Siren Stormtamer


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Siren Stormtamer

Creature — Siren Pirate Wizard


, Sacrifice Siren Stormtamer: Counter target spell or ability that targets you or a creature you control.

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Siren Stormtamer Discussion

GloomyEngel on Wizard Tribal Standard

18 hours ago

Ghitu Lavarunner strikes me as a trap card. It seems solid: 2/2 for R. However, it only goes online with an instant already in your graveyard. I'd suggest going with Siren Stormtamer instead. Evasion and a sacrifice ability that can deter targeted effects.

I would also drop the riddle-forms in favor of a couple more wizards. Dismissive Pyromancer: Allows you to Loot for 2 less mana, gives you a direct damage effect to remove a threat, and is in your relevant tribe.

Lastly, I'd suggest 1 Fight with Fire as a powerful card that is good mid-game removal, and a late-game finisher.

Saljen on Muldrotha, the "fun" tide

1 day ago

Muldrotha is such an awesome Commander. I put together my own list and have been playing it a while now. I'm going to give some suggestions based on my experience with our supreme Commander.

For ramp, you seem to be relying on traditional signets. Muldrotha makes some cards that usually aren't good, very good. Here's a few ramp cards that Muldrotha empowers: Sakura-Tribe Elder 1G to ramp early and infinite 1G ramp once Muldrotha is in play. Silverglade Pathfinder 1G Tap, move a card from your hand to your graveyard: repeatable ramp. Wayfarer's Bauble and Font of Fertility function basically the same as Sakura-Tribe Elder. There's also Blighted Woodland and Myriad Landscape. Between the 4 you have an artifact, an enchantment, a land, and a creature that you can use to ramp from the early game then continue to use repeatedly when your commander is out.

Muldrotha really loves things that sacrifice themselves to make an effect happen. You can use them to your benefit in the early game, then get repeated value after your commander comes out. In addition to the 3 ramp cards I already mentioned that sacrifice, here's a few more things that get value from sacrificing themselves: Spore Frog is probably the absolute best example. Just one green mana to fog every single turn. Siren Stormtamer is also rather amazing. As long as this bad boy is on the field, you can keep your commander or any other important creature safe from removal.

Merciless Executioner+Fleshbag Marauder are excellent pieces of removal. Sacrifice themselves and you can use it every single turn. Speaking of removal, Executioner's Capsule is a solid piece of removal tied to an artifact that you can play once a turn as well. In addition to these three wonderful pieces of removal, I'd consider running these three cards: Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos, and Butcher of Malakir. With all the repeatable sacrificing we're doing, may as well take advantage of it to keep our opponents board states nice and clean. With three copies of this effect, we can pretty reliably draw into it most games. Avatar of Woe is a surprisingly strong card in here as well. You'll trigger his mana reduction nearly every game and his ability is priceless. Pernicious Deed is a repeatable board wipe that can scale to what suits your needs. The last piece of removal I'd suggest is an EDH staple, Attrition. It enables you to trigger sacrifice affects at will and gives you repeatable targeted removal. Plus, you can just play whatever you sacrifice from your graveyard again. Value!

Mystic Remora and Elephant Grass let you use their abilities for 1 mana each turn, rather than paying the scaling cumulative upkeep. This makes them extremely powerful cards, as their effects are strong and very under costed.

There's one final piece that ties this sacrifice value engine into place. That piece is Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest. This guy turns your army of value 1/1 creatures into an actual army to evoke fear in your enemies. Note that his ability says "permanents" and not just creatures. His ability triggers when we sacrifice creatures, artifacts, lands, enchantments, or really anything.

Meren of Clan Nel Toth and Ezuri, Claw of Progress have a lot of synergy both with each-other and with Muldrotha. They can use the experience counters that the other creates, so when both are played in the same game that is a lot of value in and of itself. Ezuri works extremely well with our value x/1 creatures and can turn our small value army into an offensive threat. Meren gains experience when one of our creatures die, which we will be making happen a lot. He really shines once you've got a few experience counters in play, as he's almost like a graveyard focused Omniscience. Very strong.

In any deck where you find yourself running a lot of value 1/1 creatures, Skullclamp provides infinite value. In a deck that rewards you for sacrificing your creatures, it provides even more value. This card is very strong. Speaking of artifact staples, you're missing Sol Ring. Secrets of the Dead is almost mandatory in this deck, as it just gets incredible value.

Self-mill is something that Muldrotha gets a lot of value from. Here's some of my favorite self-mill cards: Splinterfright can be a big green trampler for only 3 mana, but he also essentially lets us draw two cards into our graveyard every turn. Nyx Weaver has the same utility without being attached to such a potentially big body. Also lets you return a needed card from your graveyard to hand when your commander isn't in play. Mesmeric Orb is surprisingly strong at filling your graveyard and can screw your opponents out of some good draws. Altar of Dementia is one of the greatest, as it's a sacrifice engine and self mill. Taigam, Sidisi's Hand provides self mill and removal and card filtering. To tie these effects together, we've got Sidisi, Brood Tyrant. In addition to being pseudo draw, all your self-milling will passively create an army of zombies!

Anyways, sorry for the wall of text. Hopefully some of this is helpful!

Harbynger on UR a Wizard Adeliz!

2 days ago

Baral has been on the chopping block for a while, I'm just not sure what wizard to replace him with. He was really here as a 2 drop that also made a couple things cheaper... but most are already pretty cheap and he wasn't needed for that. I'm thinking I may try the Siren Stormtamer in his place.

Orrery has proven a winner to me. Normally a deck like this just runs out of steam if you haven't won early game. The orrery makes it so I can pull into a bunch of gas and has won me games regularly when I have it on the battlefield. That said, I haven't played it against a UW Teferi deck yet. My wife is actually working on one, so I'll have to see how it goes :)

Donpedrox on Wizards' Assault [7-0-1 Record]

3 days ago

would Siren Stormtamer be a good one drop in place of Soul-Scar Mage?

Saljen on Muldrotha EDH

1 week ago

I've been putting together a budget Muldrotha list and my budget constraints have led me to find quite a few amazing cards that pair with Muldrotha.

First off, with all your sacrifice/reanimator affects, using cards that take advantage of those affects will be beneficial. Butcher of Malakir, Dictate of Erebos, and Grave Pact add a lot of control to the deck. Cards like Fleshbag Marauder and Merciless Executioner get extra value, as does every one of your sacrifice engines. Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest makes these affects even more powerful. Pump up your whole army while picking off theirs or gaining value through sacrifice engines.

Nyx Weaver and Splinterfright are excellent ways to fill your graveyard in addition to what you're already running. Sidisi, Brood Tyrant also helps to fill your graveyard while providing extra value for your self milling in the form of a zombie army.

Executioner's Capsule is excellent repeatable removal that takes up an artifact slot. Very valuable. Tormod's Crypt helps shut down opposing graveyard strategies, over and over for free. Wayfarer's Bauble provides ramp in the artifact slot.

Attrition is an excellent sacrifice engine that is also repeatable removal. False Demise serves as a way to keep your commander on the battleground or take an opponents creature/commander. Font of Fertility provides ramp in the enchantment slot. Heightened Awareness is a great way to draw an extra card every turn for practically free. Monastery Siege provides similar value. Seal of Removal gives repeatable bounce in an enchantment slot. Vessel of Nascency gives repeatable draw and fills your yard in an enchantment slot.

Here's some good value cards I've found in my deck building process: Dawnstrider provides repeatable fogs while not really costing you anything once your commander is out. Hermit Druid fills your yard and provides land consistency. Waterfront Bouncer provides repeatable creature bouncing. Silverglade Pathfinder provides repeatable ramp. Hell's Caretaker provides repeatable reanimation. Coiling Oracle is full of value. Siren Stormtamer helps repeatedly keep your creatures safe. Best part about all of these is that they're easy sacrifice fodder once you no longer need the abilities and they work crazy well with Skullclamp, which is easily the best sacrifice engine you can run in this deck.

I love playing Muldrotha because I feel there are so many ways to play her and they're all viable. Hopefully this helps :)

Snivy__ on Wizards' Assault [7-0-1 Record]

1 week ago

So far the one-drop slot along with Ghitu Lavarunner will be Siren Stormtamer after rotation, but idk if the Siren is really strong enough. Other than that Spirebluff Canal and Unsummon are the only two cards rotating from the main. Guilds of Ravnica is going to focus on the Izzet guild, so I'm hoping they either create a great Izzet land or remake the shock land.

razelfark on CORE UPDATE: Mono Blue — Counter/Copy

2 weeks ago

Not seeing any one drops in the deck. You may want to use the Siren Stormtamer or the Hope of Ghirapur can be a good option as well. I know you said earlier that you were not feeling it the Siren being useful because of your LGS, but I would suggest it for the side at the very least as it can counter all sorts of trouble some spells from control decks (ex: Settle the Wreckage ). As for the Hope suggestion is for similar reasons as you can get the attack in with it and then sacrifice it to deny sweeper spells from you opponent if you are looking at possible lethal next swing.

Best of luck with the deck.

andriygoblin on Tezzeret, Master of Djinns

2 weeks ago

Usually I do either T1 Siren Stormtamer + Ornithopter and T2 Curious Obsession on the Ornithopter and Siren protects it with the second available mana; or T1 Siren Stormtamer and T2 second island, Curious Obsession and I have dive down in my hand to protect Siren.

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