Rishkar's Expertise


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Rare

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Rishkar's Expertise


Draw cards equal to the greatest power among creatures you control.

You may cast a card with converted mana cost 5 or less from your hand without paying its mana cost.

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Rishkar's Expertise Discussion

LittleBlueHero on Firefletcher Brawl

8 hours ago


Thats awesome thanks! Let me know how it tests out. I like the idea of Monument it definitely hits almost all my creatures and can even pump Marwyn, the Nurturer if i have her out to add an additional 2 mana.

Manalith was added from the get go because I am still in commander mindset where mana rocks are essential. But you are right, the monument serves this deck way better.

Prowling Serpopard is a fine addition to the main if you know your meta is control heavy. I will put it in my sideboard for now. Not sure what other people will be playing at my shop this weekend but i have the list together sans the new cards. Plan on picking up as many as I can at prerelease and playing a few rounds. Ill let you know how it goes.

I forgot about Arch of Orazca thats a great draw tool thanks for reminding me.

Speaking of card draw, Rishkar's Expertise is now in to replace a land. I have ramp and dorks coming early so I think this deck can function on 23. May adjust after testing though.

Mtg473112 on Firefletcher Brawl

1 day ago

What do you think about Rishkar's Expertise in order to draw cards since your general can be big quickly ?

Limo on Dino Tribal (please help)

1 day ago
  1. Traverse the Outlands and Rishkar's Expertise are goodTry and make room for both
  2. Definitely add Needletooth Raptor and Looming Altisaur
  3. You might want to consider Mayael the Anima
  4. If any of this was helpful could you please look at my Zur deck Zur Voltron, To win against five. +1 from me

The_Mike on Suaros

4 days ago

Dinosaurs. What do we want? More cards, More resiliency and aggro, more living Dinosaurs on the board!

Cards I'd cut:

  • Avacyn's Pilgrim, Llanowar Elves, Yavimaya Elder Not enough of a pay-off to include in the 99. If you want to ramp, use non-creatures as they otherwise will be collateral damage when your dinos are about to get wiped and you wont be able to rebuild again. Elder is just too slow (the age's getting to him) and you wont get recursive benefits from sacrificing and drawing from it multiple times.

  • Animist's Awakening Pay 6 for 1 land maybe untapped, am I right? 'nuff said.

  • Comet Storm It's usually used in decks where you can X for multiple players for lethal. Not efficient at what it does in this deck.

  • Vance's Blasting Cannons  Flip Exiles the lands when you need them. Exiles lands when you need more action. Flips around when you need to exile your lands.. Not good enough card value for what you could instead do with green spells.

  • Vanilla dinosaurs as many as you need to make the real Magic: the Gathering cards fit your real Magic: the Gathering Deck. Even if you wiff more often with Gishath, at least you have other functioning cards in the deck.

passascats on Trostani tokens EDH

1 week ago

This is an interesting take on Trostani. You probably want to consider more card draw for the deck, with the lower curve you're more likely to run out of gas and be top decking for your next play.
Cards you might want to consider - Shamanic Revelation, Rishkar's Expertise and Elemental Bond.
There are also some combo pieces not in here, if you haven't thought about them I would consider - Mimic Vat and Phyrexian Processor. Thousand-Year Elixir could also be really helpful if you want to activate Trostani more than once or right when they enter the battlefield.
Good luck!

Jagg3r5 on Gishath, Sun's Avatar EDH

1 week ago

Alright so here's what I can say. You really need three things; Ramp, Draw, and Enchantments. Your options can heavily depend on how much you're willing to spend though, but the only thing I'm going to do is point you in the right direction on these and give some general suggestions.

You have relatively few cards to help you hit you're curve faster, and without them you are gonna be hurting early game. You really need to find ways to spew land onto the battlefield as fast as possible. Cards like Abundance are consistent options to help you filter, but I would suggest more direct methods with cards like Recross the Paths or creatures that search a land on entry, as the extra land might be better in the long run and a creature can chump to save you some life later while you keep the land. Try not to go too heavily towards the mana dork options, as they are too easily wiped from the board and when they die you lose the mana too. The more lands you can search out of your deck this way the more your deck turns into a meat-grinder of heavy hitting cards, and the more mana you'll have on hand to play them out. Additionally, being able to search lands gives you better control over your spread in color. There's alternatives to your cost reduction creatures if you're willing to shell out for them (looking at you Urza's Incubator) as well. I also suggest to look into cards like Zendikar Resurgent as ways of maximizing your mana. Lastly, you have a fairly large amount of mana and replacing several of these cards with search cards could really help you speed up your deck.

Next is draw, which if you lack this you're going to stall out pretty quick after a board wipe. White has next to none, and red has draw/discard, but green is the ticket four you. Cards like Rishkar's Expertise or Hunter's Insight are relatively cheap and can quickly set you up with a fresh hand of cards. This can be game changing later on, as if you can get or keep a full hand (especially if your opponent is top decking) you will be able to control the field with ease and make the most of your mana.

Lastly is enchantments; this color set has access to some of the most powerful buffing enchantments out there, and can easily dominate the field with just one or two such cards. Cards like Asceticism, Lurking Predators, and Defense of the Heart are incredibly powerful if used correctly, and those are just the options in green. I would strongly suggest doing a bit of digging into some of the older cards and find some enchantments that suit your style, as having so few in these colors is downright criminal.

Hope this is of some help, and best of luck to you!

Faceless_Being on Hallar's Ferocious Frenzy

1 week ago

The only reason Savage Offensive made the list is because it's a cheap-ish way of triggering Hallar. Kicker spells in Gruul are pretty limited as is and I want the capability of consistent Kicker triggers. I will however simply swap Offensive with a copy of Dictate of the Twin Gods for testing sake.

Regarding Evolutionary Escalation I know it's a double edged sword but through playing it in my current group has yielded promising results. If there were another card capable of granting counters as fast as EE does then I'd gladly swap it out.

Howling Mine could probably be switched out for Rishkar's Expertise so thank you for that suggestion. Definitely could be a card advantage monster.

Honestly I totally forgot Temur Sabertooth was a thing. When I was looking for Bounce effects in my colors I didn't think to check effects. Definitely an easy swap

I super appreciate your feedback and suggestions mate, I really like this deck and getting fleshed out and polished is my goal.

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