Rishkar's Expertise


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Rare

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Rishkar's Expertise


Draw cards equal to the greatest power among creatures you control.

You may cast a card with converted mana cost 5 or less from your hand without paying its mana cost.

Rishkar's Expertise Discussion

resplendentobscurity on Muldrotha, the Mirrortide

1 day ago

Thanks for the upvote and the recommendations! Funny, I run Fleshbag Marauder and his other ilk in other decks, but it just hadn't occurred to me to slot them in this deck. I've also been meaning to get some copies of final parting - having another / better way to be able to tutor up my Eternal Witness Deadeye Navigator combo would be good. I should update the deck - as far as additional sac outlets go, I have found that I just don't need them - having 1-3 cloned copies of the best creature(s) on board usually results in some sort of removal :P, and my board state isn't exactly overflowing, most of the time so I want / need my creatures. That said, I replaced Greater Good with Rishkar's Expertise , and replaced Pull from Tomorrow with Baleful Strix as a cantriping blocker. Though, Dimir House Guard being able to also tutor most of the deck including Damnation is enough to keep it around. Perhaps it should just be a straight tutor, then, if that's all I'm using it for... Also trailing out Agent of Treachery as another steal effect / form of card draw.

alechodgin23 on Group Goad Unblockable Tribal

1 week ago

Wow amazing build. This is sick. Definitely a +1 from me.

I've been wanting to build this deck for a while. You've built it pretty much exactly how I planned to build mine except for some minor changes.

My only piece of advice would be more card draw. Green has several really good ones:

Harmonize , Shamanic Revelation , Sylvan Library , Rishkar's Expertise , Beast Whisperer , Camaraderie , Collective Unconscious , Guardian Project , Hunter's Insight

And that's just to name a few! I'll definitely be saving this deck to use as a guide for when I build mine.

NoSoyYucateco on Suck It, Sheoldred!

2 weeks ago

I think you need a bit more ramp to speed up the deck. You're playing green--why are you running the signet over more durable land ramp, especially when you only have 35 lands here? Rampant Growth , Nature's Lore , Cultivate , Diligent Farmhand , Wood Elves , Farhaven Elf , and Solemn Simulacrum are all cards I would pick before the signet. These will help you get Sigarda out sooner and give you staying power for the late game.

Also, if you're up against Sheoldred regularly, you might want to consider some more graveyard hate, like Scavenger Grounds , Tormod's Crypt , and Sentinel Totem . Sigarda will keep you from sacking but she won't prevent them from reanimating.

I would also swap one of your artifact/enchantment removal spells for Return to Nature , since it can exile something targeted by a reanimate effect.

Since you're aura-focused here, I would also think about Battle Mastery .

You also have virtually no draw here. Sram, Senior Edificer , Rishkar's Expertise , or Return of the Wildspeaker would all be great in this build. Even a Harmonize would do you good.

As for what you could cut to make room for some of these suggestions, I'd think about Flower / Flourish , Unflinching Courage , Dromoka's Command , Devouring Light , Indestructibility , Darksteel Plate , Bow of Nylea , and maybe one or two other targeted removal spells. You have a lot here.

pkdan on Flex

4 weeks ago

I have a very similar deck to yours with main win conds also Craterhoof Behemoth and Finale of Devastation and I gotta say it does not feel like a glass cannon to me. It plays very consistent games and starts super fast, but also manages to hold on very well in late game.

Compared to this I play 2 more Ulamogs and Emrakul which serve for plan B if the main win conds no longer work, they are also great when using Rishkar's Expertise , Garruk, Primal Hunter and Greater Good . They sometimes help me draw my entire deck and also serve as threats while I focus on my main plan. Btw Chord of Calling is a must in my opinion, you can put avenger at instant speed before your turn for hoof, or tap avenger plants for mana to get hoof and so on.

I think the reason I don't consider mine such a glass canon is because I also run some defensive cards like Veil of Summer , Heroic Intervention , Force of Vigor , Constant Mists . You should consider a bit more player interaction so that you don't get destroyed by stax and annoying creatures. I even play Karn Liberated which serves as really decent removal, tho this is more of a personal choice because I like him.

NoSoyYucateco on 187 Spellslinger: RURIC THAR

1 month ago

I actually think you can further reduce the non-creature spells, and just keep the most impactful ones.

Take out the sorcery ramp and Gruul Signet, and replace them with things like Diligent Farmhand , Dawntreader Elk , Farhaven Elf , or Springbloom Druid .

Swap Rhythm of the Wild for Urabrask the Hidden or Hellraiser Goblin (just cast your creatures during your second main if you don't want them to attack with the latter.)

Swap Dictate of the Twin Gods for Torbran, Thane of Red Fell . It's more limited, but still very good, it's a creature, and it won't increase damage dealt to you or your creatures.

Swap Soul's Majesty for Beast Whisperer . You may also want to find room for Soul of the Harvest and Primordial Sage . There are also non-creature spells that are big improvements on Soul's Majesty, such as Return of the Wildspeaker and Rishkar's Expertise . These should be run over Soul's Majesty anyway; just not in this deck. They don't target, so someone can't destroy your target creature in response.

Finally, find space for Primal Surge if you can.

bushido_man96 on Dino Domination

1 month ago

First off, if you spend a little time writing a description that helps others understand the focus of your deck and how you want it to play out, we can offer better suggestions.

Now, that said, I think you should consider swapping Descendants' Path out for Sunbird's Invocation . This allows you to cheat out things other than your creatures.

Fiery Justice is bad. I'd consider running something like Beast Within and Generous Gift in it's place. Fountain of Ichor is nice flavor, but is otherwise not a great card, and you could probably plug in a better mana rock. If you can afford to get one, I'd recommend Urza's Incubator .

Commune with Dinosaurs could probably be replaced with something more useful like Rishkar's Expertise , which is great in a dino deck.

Are you in on the Enrage mechanic? I see you have Pyrohemia included, but are you running any other outlets to trigger Enrage? That may be an area you want to focus on to get some more action out of the dinosaurs.

Hiotoko on Yorvo combo?

1 month ago

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds puede ser una buena inclusión pensando que será robo de cartas y maná para las siguientes criaturas.

Así mismo, echo en falta Utopia Sprawl y Wild Growth (no ser criatura es relevante, porque es Ramp que sobrevive irás) que junto a Arbor Elf pueden adelantarte bastante, a diferencia de magus of de candelabra qué debe estar solo por la Nyktos, y en ese caso es mejor jugar Voyaging Satyr .

Para mas robo de cartas. Más que robar por cantidad de criaturas, vería por la fuerza, o por lo menos agregaría Rishkar's Expertise .

En cuanto a las tierras, de verdad Temple of false god nunca. Nunca es bueno jugarla. Pon Ancient Tomb su lugar.

Patdypat on Tokens Galore *WIP Need Help*

1 month ago

You are probably missing the Top End token producers like Avenger of Zendikar or Tendershoot Dryad . Another alternative is Mycoloth to get a ton of tokens on the field. Another thing would be to include stuff that ends the game in one swing. You have Ojutai that grows bigger and bigger why not include a Overwhelming Stampede to give all your tokens his power and toughness and trample. Another thing would be Beastmaster Ascension or End-Raze Forerunners . A more hated variant of this would be Triumph of the Hordes .

Protection is also needed so i would include Heroic Intervention Rootborn Defenses that save your board the most scary thing for a token deck: Board Wipes. Asceticism and Privileged Position saves you spot removal trouble. If you don't like enchantments Archetype of Endurance is an alternative.

Card Draw should also not be neglected. I would play around your commanders and your win conditions. Ojutai gets huge pretty quickly so stuff like Rishkar's Expertise and Soul's Majesty or Garruk, Primal Hunter should give you the explosiveness to draw into your win conditions. Another thing to consider would be Huatli, Radiant Champion , easily the best Planeswalker you can put into a token deck and draws you cards for every creature that enters the battlefield. Exactly what we want for deck like this.

I also would cut Helm of the Host and rather play Bramble Sovereign cause helm is really scary and fragile too. You can easily waste 2 turns paying 9 mana only for your creature you want to equip it too being destroyed. Another thing i see is Entreat the Angels as a problem. It is a super good card but you have not much top of the library manipulation so i would cut it for Divine Visitation , does exactly what you want create 4/4 angels for every token you make. Also another thing to include and that is easily on of the best win condition if it hits turn 2 is Luminarch Ascension .

That's all for now from me, if you have any more questions just hit me up with them!

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Rishkar's Expertise occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.08%

Green: 0.68%

RG (Gruul): 1.37%

Golgari: 0.1%