Siren Stormtamer


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Siren Stormtamer

Creature — Siren Pirate Wizard


, Sacrifice Siren Stormtamer: Counter target spell or ability that targets you or a creature you control.

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Siren Stormtamer Discussion

ESX333 on Mono-Blue Rubbish

2 hours ago

KrazyCaley Yeah I have a playset of those. Maybe I'll take out 2x Aven Wind Mage and maybe take out 2x Mist-Cloaked Herald to make room for the 4x Siren Stormtamer.

Caran_Lyg on Help with Improving UB Mill ...

2 days ago

I use 4 Opt, 4 Radical Idea for it's Jumpstart ability and instant speed with Psychic Corrosion. If you're going to use Murmuring Mystic you're gonna have flyers, when you have flyers you can use Navigator's Ruin. If you're going to use flyers you can use Siren Stormtamer to protect your creatures and Warkite Marauder equipped with Curious Obsession. Memorial to Folly seems good too if you use it to bring a creature back like Thief of Sanity or the Mystic.

DistortionSlayer on Kaladeck you in the face

3 days ago

This looks awesome but you need more stability, and I feel this can be faster.

I would drop The Antiquities Wars, the Cryptolith Rites, and 2 Memnites then add 4 Skilled Animator and 4 Siren Stormtamer, then you should be good. Maybe find room for Padeem, Consul of Innovation for hexproof, maybe in the place of one Siren Stormtamer.

FogonaFrog66 on Composting

2 weeks ago

This is the most creatures I’ve seen in one of her builds, and it’s glorious. Maybe her creature protection could use a bolster? Sylvan Safekeeper or Siren Stormtamer or Spellskite are low CMC, and can help keep Muldrotha out for much longer. If you felt the need, you could improve your creature selection with Survival of the Fittest,Fauna Shaman, or Evolutionary Leap. While we’re talking about creatures, you run 46 creatures and no Craterhoof Behemoth? Blasphemy.

Njirk on Airborne Assault

2 weeks ago

@andriygoblin Thank you for the suggestions! Its about time I made some changes to the list.

After some testing it seems that Notion Rain and Thief of Sanity are too slow. I do think that the deck needs some way to generate card advantage after you dump your hand on the board. For now i will change Notion Rain for Curious Obsession. Curious Obsession seems like an overall better card for this deck. It's cheap, provides card advantage and pressures your opponent at the same time.

Dive Down is definitely a good card to consider. However, in the games I played board wipes were a much bigger threat than targeted removal. Kitesail Freebooter, Siren Stormtamer and Thought Erasure do a good job at keeping Lightning Strike and Assassin's Trophy at bay. For now I will put Dive Down in the sideboard and try out mainboard Lookout's Dispersal/Syncopate.

While Doom Whisperer is definitely a powerful card, I think its simply too slow for most matchups to justify putting it in the mainboard.

AgentJackjohn on Muldrotha, the Value Engine

3 weeks ago

Glen Elendra Archmage is ridiculous in Muldrotha decks, I'd highly recommend running it. On the same vein, Siren Stormtamer also can do tons of work in this deck, protecting your graveyard from exile effects and the like

Unamused_Pupper on Budget Dimir Tempo

3 weeks ago

DarkMarine911 I've already played around with the idea of Disinformation Campaign, but a 3 mana draw 1 is way too slow for that I'm trying to do with the deck. Sure, you can bounce it back to the hand to reuse it and it gets a card out of the opponent's hand but it's too expensive for what it does when you want to keep mana untapped for the instant speeds and Siren Stormtamer.

multimedia on Izzet tempo/burn

3 weeks ago

Hey, have you consider mono blue instead of Izzet?

With only one color (blue) then the manabase can be much better, all Islands. With Izzet you really want 4x Sulfur Falls and 4x Steam Vents to consistently be able to play both red and blue cards especially Niv-Mizzet. Currently it looks like this is not reasonable to expect being able to get these dual lands with rare slots on Arena. If this is the case then my advice is if you want to play tempo then cut red and play only blue.

The nice thing about mono blue is other than Tempest Djinn (who's a rare) the deck can be made with all uncommons and commons. Are you only allowed to play 10x uncommon cards in a Standard deck in Arena?

Here's a mono blue tempo example:

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