Common
2011 Core Set Common
Archenemy Common
Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana Common
2010 Core Set Common
Promo Set Common

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Sign in Blood


Target player draws two cards and loses 2 life.

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Sign in Blood Discussion

Lord_Khaine on Liliana's Tactical Strike Team

7 hours ago

I learn something new everyday; here's the sideboarded version you requested: Black Control vs Schwarze Sonne.

I reside in America, and being my favorite color comes from playing Gray Merchant of Asphodel in my early days. My collection became focused on making the most out of it for awhile after. It was a simple strategy: swarm the board with permanents, and use cards like Read the Bones and Sign in Blood to reach Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Then use the large amount of life to draw into another.

From the two matches I playtested, Sadistic Sacrament was certainly beneficial: your deck ran enough one-ofs to where if I had chosen Infinite Obliteration for preemptively dealing with threats instead, it'd have done me little good. I lost the first match, and barely won the second one.

Asy1umRat on Rats in the Walls

18 hours ago

My only concern with Marrow-Gnawer is that he's legendary and it leaves me with really just Pack Rat as my threatening body. It is nice to drop him and rush down with an army of fear rats, though, so if we can go wide enough before hand it could be a game-winner. Plus its an enabler for Drainpipe Vermin, so there is that. How many would be appropriate, 2 or 3?

I like Big Game Hunter in the sideboard, for sure.

I had considered Alms of the Vein for a while, but I'm not sure how well it can fit as it doesn't impact the board, though I do like the life gain option, especially with Sign in Blood. I've had it in the maybeboard for a while, so I guess I should actually test it.

Asylum Visitor is an interesting take on bob that I was really excited for when it was revealed. For some reason I was under the impression she cost more, so thats definitely an option to come back to. A bigger butt would make me a lot happier, for sure.

That's a good point on colorless removal. Go for the Throat is my go-to colorless removal, so maybe running 4 in the sideboard to swap out Dark Withering if need be.

JararoNatsu on W/B Zombie Control (w/ Amonkhet)

1 day ago


I've been on and off on Anguished Unmaking. It's definitely the better card, and I can hit more with it, but that 3 damage (on top of whatever damage I've taken and the hit from Sign in Blood) can be an issue. Then again, I can heal it all back with Wayward Servant. I'll continue to think about it.

lagotripha on B/R Hasty Control

2 days ago

Ok, interesting setup, I'd describe it as more midrange rather than control, but the idea is pretty solid. I'm running a list with Myth Realized in mardu which works similarly. Personally, I'd cut the recover and similar for a Night's Whisper or Sign in Blood (sorcery speed matters less when you have spare mana for removal), and swap madcap for the wonderful and disruptive Delirium Skeins- if they can't stop your creatures, it doesn't matter how much they hit for. Your manabase looks like it should function, but I can't say more than that. Graven Cairns is cheaper than the other filters thanks to it's future sight printing, and Lavaclaw Reaches is a decent mana sink in later turns. There are several spells in black red missing here, but the most pressing is sideboarded Rakdos Charm. It kills artifacts, ends graveyards and flips swarm tactics on their head. Ratchet Bomb will provide much needed emergency enchantment removal, and Pithing Needle or Dreadbore are solutions to the incurable planeswalker plague upon the game. I'd consider Gifted Aetherborn in place of skirge, the constant presence of k-command makes artifacts risky buisness.

If you want more consistant draw, Phyrexian Arena is relatively resistant to the current strain of non-Anguished Unmaking removal. I have this list Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox for mono black players- chances are there will be some stuff in there to help.

And yes, haste is an undderated ability, but in control lists I've always preferred Languish alongside Mardu Scout or Lightning Berserker as it is less threatened by sorcery speed removal.

RegginHunter on Mono-Black Death's Shadow

3 days ago

Night's Whisper is a great card, but since you are running mono-black, I would probably run Sign in Blood over it. Whisper is used in multicolor decks because it doesn't require as much devotion, but since you're all-in on black that shouldn't be a problem. Sign in Blood has more utility. it can do all the things whisper can do AND it can be a way to eek that last bit of life out of your opponent (it's kind of like a 2 cost black Shock). I think it would be good to have a way to do damage other than just your creatures in case they get a lot of hate and Death's Shadow doesn't quite kill them.

Gabriel.Vieira on Insta Death Control

4 days ago

You need draw spells to dig for the combo pieces. The way your deck is now, you'll be the whole game hoping to draw two of the seven cards that your deck need to win the game. Try Serum Visions, Sleight of Hand, Remand or Sign in Blood for better digging. More Beseech the Queen are also nice, since you're using only 5 combo cards. And consider using Duskmantle Guildmage, so you'll have a second card to combo with Mindcrank.

WargRave on Lusus Naturae

5 days ago

Hi, nice deck! I like the theme. I've got a few suggestions, if they're not what you're looking for pay me no mind.

You mention a combo with Gutter Grime and Altar of Dementia, but Gutter Grime says nontoken. I don't know if you consider the combo critical to their inclusion since they both work fine alone though.

Baton of Morale is cute, but it seems worse than simple Whispersilk Cloak at giving Sidisi more attack triggers, and I don't see where it fits the flavor.

You've got Sultai Banner and no Commander's Sphere, so that's a fairly easy swap.

35 lands and average CMC 4 seems low, even counting the emerge effect. There are still more good budget lands available: Temple of the False God, Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse, (which are probably better than Foul Orchard, but I don't know if that's included for flavor) and Drownyard Temple which synergizes with self-mill and fits in Innistrad flavor too. There's hardly any ramp here, what about Rampant Growth, Cultivate, etc?

Draw looks really light too, especially for UBG. I don't know if you are bound to flavor to the point of rejecting good ol' Concentrate, but we can find some on theme things like Treasure Cruise that appreciate the milling. Ancient Craving at least sounds like eldritch horror, and Read the Bones, Night's Whisper, and Sign in Blood all sort of work too. Sift seems better than Amass the Components since you'd rather discard than put to bottom, though Sift has no flavor.

It's also light on artifact/enchantment removal to my eye. Reclamation Sage, Bane of Progress, and others fill this role while also being creatures to give Sidisi zombies.

As for what to take out that I haven't mentioned, what catches my eye as not pulling their weight are Altar of the Brood (without an infinite combo this will just help opponents), Enlightened Maniac (low impact, no graveyard synergy), Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip (slow), Geralf's Masterpiece, Momir Vig, Simic Visionary (not a huge number of triggers for him, the only other blue AND green creature is Sidisi), and Brood Monitor (Nice with blink effects but you haven't any).

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