Omen of the Sea

Omen of the Sea



When Omen of the Sea enters the battlefield, scry 2, then draw a card.

, Sacrifice Omen of the Sea: Scry 2.

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Set Rarity
Theros Beyond Death (THB) Common

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Historic Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Omen of the Sea Discussion

Snake_Oil on White-Blue Sun Control

1 week ago

Rather than Censor, I'd be more inclined to use Stubborn Denial -- Same effect for one mana less, and if you end up putting in a creature finisher like Dream Trawler you get it without the condition -- That said, Censor has cycling, which is always good. In the same vein, Spell Pierce has that same cost-based negation but for one more mana.

You might also consider Judge's Familiar or Siren Stormtamer as other means of negation while also maintaining a presence on the board.

Only other thing to consider is getting to the seven mana you need for Second Sun and being able to reach it seven cards deep -- Scry is an obvious route, the Castle Vantress you have there supporting that, things like Witching Well and Omen of the Sea that scry two or more on the cheap. Chart a Course and Artificer's Epiphany/Catalog/Divination/Thirst for Meaning are straight draw, while the big daddy is Sphinx's Revelation, though I'm not sure how that plays in the Pioneer format.

BlackPhilip on Jeskai Miner

1 week ago

I_Want_To_PlayAllTheDecks yeah, I thought about Dig Through Time but I think it will be banned eventually, maybe in April haha. For play the delve spells you need something to replace Omen of the Sea for fill the graveyard faster... I'm not planning to play a pair of Dig Through Time just because of the ban. Card is too good for the format, and is going to be better and better if not banned.

multimedia on Yennett, Tribal Sovereign

2 weeks ago

Hey, Liliana Vess is odd CMC and her -2 is amazing with Yennett. Can be a repeatable tutor that puts the card you tutor for on top of your library. Aminatou can blink Liliana to reset her loyalty back to 5. If you're looking for a card that can repeatable tutor to replace Planar Portal, try Liliana.

I did suggest Omen of the Sea, but now that you have added Ancestral Knowledge you could cut Omen as Knowledge is just a better card with Yennett and Aminatou. Soul Manipulation only has one mode that works when you cheat it with Yennett, it could be cut. I know you're playing Sphinx, but Sphinx of Foresight is pretty lackluster compared to the other Sphinx.

River's Rebuke is even CMC which makes it less appealing as well as only targeting one player can be subpar in multiplayer Commander. I did suggest Rush of Knowledge and it seems good, but if you're looking for a card to cut, it could be it. Liliana is also 5 CMC and it's much better than Rush. Odd CMC tutors can replace draw spells since they function better than draw, getting the card you want at that moment.

multimedia on Yennett, Tribal Sovereign

2 weeks ago

In my opinion both Sands and Conviction don't interact enough with Yennett to be worth including.

Yennett already has vigilance and she triggers on attack not combat damage. She doesn't get a bonus of getting another trigger because of double strike. For this reason double strike is less good. Some of the Sphinx do something when they do combat damage, but Conviction isn't worth including just for these few Sphinx especially since it's even 6 CMC. The of Conviction is not an easy mana cost for this manabase to make. If you want double strike then consider lower mana cost, easier to cast, odd CMC cards, such as Duelist's Heritage and Silverblade Paladin?

Scheming Symmetry is a good suggestion for an upgrade since with Yennett you get your card before your opponent, either cheat it or draw it. Low CMC cards that can help you to get more out of Yennett are wanted for upgrades. Ponder and Omen of the Sea are also cards to consider adding. Omen has interaction with Aminatou -1 blink as a repeatable scry and draw.

Meachman on Yarok, Mayor of Valuetown

3 weeks ago

Yarok is powerful, but can also be a double-edged sword.

Dimir Acqueduct, Golgari Rot Farm, and Simic Growth Chamber feel like potentially dangerous lands unless you really want landfall since each one returns two lands to your hand instead of one (if you want that, Field of the Dead becomes a must). Your shock lands will also trigger twice, so be careful.

The THB omens feel like they work well with Yarok--Omen of the Hunt (over Grow from the Ashes), Omen of the Dead, Omen of the Sea.

Looks a little light on removal. Ravenous Chupacabra and Shriekmaw give you some removal options, and Hostage Taker lets you steal afterwards.

DragonOfTheWest on Jeskai Particle Accelerator

3 weeks ago

Keep in mind that Guild Globe isn't true ramp. It replaces itself as a card and fixes mana colors but doesn't accelerate, so you're still looking at a turn-6 combo after dropping Jaya on turn-5. Unless you're having problems getting the colors you need, I would much rather be casting Omen of the Sea or Shimmer of Possibility on turn-2.

Nofis on custom wiz

3 weeks ago

Changes Cloudkin Seer from 2 to 4 in place of Elite Guardmage - against non-aggro deck the seer fulfills the same role and is 1 mana cheaper. Also can be very good followup after Naban, Dean of Iteration

Siren Stormtamer out for Benthic Biomancer - Biomancer provides bigger body and filtering in exchange for protection and flying - depends on the matchup but in general i felt the deck performed more smoothly with biomancer

Port Town out for Islands, the deck doesnt need fast white mana

Spell Pierce out. We do not fear thoughtseize and kinda collides with the 1-2-3 drop flow of the deck

Curious Obsession out for Omen of the Sea. They provide the same devotion for thassa, but holding omen, trickster and counterspell after biomancer (with its adapt ability) is just too good, would love to find place for obsession tho

mtwoods444 on Constellations

3 weeks ago

Super cool deck! I think Archon of Sun's Grace is a really powerful card to build around. I would consider going up to 4x Omen of the Sea and 4x The Birth of Meletis. I would suggest cutting Omen of the Sun and Protean Thaumaturge to make room. I would also consider going up to 4x Alseid of Life's Bounty as its protection ability could really help protect Archon of Sun's Grace. Maybe you could cut Thassa, Deep-Dwelling as there aren't a lot of ETB creatures in the deck?

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