The Chain Veil

Legendary Artifact

At the beginning of your end step, if you didn't activate a loyalty ability of a planeswalker this turn, you lose 2 life.

4, T: For each planeswalker you control, you may activate one of its loyalty abilities once this turn as though None of its loyalty abilities have been activated this turn.

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The Chain Veil Discussion

bobbyboo on You Will Hate This Deck

2 days ago

Go Extraplanar Lens & Snow-Covered Islands if that is the case as it keeps things nice and selfish (hardly anybody runs snow covered lands). Caged Sun is an option but it is high in cmc and doesn't gel as nicely as Extraplanar Lens does with Land Equilibrium, however it still gives you a considerable leg up so I would run it regardless.

I was suggesting the Doubling Cube as it is a very easy combo with either Teferi or Tezzeret, and The Chain Veil. Then just Sunder or Upheaval, play all your stuff in hand with the floating mana and watch your opponents squirm as they try to recover. You can loop Upheaval with a small Archaeomancer or Mnemonic Wall but in saying that you have done well to keep your creature count minimal so I wouldnt strongly recommend the last two, but if you do come around to the Cube then these additions are a no brainer as they further solidify the cubes addition to the deck.

Ward of Bones is another card you can use to keep peeps in check, it may be 6 cmc but it will hose most strategies if played at the correct time.

Capsize and Whispers of the Muse could be used alongside Inexorable Tide to combo out too, so long as Teferi is untapping 6 mana and The Chain Veil with his -1 ability (almost a certainty if he is untapping Doubling Cube). It can also be done with Tezzeret, however he absolutely needs the cube to do it with his +1.

This deck is gross, but gross in the same way as getting a blow job from a high school crush because she now turns tricks to support the kid she had at 16, equal parts satisfying and guilt inducing.

KIngWiggins on W: Updated List, H: Inside

6 days ago

I know I posted semi-recently, but I have a new list and want to start some more trades now that I am active again.

I am looking to get cards for a Progenitus Superfriends Deck. I have a bunch of random stuff to offer and am more interested in some cards listed below than others (i.e. I will prioritize Atraxa, certain walkers, and certain lands). I know in some cases it will be hard to make trades but it is worth a shot.

Cards wanted for Superfriends:
Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
Chandra, Flamecaller (SDCC Version)
Gideon, Champion of Justice
Elspeth, Sun's Champion
Jace, Architect of Thought
Jace, Unraveler of Secrets (SDCC Version preferred)
Kaya, Ghost Assassin
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
Nissa, Vital Force
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar (SDCC version)
Ob Nixilis Reignited
Vraska the Unseen
Venser, the Sojourner

The Chain Veil
Oath of Ajani
Deploy the Gatewatch
Merciless Eviction
End Hostilitiesfoil icon

1 of Each Amonkhet full art foil
Arid Mesa
Flooded Strand
Overgrown Tomb

Cards of Note:
Force of Will
Elvish Piper
Loxodon Warhammer Russian
Serum Visions (Other version, not sure how to code)
Kitchen Finks
Sarkhan the Mad
Fauna Shaman
Scion of the Ur-Dragon
Other stuff, some unlisted

Suns_Champion on Multiplanar Maelstrom

1 week ago

Nice deck! Superfriends are my favorite builds, though I'm a Narset player myself.

Here goes:

Oath of Nissa is a must!

Why no The Chain Veil?

Contagion Engine has worked wonders for me in my Narset deck.

Saheeli Rai is a good walker, even if your deck isn't artifact heavy.

Cascading Cataracts for mana fixing AND points for flavor!

Aqueous Form for getting your commander to punch through and some helpful scrying before you cascade.

As Foretold can't hurt, and if you add more proliferation it becomes amazing.

Finally, with a superfriends theme, more proliferation effects always help, and with a low creature count, boardwipes hurt your opponents way more than you.

Hansenl on Superfriends!

1 week ago

ZackEstin That is a great como! However, most people (myself included) are not a big fan of infinite combos in EDH. Second, we currently are running 5 forests in the entire deck so getting the infinite combo in would mean changing the manabase plus adding a win more card (The Chain Veil).

hintseeker on Atraxa Superfriends Control

1 week ago

sdh101, I actually did run The Chain Veil in an earlier version of the deck. The problem was, it only really benefited me under pretty specific circumstances: I needed to be in a late stage part of the game, with multiple planeswalkers out, and have 4 mana to spare. It was really no good to me early and mid game. And I noticed that during late game, if I have 3 planewalkers out, I didn't need the help of The Chain Veil to win. It's almost too bad too, that card is really fun!

Thanks for the suggestion! Much appreciated!

Teal_Fox on Phyrexia Friends!

1 week ago

I'm not seeing a few key cards to any Super Friends based deck: The Chain Veil is simply a powerhouse that generates a ridiculous amount of value. Ajani, Mentor of Heroes is a powerful digging tool to ensure that you hit your Planeswalkers and high impact creatures, plus he can even be used to buff your Infect creatures. I would also recommend looking into acquiring a Doubling Season as it allows you to ult a number of Planeswalkers as soon as it hits the board.

Rzepkanut on [BUDGET] Atraxa's countershow

1 week ago

The cards I would start with cutting are: Luxa River Shrine, The Chain Veil, Festering Mummy, and Nighthowler. They are fine cards, just not as synergistic or powerful as what you are trying to add in IMHO. Happy gathering!

sdh101 on Atraxa Superfriends Control

1 week ago

Maybe The Chain Veil over Mirari's Wake? Just thinking. Really cool deck +1 from me.

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