Gelatinous Genesis

Gelatinous Genesis


Create X X/X green Ooze creature tokens.

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Set Rarity
Double Masters (2XM) Uncommon
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Rare

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Format Legality
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Gelatinous Genesis Discussion

Sultai_Sir on What's Your Favorite Deck?

3 weeks ago

What's your favorite deck, and why? Personally, my favorite decks are my Kruphix and Sidisi decks. Here's why:

Kruphix: Kruphix, at least for me, embodies the battlecruiser format, while not being a terrible deck. Here's some perfectly normal late-game plays. These can come as early as Turn 5!

  1. Have 1.2605068e+24 mana floating in your mana pool (this actually happened once). This number has a ridiculous amount of numbers, somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of digits. For perspective, 1 billion has 10 digits.
  2. Permanent Insurrection with Mass Manipulation
  3. 6.3025338e+23/6.3025338e+23 Oozes with Gelatinous Genesis. Remember, those numbers have thousands of digits.
  4. All the lands in your deck with Animist's Awakening.
  5. And so much more!

And now, onto my Sidisi deck. This deck is much more competitive, and it runs like a greased wheel. Everything comes together at once for one explosive turn. You'll be reanimating fatties as early as Turn 3, and the deck combines something for everyone.

  • If ya like tokens, Sidisi can pump them out at hilarious rates, creating a zombie army to trample over your opponents!
  • If you enjoy going tall with fatties, Sidisi is a prolific graveyard filler, reanimating big bois like Razaketh, the Foulblooded or Sheoldred, Whispering One left, right, and center!
  • If you like comboing off like a boss, there are some great combos in the deck, one of which I discovered myself. Ping everyone to death with Nooze lines, mill yourself out for value and profit with Hypnotoad + Golgari Guy, or do it better with Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis + Altar of Dementia + Sidisivalue!
  • Here's the deck link: The Deck that Death Forgot [[PRIMER]].

  • BONUS POINTS: If you post a good description of your deck, I'll upvote it.

  • EVEN MORE BONUS POINTS: If you describe a fun game you played with it, I'll comment!

  • WOW, SO MANY BONUS POINTS: Remember, mutual upvotes are appreciated. If you see a deck you like, upvote it! And if you have the time, consider upvoting my deck. I always appreciate it.

Anarrandir on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

1 month ago

Femme_Fatale: Weirdly, the list of tokens has reversed order so that soldiers is last and angels is first, but they still seem to be the wrong tokens.

I've also noticed the Gelatinous Genesis tokens are given as 2/2s instead of X/Xs

Tzefick on None

1 month ago

I think it would be a better proposition to make the spells cost 1 of the main color (e.g. black for Grixis) and then a hybrid of the ally colors. Then focus the spell's effects on the main color's interaction with the allies to design them.

Also I believe MaRo has said that tribal non-creatures will not happen again. It caused a lot of interaction ruckus.

I have to disagree Boza about what is within the color pie for each shard. The grixis one is mainly black, but red does sacrifice and can use that to remove creatures, with say Goblin Grenade or Fling. Blue however... is a long stretch to have do either of these, so perhaps the idea of a hybrid shard spell is not particularly interesting as the color pie sets too many restrictions, unless you straight up copy what the Shards have been doing in the Alara block - e.g. Grixis doing reanimation for a turn.

Unless the OP changed the cards since your posting, I think it's unfair to compare the Naya one to Finale of Devastation. For X = 2, you get to find a 4 CMC or less creature and put into your hand. Then for the rest of the turn your creature cards costs less.

What I find iffy is the combination of X spells with something that benefits casting other spells - like the Jund one granting your other creature spells Devour 2... The scaling of the card works directly against its other benefits. That just seems like bad design, even if it is intended as a conscious choice between scaling the effect and taking advantage of the sub-effect.

The Jund one is certainly still within green's color pie. Mycoloth is mono green with Devour. Green can create a lot of tokens. Usually it depends on something else like Avenger of Zendikar, but they do get a few odd X spells Gelatinous Genesis or Sylvan Offering.

I agree about both the Esper and Bant ones having little hold within Blue's slice of the color pie. Blue can create tokens, but usually not in bulk without depending on a 3rd party.

McFuzzleKING on I heard you like tokens...

4 months ago

Hey NiftyCheshireCat, some of my favorite token cards are those with dual purpose. Artifact Mutation and Aura Mutation fit that bill and can act as good counters if you feel the need for them.

Advent of the Wurm, Gelatinous Genesis, and March of the Multitudes are other nice options. I'd also recommend taking a look at Bramble Sovereign whose copying ability could be really fun.

Nice job overall!

alchemist4533 on "X" Marks the Spot

6 months ago

I love the deck, +1, hope you don't mind me borrowing a few ideas for my own X deck Chef Kruphix and his Mana Stew!-MAYBEBOARD HELP.

Have you considered NIssa, Steward of Elements as an X planeswalker, she has scry, land ramp, and free creature plays.

Gelatinous Genesis and Hydra Broodmaster both have great make X X/X creatures abilities.

Although it doesn't work with the deck really, adding Phenax, God of Deception in as a win-con by milling people out with your huge hydras would be 1) completely unexpected, and 2) hilarious.

Just as a last thought, in my deck, I am running Citanul Flute to pair with Unbound Flourishing for double cheap monster tutoring since your hydras would only cost like 2-3 to tutor.

Again, love the deck +1 all day.

Bloodsucker1211 on Zaxara, Nightmare Hydra

6 months ago

Hoobynobber7395 To be honest, since you're running mostly hydra creatures, Chord of Calling is bad. Yes it can get you some good creatures but the majority of your creatures enter with counters on them based off of the amount spent on X. If you used Chord of Calling to grab them, they would die when board state is checked. Uncage the Menagerie is strictly better as it puts them into your hand, although it has the downside of having to be a certain cmc. For Mind Grind, if you haven't already put it in, i would cut Shark Typhoon. It's costly on mana and only rewards you with one token. Imo, not worth it. I'd also like to mention Gelatinous Genesis. A personal favorite of mine! So much value off this card. Take these suggestions as you will. If you need any help, mention me here amd i'll do my best to do so.

NV_1980 on

9 months ago


We are a bit confused. Do you want to keep Kruphix from becoming a creature because he/she's otherwise too easy a target? Why not instead add some equipment that will give him/her hexproof like Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, Mask of Avacyn or Champion's Helm?

Did we spot correctly that you either intend to win through Laboratory Maniac/Jace, Wielder of Mysteries + empty library and/or pumping oodles of mana into Helix Pinnacle? Are there any alternative wincons we have overlooked? Gelatinous Genesis? We are asking because this does not seem like much to go on in terms of wincons, unless you have a high degree of certainty that these combo's will be able to go off in an average game.


Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

Tyrant-Thanatos on Slime-ageddon

1 year ago

Yeah, the intention was to suggest that Endless One might be a card you didn't know about. Sorry if it came off differently. TBH I didn't know about Ugin's Conjurant until now haha.

That said, while Protean Hydra would also likely be better, I feel like you have the X cost big creatures covered with Gelatinous Genesis and Slime Molding .

And yes, if you have two copies of Parallel Lives on the battlefield they will both apply one after another, effectively quadrupling the number of tokens you produce. Three copies would cause you to produce 8x as many tokens, and four copies 16x.

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