Mana Reflection


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadowmoor (SHM) Rare

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Mana Reflection


If you tap a permanent for mana, it produces twice as much of that mana instead.

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Mana Reflection Discussion

cdkime on How much mana is produced

1 month ago

First, there for future reference, there is a Rules Q&A section of this site for questions regarding cards, card interactions, or specific rules. I've moved your thread there for convenience. There are always players lurking there ready to fire off answers.

Unlike the normal forum section, you can "Mark as Answer" a response on the Rules Q&A forum, indicating your question has been resolved and helping keep the forums from getting cluttered.

To answer your question:

Mana Reflection is a replacement effect that modifies how permanents produce mana. As such, it will apply first. The other mana producing cards will occur second--each adding an additional one mana.

Forest will tap for due to Mana Reflection's replacement effect.

Utopia Sprawl will provide one mana of the chosen colour, let's say you picked .

Zendikar Resurgent and Mirari's Wake both add one mana the land produced. Even though Utopia Sprawl produced as a result of the Forest being tapped, the Forest itself only produced , so you would only be able to add due to these two cards.

Since none of the enchantments are being tapped for their mana, none of their mana production implicates Mana Reflection.

So, you would end up with (Forest); (Utopia Sprawl); (Zendikar Resurgent); (Mirari's Wake), for a total of 5 mana.

Edit: Seems I was Ninja'd.

Frankly, I think many Magic Rules Questions are probably well beyond the SAT--I've seen rules questions that surpass what was on the Bar Exam.

Weekend_Magic_NC on How much mana is produced

1 month ago

I thought it would be 1 for the Forest , 1 for the Utopia Sprawl , 1 for Zendikar Resurgent , 1 for Mirari's Wake...4. Then Mana Reflection would double it so 8. This is the kind of word problem that should be on the SAT.

Cereal_Killer on How much mana is produced

1 month ago

It should be 5. 1 for the Forest + another 1 for Mana Reflection + 1 for Zendikar Resurgent + 1 for Mirari's Wake + 1 for Utopia Sprawl

Weekend_Magic_NC on How much mana is produced

1 month ago

Let's just say I have a Forest in play with Utopia Sprawl attached. I also have Zendikar Resurgent , Mirari's Wake, and Mana Reflection in play. I tap the Forest. How much mana do I produce?

Pabs4444 on Vroooooooosh

1 month ago

Why no Command Tower? Only basic lands seems super sketchy. Especially for considering it limits cards like farseek in fixing mana. And what do you consider a "reasonable budget"? You have Mana Reflection in the deck...

Cloudius on Much room!

1 month ago

+1 for the background art.

I recommend adding more Wincons and consistent ways to draw into them.

Some suggestions to consider:

Possible Wincons

Rings of Brighthearth + Grim Monolith or Basalt Monolith to generate infinite mana, which you can pump into Slimefoot. With a sac outlet in play, it's basically game over.

Finding the Combo Pieces

Green grants you access to awesome creature tutors while Black basically fetches anything and everything. You may wish to consider some of the following tutors:

Green Sun's Zenith - Turn 1 Dryad Arbor ramps you too!

Chord of Calling - Tons of shenanigans you can do with this card. Fetching Craterhoof Behemoth during Combat to buff your creatures, bringing in Blood Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat or Falkenrath Noble in response to a board wipe, etc.

Survival of the Fittest - Repeatable creature tutor. Slightly pricey though.

Demonic Tutor - One of the best tutors Black has to offer!

Dimir Machinations - And the other Transmute cards, depending on the CMC of your combo pieces. Machinations seems like a good fit since Ashnod's Altar, Rings of Brighthearth, Basalt Monolith are all 3 drops.

Keeping the Board in Check

Some creature removals to keep you alive while you gather the combo pieces.

Grave Pact - Way better than Butcher of Malakir, despite the in its casting cost, but you're a 2 color deck so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Urborg Justice - Nice little combat trick you can hold in your hand, then say to your opponents "I Die, You Die!"

Living Death - Always fun to see this resolve when we mess with the living and the underworld.

Other Utility Cards

Tortured Existence - Good recursion to bring back the dead and reuse their ETB effects, etc.

Mana Reflection or Zendikar Resurgent if you're keen to explore mana doublers. Their CMC is on the high side though. If you want to make the deck more fast paced, then perhaps they ain't a good fit.

Kogarashi on Would card:Mana Reflection double card:Doubling ...

1 month ago

Doubling Cube's ability is a mana ability, so it is producing mana. Therefore whatever it tries to produce, Mana Reflection will double.

So if you have in your mana pool and spend to activate Doubling Cube, the Cube will try to produce . Mana Reflection will cause it to produce instead. So lucky you, it does work.

Tyrant-Thanatos on Would card:Mana Reflection double card:Doubling ...

1 month ago

It does. Doubling Cube simply adds mana to your mana pool equal to what's already there. Mana Reflection would double this amount, effectively turning your Doubling Cube into a "Tripling Cube", so to speak.

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